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Sonic Unleashed 2 is a 3D platform game for the Wii, Playstation 2, the XBox 360, and Playstation 3. For the Wii, players can choose from three of the following controllers: the Nintendo Wii Remote, the Nintendo Gamecube Controller, and the Virtual Console Controller.


Sonic Unleashed 2 takes place a few months after Sonic defeated Dark Gaia. Sonic, along with Shadow, Knuckles, and Shima, are infiltrating Dr. Eggman's new space station in search of the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds. They destroy the robots blocking their way and find Dr. Eggman with the Master Emerald. Sonic attempts to grab the Chaos Emeralds but is trapped inside a small capsule. Shadow and Shima go to his aid, but are captured, too. Knuckles makes a break for the Master Emerald, but is more successful. He gets to it, but is then trapped inside with it. Dr. Eggman still wants to take control of the sun and moon, and thinks that using the Chaos Emeralds along with Master Emerald will help him control it. He does the same thing as he did with Dark Gaia, but he fires upwards instead of downwards towards the earth. This time, it not only affected Sonic, it effected Shadow, Shima, and Knuckles. Knuckles got the worst of it,and he turns into a monstrous Wereinda, a beast form of an Echidna, but is much bigger than a Werehog. The sun and moon combine, and a giant monster is released. But instead, only a flaming gas comes out and spreads across the world. Eggman sees what has happened to Sonic and his friends, and he shoots them out into space, to all different continents. Sonic lands outside of a small town as a Werehog again. He notices his new look, and goes off to find the rest of his friends. On the way to the nearest town, he sees a small figure laying on the ground. It looks like a small fairy, and Sonic asks if it is all right. The fairy's name is Luna, and she has lost her brother, Sol. Sonic agrees to help Luna find her brother while he looks for his friends.


Main Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog- A superfast blue hedgehog that loves adventure. He is looking for his friends and Luna's brother, Sol

Sonic the Werehog- A powerful werehog and Sonic's nighttime form. He still remembers who he is and can still talk. He has stretchy arms that he can attack with.

Luna the Fairy- A small female fairy that is looking for her brother, Sol. She helps Sonic throughout the game and has mysterious powers.

Shadow the Hedgehog- A black and red hedgehog who is the ultimate lifeform and is the brother of Shima. He is Sonic's rival but will work together with him if it is necessary.

Knuckles the Echidna- A red echidna who is the guardian of the Master Emerald. He is very gullible but is a great friend.

Shima the Hedgehog- A red and black hedgehog who is an ultimate lifeform and the sister of Shadow. She loves Sonic but won't let her feelings show.

Ryan the panther- A black furred panther who is never caught without his sword and looks for his friends abby and kira on his quest to stop eggman once and for all.

Miles "Tails" Prower- A yellow fox with twin tails and a heart of gold. He loves to tinker with machinery and build things that help his buddy, Sonic.

Amy Rose- A pink hedgehog with a giant hammer. She LOVES Sonic and follows him wherever he goes.

Rouge the Bat- A white bat who loves jewels. She works along with Shadow and Omega. Rouge is worried about Shadow's sudden disappearance..

E-123 Omega- An E-series robot created by Dr. Eggman, but went against him. He works with Shadow and Rouge.

Professor Rindle- An astronomer who loves to talk about his favorite subjects. He is often forgetful and sometimes gets off topic easily.

Professor Ivy- She's not really a professor, but she is Professor Rindle's assistant. She puts up with Rindle's babbling but wants to be a full fledged astronomer someday. She attends a college in USA.


Dr. Eggman- An evil scientist that is constantly defeated by Sonic and friends. He has unleashed the fury of the being, Solceaus, to take over the world once again.

Solceaus(the creature Eggman released)- A being who lives inside the Sun. It was released by Dr. Eggman to help him take over the world.

Knuckles the Wereidna- A powerful wereinda and the evil nighttime form of Knuckles. He is three times bigger than Sonic the Werehog and three times stronger than him, too. He can't talk or remember who he is, and uses his large fists to attack.

Shadow the Werehog- A powerful werehog and the evil nighttime form of Shadow. He is super fast despite his stoutness and uses his legs and Chaos powers to attack. He can talk but doesn't remember who he is.

Shima the Werehog- A powerful werehog and the evil nighttime form of Shima. She is insane and can talk. She uses her teeth, claws, and Chaos powers to attack.

Solceaus creatures(they look like the Dark Gaia creatures, but are red, orange, and yellow)- The minions of the being, Solceaus. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can come out only in the daytime.

Lunaceaus creatures(they look exactly like the Solceaus creatures, but are silver, black, and blue)- The minions of the being, Lunaceaus. Luna has lost control over them, so they only obey Solceaus. They also come in all shapes and sizes, but they only comes out at night.

