Sonic Satam-X
Format Animated Series
Created by LogiTeeka
Run time 24 minutes
Rated TV-PG (mild coarse language, and moderate fantasy violence)

Sonic Satam-X is a reboot of the animated “Sonic the Hedgehog” series based on Sega/Sonic Team’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” video game series. The show is a revamped retelling of the official games, mixed with elements from SatAM, Sonic Underground, and both the Archie and Fleetway comics to broaden its universe.


The show takes place on a post-apocalyptic, fantasy land called Mobius sometime in the 33rd century. Mobius is largely populated with anthropomorphic animals called Mobians. Sonic, a teenage Mobian hedgehog (and local delivery-boy), lives on South Island with his Uncle Chuck, who runs a chili dog joint in Emerald Town. Sonic is naturally fast, as he runs down sidewalks at incredible speeds; a skill he inherited from his deceased father. To aid him in his shipment, Chuck invents special red running shoes designed to handle the incredible friction he generated, allowing Sonic to increase his running speed. Against his uncle's wishes, Sonic joins a track team and wins many awards. Sonic even visits the local bowling alley to play practical jokes on the bowlers by curling up and pretending to be a bowling ball.

One day, a Human scientist named Dr. Robotnik, bent on conquering the peaceful planet through the use of powerful gems called the Chaos Emeralds, conquers the city of Mobotropolis with the help of his army of robot soldiers called SWATbots and his assistant and nephew Snively. Using a giant airship called The Destroyer, he levels Mobotropolis into the dark, polluted city of factories and warehouses known as “Robotropolis”. From there, Robotnik’s armies lay siege on all the zones of South Island, declaring them part of his territory, and captures nearly all of the inhabitants, using a machine called the “Roboticizer” to turn them into robot slaves.

Meantime, a team of heroes (Sally Acorn, Antoine Depardieu, and Rotor the Walrus) are dispatched by the military to fight the sinister forces at work, but are quickly captured and imprisoned. When it seems like all is lost, Sonic the Hedgehog arrives in and saves them all from certain doom. Sally tries to make Sonic a member of the team, but he refuses in favor of ignoring the problem. However, Dr. Robotnik invades Sonic's hometown and kidnaps Uncle Chuck. After failing to stop him, Sonic reluctantly joins the Freedom Team and tries to come up with a plan to rescue his uncle. Together, they race through the zones, stopping Robotnik's forces and freeing the captured denizens.

After a series of isolated attacks, Dr. Robotnik begins ruling Mobius under unfair laws, forcing the populace into paying large amounts of money as tribute and roboticizing anyone who stood against him. Those who managed to escape retreated into the Great Forest Zone of South Island and built Knothole Village, a safe haven to hide from Robotnik. Sonic and friends are forced underground, operating as a group of freedom fighters. Other characters join the team as the series continues, including Sonic's best friend Miles "Tails" Prower, Bunnie the Rabbot, Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, the royal twin siblings: Manic and Sonia; and a sentient android named NICOLE.

Ever since then, the Knothole Freedom Fighters constantly foil Robotnik's schemes, though fail to make much difference at large, with Robotnik literally ruling the land with an iron fist...


Humans mostly inhabit the planet while anthropomorphic animals (called "Mobians") are the dominant species of Mobius, living alongside other oddities. However, a number of deities are also present on the planet, such as the water-like Chaos, the fiery Solaris, and Dark Gaia (along with its counterpart Light Gaia).

Mobians are eventually revealed to be mutant by-products of an ancient environmental cataclysm. The result was a side effect that apparently caused the remaining animal population to incorporate a great amount of human DNA, making them more intelligent, capable of walking upright and making perfect speech. Humans and Mobians show some resentment and xenophobia towards each other, yet they co-exist peacefully and are affiliated with each other. Examples of this include Rouge the Bat and Sally Acorn both being part of the human military force, the Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.).

The name “Mobius” comes from the very shape its islands form - it is almost continuous, in an endless circle. Because of the lack of separation, Mobius is notably divided up into separate "zones", each with its own distinctive landscape and environment. Because of the land's enormous circumference, there are special devices fueled by Power Rings called “Star Posts” that are able to teleport any being to whichever zone they wish, so long as they have enough rings for the transfer. Each zone has a group of native subspecies, though it is usually not limited to only them.

Notable major locations include the:

  • Green Hill Zone: A tropical paradice located on South Island, near Mobius' equivalent of the Pacific Ocean, and a frequent target for Dr. Robotnik. The Green Hill Zone is one of the most lush, green places on the planet. The landscapes is bright and vivid, home to many beachsides, acres of forest, and fields of flowers. Most of the Mobian inhabitants are woodland critters, such as Hedgehogs, Squirrels, and Foxes. Some noted areas include the Ocean Palace, as well as Emerald Coast and Emerald Town.
    • Knothole Village: A hidden village located deep within the heart of the Great Forest Zone, serving as the Freedom Fighters' home and hidden base of operations. When Dr. Robotnik took over Mobotropolis, the remaining population fled to Knothole for refuge and shelter. Knothole Village is only accessible through hidden entrances at various points throughout the forest, leading into the extensive underground caverns that form the main corridor. The heart of the village is the living quarters, comprised of windmills, watchtowers, and small thatched-roof huts where the Freedom Fighters reside.
    • Central City: A large seaside city home to many Humans. In Central City's capital lies a White House-like building with the President as the head of state. The city is run by the United Federation, a future version of the USA, and its main military is the Guardian Units of Nations, a brutal organization that aims for justice to triumph but is often clouded in judgment. Some noted areas include Station Square, Westopolis, Night Babylon, and Radical Highway.
  • The Land of Darkness: A post-apocalyptic wilderness where Robotropolis lies. Most of its terrain is untamed and mountainous, where the ruins of modern-day buildings crumble into the sea (landmarks strongly suggest that it was once Manhattan). The Land of Darkness earns its name because the thick clouds that block out most of the sun's light. Despite its gloom, the Land of Darkness is quite verdant, though all of its regions are littered with deadly booby-traps and killer robots designed by Robotnik.
    • Robotropolis: Formally the beautiful capital city of Mobotropolis; it now serves as the seat of Robotnik's power, acting as his empire's base of operations (via his Citadel Robotnik building). This gargantuan, nightmarish machine-city is a metallic wasteland of industrial superstructure. The ground is encased in soulless steel and concrete, fraught with robotic sentries that crawl across the metal gangways, thousands of automated factories belching jet-black pollution into the rancid air, and free-flowing rivers of radioactive slurry. The city is still inhabited by Mobians, possessing only run-down slums for the underclasses, fearful of being arrested at any time.
  • Angel Island: A floating continent that drifts high in the stratosphere of the planet; so far up that even the clouds hide it from being detected. Separated from what is now known as the Aquatic Ruins, Angel Island is where the last remaining Echidnas reside and is the home of the Master Emerald, which keeps the continent suspended in the sky. The Emerald is protected by Knuckles the Echidna, an inhabitant of the island and sole surviving descendant of Patchamac. The continent is chained to a massive mountain which serves as an anchor to the planet's surface below. If this network was destroyed, the planet's rotation would hurl the continent into outer space, undoubtedly killing everyone on it. Very few Mobians have ever reached the island, so it is only seen as a myth for now...

There are also worlds which exist within parallel dimensions, separated entirely from Mobius' timeline. Mobius is eventually revealed to be an important center-point between other dimensions and interaction between the worlds is possible.

  • Meridian: A planetoid that annually appears over Mobius for about a month before disappearing back into the extradimensional realm known as "The Void". Widely known as the “Miracle Planet”, Meridian is in many ways similar to Mobius, although everyday life on the planet is very unusual. Events such as superhero brawls and giant monsters attacking the cities is considered the norm, with the citizens paying little attention to wanton destruction and carnage caused by rampant supervillains. Notable landmarks include New Tek City (the capital city) and the former headquarters of the Chaotix Crew on an asteroid orbiting the planet.
  • Avalon: A mystical land that exists close to Mobius' reality and Tails' original homeland. Avalon consists predominantly of forests and rivers, and is inhabited by a kingdom of foxes ruled over by the Enchanter Kings, powerful sorcerers that have the ability to open magical portals called “Dimension Bridges” between Avalon and Mobius. Its citizens generally use Old English vocabulary and their society closely resembles those found in medieval Europe; complete with knights serving as enforcers, codes of chivalry and honor, and monarchs ruling over villagers. This world also features several common folktale creatures originating from Europe, such as fairies, giant trolls, and dragons.
  • Shanazar: A planet existing on a sub-molecular level, working on laws based on magic and mysticism. Shanazar's locations and settings closely resemble those found in medieval Arabia, complete with Arabic architecture, deserts, dress and magics. It also features dinosaurs as wildlife and even supernatural beings from Arabian culture such as genies, spirits, monsters, and ghouls; which are actually quite common.
  • Soleanna: Homeworld of Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon. Unlike Mobius, Soleanna has Sol Emeralds instead of the Chaos Emeralds and an artifact known as the Jeweled Scepter as opposed to the Master Emerald - hidden deep beneath the planet's surface. The vast majority of the planet is made up of ocean, with countless islands of varying size spanning across it. While some of the larger islands are home to modern civilizations, many of the smaller landmasses remain untouched. Common threats include pirates, sea monsters, and fierce hurricanes.


Since the beginning of time, Dark Gaia and Light Gaia have been sleeping in the Earth's core. Following a constant cycle, Dark Gaia awakens once every couple of millions of years to destroy the Earth and Light Gaia then restores it in an event known as the Time of Awakening.

Approximately 12,000 years ago, when Mobius was still modern-day Earth, mankind experienced a scientific golden age when they stumbled upon a portal called "the Void" which lead to the interdimensional Special Zone; in which it was discovered that the principal of the universe was energy, not physical laws. With no constraints to advancement, they crafted a utopia of technology and the first fully functional space colony… Then the alien force known as the Black Arms arrived. Proclaiming themselves to be the caretakers of the galactic balance of power, the Void's presence had been felt throughout the universe once they had achieved this power and the Black Arms demanded they hand it over so that it could be safely hidden. The humans refused, and the Black Arms, deeming them too dangerous, bombarded the planet with a massive meteor; shattering itself upon impact and leaving most of the world a barren, lifeless wasteland. Only small pockets of wildlife survived the extinction.

Coming of the Chaos Emeralds

Following the attack, while most of the meteorite was obliterated, a strange gemstone of awesome power was left intact. As the last survivors of mankind limped off to the far corners of the planet, it radiated a strong wave of energy that speed up the re-evolution of life. The energy however had an unintended side effect; the animals of the land began to change. Their bodies grew into more human statures; their minds developing advanced sentience. In just a few generations the animals had already formed their own civilization, calling themselves the ‘Mobians’ after the shape which their homeland resembled. The Mobians rallied around a monarchy to maintain unity, and the Kingdom of Acorn was born. As life began to repopulate Mobius at a faster rate, the Master Emerald's strength began to wain. While not at its former glory, the gem was still a force to be reckon with. When the Echidnas (the first well-developed Mobians at the time) discovered the location of the Master Emerald, they found colonies of small, child-like aliens (later called Chao) protected by an immortal god-like creature, composed entirely of concentrated energy in a liquid state, surrounding the sacred gemstone. The creature, which would later be known as “Chaos”, was a very loving and gentle creature, but it had difficulty controlling its emotions. The Echidnas saw Chaos as a god of knowledge, and the meteor's collection of seven, multi-colored power stones were found to be capable of harnessing and controlling elemental energies; but their erratic nature led to the stones being nicknamed "The Chaos Emeralds". Echidna society sought to contain and control these energies, and prospered with many shrines and cities surrounding the area, living on what is now Angel Island's Megopolis City.

However, the Echidnas eventually became power hungry and reckless. Upon deciding who deserved to keep the territory surrounding the Master Emerald, the many clans declared war with one another. When the arrogant chief of the Knuckles Clan, Patchacamac, tried to bend Chaos to his will to overcome his enemies, he ended up making a choice that would have nearly doomed the Echidna race. When Chaos refused to help Patchamac and his people, he ordered his men to slaughter all of the Chao in retaliation. Just as they committed this blasphemous act, Chaos' rage was unleashed. It absorbed the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds to attain its final and strongest form, Perfect Chaos, and began sending out a flurry of tidal waves that washed away a majority of the Echidna civilization, killing Patchamac and his men instantly. Chaos' rage would've taken on the rest of the world had it not been for the Chief's daughter, Tikal. Sealing herself within the Master Emerald with Chaos, the anger of the being was contained. The only thing left from that moment in time are the Chaos Emeralds.

