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Sonic World (formerly known by the working title Sonic MMORPG) is one of the many fan game projects by EN?GMA which have not started development yet, but it is planned somewhere after Ultimate Sonic. The game will allow players to design their own character and explore the "zones" of Sonic's world, from the classics to the modern, all in 3D environments.

The game is named after the first ever Adventure Field in the Sega Saturn game collection Sonic Jam. (However due to another fan game with the same name, this project will be renamed on a later date.)

The game is catered for Sonic fans and will be free to play.


The game takes place on Earth from Sega's Sonic games.

Dr. Eggman has finally founded the Eggman Empire and has reached a new low as he is using rare and special chao in order to charge up his most powerful badniks. Sonic is trying to stop Eggman but the rate Eggman is going with his own army of robots and antiheroes on his side, Sonic will need help. It is the revolution of all the islands with mobian volunteers forming a resistance against the Eggman Empire.

Meanwhile, the chao powered robots are going rogue which is becoming a problem even to Dr. Eggman. He needs to recall them, at least the power units, and has enlisted other mobians to help him retrieve the chao. Dr. Eggman questions himself if he regrets what he had done to the chao.

You start your adventures as a Mobian at Green Hill. The zone is regarded as the perfect paradise for chao. You can do missions and explore the rest of South Island visiting zones from both 16-bit and 8-bit versions of the game Sonic the Hedgehog.


Main article: Sonic Avatar

Players can create their own Sonic characters (which are addressed as "Mobians" as a race, not because of planet Mobius as the game takes place on Earth) and take the role of playable characters in the game. Sonic Avatar, a separate program for making fan characters, will be required to make the characters you can play as. The avatar system may be additionally part of Sonic World.

Sonic Avatar's Class system (Speed, Power and Fly) are important for Sonic World gameplay and character development, such as what abilities the character can learn and use from chao. For example, if the chao have abilities that would benefit both a Speed and Fly Mobian as well as a point increase on some skills, but partnered with a Power character, then the mobian will at least have the additional skill points but cannot use any of the abilities. If that chao was partnered with a Speed character then that mobian will still get the additional points as well as be able to perform the Speed type ability that chao has, but cannot do the Fly ability.


Campaigns are a series of primary quests that tell the story throughout the game from four different factions that the player can choose from. Depending on which campaign you choose may alter gameplay or recieved theme equipment. For example choosing to play with Team SONIC or Team DARK will replace all the enemies in the stage with Badniks while choosing Team EGG or Team SNIPER will replace the enemies with G.U.N. robots.


Sonic Team

Founded by Team Sonic, it is lead by Sonic but Tails manages the missions in Sonic's absence. It is aimed for players who want to help Sonic and to mostly accumulated "Good" points. Sonic and Knuckles also assist in mission assignments.

Team EGG

Eggman Empire

Dr. Eggman is the leader, for players who want to be loyal to Dr. Eggman and to mostly accumulated "Bad" points. While it was he who turned chao into robotic monsters, these robots have gone rogue and he needs help retrieving the rare chao. Other badniks often assist in mission giving.



Lead by Team Dark, despite it's name it is a heroic team for players who want to accumulated "Good" points. A military themed guide where the player can take various missions from GUN. It's soldiers and the Commander himself will also give missions.


Boom. headshot.

Nack is the leader with to a team that deals in mercenary work and has missions that accumilates "Bad" points. As Sonic World is based on SegaSonic's world and not ArchieSonic's Mobius, the team is pretty much the (fan) SegaSonic version of Team Hooligan only instead named after Nack's japanese name Fang the Sniper. The missions are more based on intel, crime and whatever Nack can use you for.

Player vs Player

These alignments (Good and Bad) being for PvP, chao raising and generally who your mobian will be. Earning Good or Bad Points can be through choices of options or doing certain missions. As you gain one type of points you will lose the opposing types so that you can move towards your character alignment.

Neutral chao you raise will be affected by your alignment. Depending on how good or bad you are will make raising a Hero chao or Dark chao more easier.

There are also specific chao gardens which have suited environments for raising chao to its prefered alignment.


The gameplay hasn't been decided yet, however controls similar to Dreamcast Era gameplay is in favour over the Modern Era gameplay. This is because such a rounded gameplay would make it flexible for all the classes. However it doesn't mean modern like gameplay isn't possible since various abilities can develop the character to such controls.


Each of the 3 classes of players start off with standard skills and abilities. You start the game with 2 default abilities which you can apply to the 4 action buttons (standard 4 circular buttons on a gamepad). You can customise what abilities the action buttons have or equip items to these buttons for instant use. You can have one weapon only equipped to an action button. As you raise chao you can learn new more advance abilities to add to action buttons. As the maximum action buttons on modern gamepads are 4, that is how many abilities you can have (or 3 since I recommend standard use of jumping.)

