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Template:Construction/NewSonic the Hedgehog is the 2012 sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This game takes place after Sonic: Color the World. This game has fives stories to play through: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Eggman, and Final. Final Story can only be accessed after first completing all stories and having all 7 Chaos Emeralds in at least one team's possession. The game revolves around the creation of mysterious clones of the characters in the game, who attack the real characters. As Sonic finds out, Eggman is actually innocent this time.

Playable Characters:

Sonic Story




Shadow Story




Silver Story




Eggman Story

Dr. Eggman

Egg Pawn


Last Story

Super Sonic

Super Shadow

Super Silver

Non-playable characters

Metal Sonic (Main antagonist)

The copies of the characters


Emerald Hill Ocean

Hilltop Coast

Desert Oasis

Sunset Ruin

Isolated Forest

Hidden Castle

Aurora Lagoon

Ice Core

Mystic Highway

Starlight Speedway

Sky Road

Egg Fleet

The Last Light

Menu selections

Single Player

  • Story
  • Time Trials


  • Race
  • Co-Op



Items and objects

Item capsule: contains Rings (5, 10, or 20), a shield (Normal, or one of the elemental shields), 1-Up, or invincibility

Rings: keeps the character from dying if he/she has at least one. Rings can also be spent on upgrades

Super Rings: Give 10 rings instead of 1

Ultra Rings: Give 20 rings instead of 1

Shield: Protects player from one hit of damage, Thunder Shields attract rings and make player immune to electric attacks, Fire Shields let player walk on lava and make him immune to fire attacks, Water Shields let player breathe underwater.

Invincibility: Makes player totally invincible to all death (except being crushed, falling into a bottomless pit, or drowning) and they can destroy enemies (Excluding bosses) simply by touching them.

Dash Panel: Shoots player in a set direction, a variation also launches him into the air at a 45 degree angle

Dash Ring: launches player in set direction, found only in the air

Rainbow Ring: Gives player extra points and launches him in a set direction, found only in the air

Zip Line: Allows player to zip-line to another part of the level.

Goal Ring: Ends the stage when touched

Star Post: A checkpoint

Chaos Emeralds: The Chaos Emeralds are mystical gems with amazing powers. They must be collected by at least one team to progress to the last story, although Metal Sonic ends up stealing them in the last story.


Upgrades can be bought at the shop in each HUB. Each character has unique upgrades.


Spin Kick: Sonic crouches down and spins around once with his feet outstretched to catch any enemies.

Tornado: Sonic curls up into a ball and spins around the enemy, throwing them up into the air. This is easily followed up by a Homing Attack.

Lightspeed Dash: Allows Sonic to move along a trail of rings at high speed.

Stomp: Allows Sonic to smash down onto the ground and break through certain terrain.

Bounce Attack: Sonic curls into a ball and launches himself down at the ground, which causes him to bounce back up like a rubber ball. Can be done multiple times for more height.

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Sonic's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Super Sonic: Turns Sonic into his Super form. (Available only after the last story is beaten)


Chaos Attack: After Shadow launches a Homing Attack, he levitates in the air and attacks the enemy he targeted with punches and kicks

Chaos Spear: Shadow shoots a basic spear of Chaos Energy at the enemy, stunning them.

Chaos Control: Slows down the movement of the environment as well as the clock. Shadow moves at normal speed. This move lasts about 15 seconds and must recharge to be used again. Recharge period is about 2 minutes.

Chaos Blast: Shadow charges up and releases his energy in the form of a shockwave. Can be upgraded 3 times after being bought for larger radius.

Lightspeed Dash: Allows Shadow to move along a trail of rings at high speed

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Shadow's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Power Upgrade: Upgrades Shadow power. Can be upgraded 5 times. Super Shadow: Turns Shadow into his Super Form. (Available only after last story is beaten)


Longer levitation: Increases the time that Silver can levitate using his psychokinesis.

Longer range: Increases the range of Silver's psychokinesis.

Beatdown: Once Silver picks up an enemy with his powers, he slams them on the ground multiple times. (As the Werehog did in Sonic Unleashed)

Psychic Blast: Silver charges up his powers and releases in the form of a shockwave. The wave moves outwards at a high-speed

Psychic Shield: Silver uses his psychokinesis to form a shield to block enemy attacks. This shield eventually breaks down. Disabling the shield causes enemies to be pushed back. Silver can move while his shield is up, but he is much slower. It also doesn't protect from attacks from behind.

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Silver's speed. Can be upgraded 3 times.

Power Upgrade: Upgrades how much damage that things that Silver throws with his psychokinesis will cause. Can be upgraded 5 times.