During that time, mankind survived the extinction by hiding aboard the advanced and recently-built space colony, known as the 'ARK', for centuries before finally returning to the surface to discover the world had changed. Sent to examine the supposed "radioactive wasteland" for possible recolonization, the human reconnaissance team were shocked to be greeted by the vast, bright green fauna that enveloped them. The primative, wary Mobians, suspicious of the foreigners that landed in their fields, appeared before the humans, unsure of their intents. Some were disgusted by the sight of these “walking beasts” and so began the hatred of the Mobian race. The human immigrants subsisted in the secluded seaside settlement of Central City. The Mobians referred to them (when they stumbled upon them at all) as "the ancients" and they became known as near mythical beings. Scratching a living thirst from their harsh environment, the ancients were desperate to regain their place as the former dominate species of the planet, having retained the name "Earth" go with them. The ancients started to repopulate by establishing a series of colonies under the United Federation and a human military force known as G.U.N. (the Guardian Units of Nations); collecting and repairing machines from their ruined cities. One of the engineers responsible for helping humanity recover was a man named Professor Gerald.

The Great War

Formally a "Kintobor", Gerald later changed his name to Robotnik due to the family's profession in manufacturing robots while they spent their lives in space. When they returned to the surface generations later, they found the planet's surface populated by the Mobians. The Kingdom of Acorn welcomed them once it was clear they had no intention of developing weapons. They developed peaceful advances for the Mobian people, including a series of devices which could increase stamina and energy as well as heal minor ailments. They were also amazed by the ancient Echidnas' advanced technologies & abilities. Following a terrible tremor on Mobotropolis, the Mobians discovered a Chaos Emerald buried beneath their city. The brilliant Professor Gerald wanted to use its energies for peaceful purposes, creating a renewable energy resource, which both the Mobians and Humans would surely sign a peace treaty to use equally.

At first, due to the two races not interacting with each other much, the Mobians and Humans never seemed to care. But a brief scuffle on the borderlands between the two civilizations caused great unrest in the kingdom. Eager to prevent an upcoming war, the king secretly granted Gerald permission to experiment and tap into the emerald's power. Working from an underground laboratory, Gerald built a machine known as the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor (ROCC) to purge all the negative emotions on the land. Searching for a suitable vessel for this energy, the seven Chaos Emeralds proved highly suited to the task. Seven emeralds was not enough, however: Gerald required the Master Emerald to safely stabilize the process. His search was ultimately fruitless, though, as the Master Emerald was in the possession of the remaining Echidnas on Angel Island and they refused to hand it over (fearing history would repeat itself). Not knowing of the fury he was about to unleash, the experiment had to continue. On the eve of the experimentation, Gerald tripped on an unattended cable and slammed his hand against the ROCC's control panel. Without the Master Emerald, the overwhelming amount of negative energy was too much for the emeralds to control and the ROCC exploded, sending shockwaves of chaos energy across the island.

Having failed, the king caved to popular demand and broke a deal with a powerful otherworldly creature calling himself Naugus. Naugus was, in actual fact, a member of an ancient order of sorcerers known as the Mandaras and leader of the Trogg, a monstrous race from beyond the Void. Having sensed the presence of the emeralds on South Island, his true purpose for allying with the Mobians was to gain access to the mystical gems and harness their energy to merge their two worlds together. Due to his otherworldly powers, however, he was proven to be an invaluable assist should the Humans try to turn against them. Naugus decided to use his hatred of Humans and technology to try and manipulate both sides to cause a war. He started by banishing Gerald, who served as the only example of peace between the two races, and succeeded in sparking the "Great War". The Humans, with their advanced technology, gained the upper hand even though Professor Gerald shared the same technology to benefit the Mobians years earlier.

Gerald, upset by current events on the surface, decided to return to his laboratory aboard the space colony A.R.K. with his granddaughter Maria; where he continued his experiments to create the perfect lifeform. However, word soon reached the military after a scandal involving a shady deal, and was ordered to exterminate anyone involved with Gerald's project. Due to the death of Maria, the soon-to-be executed Gerald gave up his hope in humanity and programmed his creation with the ambition to end all life on the planet. With Gerald's absence, his grandson was to have a much greater destiny then just a downtrodden mechanic.

Rise of Robotnik

Born in the family of southern chicken farmers, Julian was subject to his older brother's teasing and his parents' critical (though a bit racist) values. In many points of his early youth, Julian's father compared the living to the growth of a chicken egg - only the strongest survive, and the weak-minded and inferior must be left to rot. His parents also brought other lessons of following in their footsteps, though Julian was not exactly the traditionalist of his family values, and longed to follow the footsteps of his grandfather. His parents would often catch their son working with whatever scrap metal he could find in their fields, trying to make bits of machinery that clearly surpassed what a child would be able to complete. During the sixth year of his life, the Great War began to take toll on the country after a few skirmishes on the borderlands, and it festered into a full-blown war which threatened to destroy their hometown. Denying that such a calamity would ever happen, Julian's parents refused to evacuate to Spagonia, but Julian was eager to learn whatever knowledge he might have before him. However, just as he enjoyed working with the scrap metal in his younger years, Julian grew fond of robotics. His mind overjoyed to work with cogs and machinery, to make the lifeless come to life.

In the 10 years spent at Spagonia University, Julian spent many hours in his laboratory, not bothering to socialize with the other children. This, of course, certainly didn't keep the young Julian from getting an ego. He often bragged to the other children about his vast intelligence, poking fun at how others his age were barely getting into the ideas of scientific method. He was quite the “spoiled brat”, but at the time he wanted to use his machinery to advance the human race, and lead them to the glory that was lost long ago. He often accused the Mobians as the prime suspects of certain crimes and eventually began to sway the rulers of other nations into lies, blaming actions such as the disappearance of crops and various deaths on the creatures he despised so much. While successful in many aspects, he could not sway the mind of the President, who found his motives too extreme. Upon his 9th year in his efforts at age 39, Julian took over his late grandfather's former title of Grand Professor of the Court and began Robotnik Enterprises, a military industry supplying high-tech weaponry and robots. Julian worked as a high-profile weapons engineer for G.U.N., brainstorming the most sophisticated military hardware in history. For a while, the budding Robotnik focused on his academics in robotics and environmental efforts that would have humanity rely on a clean source of energy. From there, he began to study in a source of power only heeded as a myth... the Chaos Emeralds.

The Chaos Emerald which his grandfather wanted to use, since its true power wasn’t known, was added to the royal museum. Julian was worried, for there was no easy way to obtain it. And if the Mobians found one Chaos Emerald, they might find and secure the rest before he could. One day, he found and talked with Naugus. He discussed a plan he had devised to topple the Acorn monarchy and break the power of the Mobians. Naugus also relayed the history of humanity and the Mobians to Julian (since he had lived long enough to see it all) while adding his own touches to the story to make out the Mobians were villainous suppressors, slavers, and usurpers of the power which should have been man’s. This enraged Julian, and drove him to try out Naugus’ plot, even though his better judgment originally caused him to decline. Julian and Naugus attempted to break into the royal palace to steal the emerald. The plan failed, however, when a young Princess Sally, who was wandering the palace grounds, spotted the intruders and raised the alarm. Julian, thinking quickly, waited until the Mobian soldiers were bearing down on him, then he turned his weapon on Naugus, shouting loudly that Naugus had betrayed them all to steal the Chaos Emerald for himself. As punishment, Naugus was banished into the Void and Julian swore fealty to King Acorn.

For years following, Julian spent much of his time in Mobotropolis with his remaining family. Julian became a palace favorite. His odd stature, which had earned him ridicule among his fellow Humans, was novel and amusing to the mobians who nick named him ‘Eggman’. Julian continued to harbor his growing anger towards the mobians who treated him like a pet, but kept up a façade of ignorance, subservience, and bumbling clumsiness. While his relatives were grateful for not being cast off South Island to begin with, Julian saw this act as a means of the Mobians being greedy, hogging all of the good land for themselves.

The Great War still raged, but the tide began to change after King Acorn approved the use of Julian’s machines of war and made Julian head up the Ministry of War in Mobotropolis' regime. The populace was speculative of this decision because Julian’s weapons were as brutal as they were effective, but King Acorn had finally decided to end it by any means necessary. During that time, inventor Sir. Charles Hedgehog was growing senile. His last developments were proven to be failures, such as the roboticizer, a medical device created to heal serious injuries through cybernetics, but had the unpleasant side-effect of turning flesh into soulless metal. Julian was slowly assuming the position of chief scientist. Charles never trusted him, but was forced to work alongside him in the laboratory by the king’s request. King Acorn began to regard Julian as a friend, delegating more and more responsibility to him, much to the frustration of Sir. Charles. A recent battle left a fellow Mobian soldier mortally wounded. Charles reluctantly enlisted Julian to retrofit Charles' old ‘roboticizer’ device to save his brother’s life. Robotnik made it much larger and more efficient, drawing on his earlier history as an engineer, but Sir. Charles was desperate and used it before Julian had finished it completely. The solider was transformed into a mindless robot and Sir. Charles, broken by his mistake, resigned as minister of science and became proprietor at a small restaurant in Emerald Town.

Then the war ended. A decisive strike at Central City forced its Human residents to surrender unconditionally. Acorn appointed Julian to Minister of Science. With this title, Julian began to use a new name for himself: Dr. Robotnik. King Acorn declared a day of demilitarization, whereon all the weapons built for the wars would be dismantled on both sides as a symbol of peace. It wa during this ceremony that Dr. Robotnik planned his ultimate revenge; in a surprise move, Robotnik staged a coup de'tat and exiled the King to the Void. He began resetting his robot factories to assemble a robotic army that would overthrow South Island, subjecting its inhabitants to obey the will of the new mastermind.

The Mobians, at the time, were oblivious to the growing assault and many Zones were caught off guard as Robotnik's metal fleets swept across the landscape, using the Mobians' own Star Posts to travel around the island with great speed. Soon, the entire entity of South Island was within Robotnik's grasp. However, his advance is halted by G.U.N., preventing him from achieving full domination, but still giving him a substantial power base and an actual Empire. Using his new Badnik forces to scout ahead and crush the any remnants of Mobian resistance on the island, Robotnik was unaware of the "Freedom Fighters" that would rebel against him. Even worse is that the Chaos Emeralds were lost prior to the coup, so he also gave orders to the Badniks to try and locate the Chaos Emeralds so he could retrieve them for his lifelong plans. He did not expect the birth of a new hero would be had on that day in the Green Hill Zone... the noble, lightning fast Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Origins

Sonic was a speedy delivery boy living on South Island. Raised by his Uncle Chuck (Sir Charles), the former chief scientist had retired and started his own restaurant in Emerald Town. He knew his nephew's incredible speed was a constant problem and decided to put it to use though delivering goods. To aid him in his shipment, Chuck invented special red running shoes designed to handle the incredible friction he generated, allowing Sonic to increase his running speed. However, Sonic was extremely reckless. Against his uncle's wishes, he would often sneak out to visit the local bowling alley to play practical jokes on the bowlers by curling up and pretending to be a bowling ball. Chuck eventually found out about this and had him punished. By putting him on probation, he sent him on a lengthy delivery to Gigalopolis. Sonic was angry and he leaves presumptuously, stalling a bit to play a brief game with his friends. During his absence, Robotnik invaded the town with his army of Swatbots and began turning the inhabitants into robots and the town into a factory district. Sonic shortly returned to find the town in ruins and his uncle missing. Regretting his actions, swears revenge by putting his rambunctious behavior to new use: stoping the one responsible and saving everyone.

With his uncle kidnapped by Robotnik, Sonic decided to take matters into his own hands. After demolishing a scouting operation headed by the doctor's nephew in the Green Hill Zone, Sonic freed the captured Freedom Fighters from their capsule. Seeing potential in his extraordinary skills, Sally Acorn offered him a position on the team; but Sonic refused, preferring to do the task alone. Later, he finds Robotnik and confronts him, demanding to know where his uncle is. Robotnik nearly defeats him, if not for the aid of the Freedom Fighters. Upon learning about the Chaos Emeralds and Robotnik's coup, Sonic saw that they both shared a common enemy and allowed them tag along, as long as they didn't slow him down.

