This is episode 12 of Sonic X: Crystallised.


Sonic is on the top of the building, reading a magazine

Sonic: I guess I've seen every place there is to see on this planet! Except for the places I'd have to swim to!


random tv guy: Bye bye kids! I'll see ya tomorrow!

Cream: Bye bye!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Ella: I thought you two would like a little snack!

Cream: Thank you, Ella!

Cheese:(jumping up and down) Chao! Chao!

the tv guy makes a statement to beat eggman.

Cream: Huh?

Cheese: Chao?

Cream: What?!

intro plays

with Eggman...

Eggman: Oh yeah? Well I hope they've come up with a diaster managment plan because they're going to need it! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

with Knuckles...

Knuckles: Alright! Where's that Emerald?

he notices the X-Tornado, which has all it's passengers on it(Crystal is outside, but she doesn't matter)

Frances: Amy! There's my house down there!

Amy: Which one?

Frances: Do you see the one with the red roof?

Amy: Yeah! That's great, Frances!

Frances: You should come for a visit sometime!

Amy: I will! Thanks!

Frances: Hey, Chris! Do you think we can fly over our school?

Chris: Uuuh... Well I, maybe!

Tails: Guys! This isn't a sightseeing trip! We have to hurry and track down the next Chaos Emerald or Eggman'll get it before we do!

Crystal: Exactly what I was thinking, Tails.

Chris: I know, Tails, sorry.

Tails: Thanks Crystal! And it's alright Chris, hey, Chris, where'd you get those new high-tech goggles? From your grandpa?

Chris: Hm? No, my teacher Mr Stewart gave them to me! Like 'em?

Crystal: They look cool.

Tails: Mm-hm! They look pretty cool!

Chris: Yeah, they're one of the best gifts I ever got!

Crystal:(thoughts) Is it me, or do I feel uneasy...

mr stewart is spying.

Frances: Amy look! There's the school Chris and I go to!

they fly over the school.

the whole bit with rouge and the president plays.

then the whole bit with getting Sonic from home plays(although he doesn't go)

in the X-Tornado...

Tails: The Chaos Emeralds picking up something!

Crystal: Oh yeah!

Chris: That's great!

Tails: See the locator screen?

Chris: South South East!

Tails: Chaos Emerald, here we come!

turns the plane.

they land in a cornfield

Chris: The scopes say there's a Chaos Emerald in this field! We beat Eggman to it!

Crystal: Or did we. Who knows where it is here.

Chris: Open up so we can start looking!

Tails: We can look from here!

Crystal: Huh?

Tails: Wait and see!

(he transforms it)

Frances: What's this?

after it completely transforms

Frances: Wow!

Amy: Wow Tails! What did you do?

Crystal: Transform it, obviously.

Tails: He heh! I transformed it into an all-purpose robot called the X-Cyclone! What do you guys say on taking it for a little stroll?

Chris: Uh huh!

Crystal: Okay Tails. Let's see what this thing's got.

Tails: Now lets find that Chaos Emerald!

they start walking.

the bit with Mr Stewart plays.

Chris: Looks like there's a Chaos Emerald right under our feet!

Tails: Mm hm!

Amy: But we didn't bring a shovel!

Frances: That's okay, 'cause we've got the X-Cyclone to dig for us! Isn't that right, Tails?

Crystal: Hey yeah! You said it was an all-purpose robot!

Tails: I... didn't include a digging function.

All: Oh!

Amy: It's not all-purpose then, isn't it?

Tails: Not... exactly.

Crystal: You should watch what you say. All-purpose... for fighting. Not for everyday purposes.

Chris: Uh huh, guys, I think the farmhouse we saw has a shovel we could borrow!

Frances: Huh? I'll go with you!

(they run off)

Crystal: Oh, Tails. Tuh tuh tuh.

the bit with the president plays.

Knuckles watches this from afar.

Knuckles: I wonder what's up now.

they start attacking Eggmans base.

there is an ad in eggmans base showing grease remover.

Decoe: That's rad. Let's call and order some.

Eggman: I wish that stop gop got rid of commercials too.

some guy comes on.

Guy: A Chaos Emerald was found near Tingaling Villa!

Eggman: What kind of show is this? Hm?