Dummy Ring Bomb upgrade: Tails can shoot a line of Dummy Ring Bombs instead of one at a time.

Dummy Ring Mine: Tails places a Dummy Ring Mine on the ground. It explodes when an enemy walks over it. Can also be self detonated by Tails

Flying upgrade: Tails can now fly for longer. Can be upgraded 3 times.

Rhythm Badge: Allows Tails to swing his tails around for an attack.

Electron Cannon: Tails shoots an electric ball out of his Electron Cannon.

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Tails' speed. Can be upgraded 5 times

Power Upgrade: Upgrades how much damage Tails' attacks cause. Can be upgraded 5 times

Radius upgrade: Upgrades the blast radius of the Dummy Ring Bombs and the Dummy Ring Mines. Can be upgraded 5 times.


Dig: Knuckles digs into the ground. He can travel around, and he pops out after about 6 seconds underground.

Glide Attack: Glide into robots to defeat them.

Carry: Knuckles picks up a near object. He can carry it around and then throw it or set it down.

Pummel: Knuckles grabs an enemy, throws them into the air, then beats them up, before finally slamming them back to the ground.

Pound: Knuckles grabs an enemy, throw them onto the ground, then jumps on them multiple times, before slamming his fights down on them.

Power Upgrade: Upgrades Knuckles power. Can be upgraded 5 times

Climbing Speed: Upgrades Knuckles speed when climbing walls. Can be upgraded 3 times.


Dig: Same as Knuckles' Dig.

Glide Attack: Same as Knuckles' Glide Attack

Bomb snipe: Rouge now shoots a line of bombs, rather than one at a time.

Mine: Rouge sets a mine trap that explodes when walked on be an enemy. Cannot be self-detonated.

Carry: Rouge picks up an enemy or object and flies around with it. She can then choose to drop it or to throw it.

Speed upgrade: Upgrades Rouge's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times

Radius Upgrade: Upgrades the blast radius of the bombs and mines. Can be upgraded 3 times

Climbing Speed: Upgrades Rouge's speed when climbing walls. Can be upgraded 3 times.


Rocket blast: Omega now shoots 4 rockets instead of one.

Laser: Omega shoots laser out of his eyes, that can be aimed in any direction. This move can be charged

Fuel upgrade: Increases the time that Omega can stay in the air with his jetpack.

Throw: Omega picks up a foe and, after aiming, throws them away.

Gatling Guns: Omega morphs him hands into Gatling guns and shoots at the enemy. This can be done for about 15 seconds before recharging. Recharging takes roughly 30 seconds. Omega can move while preforming this attack

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Omega's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Power upgrade: Upgrades Omega's power. Can be upgraded 5 times.


Lightspeed Dash: Allows Blaze to move along a trail of Rings at high speed

Axel Jump: An extra jump that envelopes Blaze in a fire tornado

Burst Dash: Blaze charges fire at her feet, then blasts off with a burst of speed.

Meteor Smash: Blaze jumps into the air, sets herself on fire, and slams into an enemy.

Fire Pillar: Blaze conjures a pillar of fire anywhere she wishes. Can be upgraded 2 more times, each time adding another pillar.

Speed upgrade: Upgrades Blaze's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.


Propeller Hammer: Amy pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer and spins it around to cross gaps.

Storming Hearts: Amy swings her hammer, scattering hearts all over. Enemies caught in the hearts will be dazed for a short time.

Rose Typhoon: Amy grabs her hammer, charges up, and slams it down, sending a shockwave out in all directions.

Hammer Throw: Amy throws her hammer like a boomerang.

Speed upgrade: Upgrades Amy's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Power Upgrade: Upgrades the Piko Piko Hammer's power. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Dr. Eggman

(All Eggman levels take place in his Walker)

Rocket blast: Eggman now shoots 4 rockets instead of the normal 2

Laser Beam: An upgrade for Eggman's laser. It basically just make makes the beam larger and stronger

Hover: Allows Eggman to hover for a limited time in his Walker.

Sensor: Allows Eggman to see hidden items and enemy weak points through his glasses.

Fire Rate upgrade: Upgrades the fire rate of the rockets and the machine guns on Eggman's Walker

Speed upgrade: Upgrades the Walker's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Power upgrade: Upgrades the Walker's power. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Egg Pawn

(default attack is a laser gun)

Sword and shield: Gives Egg Pawn a lance and a shield to use as a weapon

Bazooka: Gives Egg Pawn a bazooka to use as a a weapon

Katana: gives Egg Pawn a katana to use as a weapon.

Weapon switch: Allows Egg Pawn to switch weapons within a level. (Usually Egg Pawn can only do a level with one weapon)

Stun Gun: Shots with the gun now may stun enemies

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Egg Pawn's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times.

