Sonic Underground Mini Show
Writer(s) Manta-bee, Meanfang, NermaltheBunny, SuperSayianKirby
Director(s) Sonic 1999
No. of episodes 14
Run time 15 minutes (With the exception of the last episode being 30 minutes)
Rated TV-PG
Network WebNetwork

The TV Party Network

First aired 2008 (Canada)


Status Transcripts being put up

The Sonic Underground Mini Show is another reincarnation of the Sonic Underground series. It is mainly shorter, as the episodes are only 15 minutes long and very little songs were featured, which is unusual for Sonic Underground. The show was (fictitiously) produced by Soup2Nuts in conjunction with Cookie Jar Group.


After the original Sonic Underground ended in around 1999, fans decided to make their own versions of the stories, mainly considering if the hedgehog siblings ever found their mother.


This show made use of “retroscripting”, a process in which an episode’s scripts are purposely left vague, and instead of exact dialogue, the plot of a particular scene is merely outlined—the rest of the dialogue is then created through improv by the actors. Although retroscripting was only used officially in the first season (the entire first episode was improvised from start to finish), the dialogue in the following season remained heavily improvised, with the written script serving mainly as a guide or something to fall back on for jokes if needed. This would later be used in the author's next creation, The Forest Friends.




  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Sleet
  • Dingo


  • Cyrus - A friend of the Sonic Underground who specializes in mechanics.
  • Mindy - Sonia's childhood friend.
  • Jenga - She organized the play in "Rock the House". Jenga is tall, somewhat nervous and clumsy. Accident-prone, is usually seen falling down or dropping something.
  • Savanna La Tour - Mindy's younger cousin. She at first seems cold and distant, and hardly ever spoke to anyone, but it turns out it was because she is shy and afraid of being judged. She and other characters such as Peggy, Timmy and Elmo are from Northern Mobius.
  • Triceratops King - It has not been revealed what land he is the king of as of yet.
  • Elmo - He appears to be an indigo-colored wolf-like creature. His personality is similar to Sonic, but is also more serious. He sometimes flirts with Sonia the Hedgehog but gives up after a while. There is a possible pairing between him and Savanna.
  • Peggy - A young girl with blonde hair in pigtails. A girl resembling her appears in the original show, only with purple hair instead of blond.
  • Timmy - He is a reptilian creature with a round head.

Fictitious Voice List

Please note that the list of voice actors are only the author's idea. Info subject to change.

Samuel Vincent - Sonic
Stevie Vallance - Sonia, Mindy
Tyley Ross - Manic

Smash Mouth, Ron Wessermen - Brody

Maurice LaMarche - Sleet
Gary Chalk - Doctor Robotnik
Gail Webster - Queen Aleena Hedgehog
Peter Wilds - Dingo
Scott McNeil - Knuckles the Echidna
Ian James Corlett - Cyrus, Additional
Terry Klassen - Elmo
Matt Hill - Timmy, Additonal
Tabitha St. Germain - Jenga, Additional
Kathleen Barr - Peggy, Savanna, Additonal
Dee Bradley Baker - Triceratops King


# Title Overview
1. We are the Sonic Underground First episode of the show. Where the band makes a comeback tour.
2. Mystery in the Basement Sonic and friends investigate something in Cyrus' workshop.
3. Bummer Camp* The Sonic Underground are at a performing arts camp as junior counselors.
4. The Hedgehog Effect Manic gets captured, and the Sonic Underground need a temporary replacement.
5. Welcome to North Mobius The Sonic Underground travel to North Mobuis.
6. Dirty Rat Sonic and Manic think that Sonia and Knuckles are dating.
7. Rock the House* The Sonic Underground and friends agree to write and perform a musical play.
8. Hands Across Metropolis Sleet and Dingo hatch a telethon scam.
9. Living on the Hedge Sonic gathers up his friends and others to help fight Robotnik who has unleashed a new unfair move in his tyranny.
10. Enter the Triceratops King The trio find themselves in a kingdom ruled by the Triceratops King.
11. Party Time A party is being thrown and Manic succumbs to a milkshake addiction.
12. No Free Rides* Sonia's motorbike is stolen.
13. King of the Castle Sonic, Sleet and Dingo compete to rule the castle.
14. Reunited At Last Series Finale - The hedgehogs finally reunite with their mother. 15. The Mercy Sparx Sucker| While Brody and Shadow are in a race, Brody earns a gold metal. Brody meets up with his Brothers and Sister and along with her sister Angel.

* = Transcript in the works.


Elmo: By the way, Sonia. You need to work on your choreography.
Sonia: The stupid lights were in my eyes, Elmo!

"Rock the House"

[Jenga has slipped on a banana peel]
Manic:[walking by] Hey, Jenga.
Jenga: [cheerfully and still lying on the floor] Hey!

"Rock the House"

Knuckles: I'm the only thing that [censor beep] piece of [censor beep] 's got!
Mindy: What??
Knuckles: Nothing, it's not important...

"Dirty Rat"

Manic: What the f[censor beep]dge?!

Timmy: Way to go, man.

"Welcome to North Mobius"

Savanna: Stop! You have no idea what you're doing, you're going to get hurt!
Manic : Well, whaddya know, she talks!

"Welcome to North Mobius"

[Sonic, Manic, and Brody are playing video games]

Sonia: You know you can't just sit around playing video games all day, we've got work to do!
Manic: Hey, we have a problem.
Sonic: What is it?

Brody: Yeah, what?
Manic: Even though the volume is turned up, I can still hear Sonia.
[Sonia unplugs the TV]
'Sonic, Manic and Brody: Hey!!

Sonia: Guys, this is important!

"Mystery in the Basement"

[Timmy and Peggy stare wide-eyed about Knuckles' describing how he caught and captured Sleet and Dingo in the original show] You- you ate them?
Knuckles: No. But Chomps was about to, then they told me about these five [Sonic, Sonia, Angel, Brody and Manic] and ran off when I let them go

"No Free Rides.


Sonic: Hey, who's that?

(We see Brody slamming his car door after he opens it)

Manic: I knew this day would come!

Brody: It's great to see you guys again.

"The New Member"


*Peggy (or a character resembling her) is seen briefly in the Sonic Underground Remake and the original, but she is unnamed and has purple hair.
  • In one episode, Sonic, Brody and Manic are seen playing UmJammer Lammy (or possibly a similar game) before Sonia unplugs the TV.
  • In an episode, someone calls Sonia "Myrtle". This is a reference to Myrtle Urkel, a role played by Jaleel White dressed in drag on Family Matters.
  • A parody of Tickle Me Elmo is shown in the form of a blue rabbit toy Peggy plays with that shakes and laughs.
  • Knuckles' original voice actor for the show, Ian James Corlett was replaced by Scott McNeil in this production, possibly because Corlett was busy working on other shows, such as Johnny Test, which explains Cyrus getting only few - three to be exact - appearances (despite getting more screen time in the remake). Due to this, Knuckles' voice has a slightly lower octave than in the original show.
  • The character of Savanna was not originally intended until after episode 3, the writer(s) decided to add her just in time for the newest episode. The same is true with the Triceratops King, who wasn't thought up until after episode 9.
  • Brody is voiced by Austin St. John (also played the Gold Zeo Ranger in "Power Rangers Zeo" and the first red ranger in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers")

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