These are the standard class abilities you begin with:

Type Ability Description Cost
Speed Boost Move forward at instant great speed. Steadily drains the Action Gauge from continuous use.
Power Punch / Kick Powerful hit that can be chained together when used in rhythm A small amount per each use, even during chain uses.
Fly Fly Ability to levitate up to great heights. Steadily drains the Action Gauge from continuous use.
Action Jump To simply jump. Not to be confused with the efficient Spin Jump which can replace it. Default secondary aerial ability given to all classes when starting out. No cost.

Action Gauge

The Action Gauge is utilized like a Magic points system in which most abilities require a sum of energy for to be use. The Action Gauge can be replenished by collecting rings or using items and can expanded by special equipment and most importantly your chao partner. The higher level the chao the more stronger you will become.


Main article: Chao in Sonic World

Chao play a more direct and crucial role in the game as chao raising reflect the players powers. Chao possess abilities they themselves cannot use but when partnered with a mobian, they player themselves can use them (For example, the classic Spin Jump is an ability all types can learn from infant neutral chao). After a player has spent an appropriate amount of time with a chao, they may permanently learn the ability or attribute from it, however playing characters can only have so many abilities on them for use.

"special" chao have been stolen by Dr. Eggman and turned into boss robots. These rescued chao will go to the players chao gardens and the player may also learn unique abilities from them. However it will take much longer for these abilities to be learned than with personally raised chao.


Missions are various jobs and objectives throughout the game. Primary missions are given to you by the leader of your guild which guides you through a unique story line. There are also side missions for you to do by talking to NPCs with mission markers over their heads.

These missions reward you with various equipment like clothes, weapons and accessories. Missions may also rate your performance which will vary reward of rings and Hero/Dark points which you will earn depending how you succeed or fail the missions. They will give you access to specific items as well as affect the chao that you raise.


There will be a wide variety of Zones to explore from both 16-bit and 8-bit games to provide a large environment to explore. How many and how the gameplay will work for them is undecided, however 2 zones are confirmed as where the chao gardens will be located. The game may also have PvP due to selection of missions throughout the game.

The zones will be divided into 4 parts. The Adventure Fields/Hub Area is where you spend the majority of the game, it is where the player explores the zone and interacts with others. Located around the Adventure Fields are 3 Star Posts which will teleport the player into the Action Stages (instances). It is in these Acts the player can fulfill the primary mission to reach the goal or other assigned missions.

Additional locations such as Westside Island, Angel Island or the mainlands where Central City is located have not been decided yet, it depends on how well the project will go. Settlements featured in Sonic Unleashed have also been considered as capitals of the countries they're themed on.


Zones are the names of the different maps and area's you can go too. How they will be laid out is not decided but since 0-lag is important for gameplay that they may not be server based, thus "zones" maybe bigger than estimated.

A rough map of South Island. Green Hill being the southern point and where new players begin. Scrap Brain is Northern top of the island. Additional zones maybe added if Sonic canon includes them, like 8-bit Sonic 2 and Sonic Chaos also taking place on South Island.

Spring Yard Star Light Scrap Brain
Marble Labyrinth Egg Carrier
Green Hill Bridge Jungle

Note that some of these zones will not be in the final product and that other locations, such as islands and mainland with new zones are also planned.

Free to Play

The game is planned to be free to play, with the encouragement of community driven servers. Server Packs are planned for community to expand the game.

Planned Downloadable Content

Future content and expansions planned if the game gets underway.

The Chronicles

The Chronicles is a trilogy of expansions that are planned for the game that serve as the sequel to the games chao rescuing story. The reoccuring theme throughout the story is time travel

  • Miracle Planet- Introducing Never Lake as a hub location to access different zones on Little Planet. Collecting Time Stones is possible exclusive to these stages and Time Warp Plates are replaced with Time Portals which serve as portals through time. Time Portals being important for future expansion. Silver the Hedgehog is the main character of this expansion due to the time traveling elements. It might be possible to have playaers avatars warp into a "Classic" form in some parts to represent time traveling.
  • Shattered Lands- Two Hub locations are introduced: Mystic Ruins being the first hub world with it's primary zone Lost World which after completion a time portal will open for players to go to Pachacamac's city where you can take part in the historic war against the Nocturnus Clan. More Adventure Fields maybe included to include the war and Nocturnus Clan.
  • Wrath of Argus- Allows access to the Twilight Cage with six shattered floating remnants of alien civilizations, each with own zones.

Server Packs

Catered for community server administrators, they are content packs to allow expansion of the game to other various series of Sonic.

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