This is episode 15 of Sonic X: Crystallised.


Chris: Hey Sonic! I got you a cell phone!

Crystal:(thoughts) So is that what they call a mobile? A "cell phone"?!

Chris: This is gonna make things alot easier.

Sonic: Oh really?

Chris: Yeah! Don't you see? We'll be able to reach each other right away when you're out on a run! We can talk anywhere now! No sweat!

Sonic: Mmm...

Chris: Now make sure you leave it on!

Crystal: Uh, Chris, I don't think Sonic's going through with this...

Tails: Hey Chris, it's time to get going!

Sonic: Huh?

Crystal: Huh? What? What's the hurry?!

Amy: We've been waiting outside for you.

Crystal: Like I said, what's the big hurry?

Chris: Oops! I forgot!

Sonic: Where're you guys goin'?

Amy: Now that we can go out in public, We're heading to Station Square to go shopping! We've spent weeks hunting down Chaos Emeralds-

Crystal: To try and get home, failing every time.

Amy: Hey! Anyway, We've been hunting down Chaos Emeralds, but now i's time to go for some bargain hunting! So I'm gonna shop, til I drop!

Crystal: I'm not completely sure about this though...

Amy: There's no point in waiting for you, Sonic, to take me because I don't even know where you are most of the time! Huh?(notices mobile) Oh! We can stay connected all the time!

Crystal: Oh my god...

Sonic: No thanks!(drops phone in Amy's arms and runs off)

Chris: Wait, Sonic! What about your cell phone?

Sonic: Leave a message for me.(dashes off again)

Crystal: Oh dear...

Tails: I guess he wants to be left alone!

Amy: But why can't he be left alone with me!

Crystal:(thoughts) I'd rather he be left alone with me than her!

intro plays.

Chris: I don't understand why Sonic doesn't want me calling him!

Amy: Unfortunately, Sonic is the kinda guy who needs lots of privacy-

Crystal: Which you fail to give him, Amy.

Amy: Knock it off!

Chris: But what'll we do if there's an emergency? Without a phone, there's no way to reach him!

Tails: Don't worry, Chris!

Crystal: No matter where Sonic is, he has a way of showing up when he has to. He's got a sense for danger, and if we're in danger, he'll come.

Chris: Are you sure?

Amy, Cream, Crystal and Tails: Count on it!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Chris smiles and they start driving again.

Not long after being in the shopping centre, they get spooked, by millions of people.

Chris: That is so cool! This figure has kung fu kick action!

Crystal: Boys. Uh... Oh dear...

Tails: Hey Chris, look!

Crystal: I'm gettin' freaked out here...

Chris: You think they want this toy?

Crystal: You'd think.

Tails: They're staring at me and Crystal!(both get pulled down by a boy)

Boy: I want these ones! Can we buy them Mummy?

Crystal:(thoughts) Nobody pulls on my precious tail and get away with it! Grr...

Woman: I'm very sorry! (runs off) Those things are the real deal! I wonder who taught them to talk! A dog trainer!

Woman 2: Go up to it and make it say something!

Crystal: (standing up, starts brushing her tail)Ouch! If any of them, Huh?(stops brushing) (thoughts) I did not learn to talk like these stupid beings, we were taught by learning them, gosh, what's up with these people?! And Tails is a fox! And they're not gonna force us to say anything!

Chris: Uh... Sorry Tails, are you okay?

Crystal: Well I'm fine!

Tails: Eh he he he he!


Amy: Chris!

Chris: Yeah?

Amy: This is... very weird.

Crystal: And freaky!(thoughts) Don't they know they're creeping us out?!

Cream: Oh! I'm scared!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Crystal: You can say that again!(thoughts) I certainly can't wait to get back home now!

Tails: How come everyone keeps staring?!

Crystal: Yeah. Don't these people know they're freaking us out to death?!

Ella: You're all big time celebrities! Ever since you helped knock out Eggman's base!

Amy: But we didn't go after Dr. Eggman to become famous! Of course if they ask me to appear on TV or magazine covers I won't turn 'em down!

Crystal: Yeah, what she first said. Hey! Y'all! Don't you know you're freakin'us out?! Of course, if they go all out on us we're in trouble.

Chris: Sorry. Guess it'll take a while before people get used to you guys here!

Tails: I'm not so sure they'll ever get used to us here.

Crystal: Yeah. When me and Sonic first came to this world, they went after us and thought we were a car! Now they stare at us like we're gold or something. Next thing I know, they'll probably try to worship Sonic!

Man: Say cheese!(people start taking photos)

Crystal:(thoughts) I really want to go home now.

Ella: No more photographs!

