Sonic X-Treme[Not to be confused with the canceled game] Is a show that features Sonic & His Friends Defeat Robotnik

Logo for the Show


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a 15 year old African Pygmy Hedgehog and never gives up

Miles Tails Prower

Miles is an 11 year-old 2 tailed fox who helps Sonic and the gang a lot

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is a Echidna that keeps the master emerald and treasure hunts a lot[Looks like Knuckles from Sonic OVA]

Dr. Julian Ivo Eggman Robotnik

Eggman is a evil mad scientist who tries to destroy Sonic and friends And rule mobius

Sally the hedgehog

Sally is a 15 year-old hedgehog and Sonic`s sister and She is the best friend of Amy Rose

Amy Rose

Amy is a Hedgehog obsessed with Sonic and hang with sally sonic tails sonia manic and knuckles

Sonia the hedgehog

Sonia is a 15 year old African Pygmy Hedgehog and Manic`s Sally's Sonic`s sister

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic[Also known as Hyper Metal Sonic if you are a OVA Fan] is a Evil robot that assists Eggman to Defeat Sonic the Hedgehog[Looks like Metal from OVA]

Manic the Hedgehog

Manic is a 15 year old African Pygmy Hedgehog and is very smart and Sonic`s Sally's and Sonia`s brother(Looks like this Cold cd)

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Voice Actors

Sonic:Jaleel White

Tails:Bradley Pierce

Knuckles:Phil Hartman

Amy:April Winchell

Sally:Kath Soucie

Dr.Eggman:Jim Cummings

Sonia:Jaleel White

Manic:Jaleel White


I need help making Sonic X-Treme See i can't draw sadly so we need good Sonic OVA Drawers and some voices for Sonic X-Treme

Concept Art For The Show

Sonic s Concept Art

Theme Song

The Theme song is known as Get X-Treme it is unknown who it is sang by and here is a short version of the lyrics

Super Speed is coming up your way...

[Super Speed...]

With a hero that can run as fast as the wind...

[Fast as the wind...]

The Hero s time has come!

Get X-Treme!


Dont Lose Focus!

[Lost Focus...]

Get Extreme

Running at the speed of sound....

Nothing can stop you with that amount of speed

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