Opening: The Interview

Interview with the Cast and Crew

Our reporter, Belinda Latchley, visited Angel Laboratories in order to interview various members of the cast and backstage crew of Pokémon Snakewood, a hack of Ruby that looks set to make it big on its release. Firstly, she caught up with the game’s two player characters, Wraith and Jericho, played by brother-and-sister acting pair Damien and Rebecca Colostomy.

Belinda: First of all, let me just say how thrilled I am to be here. It’s a very new experience for me, the game interview scene.

Pokemon Snakewood

Title Screen For Snakewood

Damien: It’s new for us too, Belinda. This is the first game we’ve ever got a lead part in – and that means the first game we’ve ever been interviewed about.

Belinda: What’s it like, during the creation process? Not just for Snakewood, but in general?

Rebecca: Well, I wouldn’t know about in general, since I’ve only played bit characters before – but it’s been great. In this game, I – or Damien – get a full speaking part, with loads of great dialogue. There’s also a lot of winning and beating people up, which is incredibly fun to stage.

Damien: And it is staged well. There are a couple of scenes where we get beaten up or knocked out, and making those was amazing. I mean, it’s so well done that we don’t feel anything, but it looks just like we were punched in the face or whatever.

Belinda: I see. Well, what has it been like to work with the Cutlerine? I understand that this is the first time you’ve worked with him.

Damien: I don’t really know. He’s mostly stayed with the scripters, the spriters and that, directing the cameras and stuff like that. I only really remember meeting him once or twice, but when I did he seemed really friendly, and incredibly witty.

Rebecca: Yeah, he created the entire story – and it’s so full of references it’s amazing. How can one person have wasted so much time absorbing so much useless knowledge? I met him more times than Damien – he liked me more, because apparently my design and sprites were less difficult to index successfully – and he came across as the most brilliant genius the world has ever seen.

Belinda: Right. Thanks, Damien, Rebecca, I’ll let you get on now. Next up, I’ll be speaking to Manfred Verticaño, the chief cameraman working on Snakewood. Good afternoon, Manfred.

Manfred: Hello, Belinda.

Belinda: What can you tell us about the experience of filming Snakewood?

Manfred: Well, this is the third game I’ve worked on so far, so I had quite a bit of experience to bring to the table. The Cutlerine asked me to head the camera department after we’d both imbibed a little too freely of the cup that cheers, if you catch my drift, down in Club Rocket, where we met a rather extraordinary—

Belinda: Excuse me, but what are you talking about?

Manfred: ...couldn’t have had fewer than eight legs...

Belinda: Manfred?

Manfred: ... and ended up with an earring the size of a pipistrellel?

Belinda: ... Thank you, Manfred. Have a nice day.

Manfred: Oh, was that it? That was easy!

Belinda: Yes... Next, I’m speaking to Harrison Morrison, the best boy. Harrison?

Harrison: Right here, Belinda.

Belinda: Now, could you please tell our viewers – what exactly does the best boy do?

Harrison: If only someone could answer that for me, Belinda. I’ve been asking myself the same damn question for forty years.

Belinda: ...OK. Do you have anything else to say?

Harrison: I don’t know! For the love of God, stop taunting me!



Belinda: Um... See you – Ow! – after the break!

Herod: Run! No one can stop it now!


Belinda: But Herod! You’ll die!

Herod: Go! Save yourself! You’re still young – aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!


. The Story

Sonic Has gotten into PokeHacks. Hack GBA Roms of POKEMON. Shadow has given him a new rom called Snakewood. The Game is about Honnen Being Taken over by Zombies and the brother and sister team of Wraith and Jericho who must save Brendan and May from death. And to defeat the Deadly Seven. But when sonic Plays a special Game version of it He will be experiencing the same kind of adventure as in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

(Note the Offical Deadly 7 were made by the Game's Creator. These Deadly 7 are made by Me.)


