This is episode 55 of Sonic X: Crystallised.


Human and intro bits play.

In the spaceship…

Cream: You detected one of the Chaos Emeralds?

Amy: Are you sure about this, Knuckles?

Knuckles: Yes. There’s no doubt about it. I was in the engine room a few minutes ago and I saw the Master Emerald reacting to something. It must’ve been an Emerald!

Crystal: Check for a planet nearby.

Tails: Let’s see. (shows a map)

Chris: There’s one!

Cosmo: That’s Planet Secco-

Sonic: And according to my galactic guidebook, it’s dry as a bone!

Crystal: Where’d you get that anyway?

Amy: Tails! We’re gonna land on Planet Secco and find that Emerald! Let’s go!

Tails: I’m supposed to give the orders.

Amy: Just do it!

As they land…

Chris: According to the scopes, there’s a lot of water on this world!

Sonic: Oh no! We can’t land here! There’s gotta be some kind of mistake!

Knuckles: Tough luck, Sonic. (chuckles)

Crystal: You have to deal with it.

They land in the water.

Chris: Splash down!

After they land…

Sonic: You must’ve made a wrong turn, Tails! The guidebook says this planet’s dry!

Tails: Don’t blame me, Sonic. Sounds like your galactic guide book’s seriously out of date.

Sonic: There’s way too much water here! I hate water…

Chris: Don’t sweat it, Sonic. I have a way for you to stay dry even when you’re underwater! You’re not afraid of submarines, are you?

Sonic chuckles.

Crystal: Hmph! I’m going with you two. Just to see if Sonic’ll behave. I’ll be fine.

Tails: Launch the subs!

The submarines launch off.

Chris: (Thoughts) Uh oh, Sonic’s looking pretty seasick. Lucky for me we’re riding in separate compartments!

They find some fish.

Chris: Wlah! Oh no!

They then tumble around and enter the surface.

Cosmo, Cream, Amy and Knuckles’ bit plays.

Back with Sonic, Chris and Crystal…

Chris: Sorry…

Crystal: Boy, that made me dizzy. But I’m fine.

Chris: Where are we?

Crystal: Beats me.

They then notice the Metarex’s base.

Chris: Hey look!

Sonic: Oh?

Crystal: Well that didn’t take long.

As they walk…

Chris: Sonic, come on, you’re safe now!

Crystal: Maybe we aren’t!

They notice the Metarex.

Sonic: They’re Metarex!

Chris: Yeah, and whoever sent them here designed them especially for the water!

Crystal: Right. I bet their boss stole the Planet Egg and turned this place into a water world!

Sonic: I knew there was somethin’ fishy goin’ on!

Sonic and Crystal then fight the Metarex off.

Sonic: Run while you have the chance!

Chris: I’m not afraid. I’ve got a black belt in karate now!

Sonic: You know karate?!

Chris: Tanaka gave me martial arts lessons! I’ll chop these fishy freaks and turn them into sushi!

Crystal: (thoughts) Um… wasn’t that guy useless? How’ll Chris fair when he looks like a kid again?

Chris tries to hit them, but with his strength decrease, he can’t even dent them.

Sonic: Stop kiddin’ around, Chris!

Crystal: You’re just not strong enough to help us!

Chris: I’m not a kid!

Sonic: Get goin’! I’ll take care of ‘em!

Chris: Don’t you want me to help you?!

Crystal: I’ll go with Chris, Sonic. Good luck!

Sonic: That’s okay. Leave the fighting to the experts, Chris.

Chris: (Thoughts) No wonder Sonic doesn’t believe me. I have the skills of an 18 year old but the strength of a 12 year old. Maybe I can stop these things with a surprise counter attack!

Crystal: Chris, don’t try it!

He hits them and gets hurt himself, while Crystal stares at him with a halfeye look.

Sonic: Go! (He pushes Chris and Crystal into the water)

Sonic then flings them far away.

Sonic: Get help!

Chris: But Sonic…

Sonic: Get in that sub and get goin’!

Crystal: Okay, but Sonic…

Chris: Look behind you!

Crystal: Now!

Sonic: Huh?

The boss is behind him. Sonic is then flung into the water.

Chris: Just don’t panic!

Then the Metarex captures him.

Chris: They’ve got him…

Crystal: Oh no Sonic…

Chris: Just hold on, Sonic, I’m comin’ for ya!

The Metarex then start to get in for the other heroes.