Chris: Huh, let's try someplace else.

Crystal: (thoughts) I knew this would be a bad trip.

They head to the vip rooms.

they head to a table.

Amy pokes her tongue at the people.

Crystal: Seriously Amy, I'm not sure they're gonna listen.

Chris: Come on, Amy!

they get to their table

Chris: This is a private room, so we won't get hassled!

Woman 1: We saw how brave your friends were on TV! May I ask for their paw prints?!

Crystal:(thoughts) Won't get hassled, eh? And we're not normal animals! I don't have no "paw prints".

Woman 2:(petting cheese) It's adorable!

Cheese: Chao!

Woman 2: Oh! What a cutie!

Crystal:(thoughts) This is getting ridiculous!

Amy: Please, get your hands off me, I just want to have some lunch!

Chris: Yeah, this is supposed to be a fancy resturaunt, not a wrestling ring!

Crystal:(thoughts) I sure wish Choco was here...

Tails: Uh! I just... wanna go back home, Chris!

Cream: Me toooo!

Woman 3: Is this your natural colour?(pulling Amy's hair)

Crystal:(thoughts) Oh no duh. We're not brown and black.

Amy: Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Will you please go away?!

Crystal:(thoughts) I think I might use something really painful if we don't get out of here!


some dudes are constructing something, when...

ground starts shaking.

Eggman appears.

Eggman suits his ship

Eggman: When will you half-wits realise that's it's useless to try and trip me up because I'm always 10 steps ahead of you! I was expecting your president to order an attack and so I built this flying fortress! Now I can escape any further attacks and make counter attacks at any time and anywhere!

Decoe: Dr. Eggman certainly is a strategic genius!

Bocoe: I only wish some of his strategies worked occasionally!

Eggman: That's enough from you two! Cut the chatter and get the ship ready! We've got work to do!

Decoe: He certainly is thin skin!

Bocoe: That is the only place where he is thin!

Eggman: Let's get moving! Set the ships course for Station Square!

They head towards the city.

Construction Dude: He's more dangerous than ever now!

the office part plays, where they find out about Eggman. at the house...

Amy: Oh! What a waste! Our shopping spree was a flop!

Crystal: I knew that trip would've been bad! Why don't they treat us with hostality at least? Sheesh!

Chris: I'm sure things will get alot easier once people get used to you being around!

Crystal: Yeah? I'd like to bet.

Chris:(notices something) Huh?

Tails: What's wrong Chris?

Chris: Look!

Crystal: Like wha?

everyone: Huh?

they all notice eggman.

Chris: It's Eggman isn't it?

Tails: That's him!

Crystal: Anything big, it's Eggman. Grr!

Eggman: Hee hee hee! You losers are about to learn that you can never defeat me! I'm like a rubber ball! Every time you try to slap me down, I just keep bouncing back!

Crystal: Well that's true in both ways.

Eggman: Since your government attacked me and destroyed my base, I'll destroy your city, and rebuild my headquarters right here!

Crystal: In your dreams, fathead.

he then drops robots.

everyone starts running

Tails: There's no where to go! The whole city'll be wrecked if this demolitian jerky keeps up!

Chris: I sure wish Sonic had kept that cell phone!

Crystal(thoughts) Mobile!(voice) Don't worry, I'm sure Sonic'll come!

Tails: (notices car) Hey! Maybe we can get out of here!

but the car gets blown up.

they nearly get blown, but Sonic comes.

Crystal: Alright, Sonic!

Tails: Let's move it! Hurry!

sonic breaks more robots, and everyone gasps.

Crystal: Oh my god, what is up with these people?

Chris: It's Sonic!

Tails: See? Didn't we tell you he'd show up just in time?

Eggman: Let's play, Sonic! For keeps!

Sonic: Fine with me, Eggman! Take your best shot!

Eggman: Steady? Ready? Fire!

Fires toward Sonic, but the hedgehog dodges the attack, and leads the bullets toward some remaining robots.

Decoe: I have heard of a sonic boom but this is ridiculous!

Sonic beats up more robots(really, just repeated scene)

Sonic tries to run upward toward the ship, but he can't reach it.

Crystal:(thoughts) How can he still stay in the air for that long before he falls? That just doesn't make sense.

Amy: Oh no! He can't reach Eggman's ship!

Crystal: Oh no duh, Amy.

Tails: We need the X-Tornado to help him, but it's back home!

Chris: We'll never get it in time!

Sam comes along.

Sam: You need a lift?

Crystal:(thoughts) This guy again? Oh well, his car can move pretty fast.

Chris: Uncle Sam!

they head off.

Sam: I'll get you guys home in a flash! Buckle up for safety!