Heroes And Sonic Heroes

  1. Sonic The hedgehog (Apallo)
  2. Miles Tails Prowler (
  3. Shadow the Hedgehog (
  4. Silver the Hedgehog (Apallo)
  5. Wraith the Pokemon Trainer (Apallo)
  6. Jericho the Pokemon Trainer
  7. Prof. Birch (Apallo)
  8. Breandon Pallo -fanon name-
  9. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  10. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Villians and The Deadly 7

  1. Zombies (Everyone when Noted that a zombie will apear)
  2. Zartan (Apallo)-Electric
  3. Vivious -Poison
  4. Zleaf (Apallo)
  5. Apallo(Apallo)-Fire
  6. Isis-Ice
  7. Samantha-Flying
  8. Terra-Ground, Rock, Steel
  9. Leader of the Deadly 7: Rigby
  10. Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  11. Dimentiox (Frozen Scorpio)-psychic, fire (rarely)
  12. Yami (Frozen Scorpio) Dark, Normal (changes to other types throughout rp)
  13. The buryman script (Frozen Scorpio) Ghost, dark


It was a nice day on Mobius. But Sonic and the gang are trying out something new. Emulators! Sonic has heard about these programs but never acutallly had one. Tails had downloaded VisualBoy Advance for everyone who had a computer and wanted to play teh ROMs that he downloaded with it. The First Rom was A Game Hack of Pokemon Ruby called Pokemon Snakewood. When they first played it Shadow Challenged Sonic, Silver, and Tails to see who would finish this game first. But the Evil Dr.EggPlankton Made a new Device that would send people into the emulated games onto the computer but what he didnt relize is that there was a world in side every ROM. Even Hacked games as well. This is where our story begins.

Chapter 1: Get Sucked In!

Sonic: -starting up the emulator- Ok guys, You Ready?

Shadow: Im Already Into the Introduction

Silver: I hope that there isnt any extremely nasty gore scenes in this game. Ready.........-gets a paper bag-

Tails: Ok Guys. Before we start we have to wait for Jack and Patricia.

Jack & Patricia: (appears)

Jack: We're here

Patricia: And we're ready

Sonic: -reads the Game's story- Ok Start the game!

Jack: Right (starts the Game)

Meanwhile With Dr. EggPlankton

Dr. EggPlankton: Alright, we've began Operation G.A.M.E.V.I.R.U.S. about 10 Minutes ago

Redbot: You mean the Pokemon Game?

Dr. EggPlankton: Yes & it's called Poke'mon Snakewood

BlueBot: What's Snakewood?

Dr. EggPlankton: Tell that to the snakes! (activates his Snake Pit & dunks BlueBot in the Snake Pit)

BlueBot: (got attacked by Snakes) AHHHH!!

Dr. EggPlankton: Anywho, I just made these to catch those Heroes! (shows them Poke' Balls, but only Blue) Behold my Chum Poke' Balls!

RedBot, YellowBot & GreenBot: Ohhhhh!

BlueBot: (got out of the Snake Pit) Ohhhhhh!

Dr. EggPlankton: These Chum Poke' Balls are gonna help me trap those Heroes & put them back into my Prison Cells! But first, let's start the game! (starts the Game) AND WE'RE OFF!

Back with the hereos home

Sonic: Well Tails Modified the starter choices so i got Riolu

Shadow: Houndour

Silver: Ralts

Tails: Pidgey

Jack: Hmm, that's a toughie

Patricia: Yeah, I can't decide which one I like to choose

Jack: Me neither

Tails: Sorry Guys i dint modifiy yours so you can choose from Koffing, Baltoy, and Paras

Jack: Ok, so I choose Paras

Patricia: I'll go with Koffing

Tails: Ok let the compition.....

At the Same Time

Bluebot: Sir They Are playing

Dr. EggPlankton: I know that BlueBot, you Knucklehead! Since Baltoy is the only one left, then two can play in this game! ACTIVATE THE MACHINE!