After a series of adventures across the island, Sonic finds his roboticized uncle by accident during a failed mission in Scrap Brain Zone. Using a Power Ring, Sonic was shocked to see that it was able to temporarily restore his uncle’s memory from Robotnik's control. After coming to his senses, Sir Charles informed the Freedom Fighters of Robotnik’s latest plan. Together, he and the team fought to bring down the threat. Despite protests from Princess Sally and the other Freedom Fighters, Sonic succeeded in collecting the Chaos Emeralds from the doctor's power generator, but barely managed to find them in time before the portal to the Void completely closed. Eventually, Sonic faced off in a final fight against their nemesis at the Final Zone and succeeded in taking down the doctor. Shortly thereafter, Sir Charles subsided back to his Robian programing and Sonic, once again, was forced to come to terms with the loss of his uncle- vowing to return someday.

Little Planet, Big Problems

After exploring and scouting outside South Island, the Freedom Fighters received a distress call from the President. Upon reaching the capital, they found Robotnik holding the president and a young girl named Amy Rose hostage. Robotnik states that trouble was brewing on the surface of the Miracle Planet; his robots rebelled against him and the generator was running uncontrollably. If not stopped, the planetoid was set to blow; causing severe casualties to the planet's surface. Sonic, having no choice, set out to stop this threat any way he could with Robotnik secretly fallowing him. Once there, he found the planet a barren, lifeless world overrun with robots and traps. After confronting and defeating a cyborg villain (SatAM Robotnik), Sonic reached the generator, but it was all a trap set by Robotnik and the cyborg; who was revealed to be Robotnik from an alternate future, in which he finally managed to defeat Sonic. With the blue blur gone, his empire took complete control of the planet and nearly all resistance was wiped out. However, he eventually grew bored with his life and used the legendary Time Stones to travel back in time and teamed up with his younger self to claim the Miracle Planet and lure Sonic into a trap.

Both Robotniks finally had Sonic roboticized; his memory/personality downloaded into a computer program, which was one of the dreams they had for Sonic (the other was to simply kill him). Future Robotnik then betrayed the present-day Robotnik and set out to conquer the planet, ordering the rechristened "Metal Sonic" to destroy any rebellion, the Freedom Fighters included, all over Mobius. But before he could get away with it, Amy used the Time Stones to send them all back to the previous day. Once there, she warned Sonic's past-self of future Robotnik's rampage. Forced into teaming up with the present day-Robotnik, the doctor came up with a plan to create a nutro-overrider device to keep his free will and destroy his older-self's new pawn. Sonic eventually defeated Metal Sonic in a race to the finish with his figure-8 dash, which enabled him to move even faster than ever before, but nothing seemed to change the future since Sonic's robotic fate was inevitable. But Metal Sonic, realizing he was no longer the true Sonic, sacrificed himself by blowing up the roboticizer, resulting in a paradox which wiped the future Robotnik, his empire, and future Amy from existence. However, the present-day Robotnik recovered a backup copy of Metal Sonic's code, which gave him an idea for the future. Little did Sonic know that Amy Rose would become a nuisance in the years ahead, one that would never leave him alone!

Heads or Tails

During this time, the Freedom Fighters' victory received world-wide recognition and were awarded by G.U.N. for their efforts. However, it was short-lived by the eventual launch of Robotnik's secret project: the Death Egg. Having received combat training from both Sally and her mentor Rouge, Sonic used his uncle's biplane, the Tornado, to travel to Westside Island to scope pout Robotnik's secret weapon. During his trek, he met the two-tailed orphan fox named Miles Prowler, and the two got along smoothly.

Miles was a young Kitsune who was shunned and taunted by the island's villagers. With no mother to care for him, he was alone and cruelly given the nickname "Tails" because of his abnormality. One day, he stumbled across Sonic surveying the jungles while on his mission, but missed his chance to greet him by tripping on his tails and collapsing. He later caught up with the blue blur and started admiring his plane when he was approached by a local group of bullies who started picking on him. Sonic was awoken by the scuffle and came to his aid, but they were frightened away by a nearby explosion caused by Robotnik's invading Badniks. Sonic, feeling sympathy for Tails, became determined to make him happy again and appointed himself as his mentor and protector. With a new partner, they managed to traverse the island and locate the flying fortress. However, their newly-found friendship was short-lived.

Meantime, Robotnik ended up with one Chaos Emerald and tried experimenting on it. But in his attempt to extract its power, it ended up splitting into several pieces. With the threat of the island sinking to the bottom of the ocean, Robotnik kidnaped Tails and held him for ransom; unless Sonic collected and gave him the remaining pieces of the Chaos Emerald. Having no choice, Sonic set out on his given quest. Despite having a new friend, Tails saw his deformity as a nuisance and was more miserable than ever. However, Sonic eventually came to the rescue (having kept his word) just as Robotnik fled with the emerald pieces to his newly-completed Death Egg Fortress. Sonic and Tails left in hot pursuit, but the Tornado plane was shot down in a barrage of laser fire, forcing Sonic to continue the mission alone.

Tails, meanwhile, saw the planet's surface quickly approaching below and instinctively started twisting his tails in a rapid succession. To his amazement, he discovered he was able to fly. With his newfound ability, Tails managed to pull out of the dive and flew back up to rescue Sonic on time. Using a magnetic disrupter, they were both able to upset the space station's repulser engine and send the remains plummeting towards the surface below. After this incredible feat and performance, Tails became a media sensation and was hailed as an honorary Freedom Fighter.

The Lone Guardian

Despite their victory, Robotnik's flying fortress was still operating after its destructive end. Robotnik, having survived the crash, found himself on the mystical Angel Island. Upon inspecting the damage, he encountered the isle's legendary guardian, Knuckles the Echidna, who wasn't too thrilled having visitors on the island. Robotnik, however, tricked him into thinking he was defending the island from the Freedom Fighters; whom he claimed were the true thieves wanting to steal the Emeralds for their destructive conquest of the world. Upon hearing this, Knuckle swore he would take the Emeralds back from them and agreed to let the doctor stay until his fortress was rebuilt. Having heard of his grandfather's attempts to make peace, Knuckles handed over his grandfather's lost diary from his last expedition to the island. A chapter on the isle's ancient lore was left opened, which described a hidden eighth emerald somewhere on the island. Desperate to continue his conquest, Robotnik had his forces comb the island behind the guardian's back to locate the hidden gem.

Meantime, the Freedom Fighters decided to investigate the recent Badnik resurgence. With reports of the Death Egg being spotted on Angel Island, Sonic was sent to the formally-floating continent with Tails aboard the Tornado, intent on destroying the Death Egg once and for all. But upon landing, Knuckles caught them off-guard and swiped their emeralds away; warning them to leave his home at once. Sonic, having found a new rival, was forced to recover the emeralds once again. However, a certain weasel also had his eye on the prize and fallowed them to steal the emeralds first.

After finally catching up to the Death Egg, Tails managed to sabotage it from the inside and sent it plummeting back to the island's surface. After a successful sabotage, Sonic moved out to "blow off some steam", but was captured by the bounty hunter Nack the Weasel, also known as "Fang the Sniper". Having had enough trouble trying to snatch the emeralds, Nack turned Sonic to Robotnik and demanded to be paid. But Robotnik double-crossed the sneaky bounty hunter and threatened to roboticize Nack if he didn't leave immediately. With the data from in the neuro-overrider from an earlier encounter, Robotnik used the roboticization process to create an evil robotic duplicate, Mecha Sonic. Mecha Sonic captured Tails and was about to steal the Master Emerald when Knuckles ambushed it (mistaking it for the actual Sonic) and eventually defeated it. Confused by the robot's presence, Knuckles began to question the doctor's true goal. It wasn't until Robotnik revealed his true colors to Knuckles when he stole the Master Emerald before the guardian's eyes, just after Sonic and Tails managed to transform the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds. Just when Robotnik was making a run for it, utilizing the Master Emerald to power his Doomsday robot, Sonic transformed from Super Sonic into Hyper Sonic, defeating Robotnik and bringing back the Master Emerald safely to Knuckles. In return, Sonic and Tails cleared their names and Knuckles became a trusted ally in the years to come.

The battle might've been won, but the Hyper Sonic transformation caused Sonic to undergo a change in appearance; his eyes turned green and he physically aged about a few years. The side-effects caused him to outgrow his red sneakers, so Uncle Chuck decided to make a new pair shoes for him; using Power Rings for buckles and new and improved soles that could last against much higher temperatures due to the heat caused by friction.

Void of Confusion

Despite their victories, the Freedom Fighters were nowhere close to restoring the former kingdom. Princess Sally, being heir to the throne, was forced to consider taking her father's title as monarch since no trace of him was found. Meantime, Robotnik had managed to locate the seven Chaos Emeralds on the secluded Flicky Island, but they were nowhere to be found. He soon learned that the Flickies residing on the island migrated annually to an unknown alternate dimension, and could travel between worlds via large Warp Rings. Consequently, the doctor deduced there was some sort of connection between them and the Chaos Emeralds, and resolved by roboticizing them and building his own Warp Ring Generator to gain access to the emeralds.

Later, Sonic, Tails and Freedom Fighters arrived to beat Robotnik to the Chaos Emeralds, but Robotnik had already placed the Flickies inside robots. Naturally, they decided to free the Flickies and stop Robotnik from finding the emeralds. As Sonic was running through the Green Gove Zone, a Warp Ring opened up in the ground beneath him. Using a Power Ring, he managed not to get pulled in. Recognizing the energy as the magical handiwork of a certain sorcerer he trapped in the Void many years ago, Robotnik began to panic and sent his robots to close the portal. Sonic found a golden artifact in the vacinity, which he brought back to Sally, who recognized it as an artifact from the Mandaras and intended to study it. But upon reading its inscription, she was engulfed in a trance-like state and sucked into a Warp Ring. With NICOLE recognizing the energy readings as from the Void, Sonic and Tails went to investigate the phenomenon with the guiding help of some local Flickies. Upon spotting the Freedom Fighters near the vicinity, Robotnik suspected that his two greatest enemies were conspiring together and sent his robots after them. But before another fight could ensue, another portal to the Void opened which forced Sonic into it.

Meanwhile, the wizard Naugus had used his magic to bring Sally to him as bait for Sonic. Having been banished by Robotnik many years ago, he had since learned how to open a portal out, but could not escape without Sonic's speed. Upon arriving, Sonic had no interest in helping someone who kidnapped his friend and tried escaping with Sally in tow, but they ended up finding the King instead. Sally was overjoyed to be reunited with her father, who appeared to be weak. Hoping to recover his health by leaving the Void, Sonic was only too pleased to help him escape the bizarre dimension. But upon arriving back in the real world, Sonic got another surprise when the King dropped his disguise. Apperently, Naugus tricked Sonic into freeing him by impersonating the King, and that the real King Acorn was still inside the Void! Before Sonic could react, Naugus told the hedgehog to rescue his friends, and left to confront Robotnik for his betrayal.

Meantime, Robotnik began experimenting on his Warp Ring Generator; allowing him to venture into the surreal dimension. After traversing a series of twisted mazes, scoffing at how the emerald's power was being squandered to power a series of Warp Rings for mere Flickies, he managed to locate one emerald and extracted it from its pedestal; causing the Void to begin collapsing. King Acorn and Sally were sent spiraling onto a floating rock as the Void continued to collapse upon itself in a mass frenzy of chaos, with all its matter being drawn towards a massive blackhole enveloping the horizon. With only a matter of time left before the Warp Ring's portal closed, Sonic managed to rescue the group by outrunning the blackhole's suction and caught up with Robotnik just as the evil doctor was about to leave the dimension through a rapidly-shrinking Warp Ring. Before he could escape, though, he was confronted by the vengeful wizard himself, who proceed to fight Robotnik for the emerald. Realizing that his powers were futile due to the Void's unstable enviorment, Naugus kept the portal open as long as he could so that Sonic and company could escape, but he himself was left behind. Though the Freedom Fighters managed to squeeze through easily, Robotnik (not wanting to give up the Chaos Emerald) was too fat to fit through, forcing Sonic to pull him out before the Ring closed on his arm. In a yelp of pain, Robotnik was forced to drop the Emerald and they were sent back onto Flicky Island. With his whole Flicky army deroboticized (having escaped back into the Void) and roboticizer destroyed, Robotnik was forced to flee Flicky Island while Sonic and his friends prepared to head home with their beloved King back.