Crystal: This is fast!

Sonic is trying to run from robots.

Eggman: (laughing) My falcon robots all come with special speed seeking detectors! Sonic is running to his doom!

Sonic manages to ride one and heads toward the base.

Eggman: RRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! It can't be!

Decoe: You can blow Sonic out of the sky if you order those falcons to self-destruct!

Eggman: Excellent idea!(presses button, the robots blow up)

sonic manages to grab on, but skids it.(now I wonder how something that high canm have noise that reaches to the ground? impossible!)

Eggman: Sonic's a pain in the ears! Stop it! Cut it out!

Sonic lands.

Eggman: Finish him off!

more robots come, this time different, but they still chase sonic.

Chris: Hey, do you think... you can slow down a bit?

Sam: Are you kidding? Huh?

they notice some of the robots eggman put out.

Mr stewart comes.

Chris: Hey thanks, Mr Stewart!

Stewart: No problem! Are you all okay?

Sam: Hey, I know you!

Stewart: Yes, we met at a party at Chris' house! I'm his teacher Mr Stewart!

Sam: Yeah I remember you! I forget things fast but I remember them even faster!

Stewart: And I believe you're Chris' uncle Mr-

Sam: Mr's what they call my dad, just call me Sam!

Amy: Hey!

Stewart: Huh?

Crystal: Aren't you forgetting something?

Tails: The X-Tornado!

Sam: Yeah, that's right! Let's go!

Stewart: But where are we going?

Sam: Get in!

they continue driving.

Sam: Hang on gang!

more robots come.

Chris: Sam, speed it up!

Stewart: I can't reach my mirror!

Chris: Ah! They're gonna fire!

but then they get destroyed by Tanaka, who brought the X-Tornado.

Chris: Huh?


Crystal: Alright!

Tails: You brought the X-Tornado!

meanwhile, sonic is having troubles. then he notices the x-tornado

Sonic: The X-Tornado!

he jumps, and gets a ring.

then they fly toward the ship

Eggman: Get them now! Blast awaaaay!

Chris: We can't fight Eggman here, those buildings'll get wrecked!

Tails: Chris is right! We have to get Eggman away from the city somehow!

Sonic: Right! Leave it to me!

Sonic then taunts Eggman.

Eggman: I've had it with that hedgehog! That's the last he'll diss me! Move it! Turn this ship around and go after SONIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decoe: What chance does he have against Sonic?

Bocoe: I estimate his chance of defeating Sonic at zero.

Sonic: It worked!

Crystal: Perfectly!

Eggman: Charge up the Blaster Cannon!

it gets ready

Eggman: Fire!

they almost get hit.

Eggman: Victory! Oh?

Tails: The energy circuit got fried! We're in trouble!

Crystal: Oh no!

Chris: What's wrong?

Tails: In a few seconds we'll lose power and then we're gonna be sitting ducks!

Amy: Oh! Oh no!

Crystal: This is bad, really bad...

Eggman: I won't miss Sonic this time! Get ready for another blast!

the robots are going around acting like idiots.

Decoe: I could use an oil change.

Bocoe: We take care of other robots but who cares for us?

Eggman: Get moving!

Sonic: So the X-Tornado can only fly at full speed for a few more seconds?!

Tails: Yeah. If we're lucky!

Sonic: Hrr! Okay! Then you should fly full speed at the bridge!

Chris: But that's crazy!

Sonic: Trust me, this is our only chance!

they do it.

Eggman: Is the Blaster Cannon powered up yet?

Decoe: Almost Doctor.

Bocoe: Uh, it appears we have company!

Eggman: Oooh!

the plane gets ready.

Eggman: What is this?

then Sonic uses 2 rings.

Tails: Hang on! Here we go!

Amy: Ooh!

Crystal: Ugh...

they rocket at it.

Eggman: Blow them away!

Decoe: The cannon is still recharging!

Eggman: Huh?

Sonic then blasts the thing to bits.

Eggman: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bocoe: We have lost all our controls, Doctor.

Decoe: We must abandon ship at once!

Eggman: Curse you, hedgehoooooooooooggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get yoooou!

ship blows up.

they land.

Chris: Great job, Sonic!

Amy hugs him, and Crystal comes up behind her.

Amy: Oh! My hero!

Crystal:(thoughts) Just like I told her earlier, she always fails to give Sonic what he wants.

Tails: Well, we stopped Eggman again, but I bet he'll be back!

Chris: Looks like we're gonna be fighting against Eggman for a long time. He'll never surrender!

Tails: You're right, Eggman's got plenty of tricks up his sleeve, this battle is only beginning!

some random guy: He just might win!


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