Sonic Unleashed 2:Dark Gaia The Return is the next game in the Sonic Unleashed series. As in the title,Dark Gaia returns from defeat. Chip returns,but takes form of a brown hedgehog with white stripes on his head and a green ring on one of his left fingers.


After his last encounter with Dark Gaia,Sonic has been free of his Werehog problems (from Sonic Unleashed) for over 8 months,but that's all about to change. Nazo revives Dark Gaia and fuses with him to make Dark Nazo Gaia. Meanwhile,Sonic is taking a stroll through the city of Spagonia when the sky turns darker. This can't be! Sonic thought Dark Gaia was sealed away 3 years ago! Then,Sonic felt a rush of negative energy go through his body. He knew he was turning into Werehog Sonic. 'RAWR!' yelled Werehog Sonic,"Wait, where's Chip?" Then,Sonic saw a lime green light appear in front of him. A brown hedgehog was appearing. "Hello Sonic," said a familar voice,"It's me,Chip!" Sonic was shocked at seeing his once winged-dog friend now a hedgehog. "Nazo fused with Dark Gaia,"Chip said,"He's going to unleash Perfect Dark Nazo Gaia!" "Let's go!" said Sonic.


Like the last game,there are Day and Night stages. There are new contients and areas,however.

Continent 1:Classico City (US) and Hub is Starlight Square.

Continent 2:Frozen Hills (Antartica) and Hub is Cold Square.

Continent 3:Windy Castle (Europe) and Hub is London Square.

Continent 4:Dumpling Village (Asia) and Hub is Wan-ton Square.

Continent 5:Jungle Vines (Thailand) and Hub is Monkey Village.

Continent 6:Sweaty Deserts (Egypt) and Hub is Pyaramid City)

Contient 7:Eggman Empire and Hub is Asteroid Central


Classico City-Android Shadow Prototype 1

Frozen Hills-Egg Freezer

Windy Castle-Egg Blaster

Dumpling Village-Egg Warrior

Jungle Vines-Egg Dragoon Prototype 2.0

Sweaty Deserts-Egg Pharoah

Eggman Empire-Dark Nazo Gaia

Final Boss-Perfect Dark Nazo Gaia



  • Sonic The Hedgehog/Werehog-The world's fastest thing alive,atleast during the day. Sonic is known as the "King of Speed",but when it's nighttime,he's known as "The Dark Fighter".
  • Chip The Hedgedog-Once a little winged-dog,now a hedgehog like Sonic! Chip is one of Sonic's friends,but with Nazo inside Dark Gaia,he has turned into a Hedgedog.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower-Tails is what you could call a gadgetry geek. He's a two-tailed fox that has been Sonic's friend since 1992!


  • Dr.Ivo Robotnik (Eggman)-Sonic's arch rival! With a IQ of 300,what's he after this time?
  • Dark Nazo Gaia-A fusion of Dark Gaia and Nazo is what Dr.Eggman needs to power his new creations! What a fusion!

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