Cure for a Curse

Upon returning to Knothole with much rejoice, the Freedom Fighters found that the King was gradually turning to crystal. The King explained the miscalculation: For thousands of years, the deadly Doom Virus lay trapped within the Void, suspended in a state of lonely silence, waiting as countless seasons and generations passed by in the real world. Having been in the Void for such a long time, the King became laced with the deadly virus; and by rescuing him, they too had become infected with the Doom sickness. No longer sealed, any living creature coming into contact with its radiation would fall victim to its sickness, drawing away their lifeforce and eventually withering sway unless a cure was found in time. Meanwhile, Robotnik (also infected) saw the virus' potential use in chemical warfare, and wasted no time in testing the its destructive power on a secluded forest. Filled with devilish glee after a few more successful experiments, Robotnik decided it was a great time to start spreading this evil infection throughout Mobius and began focusing on the next phase of his scheme: finding a substitute to power his machine.

Meantime, Uncle Chuck informed Sonic about Robitnik's "Doomsday Project", though he didn't yet know what it was yet. Fearing the worst, G.U.N. decided to get to the bottom of this mystery and meet back at Knothole with any news of the cure's whereabouts. The Freedom Fighters took to the skies while Sonic scorched across the land. That was the last he saw any of his friends for a while... Sonic immediately set off towards the Misty Peak Zone to find the most famous Doctor in all of Mobius, Professor Bobowski, and hopefully the cure as well. Upon meeting the old man in his castle-like mansion, Sonic was told that the mystical Deep Power Stones of Drood Henge were the only things capable of repelling the negative aura of the Doom Virus. Due to his old age, however, he bestowed the responsibility onto Sonic to recover the stones as soon as possible. Unknown to him, the professor was really Robotnik in disguise; the true professor was being held captive along with the Freedom Fighters.

Relying on Sonic's inability to resist rescuing any creature in danger, the professor's beautiful daughter, Tiara, was the bait set to trigger the first step in Robotnik's grand plan. Without a second thought, Sonic nimbly rescued her from certain doom. Tiara proved to be of excellent help during Sonic's quest. After a series of adventures, they finally uncovered the stones. But before they could react, a Doomsday pod landed near their campsite and stole the stones right before their eyes. Realizing that Robotnik's Doomsday Project had begun a week early, a guilt-ridden Tiara confessed that that this was all a ruse set up by Robotnik. Having failed in trying to extort information from the professor for an alternative power-source, Robotnik resorted to kidnapping her father and blackmailing her into revealing information regarding the Deep Power Stones. Planning to snatch the stones as soon as he got ahold of them, Robotnik had no intention in finding a cure. He only wanted the stones to help power his superweapon. Sonic realized his mistake and immediately made a break for Robotropolis. Much to his relief, the Freedom Fighters had managed to break free from their prison and informed the military. With all of Mobius in danger, Sonic infiltrated the Doomsday Machine, preparing for the final battle with the doctor. The two titans duked it out for the fate of the world. This time, they were fighting for their very lives.

With the Deep Power Stones, Sonic and Tiara began destroying the machine. Unknown to them, Snively had betrayed Robotnik by sabotaging his weapon of mass destruction. In the end, the enraged Robotnik escaped with his life in a hovercraft and was sent flying, whilst Snively escaped in an underground lift. Fallowing the battle, Sonic brought the Deep Power Stones to Sally to try and save her fading father. Having successfully stopped the virus with the Deep Power Stones, everyone celebrated when Sonic and Tiara announced the defeat of Robotnik. Robotnik was gone forever... or was he?

I am the Eggman

Peace reigned in the Land of Mobius following Robotnik's defeat. For a long time, the inhabitants enjoyed a tranquil existence. It seemed to most Mobians that Robotnik had packed his bags and left their world for a different place. Sonic, though, had a different opinion. For as long as he could remember, Ivo Robotnik had a burning desire to control the power of the Chaos Emeralds. It seemed odd that he would ever lose interest in them...

Robotnik, having run out of ideas, was brought to utter depression for having failed in his quest. His attention, however, was drawn to his grandfather's diary. While browsing through the pages, he stumbled across a series of entries containing his research in ancient archeology and the study of the mysterious, ancient Echidna civilization; particularly their downfall by a malevolent being known as "Chaos". With the power harnessed from the Emeralds, Chaos would eventually become invincible and susceptible to his will, allowing him to destroy Station Square and rebuild Robotropolis over its ruins.

Having his spirits revived, Robotnik announced his empire's return. But this time, under a new alias: "Dr. Eggman".

A Shattered Crystal

Knuckles the Echidna was guarding the Master Emerald on the floating Angel Island when he was confronted by Rouge the Bat, who attempted to steal the Master Emerald for herself. But before the argument could continue, the evil doctor shattered the Master Emerald and freed Chaos from his prison. Having heard tales of a water mutant that would cause destruction to the world, Knuckles chose not to believe it, until he saw it with his very own eyes. Soon afterwards, Angel Island plunged into the sea, causing the Master Emerald's shards to be scattered across the islands. Resolving to search for the shards, Knuckles set out to recover them with the bat fallowing him, intent on collecting the shards for personal benefit.

Meantime, Tails began testing his Chaos Emerald-powered airplane, only to crash on the beach near Station Square. After rescuing Tails, Sonic witnessed an attack by the police against Chaos. They were confronted by Eggman, who used Tails' emerald to transform Chaos into his second form. To prevent Eggman's plans from happening, Sonic and Tails decided to begin their search for the emeralds. While lamenting her time with Sonic, Amy Rose ended up rescuing a Flicky bird and named her "Lily". However, Eggman, having discovered Lily's location, dispatched his robot Zero to hunt the bird down. After Sonic turned down Amy's offer to protect Lily, Zero captured Amy and Lily and had them both detained aboard Eggman's new airship, the Egg Carrier. Sonic and Tails made hot pursuit in Uncle Chuck's latest plane, the Tornado II, but were quickly shot down. After crashing, Tails finds another emerald and uses it to prepare the plane to rescue Amy.

On board the Egg Carrier, Eggman activated E-102 Gamma and had him fight E-101 Beta during his training. He then ordered the rest of the E-Series robots to search for Froggy, a Mobini frog that accidentally swallowed Chaos' tail as well as a Chaos Emerald. Gamma eventually found Froggy, but was chased back to the ship by Froggy's owner, Big the Cat. Eggman derided the E-Series robots for their failure and had them removed before stationing Gamma in Amy's cell. However, Amy convinces him that Gamma doesn't have work for Eggman, as he is an enemy. In a confusion of newly discovered emotions, Gamma released Amy and Lily. While being chased by Zero, Amy made her escape towards the ship's deck. Having recovered three emeralds, Sonic and Tails meet up with Rotor at their new workshop near the Mystic Ruins in hopes of possibly exchanging them for Amy. But they eventually lost two to Eggman due to an easily-tricked Knuckles mistaking one of the emeralds for a shard. Eggman made his escape in the Egg Carrier while Sonic and Tails boarded the Tornado II and infiltrated the battleship. Knuckles also boarded the aircraft, having collected several pieces of the Master Emerald and sensing more aboard the Egg Carrier.

Sonic and Tails confronted Eggman and Chaos, who now had six Chaos Emeralds (one from Lily's possession), and defeated it once more before pursuing after Eggman. But Gamma was dispatched to attack them. Despite attacking with a barrage of weapons, Sonic defeated Gamma, but Amy interfered and begged Sonic to spare the robot. Gamma, understanding that Eggman was an enemy, decided to follow the others as they fled, while Big escaped aboard the Tornado II after rescuing Froggy. Meanwhile, Knuckles stole back the six remaining shards, encountering Rouge again. During the fight, the ship began to lose altitude and Knuckles saved Rouge from certain death. Rouge surrendered her collected shards out of shame, finally allowing Knuckles to restore the Master Emerald. They both fled from the ship as it crashed into the ocean below.

After attempting to destroy Station Square in a failed last resort, Eggman was confronted and defeated by Tails. And upon fleeing, Sonic confronted the scientist in his Egg Viper and destroyed it. Meantime, Gamma managed to erase his master's registration and decided to track down his brother robots. Upon freeing the animals from inside the robots, Gamma accompanied Amy back to the Egg Carrier to reunite Lily with her family. But they were confronted by a rebuilt Beta and Zero after knocking down the poor Flicky. Avoiding contact with Zero's lasers, Amy defeated the robot by using her Piko Piko Hammer to knock it into the electrical fences which enclosed them. However, the ensuing fight between the robots ended in their destruction and Lilly's parents were released. Amy saw Lily and her family off, much to her happiness, and vowed to try her best in memory of Gamma.

A day later, Knuckles restored the shards of the Master Emerald, but Angel Island collapsed into the sea once again when Chaos attacked both him and Eggman. Chaos absorbed the six Chaos Emeralds and located the seventh aboard the Tornado II, which crashed after Big used it to escape the Egg Carrier. With all the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos transformed into Perfect Chaos, depleting the Chaos Emeralds of their negative energy and flooding and destroying Station Square. Tikal appeared before them, demanding that Chaos must be sealed back within the Master Emerald. Sonic objected, saying that Chaos's heart would still be filled with anger and sadness. With his friends cheering him on, Sonic used the Chaos Emeralds' still-present positive energy to become Super Sonic and face off against Perfect Chaos. Following Chaos' defeat, Chaos discovered that the descendants of the ancient Chao were still alive in Station Square and peacefully departed with them back to Angel Island.

A Shadow of a Former-Self

After discovering the existence of a secret weapon mentioned in the diary of his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Eggman hacked into G.U.N.'s mainframe database and infiltrated a high-security facility in search of it. This government "weapon", a black hedgehog named "Project Shadow" who claimed to be the "Ultimate Life Form", had hardly any memory of his purpose. Eggman promised to help Shadow by restoring his memories, as long as he helped him conquer the world. Recognizing the doctor's semblance, Shadow offers to help Eggman take over the world, telling the scientist to rendezvous with him at the abandoned Space Colony ARK with more Chaos Emeralds.

Shadow proceeded to steal one of the Emeralds from the Central City Bank. During the event, Shadow had a flashback to the final moments of a young girl named "Maria" getting shot dead by soldiers right before his eyes - begging him to complete an unspecified task - which he interpreted as a request for revenge. Because Shadow made a hasty retreat, no one was able to get a good look at him and many eyewitness mistake Shadow for Sonic. Upon learning that Project Shadow was released, Commander Abraham Tower ordered G.U.N. to arrest Sonic on sight. After narrowly escaping the military, Sonic was arrested again shortly after a confrontation with Shadow, who demonstrated to him the Chaos Control technique.

Sonic was found guilty for his supposed crime and sentenced to the heavily-fortified Prison Island, where he was given a full day and night to try and prove his innocence. Commander Tower was aware that Sonic was guiltless, but had the crimes pinned on him anyway as a coverup. Growing weary of the situation, the Commander gave Rouge the Bat a mission to spy on Eggman. This mission led her to infiltrate Dr. Eggman's base, and eventually to the ARK, where Shadow was showing Eggman his grandfather's old research facility. There, Shadow relayed to the doctor his plan to use the Chaos Emeralds to charge a "super weapon" aboard the ARK called the Eclipse Cannon to take over the world. To accomplish this, Shadow and Eggman recruited Rouge to assist in the search of the Chaos Emeralds.

