Sonic Underground X is a new T.V show that don't take place after Sonic Underground. It will aired on 2013. In this show there are new and some old characters and story is different theb other games and shows there eight Chaos Emeralds (like in Sonic the Fighter) then seven.


Story begins as King Jules the Hedgehog was having a cermony of the birth of his two children, Sonic and his twin sister, Sonia. the king became happy with joy and lived in peace and harmony of Mobius, that is until an evil force with darnkness show and started to try to take over the peaceful Mobius. Wanted his children (who turn 6 at the time) to be safe, Jules took them to Soleanna for they safety, as they were overthrown by Ivan Robotnik a.k.a Eggman Nega and his son (who take his place years later) Ivo Robtnik a.k.a Dr. Eggman.

Nine years passed and Sonic and Sonia grew up with there uncle, Chuck and there best friend Solina the Chinchilla (who act like a mother or sister to everyone) and together, the formed the Freedom Fighters with other members wanted to take down Dr.Eggman and finding the eight Choas Emeralds.

In the Second Season, Sonic and Silvia the Porcupine meet a mysterious hedgehog, name Silver the Hedgehog from the future. What Sonic and Silvia didn't know is that Silver is there son from the future and they work together to help Silver save the past, present and future.

In the Third Season, Sonic and friends meet Chip while traveling threw space and discover that someone is massing with time and space. Who could the villan be that doing this?

The Final Season takes places three years later and a new villan name Nazo has appear and trying to take over, not just earth but the entire Universe. Can the Freedom Fighter defeat this mysterious being in one final battle?

Main Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Leader and hero
  • Sonia the Hedgehog: Princess
  • Solina the Chinchilla: The Co-Leader and Mother/Sister Figure
  • Silvia the Porcupine: The Peacemaker and Heroine
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: The Ultimate Life Form
  • Scourge the Hedgehog: The playboy
  • Mina Mongoose: Idol
  • Cream the Rabbit and Chocola: Tomboy and Chao
  • Holly the Seedcat: Flower Girl
  • Wind the Dove: Nice girl
  • Paro the Echidna: Twin 1
  • Para the Echidna: Twin 2
  • Max the Hedgewolf: The Sweet Guy
  • Rock the Hedgehog: The tough guy
  • Skyler the Tenrec: The Party Dude
  • Jester the Hedgehog: The Wise guy
  • Maria the Arctic Wolf: The Ice Queen
  • Shane the Hedgehog: Female Ultimate Life Form
  • Selena the Hedgehog: The Pretty Girl
  • Alice the Cat: The Flame Princess

Major Character

  • King Jules the Hedgehog: King of Mobius and Father of Sonic and Sonia.
  • Chocolate the Rabbit: Cream's father. Has been taking care of Cream snice her mother died.
  • Cosmo the Seedrian: Holly's mother. Never told her daughter about her father.
  • Arthur Mongoose: Mina's manger and father.
  • Chuck the Hedgehog: Jules's brother and uncle to the twins.
  • Jet the Hawk: Sonic's rival.
  • Wave the Swallow: Wind's half-sister and Solina's rival.
  • Storm the Albatross: Paro and Para's rival.
  • Fiona Fox: Scourge's ex-girlfriend
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: a young fox with a crush on Cream.


  • Dr.Eggman Nega: was the father of Dr. Eggman.
  • Dr.Eggman: Is the main villain of the show.
  • Hal the Cat: Holly's and Alice's father and Cosmo's former lover, who went insane. Main villain of the third season.
  • Nazo the Hedgehog: the most powerful boss and final one in the final season.


  • Most of the chaaracters don't appear from Sonic series beacause of the different timeline.
    • Sonic and Sonia are twins and they both are looking for there father after he left them in the care with his brother when they were six years old.
    • Cream is a tomboy in this timeline, then girly in the others. She lives with her father, Chocolate rather then her mother, Vanilla and she travels with Chocola, instead of Cheese.
    • Mina's mother had died saving her family, which is why Mina lives with her father, Arthur, who take Ash places as her manger.
    • Cosmo had Holly after her break up with Hal the Cat, Holly's father.
    • Scourge break up with Fiona for Solina.
    • Amy, Knuckles, Rouge and other characters have failed to make the cut.

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