YellowBot: Yes boss!

And So it was.....

Dr. EggPlankton: My plan is working perfectly (holds up his Chum Poke' Balls) Remember these are like Poke'Balls, but only Blue instead of Red, got it?

GreenBot: Got it Boss!

Dr. EggPlankton: Good

Back Home....

-all the heroes's Laptop screens flashes and the room is inveloped in a flash of light-

Sonic: AAAAAAAAAA! -digital sounds are heard-

Silver and Shadow: MOMMMY! -digital sounds are heard-

Tails: AAAAAAAAAHHHH!-digital sounds are heard-

Patricia: EEEEK! (digital sounds are heard)

Jack: SOMEBODY SAVE ME! (digital sounds are heard)

-the gang is sent to the destoried Littleroot Town-

Jack: (wakes up) (yawns) Man I have the strangest dream that I'm in the Laptop & we're trapped inside it &...(looks around) Aw nuts

Patricia: (wakes up) (Gasps) What happened here?

Sonic: -wakes up- I dont know..but this is littleroot town....... -reads the sign- Uh...guys........i see HELP ritten in blood

Jack: What does that suppose to mean?

Sonic: ???? -Notices a kid-

Jack: Is that a little kid?

Patricia: I think it is, should we ask him or her to find out what's going on around here?

Wraith: -notices the Mobians- Who are you!? Did You Take My Friend?!

Jack: No we didn't.

Patricia: It's not us, we didn't take your friend

Wriath: Oh....well....i se that you uhhhhh people have Pokeballs. so that means your friendlies and not Zombie Trainers....


Chapter 2: Eggplanton and the Deadly 7

-this is for villians only-

On Mount. Though, Eggplankton Went to find the mastermind behind the devistation on the region.

???:-on his throne= Ahhhh Plankton. I see that you brought your enenies here.

Dr. EggPlankton: Yes & the name is now "Dr. EggPlankton"

Redbot: He is our loyal Master & Emperor of the EggPlankton Empire

Zartan:..............Your still Plankton

Dr. EggPlankton: But with the size & body of Dr. Eggman & I still have the same head, attennas & eye

Zartan:phht Just be lucky we made an agreement you will live but you must work for us

Dr. EggPlankton: It's a done deal

???: Very good Plankton now go to you base in......Route106

Dr. EggPlankton: Yes sir (goes to Route 106 with RedBot, YellowBot, GreenBot & BlueBot)

?????????: (invisible) Ah, so the doctor is out. I guess it's showtime.

Vivius: master Rigbone

Rigby: RIGBY!



BlueBot: (from offscreen) AHHHH!

Dr. EggPlankton: (from offscreen) Sorry, BlueBot fell down the stairs

Rigby:-teleports EggPlankton and this goons to the spot where they must set up a base- Now Go To Your Armies. And Into Your Towns and Gyms.

(With Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: Ok Jack-4 Bots, time to set up a base. Let's move!

(Jack-4 Bots starts construction on the Base)

Vivius:-walks in through a purple gate- hey Plankton as soon as you base is complete the master would want u to set up communications

Dr. EggPlankton: Got it

Vivius:-kisses his cheek-

Dr. EggPlankton: (looks shocked as he sets up the communications) Did you just kissed me? But why?

Vivius: I want to form an alience with you

Dr. EggPlankton: Hmm, it's a deal. (shakes Vivius's Hand)

Vivius: Now Not a word to Master Rigby. I must return to my part of Hoenn. I'll be waiting for a report on your enemies. Understood?

Dr. EggPlankton: Understood

Chapter 3: The Mysterious Egg

Sonic: -runs into Route 999- Man....

Jack: Where are we?

Patricia: It says "Route 999"

Jack: I wonder where that is

Sonic: -looks a them- I wonder where Silver and Shadow are.

Patricia: I'm not sure, but do you have a bad feeling about this?

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