A while later, Tails and Amy infiltrated Prison Island in attempt to rescue Sonic from G.U.N., while Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge infiltrated the the island's security vaults to collect three Emeralds. The Freedom Fighters were dispatched to take care of the problem. Disturbed by the news, Sally couldn't believe her eyes and tried desperately to convince who she thought was Sonic to turn himself in. At Eggman's orders, Shadow killed Sally, thus eliminating one of his most despised nemeses. Shortly after escaping, the island base was destroyed by Eggman's atomic bomb. With the news of Sally's sudden death and the destruction of Prison Island, Sonic was tried of high treason by King Acorn and a death sentence was placed on his head. Now a fugitive on the run, Sonic managed to escape custody thanks to Tails, Amy, and Uncle Chuck (his only loyal friends) while being pursued by Antoine and Ari's Royal MP's. Sonic was naturally astonished, but then learned to his horror that Sally was dead and that he was believed to be the culprit. He grieved her loss, having never got the chance to tell his feelings for her. But the worst was yet to come when Eggman broadcasted his threats across the planet and demonstrated the Eclipse Cannon's level of power by destroying half of the moon.

Sonic and company used the final emerald within their possession to track down the other six, with Knuckles coming along as well. Together, the group infiltrated Eggman's pyramid base, narrowly boarding Eggman's shuttle as it launched into space. On board the ARK, Tails revealed that he created a counterfeit Chaos Emerald designed to reverse the energy fields of the real ones, although it was less powerful. Sonic was about to place the fake Chaos Emerald into the cannon when Eggman announced that he had captured Tails and Amy. Sonic tried to trick Eggman by giving him the fake Chaos Emerald, but at the last second, Eggman, suspecting such a trick, trapped and jettisoned Sonic in an escape pod rigged with explosives. Using the fake Chaos Emerald, Sonic managed to perform Chaos Control and escape the pod before it blew; but Tails, thinking Sonic was dead, fought Eggman. Shadow was sent to intercept Sonic before he destroyed the Eclipse Cannon, but Sonic proved to be more than a match to Shadow.

Once Eggman collected all seven Chaos Emeralds and attempted to fire the Eclipse Cannon at full power, a failsafe was activated. The ARK began to fall towards Earth, and a recorded message from the late Gerald Robotnik is broadcasted around the world. Everyone learned that Gerald Robotnik's hatred for all humans spawned back when the government condemned him and his research and killed numerous colleagues, including his granddaughter (and Eggman's cousin) Maria, on board the ARK. As revenge against humanity, he had arranged for the ARK to collide with Earth and destroy it. Eggman determined the energy of the Chaos Emeralds was causing the ARK to fall toward Earth, and everyone agreed to work together to intercept the energy at the Eclipse Cannon's core and neutralize the energy using the Master Emerald to stop the collision. Shadow initially didn't participate, due to his apathy toward humankind; however, Amy pleaded for Shadow to help, reminding him of Maria's true request, not for revenge, but to serve as a benefit for society. He caught up with Sonic and Knuckles as they made their way to the cannon's core.

After disabling the various security features guarding the core, Sonic and Knuckles encountered the Biolizard, a prototype of the Ultimate Life Form and Shadow's "biological" brother, who had been awoken from stasis to ensure that the Emeralds would not be tampered with. Shadow defeated the Biolizard, allowing Knuckles to neutralize the Chaos energy and deactivate the Chaos Emeralds using the Master Emerald. However, the injured Biolizard used Chaos Control to fuse with the Eclipse Cannon, becoming the Finalhazard and continuing the ARK's collision course by physically dragging it along. Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and Shadow transformed into Super Sonic and Super Shadow and defeated the Finalhazard. They then used Chaos Control to teleport the ARK back into a stable orbit around Earth. The process, however, depleted Shadow's energy, and he was unable to remain in orbit. He plummeted to Earth, and to his apparent death, content that he had fulfilled his promise to Maria.

As humanity celebrated openly, the two teams returned to the surface, reflecting on the events that have transpired, concerning Shadow's sacrifice and Gerald Robotnik's intent to destroy Earth, and their new plans from there. After finally finding the elusive Eggman, Sonic made the mad scientist confess before everyone his crimes, thus clearing Sonic's name and declaring him "not guilty" as Eggman was dragged to prison. At Sally's funeral, Sonic bid a final farewell to both Sally and Shadow.

Pedal to the Metal

About 4,000 years ago, a sentient weapon called the Gizoid was created by an ancient civilization. After being lost for millennia, the Gizoid was unearthed and researched by Prof. Gerald Robotnik during an archeological excavation on Angel Island. It remained dormant for another half century before being discovered by Gerald's grandson, Dr. Eggman, during his escapade aboard the Death Egg. Frustrated at his inability to get the dormant Gizoid to work properly, Eggman abandoned the Gizoid at Emerald Beach.

With his uncle in custody after the battle aboard the ARK, Snively had managed to weasel his way past security back to Eggman's old base. Having failed to take over his uncle's position, he became quite full of himself and began assembling a massive armada of old robots and airships stockpiled in remote hangars in preparation of his new empire. Meanwhile, having developed feelings of attachment towards Sonic, Nicole knew her attempts at winning him over were meaningless due to Sally's untimely death. To keep herself company, she created a computer program based heavily after Sonic's personality, entitled "Sonic .EXE", to fill in the gap. Upon discovering its true purpose for existing, the program rebelled and ran away in a fit of rage, convinced that it was the REAL Sonic. The program eventually transmitted itself into Snively's base of operations, were he was currently building a new model of Metal Sonic: nicknamed "Mettallix". Possessing its body, the program quickly overpowered Snively and declared itself "Neo Metal Sonic".

Meanwhile, Rouge sneaked into one of Eggman's abandoned bases after hearing Snively had accumulated valuable treasures. To her shock, she found what appeared to be Shadow the Hedgehog, who was thought to be dead, encased in a stasis capsule and without memory of who he was. As she attempted to escape, she accidentally activated E-123 Omega, a robot bent on destroying his creator in revenge for abandoning him, who began attacking Shadow, mistaking him for a robot. Realizing that all their problems lead to Eggman, Rouge broke up their fight and convinced them to join her. Later, news soon reached the military that Eggman had escaped from prison and was now at large again. Back at G.U.N. headquarters, Sonic and company received a letter from Eggman challenging them to his new ultimate weapon that would be ready within three days, Sonic accepted the challenge, competitive as ever. Unlike the others who were disturbed by the message and unsure what to make of it, Sonic was confident that there was nothing to worry about and banded a team together to foil Eggman's plans.

While on the beach accompanied by Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose, Big was searching for his amphibian friend, Froggy, again while Cream was seeking out Cheese's lost brother, Chocola. With a picture in the local newspaper depicting Froggy and Chocola being carried off by a figure Amy believed to be Sonic as their only clue, the three had joined up to find their lost companions. When the wind suddenly blew it away, Cream and Cheese managed to catch it and bring it back, but stumbled across the beaten-up Gizoid. After befriending it, Cream named the robot "Emerl", due to its ability to use the Chaos Emeralds and also being able to perfectly copy moves. Meantime, the Chaotix Detective Agency received a mysterious package containing a walkie-talkie, with a mysterious client giving them instructions through the device, promising them a "handsome reward". Espio and Mighty were wary of their client, but Vector reminded him that they needed to pay the mortgage, so the team headed out.

After a series of adventures and scuffles in their attempts to locate Eggman, the four teams discovered that the doctor was a fake, and a stall for time as his fleet of battleships filled the skies. The Chaotix's client was aware of this revelation, which made Charmy and Vector suspect something about their client. Things got especially cryptic for Shadow when he found a broken android resembling him, and grew more concerned with Eggman's statement that he had no past. Amy also suspected that Froggy and Chocola were being held hostage by Eggman. However, neither of them recognized Neo Metal Sonic copying their data. Accompanying them, Emerl was wrapped up in the affairs of Amy's friends, allies and rivals. Through his encounters with Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, and Shadow, Emerl grew and evolved from a soulless robot into a fun-loving mech with lots of personality, gaining more power and gaining more personality with each Chaos Emerald that he obtained, as well as the training he received from the Freedom Fighters. But while the gang was having fun raising their new mechanical friend, there were those watching who recognized Emerl's true power. Now that the Gizoid was working again, Eggman's set his eye on it and reassigned E-123 Omega to track it down. Meantime, Rouge wanted to turn it into a master thief, and Shadow sensed that, despite their efforts to humanize him, Emerl was still designed and programmed to be a weapon of mass destruction (and he also believes the same for himself).

They eventually boarded the Egg Fleet and confronted Eggman at the armada's core. After beating another fake Eggman and blowing up half the fleet, Rouge and Omega began looking for treasure, only to find numerous capsules filled with Shadow Androids. Meantime, Big and Cream were reunited with Chocola and Froggy while the Chaotix rescued their client: Snively. After receiving a beating for promising what he didn't have, the teams interrogated the former minion, wanting to know who locked them up for trying to conquer the world. But before he could answer, all the teams raced outside to find Neo Metal Sonic undergoing a transformation. By combining their data with the power of Chaos, he became Metal Madness. Team Sonic decided to fight Metal Sonic using the seven Chaos Emeralds. Team Rose, Team Chaotix and Team Dark held Metal Madness until turned into Metal Overlord. Team Sonic used the power of the emeralds to go super and defeat Metal Overlord, reducing Neo Metal Sonic back to his regular self.

Later, Eggman decided to finally lure Emerl onto his base aboard the ARK in an effort to get him under his control. The two battle, and Emerl emerges as the victor, but Eggman manages to overload him with energy, causing Emerl to revert into his original programing and going haywire. More powerful than ever, The Gizoid decides to destroy the world by firing the cannon at Sonic's world, and the blue hedgehog is send to stop him. The two battle under 30 seconds, and Sonic wins. Emerl briefly reverts to the friendly robot he was, and finally overloads with energy, bidding farewell to his friends before exploding, leaving the pieces of the Chaos Emeralds he acquired behind. Sonic gets back from the spaceship, and with everyone saddened by their friends departure, is asked if he believes Emerl is truly gone. However Sonic tells everyone that they will see him again someday.

Chaos Emeralds

Chaos is an omnipotent and sentient substance that created the universe and supplies all the cosmic matter necessary to create the base material for life and everything else. Chaos, as a result, exists in everyone and everything in the universe, but not in any degree noticeable; but powerful beings can channel and produce vast amounts of magical energy though it. The reasons for this are likely because it shares its power with those powerful enough to lead or influence others.

The Chaos Emeralds are magical gemstones that are linked to the Master Emerald. Similar to Chaos, the emeralds were wise and omniscient, yet able to be consumed in rage should something dear be lost.

Each emerald possesses an individual element and represents a certain positive/negative emotion:

  • Red: Fire, Courage/Fear
  • Blue: Water, Friendship/Loneliness
  • Green: Earth, Purity/Lust
  • Cyan: Air, Honesty/Dishonesty
  • Yellow: Electricity, Hope/Despair
  • White: Light, Love/Hatred
  • Purple: Darkness, Knowledge/Ignorance
  • Master: Balance, Life/Death (keeps the other Emeralds in check)

Each emerald seeks these elements out and causes these emotions to happen around them related to their component. The positive/negative powers of each emerald reflect the emotions connected to one's thoughts, and can transform those thoughts into power; thus serving as their own power generators. The power of an emerald can also be harnessed without physical contact.

The ancient Echidnas, curious of the Emeralds' abilities, began testing the extent of what the gems could do. From these tests they have been able to discover these abilities:

  • Chaos Control: Stops time for a short period, or speeds up the actions of the user.
  • Chaos Blast: Able to wipe out enemies in a small radius around them, while using up a lot of the energy.
  • Chaos Regeneration: Can restore wounds and cure ills such as blindness. However, users of that often gained physical mutations of a sort with extensive use.
  • Super Form: Only one Echidna was able to ascend to this ability. However, he was struck down by his own people, for they thought he was a demon. However, before his transformation, he left this scripture: "The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power. Power is enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos...With it, the mind is able to turn thoughts...into power." Since then, no one was able to make sense of his writings.

Using any of these abilities often, especially the Super Form, leads to a loss of sanity and the act of being consumed by the very rage Chaos felt. This degeneration can be increased by stress and shock. In this case, most of these abilities should be used rarely. So far, there are three levels of the Super Form:

  • Normal: Essentially the default upon transforming. Upon transformation, the user is granted many powers, such as flying and making a fire shield upon boosting. However, the sanity of the user slowly degrades, so a short exposure to the power is often best. If in the form for too long, or facing stress/shock, the user will descend into the Chaos Super Form.
  • Chaos: In this form, the user has lost nearly all sanity, consumed with the desire to kill. While the users' powers are increased, they would no longer have any rational thinking and attack everything in sight- even itself.
  • Perfect: No one has achieved this ability before - though it is said it takes complete concentration with the body, mind, and soul; along with a connection with the benevolent powers of Chaos. In this form, the user is able to use their abilities freely without loosing their sanity, having complete control over their actions.