Egg Drones(they are the same from Sonic Unleashed)- They are robots created by Dr. Eggman to stop Sonic and friends. They all look different, and come out at any time of day, but mostly in the daytime.


The continents work the same way as in Sonic Unleashed. The countries are based off of real life places in their continents.

First Continent: USA

Second Continent:(Romania) Transylvania

Third Continent: Japan

Fourth Continent:(England) London

Fifth Continent: Brazil

Sixth Continent: Australia

Seventh Continent: Germany

Eighth Continent: (France) Eiffel Tower

Ninth Continent: Greece

Tenth Continent: Spain

Eleventh Continent: Italy

Twelfth Continent: Afghanistan

Thirteenth Continent: Russia

Fourteenth Continent: Venezula

Final Stage: Egg Station


The bosses work the same as in Sonic Unleashed. Only that there are some differences.

First Continent- USA: Sonic vs. Egg Hawk (Day)

Second Continent- Transylvania: Sonic vs. Shadow the Werehog (Night)

Third Continent- Japan: Sonic vs. Solar Dragon (Day)

Fourth Continent- London: Sonic vs. Egg Emperor (Day)

Fifth Continent- Brazil: Sonic vs. Lunar Manta (Day)

Sixth Continent- Australia: Sonic vs. Egg Viper (Day)

Seventh Continent- Germany: Sonic vs. Knuckles the Wereidna (Night)

Eighth Continent- Eiffel Tower: Sonic vs. Egg Albatross (Day)

Ninth Continent- Greece: Sonic vs. Rock Statue (Day)

Tenth Continent- Spain: Sonic vs. Shima the Werehog (Night)

Eleventh Continent- Italy: Sonic vs. Sand Guardian (Day)

Twelfth Continent- Afghanistan: Sonic vs. Aero Beetle (Day)

Thirteenth Continent- Russia: Sonic vs. Ice Bear (Day)

Fourteenth Continent- Venezula: Sonic vs. Electric Hawk (Day)

Final Stage- Egg Station: Egg Phantom (Day)

Final Boss Part 1: Lunaceaus vs. Solceaus

Final Boss Part 2: Shadow vs. Solceaus (Find the Chaos Emeralds)

Final Boss Part 3: Shima vs. Soleaus (Find the Chaos Emeralds)

Final Boss Part 4: Knuckles vs. Solceaus (Find the Master Emerald)

Final Boss Part 5: Soluna Sonic vs. Perfect Solunaceaus


There are different multiplayer options you can choose from.

Race- Race through three different countries to the goal. Needs 2-4 players.

Battle- Battle against your friends to see who's the best! Needs 2-4 players.

Tag Team- Work with a friend to fight against another team. Needs 2-4 players.

All For One- Work together to defeat all the Solceaus and Lunaceaus creatures. Needs 2-4 players.

Chaos Battle- Go against your friends to see who can get to the Chaos Emerald first. Needs 2-4 players.

Chaos Factor- Work with a friend to get the Chaos Emerald. Needs 2 players only.


Like all Sonic games, this one needs somethings to unlock. You can unlock the artwork, movies, soundtracks, and secret documents like in Sonic Unleashed.

Art Gallery- View artwork. There are 250 pieces in this gallery.

Movie Gallery- Watch movies. There are 36 videos in this gallery.

Soundtrack Gallery- Listen to your music. There are 100 pieces of music in this gallery.

Shadow the Hedgehog/Shadow the Werehog- Get a S rank by defeating Shadow the Werehog and Solceaus Part 2. You can play him in Story Mode and Multiplayer only AFTER you complete the story.

Shima the Hedgehog/Shima the Werehog- Get a S rank by defeating Shima the Werehog and Solceaus Part 3. You can only play her in the Story Mode and Multiplayer only AFTER you complete the story.

Knuckles the Echidna/Knuckles the Wereinda- Get a S rank by defeating Knuckles the Wereidna and Solceaus Part 4. You can only play him in the Story Mode and Multiplayer only AFTER you complete the story.

Multiplayer- Complete the Story Mode.

Amy Rose (Multiplayer only)- Unlock her after you meet her in USA.

Miles "Tails" Prower (Multiplayer only)- Unlock him after rescuing Professor Ivy and meet up with Professor Rindle afterwards.

Rouge the Bat (Multiplayer only)- Unlock her after you fight Shadow the Werehog and report back to her afterwards.

E-123 Omega (Multiplayer only)- Unlock him after you find him in Transylvania.

Ryan the panther (Mutiplayer only)- Unlock him visiting the tallest building's roof in USA and talk to him about what his looking for.

Certain Multiplayer Stages- Play certain Story stages at a certain amount of times to unlock them.

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