Girl: Yes, near Tingaling Villa a giant jet has landed there, and they are starting to dig right now.

eggman chooses a robot to go after them with.

the military begins to ATTACK!

Knuckles: They're attacking Eggmans base!

the short split second of mr stewart plays.

Tails: It must be deep.

Chris: Just keep digging.

Everyone: Huh?

Frances: What's that?

Amy: Sounds like a jet!

Crystal: What kind?

everyone notices Funfun.

Everyone: Huh?

Frances: Who's that?

Crystal: I bet it's Eggman.

Eggman appears.

Chris: You were right! It is Eggman!

Amy: Do something!

Tails: Right!

Eggman: He he! Have you found my Chaos Emerald yet?!

Tails: We're not gonna give it to ya!

Amy: That's right!

Eggman: Oh well? I'll just take it then!

Chris: Hey, I'd better find a phone and call Sonic!

Crystal: Tell him to hurry!

Chris: Come on, Frances!

Frances: Uuh!(they run off)

Eggman: Go! Get them, Funfun!

Amy: Stop 'em, X-Cyclone!

Tails: Let's go!

wind starts.

Amy: (getting blown away) Wlllaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal: (pins herself down on the ground) Wlah! Rrrr!

Tails: Amy! Wooah! (get's plundered down)

Eggman: You're blowing those brats away! He he, good work! Huurr!

Tails: Uh oh, wwleeeh wlleeehhhh!

it makes wind that destroys the house.

Eggman: He he he he he ha ha! This is the most Funfun I've in a long time!

Crystal:(thoughts) Nice pun, although how are we gonna beat this thing?

Tails: Rrr rrr! The control stick is jammed off! rr!

mr stewarts bit plays.

they start attacking eggmans base.

Bocoe: What is happening?!

Decoe: It's an attack you bolt brain! Those fighter planes are firing at us! And there're battleships too!

Bocoe: We will show them! Let us launch a counterattack!(they launch missiles)

they start fighting.

Rouge:(in hiding) They're putting up quite a fight! Now lets knock out the power!

they all head inside.

presidents having a nervous breakdown, then the speech bit plays.

Cream: We have to tell Sonic about this!(runs outside)

Cheese: Chao! (hops off) Chao chao-OW! (trips over) Chao!

they attack more.

Rouge and the military make it inside.

meanwhile, Knuckles hides in a plane, on a bullet, waiting...

at home

Sonic: Hey, Tails, let's go, huh?

Cream: How could he leave without you, Sonic?!

Chuck: Hi there, Sonic! Tails went flying with Amy, Crystal , Chris and his friend Frances. I'm not sure where, they left quite a while ago, so I don't think they'll be gone too much longer!

Sonic:Hmmm! Lousy time for a joy ride!

bit with mr stewart plays.

now back to tails and crew.

Chris: Uh! The wind's got us pinned down!

Crystal: I know! I can't move!

Amy tries to get there.

Chris: Amy!

Amy: Don't worry! We're almost there!

Tails gets hurt.

Crystal:(thoughts) How can you get hurt when a pane is damaged, physically?! Seriously, Tails should think better.

Tails: I won't let you win, Eggman!

Eggman: Oh ho ho ho ho! That measly machine of yours is no match for my robot!

Tails: Oh yeah?!

Eggman: He he he! Lets compete to see which robot rules! Knocking the wind out of your puny X-Cyclone will be a breeze!

Crystal: Nice pun, Eggman!(sarcasm)

Eggman makes more wind go.

Eggman: Ha ha ha ha ha! Seems Tails is in way over his head!

Tails is trying to hold on.

Crystal:(thoughts) How can Tails get hurt when the plane gets hurt?! Honestly, this is just plain weird!

the plane gets blown off

Tails: Waaaah!!!!!!!!!!

mr stewarts bit plays.

Mr Stewart: Is this the Thorndyke Residents?

Chuck: Yes. What? Sorry, what did you say? Speak up! They're at Tingaling Villa?! Thanks alot! I'll send someone after them right away!(hangs up)

Cream: Who was that, Grandpa?

Chuck: He wouldn't say who he was. (turns to Sonic) Chris needs your help at Tingaling Villa!

Sonic: Right!(zooms off)

then the narrator plays his bit.


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