The emeralds may possess sources of unlimited energy. However, the emeralds can be drained of their energies as well. Therefore, the amount of energy an emerald emits in a certain amount of time is limited as it must continuously recharge itself over an infinite amount of time.

The emeralds' reactions to each other are also different depending on the collection. If all seven are gathered incorrectly, it could create an uncontrollable Chaos Control warp. If done in the right order, all seven emeralds combine their energies into one. After being put to use, the emeralds scatter across the planet in order to recharge.


An naturally-occurring phenomenon on Mobius, Rings are the byproducts produced by the Chaos Emeralds, though they do not contain the limitless power the Chaos Emeralds do.

Consisting of pure-concentrated chaos energy, Rings were artificially created by the brilliant scientist Gerald Robotnik as a clean alternative to fossil fuels to help protect Mobius' environment. Following this, the city of Mobotropolis entered a new Golden Age as the Rings had brought the kingdom out of the medieval ages. Since then, Rings have not only been used as power supplies for technology, but also as a means to increase the power and capabilities of certain individuals. But due to the intense atomic energy which they generate, it is recommended that individuals wear gloves to protect their hands from serious burns.

They were used by Prof. Gerald in conjunction with his Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor (ROCC) to transfer most of the negative energy on Mobius into the seven Chaos Emeralds. The resulting unbalance triggered an explosion of chaos energy, which produced trillions of Rings across the planet's surface. Amongst the variants include:

  • Golden Rings Spread by hundreds throughout the zones, the common Golden Ring can be collected, via absorption upon contact. Individuals possessing at least one Golden Ring can survive sustaining damage from an attack or impact from any dangerous obstacles. Instead of dying or getting injured, the user's Rings are sacrificed instead; bursting out of the individual in a circular pattern and bounce around the environment for a few seconds before disappearing entirely. During this brief period, it is possible for the user to recover some of the Rings they lost. Due to the sheer amount, Golden Rings are also used as currency in some markets, shops, and casinos.
  • Power Rings: Used during the Great War against the Humans, the Power Rings aided the Mobian soldiers by temporarily providing them with increased speed, strength and other capabilities. However, they don't last for very long and can only be produced within twenty-four hours. Some individuals (such as Amy and Shadow) also wear Power Rings on a daily basis to help protect themselves and/or to retain their abilities. They can also be used to temporarily restore a roboticized person's mentality.
  • Warp Rings: Larger variants of Gold Rings. Unlike regular Rings, Warp Rings instead serve as transportation device. When charged up with chaos energy, the Warp Ring allows instantaneous transport for anyone who uses them. They can seemingly penetrate any security measures and allow travel to any location, regardless of distance. Warp Rings are also somewhat rare objects.

Knothole Freedom Fighters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The world's fastest hedgehog and title hero of the series. He is a sassy, smooth-talking, courageous, and suave teenager endowed with super speed and a love of freedom, which puts him at odds with Dr. Robotnik. The most active and confident of the group, Sonic hates boredom and is always on the look-out for fun and adventure. Overconfident and sometimes brash, Sonic holds a high opinion of himself. He is rather foolish and so often acts before he thinks; often undertaking tasks with gusto, only to later realize that they weren't as easy as he had originally imagined. He can also be a bit egotistical, rude, impatient, and impulsively reckless at times; acting condescend towards Sally and the others. He also has a habit of exaggerating and embellishing, often to make himself seem more important or talented. Despite his flaws, he becomes highly selfless and direct in dangerous circumstances and possesses a deep sense of duty. He holds a personal grudge against the Doctor and understands his responsibility to protect the world from this menace. In addition to his speed, Sonic can also perform a variety of special moves and attacks, including the spin dash (in which he rolls up like a bowling ball), the homing attack (which allows him to home in on enemies while in midair), and can use his spines like a buzzsaw to cut through solid objects with incredible ease, speed, and precision. But has a severe case of Aquaphobia, being terrified of water as he cannot swim.
  • Sally Acorn: A squirrel federal agent (and secretly the princess of Mobotropolis) who accompanies Sonic in almost every mission to thwart Robotnik and reclaim her family's kingdom. While she does not mind the life of royalty, she disguises herself as a commoner so that people would treat her as a normal person. Sally is the strategist and leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, as well as Sonic's close friend and partner (it is implied that she has feelings for him, but she won't hesitate to tease him for her own amusement when she's able to). Extremely intelligent, levelheaded and dedicated, Sally is a shrewd businesswoman that takes an organized, analytical approach to solving problems. She is generally depicted as the straight-man of the series; being the most serious, rational, and reasonable Freedom Fighter. But despite being very cautious, Sonic's rambunctious attitude frequently tests her patience and is surprisingly spontaneous when there is no danger. Sally is also very uptight, strong-minded and opinionated, oftentimes known to be headstrong and has a tendency to put too much pressure on herself to react in the most wise way. Sally is capable of gliding for short distances using her bushy tail and the membranes underneath her arms.
    • NICOLE: A highly-advanced android that helps Sally analyze and hack into Robotnik's machines. She is highly technical in her speech, often frustrating Sonic with her constant techno-babble, which forces her to adapt by using slang terms and speaking in a manner similar to Sonic himself. NICOLE has the ability to copy abilities from other beings and machines, and gets stronger (and smarter) with each trait she absorbs. NICOLE is also equipped with advanced holographic technology that, when coupled with her built-in servos and nanites, will allow her to change appearance and adopt a wide range of disguises and forms. She can also change size, which allows her to appear smaller or bigger than she really is in her regular form. She often takes the form of a female lynx with black hair, clad in a purple toga.
  • Bunnie the Rabbot: A tomboyish cyborg rabbit with a thick southern drawl. She has come to be known as the most resourceful, loyal and dependable Freedom Fighter in Knothole; a kind and considerate person with lots of integrity. Bunnie is a great believer in personal strength and has no respect for those who didn't earn their positions through hard work and dedication. She is extremely optimistic given her condition and displays a spunky, feminine charm. Despite this, she can be stubborn, prideful, and a bit temperamental; especially if she overhears someone doubting her skills purely because she's a girl, or points out a mistake she made. Bunnie has a strong competitive streak and isn't afraid to work up a sweat or get dirty in order to get a job done. She is also very determined, perhaps even restless, and if she doesn't have an immediate knack for a certain sport or skill, she can become frustrated to the point of obsessive-compulsion. Bunnie had half her body roboticized before Sonic saved her mid-transformation, leaving both her legs and left arm mechanical. These robotic features, in addition to skill in martial arts, supply her with super-human strength, making her the brawn of the Freedom Fighters. Her bionic arm doubles as a plasma cannon and all her limbs are extendable. Despite these advantages, she greatly desires to be normal again.
  • Antoine Depardieu: A pompous, French-oriented coyote and suave swordsman whose family lineage contains that of Mobius' finest soldiers. He speaks with an upper-class French accent and often has trouble speaking English. While furiously loyal to the Freedom Fighters, Antoine is extremely narcissistic, self-centered, rude, and uncompromising; frequently contending with Sonic for the heart of Sally Acorn (though he seems obsessed with her, he really does care for her). Due to his family's famous reputation, he often acts in a sophisticated manner in attempt to make himself the center of attention. Organized and practical, Antoine's tendency to take charge is inflated to the extent that he becomes a control freak who insists on doing things exactly right, in his way and in the proper order. He despises many things and likes to consider himself above the mundane and often immature activities of his peers. His snobbish attitude, fussiness, and short temper makes him the butt of everyone's cruel jokes and is constantly teased at by Sonic. Antoine is mighty quick with a sword and an extremely powerful fighter with immense potential. Antoine's agility, speed and overall reflexes are also extraordinary. He can move at nearly imperceptible speeds, jump to astonishing heights, and dodge bullets with ease.
  • Rotor the Walrus: A mild-mannered, nerdy walrus who serves as the mechanic of the Freedom Fighters. Despite Sally being the official leader of the team, it is Rotor who comes up with most of the plans and solutions to the Freedom Fighters' predicaments. Obsessed with technology, he invents reliable gadgets and weapons for the Freedom Fighters' missions. Although a bit clumsy, Rotor has proven himself to be intelligent, studious, fairly compulsive, and very introspective; frequently becoming pensive over things he doesn't understand. Rotor is often on good terms with all the Freedom Fighters, but his colorful language tends to be understandable only to him. Carefree and fun-loving, Rotor is portrayed as the most light-hearted and friendly of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. His childlike personality has led to him being referred to as the "youngest member" and is essentially the main provider for comic relief. Upbeat and good-natured, Rotor avoids fights at all costs and simply laughs off most insults thrown his way, preferring to take a more light-hearted approach to solving problems. He would rather talk things out than fight, and only uses violence as a last resort. Others frequently become frustrated with his constant tendency to downplay serious situations, but he can be serious if the situation calls for it. Rotor may be slow on land, but underwater, he can swim like a torpedo. He also has great lung capacity, allowing him to hold his breath for long periods of time.
  • Johnny Lightfoot: Bunnie's older brother; a handsome hare with a strong sense of justice. He has a personal vendetta against Robotnik for the roboticization of his parents and sister, and hates himself for not saving them. Despite his strong moral sense, Johnny is somewhat cold and quick to temper, often keeping his personal opinions separate from his current duties, which often leads him into trouble as he makes rash decisions without thinking. Perhaps for this reason, he seems to resent Sally's position as leader, often doubting her capabilities. He is also notably annoyed by Manic's antics and Porker's cowardliness, and is proven to be quite merciless against anything that stands in his way. His questionable methods often clash with the other Freedom Fighters. Though seemingly rude, bad tempered, stubborn and ruthless, Johnny is kindhearted as any (though he rarely admits this) and is always ready to fight all mechanical menaces that the evil genius builds. His ears are ultra sensitive and can be used as a sonar/radar to detect approaching danger. But as a result, he is highly claustrophobic and his ears are irritable towards loud noises.
  • Porker Lewis: A timid pig technician for the Freedom Fighters. Porker is one of the more sentimental Freedom Fighters, being easily frightened, anxious, and insecure. He is portrayed as being sweet and calm around others, but too fearful and paranoid to offer much help. Porker is very kindhearted and is obsessed with keeping things neat and tidy. Suffering from a severe inferiority complex, he lacks a lot of faith in himself and his clumsiness often gets himself or other Freedom Fighters into trouble. He is also somewhat superstitious; suffering from triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13). Porker is a genuine coward who cries or loses his temper in moments of emotional stress, but he still goes to great lengths to protect himself and his friends. Porker has proven himself to be very brave and courageous by putting aside his personal fears; and during desperate times, he can become forceful and assertive when provoked. He often gets himself brutally injured or nearly killed; surviving only through his determination and/or pure luck.