Power upgrade: Upgrades Egg Pawn's power. Can be upgraded 5 times.

E-102 Gamma

Missile Launcher: Gamma's gun can now shoot rapid-fire missiles instead of one at a time.

Laser Blaster: Gamma's gun can now shoot lasers. This move can be charged for a bigger laser.

Jet Booster: Allows Gamma to hover in the air for longer

Blinker: Gamma gains a shoulder mounter grenade launcher

Buster Drills: Gamma's hand and gun turn into two drills that can be used in melee combat and can be launched

Speed Upgrade: Upgrades Gamma's speed. Can be upgraded 5 times

Power upgrade: Upgrades Gamma's power. Can be upgraded 5 times


Bosses are dark clones of the playable characters, conjured by Metal Sonic himself. The boss order always ends with the characters from the current story, and begin with the characters from the next story. So, if playing Sonic's story, the first bosses would by Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, and the last bosses would be Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

Sonic and Shadow

Vs. Shadow, Vs. Rouge, Vs. Omega: Play like the first Shadow battle in Sonic Adventure 2

Vs. Silver: Plays like the Silver battle in Sonic Generations

Vs. Blaze, Vs. Amy: Plays like the Blaze vs. Sonic battle in Sonic Rush

Vs. Eggman: Eggman is in his walker.

Vs. Egg Pawn: Plays like the Vs. Shadow battle

Vs. Gamma: Plays like the Gamma vs Beta II battle in Sonic Adventure, except Gamma is replaced with Sonic and Beta II is replaced with the Dark Gamma and Sonic must Homing Attack Gamma.

Vs. Knuckles, Vs. Tails: Plays like the Knuckles battle in Sonic and Knuckles

Vs. Sonic: Plays like the Vs. Shadow battle


All bosses involve being in a circular area with objects. Silver must throw the objects at the boss to damage it.


(Eggman is out of his walker for all bosses except the Eggman boss)

Vs. Eggman: Similar to the Eggman vs Tails bosses in Sonic Adventure 2

Others: Similar to Silver, except you can also call robots to do various attacks.

Special Stages

Special Stages are accessed the same way they were in Sonic 2. If you have 50 or more rings when passing a checkpoint, a ring of stars will appear. Jumping in it will bring the player to the Special Stage, which is the same as Sonic Colors(DS) Special Stages. All stories must all be completed and all 7 Chaos Emerald must be collected by at least one team to progress to the final story.


Sonic's Story

Sonic's story begins with Sonic and Tails running through a meadow after their encounter with Black Sonic in Sonic: Color the World. Sonic suddenly stops, and Tails flies ahead a little, before realizing that Sonic had stopped. He flies back and asks Sonic why he stopped. Sonic kneels down and brushes away some dirt, before finding a silver medallion. Sonic and Tails stare at it for a moment before running off again. A dark shadow stands where they were a moment. It opens its eyes, revealing the red and black screen. It looks around before flying off, turning invisible, and secretly tracking the hedgehog and the fox.

Sonic and Tails make their way through Emerald Hill Ocean. The pair come to a cliff overlooking the ocean, where Sonic comments on the view. They sit on the edge and have a conversation about their previous adventure. Then they hear a crash from behind them. They stand and turn around, and are faced with appears to be a dark version of Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic smiles and gives him a thumbs up, but is knocked away by the clone. The blue blur hand precariously off the edge of the cliff, but jumps back up. Sonic demands to know why the clone attacked him, as Shadow usually is not that violent, only to have the clone rush at him again. Sonic jumps over him and preforms an Axe Kick on the clone. It turns around and the battle between the clone and Sonic begins.

The Shadow clone simply fades away after its defeat, leaving Sonic and Tails wondering about it. Tails managed to get a scan of it before it faded. Tails' scan revealed that it was a clone made of pure darkness. Sonic asks how pure shadow could take a form like that, to which Tails shrugged. He suggests that it was pure coincidence and that they forget about it unless they run into another one. Sonic nods and jumps down the cliff, followed by Tails. The two then notice an odd blotch of darkness just sitting there. Tails scans it, revealing that it is also pure darkness. The blotch then notices the pair and disappears. The two then take notice of a red being coming towards them, revealed to be Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles asks them about the darkness. Sonic answers and tells him that they had already fought a Shadow clone