Substitute Freedom Fighters

  • Miles “Tails” Prower: A talented fox cub born with two tails who serves as a younger-brother figure to Sonic and Sally. Both his parents died when he was still young, and was raised in Knothole Village along with other orphaned children. Due to his deformity, he gets bullied a lot by other kids and is quite sensitive to mistreatment. He idolizes Sonic and tries to fallow his heroism by the book, to the point of imitating his every action. Tails is brave, resourceful, friendly (if somewhat competitive), and very caring towards his friends; acting as their leader. Despite his position though, Tails is a reluctant hero and is often found at odds with the rest of the team. He displays few leadership skills or heroic athletics, has very low self-esteem, and generally regards himself as clumsy in spite of his good intentions. Though he is the most inexperienced, he has an inherently high intellect and has proven himself to be a confident Freedom Fighter. Tails is a skilled aviator who often pilots a transforming biplane with battle-mech capabilities called the “Tornado”. He can also twirl his twin tails to fly like a helicopter, but is easily prone to high winds and exhaustion.
  • Amy Rose: A bossy, stubborn female hedgehog that carries an enormous, powerful hammer, and the self-appointed “girlfriend” of Sonic. Her most recognizable character trait is her tough, skeptical and proud demeanor, which masks her more caring and sensitive side. Amy tries her best to show no fear, often bragging about her accomplishments and courage, and has great difficulty showing weakness; but is still prone to jealousy. At times, Amy can be very hotheaded and gets into fights easily, often misinterpreting small comments for criticism. Her lessons frequently revolve around not jumping to conclusions, especially in judgment of others. She also has a hard time adjusting to loneliness and feels self-assured by the company of her friends. Being an apprentice witch, Amy enjoys fortune-telling, yoga, and paranormal phenomena. However, her predictions are usually not accurate. Amy possesses extraordinary strength and can smash enemy forces down with her trusty Piko Piko Hammer, which packs quite the wallop and has a highly accurate aim - hardly missing its target - but lacks control and is a real danger to her enemies, and sometimes her friends.
  • Manic the Hedgehog: Sonia's tough and streetwise younger brother who was raised by thieves, becoming a master of their trade. Manic is respected and loved by nearly every kid in the village. He laughs at all forms of authority, preferring to engage in more crooked activities like gambling and vandalizing. Upon joining the Freedom Fighters, they disapproved of his lifestyle, though his thieving skills and mastery with lock-picking and computer hacking is greatly needed. Manic is incredibly adventurous and daring. Being a young boy, he can be rather impractical and immature at times, but when it comes to rescuing his friends, he is far more heroic than any adult can be. Having took the "easy road" to success, Manic never attended school. As a result, despite his cunning and persuasiveness, he can barely read or write. Though his abilities are often underestimated due to his position, Manic shows an unparalleled level of sensitivity to the feelings of those around him; and as a result, he gets defensive whenever someone's background is criticized. He hates getting upset and having to be strict; even when the situation requires him to be so. Manic is skilled in geokinesis, which can manipulate earth and generate earthquakes. He also rides on a hoverboard, which acts like a skateboard/surfboard.
  • Sonia the Hedgehog: The prissy, strong-willed, but caring, older sister of Manic. Unlike her brother, she was raised by an aristocratic foster family, giving her a valley-girl mentality. Sonia is eventually recognized as a talented singer and quickly becomes world famous as her songs help raise morale in the fight against Robotnik. Although she and her brother care for each other, they frequently argue, challenge, and tease each other. Sonia is very stylish and takes great interest in fashion and clothing design. Sonia considers herself a proper lady and tends to be quite high maintenance, spoiled, and disdainful. She is usually the first one to catch onto a fad or a trend and hates getting dirty; constantly worrying about the condition of her hair and clothes. Despite appearing to be vain and selfish, she is generally good-natured and compassionate, preferring to help those in need over her own personal goals. Sonia can be quite mature at times and is also very self-sufficient, not hesitant in taking on any threat or challenge that she may encounter. She is skilled at gymnastics and karate, capable of pulling off nearly impossible stunts and possesses the superhuman ability to spin in a cyclonic manner. Sonia also has a pink motorcycle which can go as fast as Sonic.
  • Tekno the Canary: A trusted friend of Amy and an expert in communications. Tekno has helped the Substitute Freedom Fighters on their adventures across Mobius, but is unable to join them due to her condition that restricts her to a wheelchair and has spent much of her life handicapped. Despite this, she keeps in contact with them, relying on her inventions to pull off her assignments. Cynical and sardonic to a terminal degree, Tekno's trademark characteristic is that she rarely changes her stoic facial expression or the tone of her voice. Bemused by the world around her, she is emotionally distant even from her fellow teammates much of the time, and only lets her emotions show in times of deep frustration. At times, she can also be competitive with other people who are just as intelligent as she is and has a tendency to fantasize negative or dangerous things to happen to those who have wronged her. She speaks with a Dutch accent and has an obvious crush on Rotor, but she is generally reluctant to make it public.
  • Cream the Rabbit: A sweet, caring, and innocent girl who loves to hang out with her best friends. Raised by her mother to be good, Cream is well-behaved and very polite. She tries to make peace during group conflicts, but is also very naive, to the point that she is mystified and confused whenever she finds herself feeling anger and stress. Despite her young age, Cream is not afraid to stand up for herself. Outgoing and positive, she gives her best at everything and is always full of curiosity. Through the course of the series, Cream's naivety is often taken advantaged by other characters, each having their own agendas. This leads Cream to become cynical and distrusting towards other people. However, a later rescue by someone else shows her that there are indeed people who genuinely care for her. Cream becomes more and more aware of the dangers of life and even sets out to rescue her friends from certain threats which give her the earnings to become more mature. Cream can fly using her large ears and has some skill in healing magic, which often helps out on Tails' missions. Cream's best friend is a Chao called Cheese (which she also uses as a projectile).
  • Big the Cat: A very large, humble cat who loves to fish and brings his rod with him wherever he goes. Big is often carefree and laid-back; giddy and optimistic, especially when with his friends. However, he is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, as important things often pass over his slow-witted mind. Sometimes, he answers questions and solves problems without realizing it. But he is also friendly, thoughtful, and steadfast. Due to his mellow nature, he doesn't like to fight; but whenever his friends are in danger, he will fight to protect them. His older-brother relationship with Cream is easily shown when he protects her and gets worried about her when she's in danger. His best friend is a frog named Froggy, whom he constantly keeps losing.

Recurring Characters

  • Sir Charles Hedgehog: Known as "Uncle Chuck", he is the Sonic's warmhearted and elderly uncle. Having no children of his own, he adopted his nephew Sonic and raised him like a devoted father in Emerald Town. Generous and grandfatherly, he attempts to teach Sonic valuable lessons. Chuck is also a great inventor, having invented the Power Ring Generator, Star Posts, Item Boxes, and a transforming biplane called the “Tornado”. He also invented the roboticizer which allowed people to live longer, but it had the unintended effect of robbing an individual of their free will. Robotnik later stole it and subjected most of Mobius' population to its effects, turning Chuck and everyone else into mindless robot drones. With great difficulty, Chuck regains control of his body and acts as a spy for the Freedom Fighters.
  • Dulcy the Dragon: A ditzy teenager and one of the few dragons left on Mobius. Dulcy is outgoing, energetic, and quite hyperactive, but is also friendly and uncommonly kindhearted. In many ways, she is very much a child at heart who is trying to come to terms with her adolescence. She also tends to be clumsy, loud-mouthed, and a bit quirky and absent-minded, though she generally means well. Believed to have psychological issues, she often forgets things and interacts with herself as if she were a different person. She is often not taken seriously, even by her closest friends who frequently call her out on her seemingly illogical, non-sequitur behavior. Dulcy is also claustrophobic, meaning that she does not like tight spaces. Being a dragon, she is capable of wing-borne flight, and can increase her speed by waving her tail behind her in a maneuver she calls "Cracking the Whip".
  • Team Chaotix: A team of misfits who have started their own detective agency. Currently residing in Knothole Village, this team will help anyone in any case:
    • Vector the Crocodile: The "head honcho" of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Divided between being bossy and easy-going, his rough speech and outward appearance mask his clear reasoning and ability to resolve cases. For the right price he will take on most jobs, unless they involve doing something immoral. While he may seem like he's always about the money, Vector has a strong sense of justice and kindness, despite his argumentativeness. He often does unpaid work due to his charitable nature, leaving the agency in debt and constantly short on money, which tends to strike others as annoying. Vector enjoys singing to heavy metal music and his trademark is a set of headphones which he wears on every mission. He is physically strong and his powerful jaws are a formidable weapon. He can also breathe fire if necessary and belch thick clouds of smoke to hide from enemies.
    • Mighty Armadillo: A pacifist who is extremely physically strong, and one of the friendlier members of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He is described as a traveler who loves nature and desires to see every place. Mighty is not particularity aggressive, but he enjoys physical activity and is willing to fight for a good cause, especially for the safety of the weak or small. Mighty hates to see weaknesses in others and detests violence. His protectiveness stems from the lingering guilt to find his missing family. Unlike his friend Vector, Mighty holds no grudges and is able to get along with anyone. He tries to only see the good in others and is somewhat sensitive towards someone else's feelings.
    • Espio the Chameleon: An skilled ninja who thrives on perilous missions and one of the more impulsive members of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Described as the “guardian of honor” of the team, Espio is also the calmest. He has a militaristic discipline while also being quiet and laid-back. Confident in his skills, opinionated and self-obsessed, he revels in training and self-discipline. He is not concerned by danger, and often yearns to face it in order to use his martial arts skills. With his extensive training in ninjutsu, wall-climbing abilities, long tongue, and an ability to turn himself invisible, he is able to move around unnoticed. However, a small blunder like a sneeze could cause him to inadvertently become visible.
    • Charmy Bee: A hyperactive, scatterbrained kid of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He is cheerful, curious, playful, careless, and greatly energetic, often talking about things no one else cares about. He loves to pretend and can be seen buzzing around everywhere. Charmy's fooling around makes the rest of the detective agency staff look professional, and he is generally seen as a "cute mascot". Although he usually doesn't get angry, he uses his stinger on rare occasions whenever he feels provoked.
  • Lupe the Wolf: A mysterious sorceress known for performing activities similar to those of a tribal shaman. Lupe is a woman with a great respect for nature. She often pops up in a bizarre manner to help guide the Freedom Fighters, provide spiritual advice, and train them with magical tasks in a rather roundabout way. She speaks in a strong Spanish accent and tends to address herself in the third person. She has the ability to read omens and communicate with the spirits. Though she may be a bit weary, she can still pack a wallop with her staff if necessary.


  • Knuckles the Echidna: The lonesome guardian of the Master Emerald who resides on Angel Island and Sonic's hotheaded equal. Stubborn and tough, Knuckles is highly protective of his island home and takes his responsibility seriously. He lived most of his life in seclusion, making him something of a loner. He is shy around girls (hesitant to interact with them) and has a friendly rivalry with Sonic, constantly bickering over whom is the better fighter. Although he is honest and determined in battle, his short-sightedness and fearsome temperament makes him highly gullible (often instigated by the trickery of Dr. Robotnik or Dr. Zachary), which gives rise to situations in which he begins fighting the Freedom Fighters. While tough, Knuckles is also incompetent at his job and holds long grudges over the smallest slight, yet will never admit his own failings. He is also highly immature and conceited, believing himself to be better than everyone else around him and willfully ignorant of evidence to the contrary. He is also has a terrible memory. Knuckles is very strong; his spiked fists are capable of smashing through boulders as well as allowing him to climb walls. The nature of his echidna spikes allow him to glide in the air for periods of time. With his fierce determination, there's no obstacle that can withstand his strength.
    • Tikal the Echidna: An ancient Echidna girl and daughter of Chief Pachacamac. Tikal was responsible for imprisoning Chaos within the Master Emerald, at the cost of imprisoning herself as well. After over 4,000 years of fear and torture inside the emerald, Tikal's spirit was finally liberated by Dr. Robotnik in a plot to conquer the world with Chaos; allowing her to regain her original form. After assisting Sonic and friends in defeating Chaos, she currently resides on Angel Island with Knuckles. Thanks to her grandmother's upbringing, Tikal is the total opposite of her deceased clan members. She is kind and optimistic, but has a naive streak when dealing with the modern world. While she loathes fighting, she is also a strong defender of truth and peace, and is not above helping others fight to protect Mobius. Tikal is telepathic, which allows her to communicate with others and foresee future events before they happen.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: The arch rival of Sonic, sharing both his appearance and skills. Shadow was a mutant experiment created 50 years prior by Robotnik's grandfather, Prof. Gerald Robotnik, as the ultimate life form. After witnessing the traumatic death of his only friend, Maria Robotnik, Shadow strives to fulfill his purpose and keep the promise he made to protect humanity, despite his general loathing of mankind. Shadow is portrayed as a tortured renegade who can just as easily serve the forces of evil as those of good. He is typically sullen, ill-tempered, and hates being told what to do. He struggles to deal with his anger, self-pity, and complex relationships as well as the choice between morality and transgression. Shadow is also determined and strong-willed; sharp-witted and seemingly always on edge. Once he has set himself to a goal, he will do whatever it takes to accomplish it, regardless of any danger. By harnessing the power of a Chaos Emerald, Shadow can distort time and space with Chaos Control.
  • Rouge the Bat: A sassy, sarcastic professional treasure-hunting thief and part-time agent for G.U.N. She loves jewels and is devoted to the pursuit of collecting the world's most valuable and precious treasures, such as the Chaos Emeralds. Rouge is fiercely independent and feels she can rely on no one and owes nobody anything; ignoring abstract morality or manners for potential profit. Her seductive "feminine charm" makes her appear careless, but she is actually scheming and manipulative. She is not above using temptation to get what she wants, and is willing to be dishonest and even treacherous should the situation require it. Despite this, Rouge does possess a caring side beyond her double-dealing demeanor and can be helpful and affectionate in her own way, usually towards a select few. Rouge fights primarily with kick attacks and can fly by using her wings. She also has highly acute hearing and can create high-frequency screams to detect invisible things, disrupt a structure's state, or absorb sound to create a field of silence.
  • Silver the Hedgehog: A mysterious white colored hedgehog from the future. His duty is to protect the future by traveling through time to change the problems or catastrophes in the past, thus preventing the ruination of his time. Silver is a kind-hearted, positive, somewhat awkward but well-meaning individual driven by a strong sense of justice to right the wrongs of the past to uphold peace. However, his eagerness to do good is coupled with a strong naivety; he often jumps to conclusions and readily believes anything he's told. Thus he is prone to manipulation and making poor decisions. He also lacks ruthlessness and sometimes has trouble figuring out the best way to attain his goals. To aid him in his tasks, Silver utilizes psychic powers such as psychokinesis, which allows him to lift and control objects with his mind and throw them at foes. To prevent himself from being erased, Silver wears special Spatial Wristbands which allow his molecular structure to coexist in an altered timeline.
  • Blaze the Cat: A tough princess from the Soleanna dimension and guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Born into the royal family, Blaze was set to become the next ruler of Soleanna when her father and his researchers accidentally split their sun god Solaris into two beings (Mephiles and Iblis) in an attempt to harness the god's powers over time. While Mephiles was sealed inside the Scepter of Darkness, her father, regrettably, was forced to seal Iblis within Blaze; trapping her in a life of isolation. Blaze is elegant, somewhat shy, and tends to conceal her real feelings; fearing she would unleash Iblis from within her. She is likewise very serious and devoted to her duties as a regent over her people. However, her duties and self-imposed strict discipline have made her rather anti-social and withdrawn, causing her to be wary and cold towards people she does not know. Blaze’s main ability is her pyrokinesis, the ability to create and control fire in any way she desires. Blaze holds a personal dislike of her skill, causing her to develop the habit of trying to do tasks on her own, becoming defensive and even aggressive when help is offered. She later learns to accept her powers from Sonic's advice, and comes to see her flames as a blessing.
  • E-102 Gamma: A special learning robot designed by Robotnik to take orders without question. After an encounter with the Freedom Fighters, he suffers a malfunction and gains a "conscience". After some convincing from his new friends, he then turns his attention to destroying his SWATbot brothers and freeing the roboticized citizens in order to obtain revenge on Robotnik and prove that he is the most powerful robot of all. Gamma has an array of destructive weapons concealed in his arms, including machine guns, flamethrowers, missile launchers, beam cannons and rocket-propelled drills. Gamma also has jet boosters built into his back to help accelerate and hover, and a range of sensors in order to detect and locate enemies.
  • Ari the Ram: A former General during the Great War and the passionate military leader of Mobotropolis' Underground Resistance, having established the organization following his demotion. He claims to be an acting head of the "legitimate" underground movement against Dr. Robotnik, dismissing the Freedom Fighters as foolish children and rarely hesitates to make insinuations against them. Volatile and militaristic, Ari doesn't seem to care about anything but fighting and fulfilling his duties. He is blunt, focused (though not especially refined), and with no apparent sense of humor. While determined to do the right thing, Ari's strong sense of justice sometimes causes him to be aggressive and make poor decisions concerning others. However, he truly does hold the safety of his people at heart. Ari possesses superior strength and carries a small arsenal with him at all times, consisting of guns, grenades, and other such implements.


  • Dr. Ivo Julian "Eggman" Robotnik: Sonic's arch nemesis and the series' main villain; an evil genius with an I.Q. over 300 and the madman who conquered Mobotropolis with his army of SWATbots, roboticzing nearly all its citizens. He is a brilliant yet heartless, sadistic, fiercely temperamental, and incredibly competent overlord seeking nothing less than to encompass the whole world with his machinery and build the Eggman Empire. However, Sonic and his friends always stand in his way. Robotnik is a flamboyant villain who often breaks the seriousness of otherwise purely evil statements, and is just as much as a comic relief character as he is a formidable opponent. Despite his campy nature, he is still widely considered the most evil person on the planet, especially by the other villains. He is extremely intelligent, pompous, and also bad-tempered, with a tendency to mistreat his minions. His hatred for Sonic has turned into a desperate obsession to capture and roboticize Sonic himself, which is often his own undoing. He selfishly never gives up on this matter and does not care for others' opinions. Despite having a reputation as a liar, Robotnik often chooses to “mislead” his opponents by telling them only half of the truth. This seems to stem from a warped sense of morality and only serves to make him more unlikable.
    • Metallix the Metal Sonic: The robotic counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Dr. Robotnik who possesses many of Sonic's abilities, including his super speed. He is infused with Sonic's life data (personality and memories) to be as formidable in battle as the real Sonic, making him a near-perfect duplicate of the blue blur. This however creates a mind-link between it and Sonic, allowing them to hear each other's thoughts. This also gives Metallix traits of the real Sonic's personality and habits, which eventually leads him to believe that he is in fact the real Sonic, and that Sonic is his copy. He later betrays his creator and takes the task of trying to achieve world domination into his own claws.
  • Snively Kintobor: Robotnik's miserable underling and assistant, as well as his nephew, though there is nothing warm about their relation. Snively is constantly abused, teased and intimidated by his uncle, whom he despises and talks about behind his back. Snively's intelligence easily rivals his uncle's; and despite his name, is surprisingly noble and tries endlessly to earn his uncle’s respect in hopes of obtaining a promotion. Despite this, Snively can be terribly immature, prone to childish emotional fits when things don't go his way. His abominable laughter and maniacal declarations contrast his self-professed softer side as a romanticist, feminist, and gentleman. While the threat he poses often vary, he is generally portrayed as incompetent. In many cases, he is ironically out-done by his own plans.
    • Orbot and Cubot: The comic relief robotic assistants of Snively, helping him out during his missions among other things. They are extremely incompetent lackeys to the point where they struggle with even simple tasks, and are highly gullible. Orbot generally assists in monitoring Snively's data, but often makes sarcastic remarks pointing out general flaws in his plans, prompting a quick smack in return. Conversely, Cubot is rather slow, not witty, and suffers from a defect that causes him to randomly speak with different accents and voices. Snively is constantly humiliated by their antics and is usually the one who suffers the most from their failures.

Recurring Villains

  • Mammoth Mogul: A crime-lord and mobster who employs a retinue of criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins, and bodyguards to operate his criminal syndicate. In his palace, the Casino Nightclub, he keeps a host of entertainers at his disposal: servants, robots, and various customers. Mogul is intelligent, vain, and morally ambivalent. He has a grim sense of humor and amuses himself by torturing and humiliating his subjects and enemies. His freelancers are often hired by Robotnik to track down and capture the Freedom Fighters, whom he engaged on numerous occasions before. While Mogul comes into conflict many times over the course of the series, he is never charged with any crime due to lack of evidence, and thus stays out of prison throughout the series.
  • Team Hooligan: A group of criminals and mercenaries. As freelancers, they've found themselves serving as enforcers for various high-paying clients (namely Dr. Robotnik or Mogul), though they recently seem to be serving their own agendas under Trixie's command.
    • Trixie Vixen: A female delinquent from the Kingdom of Avalon who was captured during Robotnik's siege. Feeling neglected, she holds a grudge against Sonic and declares open warfare against the Freedom Fighters for abandoning her. She currently serves under Mogul's crime syndicate and eventually forms Team Hooligan. Trixie pretends to act nice in front of others, but she's really sadistic and aggressive, showing no remorse to anyone. She is a master at manipulation and a great leader, using fear to control her subjects. Despite her knowing better, she chooses to follow a darker path in life and partakes in various crimes simply for her own amusement. Her weapon of choice is a bullwhip.
    • Nack the "Sniper" Weasel: A ruthless gangster obsessed with valuables, money, and beautiful women. He is a crafty, mischievous, and surprisingly competent, self-serving villain who will work with anyone for an easier job. Despicable, cunning, and genuinely dangerous (often remaining levelheaded), Nack tries hard to outwit others and is quick to betray whenever it suits him, but his overconfidence occasionally leads to failure. Despite his reputation, Nack is often plagued with bad luck and is always failing at missions; only rarely succeeding. He does, however, appear to get away from being roboticized no matter how angry he makes Robotnik. Nack has a long, thick tail which he uses for bouncing on and carries a silver magnum to attack his foes.
    • Bark the Polar Bear: A former boxing champion who turned to a life of freelancing. Bark is a huge, almost ludicrously muscle-bound polar bear and is completely silent. Thanks to his strength, he is a formidable foe for anyone he brings in. Rather calm and seemingly even-tempered, he appears to have a somewhat dark sense of humor given his amusement. Though his outward demeanor denotes a tough person, Bark is actually quite soft deep inside. He has relentless crushes on the female Freedom Fighters, as he often gets dumbfounded upon the mere sight of them, but his loyalty remains fiercely to his team. Aside from his strength, Bark can also breathe ice from his mouth or nose and can blow strong gusts of wind, but it requires taking deep breaths. He can also inhale a vast amount of air, causing his weight and mass to increase significantly.
    • Bean the "Dynamite" Duck: A goofy and wacky demolitionist who took up the life of a bounty hunter for hire. The outspoken “wildcard” of the team, Bean is a rather eccentric being, prone to mood swings and extreme reactions. He seems to take little seriously and his logic is often dubious. He tends to make irreverent, nonsensical or borderline inappropriate comments, often indifferent to any offense he may cause. While capable of being friendly and easy-going, he's still potentially dangerous. Bean is also very gullible, doing whatever Nack tells him, and frequently not understanding an insult or parts of a sentence. He also has a habit of assigning others complicated nicknames in lieu of their proper names, and has an obsession with shiny objects as well as great love for bombs and explosives of all kinds.
  • Dr. Zachary: An ancient, white-furred echidna who survived into Sonic's era and the sworn enemy of Knuckles. Once an ordinary witchdoctor, he became immortal thanks to an Emerald shard that became embedded in his head. After a brief reign that ended when his subjects overthrew him, he reawakens from his cryogenic sleep centuries later and tricks Knuckles into revealing the Master Emerald's hidden shrine in attempt to absorb its powers. But an inopportune quake threw Zachary off the island, sending him plummeting towards the planet's surface. Dr. Robotnik took a special interest in Zachary and saved his life by integrating him with cyborg technology, replacing his right arm with a laser cannon and the entire right side of his head and face. At first glance, Dr. Zachary may seem like a well educated, intelligent person with his maudlin ways and clever dialogue; but this calm exterior only serves to hide his sociopathic tendencies. His past steeped in violence; Dr. Zachary is a nutcase with a child-like malevolence and sadism far greater than other characters due to his complete instability. He views his gruesome actions and victims as "games", indicating he has little-to-no moral bounds and looks upon everything in life as something for him to "play" with in his own twisted way.
  • Naugus: The head sorcerer of the Order of Mandaras and leader of the Trogg, a goblin-like race that dwell in the barren interdimensional realm known as “The Void”. He is a powerful warlock who wields strong magic, demonstrating the ability to control the elements, manipulate the undead, and can transform into various monsters to threaten the countryside of Mobius. Once known as King Shirob, he accidentally made contact with a demonic entity known as Mephiles. Cursed by dark magic, Shirob went mad and was transformed into the hideous creature known as Naugus. Due to his otherworldly powers, he became an invaluable assist during the Great War. He hates Dr. Robotnik for imprisoning him within the Void and wants nothing more than to see him suffer, but he cannot leave the Void and rarely teams up with any other character for his own goals. Despite being classified as a villain, Naugus is relatively merciful, showing admiration for Sonic's speed and Sally's intelligence.

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