While traversing the coast, Tails is captured by a dark clone that looks like Rouge. Sonic scowls and begins to run after it, but Knuckles stops him, saying that they should go back, as Knuckles has an idea. They head to the HUB world, where Knuckles leads Sonic to an open area. He gives the blue hedgehog a gem. Sonic grabs it and asks what it does. Knuckles says that it can sense when a dark clone is nearby. It can also turn the wielder invisible. Sonic then must complete a mission assigned to him by Knuckles to get enough rings to buy the Lightspeed Dash. Sonic and Knuckles then complete the last 2 acts of Hilltop Ocean. They reach the Rouge clone and Tails. Knuckles demands that the clone give Tails back, but it knocks him out with two sharp kicks. Tails is chained down by darkness. The Rouge clone then challenges Sonic to a battle. Sonic easily defeats the clone, and it disappears, as do the dark chains on Tails. Tails stands and thanks Sonic for his help. He then kicks Knuckles lightly, to no avail. Sonic takes a nearby stick and pokes Knuckles with it, causing him to jump up, just as Sonic throws the stick behind him. Knuckles looks around to see who poked him, but is unsuccessful (To his knowing). The trio then decides to go ahead and search for other clones, since they found two, there must be others.

As the three approach Desert Oasis, they see a shadow moving in the distance. Tails thinks it has to be an illusion. But Knuckles thinks otherwise, stating that it looks like Omega. Sonic shrugs and runs off after the shadow, followed by Tails and Knuckles. They race through Desert Oasis, constantly avoiding the shadow that they saw earlier. They eventually catch up to the shadow and battle the dark Omega, defeating it with less ease than the Shadow and Rouge clones. Afterward, Knuckles says that he sees something else in the distance. The gang then meets up with Eggman, Egg Pawn, and Gamma. Eggman exclaims that they just saw them disappear. Sonic demands to know what is the deal behind the shadow clones, but Eggman claims that he knows nothing, except that he had just battled Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles clones. Once again, the heroes are forced to team up with Eggman to find out the truth behind these clones.

The two groups set off through Sunset Ruins. They are blocked from getting to the final act by a wall of shadow. Eggman tries to blast through it, to no avail. Knuckles then tries to punch his way through the wall, also failing. The group ponders what could be stronger than Knuckles' fists. They decided to go back and go around the wall, only to find out that it stretches across the terrain as well. Exploration by Tails also reveals that the barrier is too high to go over. The 6 go back to the HUB and find a small package with a light bulb on it. Tails takes it and they travel back to the wall. Tails set the package down along with a Dummy Ring Bomb, which makes the package explode in a blinding flash of light. It's over quickly, and the shadow wall is gone. Sonic and Knuckles high-five Tails and the groups continue on. They find the next clone, or clones. They find two shadow clones that look like Silver. Both Sonic and Eggman fight one, defeating them both. Sonic notices another silver medallion and as he bends down to investigate it, Eggman and his two robots take off, making Knuckles begin to chase them, only to be stopped by Tails and Sonic. The three decide to venture onward, since they'll probably catch up with Eggman again soon.

The team begins to make their way through Isolated Forest. They catch a glimpse of a shadow, but they discard any thoughts of it, seeing as it could be anything. They venture onward, the Blaze clone following them silently. Eventually, it makes its strike, knocking Sonic and the others down. They stand and find themselves face to face with a Blaze clone. The clones makes fighting motions. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles quickly discuss the situation, and Sonic battles Blaze, and wins. The clone disappears quickly and Tails states that it's weird that all the clones are attacking them. Sonic shrugs and sees a castle in the distance. He suggests that they go and check it out. The other two agree and they run off.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles proceed the make their way through Hidden Castle, Aurora Lagoon, Ice Core, Mystic Highway, Starlight Speedway, and Sky Road, battling clones of Amy, Eggman, Egg Pawn, Gamma, Knuckles, and Tails. The group look up and see Eggman's fleet of ships above. They run up a mountain and then jump onto the ship. They race through the ship, defeating robots along the way. They eventually reach the control car, and find Eggman. They demand to know what he us doing. Eggman states that he is retreating after a failed attempt to defeat the clones. Sonic doesn't believe him at first, but Eggman describes the scene, and Sonic gives in. A crashing is heard somewhere else on the ship. Eggman puts the ship on autopilot and leaves to find the problem. A Sonic clones jumps down just after Eggman leaves. After a short conversation with the two others, Sonic decides to do battle one last time. The Sonic clone disappears as Eggman returns, telling them that he had an encounter with an Eggman clone. Another crash is heard, and both groups run out of the control car to find a shadowy figure crouched on the ground. Eggman fire a laser gun at it, but the shots reflect off of it. Sonic examines it closely. He tells Eggman that..... it's Metal Sonic (*gasp*). Eggman nearly falls over at his robot's betrayal. Metal Sonic stood and flew off, quickly. He stood on the highest point on the ship and took control of the fleet as the screen fades to black.

Shadow's Story

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Silver's Story

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Eggman's Story

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Final Story

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