Sonic: Go before the Metarex get you two!

Chris: I won’t leave you!

Sonic: You have to! If they catch you, none of us’ll survive!

Chris: Alright, I’ll go. Come on, Crystal.

Crystal: Okay. We’re comin’, Sonic.

As they go underwater…

Chris: You hang in there, Sonic…

After getting back to the spaceship and telling the news…

Tails: Sonic was captured?!

Chris: Yeah, but I’m goin’ back to rescue him!

Tails: By yourself?! There’s no way, Chris!

Crystal: You can’t go alone!

Chris: Trust me; I know what I’m doing, Tails!

Tails: No you don’t!

Chris: I do!

Tails: But what’s your plan, Chris?

Chris: I’ll fly back to where Sonic is, and I, uh, I don’t know.

Tails: We can save Sonic if we use teamwork! There’s no reason for you to do it all alone, okay?

Crystal: Tails is right.

Chris: Okay.

Tails’ communicator beeps.

Tails: This is the Blue Typhoon, over.

Amy: It’s Amy. I’m calling from under the island.

Tails: I have some bad news, about Sonic!

Amy: Sonic got captured.

Tails: How did you find that out?

Amy: I just made a whole bunch of new friends. They saw the Metarex capturing Sonic!

Chris: We gotta go rescue him, Amy!

Amy: I’ll take care of it, Chris! These folks will tell me where Sonics being held. (Then she tells her wannabe love story)

Chris: Uh, excuse me?

Amy: Is that you, Sonic?

Crystal: (Facepalms)

Chris: No, it’s me, Chris! We have to rescue Sonic right away, Amy!

Amy: What do you mean we? I don’t need a shocker out!

Chris: Okay!

Amy: Tails, I’ll need some time to set Sonic free. Take us up in the X Tornado in an hour, got it?

Tails: Sure, Amy. (Hangs up)

Chris: Need any help getting the X Tornado ready?

Tails: I don’t think so Chris. Why don’t you go take a rest? You might wanna wash up for a bit too.

Crystal: Ha ha. I’ll go with you Tails!

Chris and Amy’s bits then play.

Tails: Hang on, guys, I’m comin’ to get ya!

Crystal: We’d better get there quick.

Tails: Begin launch sequence!

Then the launch sequence begins.

Tails: Catapult ready, launch!

Crystal: Let’s go!

They fly off.

Amy’s bit then plays.

Tails: Amy!

Amy then hops on the plane.

Tails: I’m heading back to the Blue Typhoon!

Crystal: Then we’ll use our next move!

Amy: Roger.

Sonic: Now that I’m free, how about untying me?!

Missiles shoot, but they miss the X Tornado.

Tails: Missed me!

Crystal: Ha ha!

Amy: Oh!

They then realise that Sonic isn’t with them.

Tails and Crystal: Sonic!

Sonic: Next time you wanna rescue me, don’t! Rrgh!

Chris then arrives.

Chris: Hey, Sonic!

Sonic: That’s Chris!

Chris: Try these!

Then a thing glows on Sonics shoes and he lands in the water, or so everyone thought.

Tails: Where is he?

Crystal: What’s with all that water?

Then Sonic is shown to be hovering above the water.

Amy: How’s he doing that?

Crystal: That looks cool.

Sonic: Thanks for the lift, pal!

Tails: They’re hover shoes, Amy! Now THAT’S an inventive invention!

Crystal: That’s cool, Chris!

Chris: Thanks guys.

Amy: Guys look, more Metarex on the way!

Sonic: Now that I can stay dry, those fishheads are washed up!

Sonic then defeats all the Metarex on the planet.

Sonic: Couldn’ta done it without ya, Chris!

Amy: The Planet Egg!

The Planet Egg returns to its normal state, and turns the planet back to normal.

Tails: Mission accomplished!

Crystal: Yeah!

Cosmo, Cream, Cheese, and Knuckles’ bit plays.

Back with Sonic, Chris, Crystal, Tails and Amy…

Sonic: This feels fantastic! Back on solid ground! (Chuckles) These shoes are great! Hold on to ‘em for me, will ya?

Chris: If you like the shoes, I’ve got some other stuff you can try!

Sonic: Will do!

Crystal: I have a feeling those have a lot of purposes. Ha ha, that’s pretty cool.

Sonic: Come on, I’ll race ya back to the Blue Typhoon! (Runs off)

Everyone laughs and the episode ends with Sonic running off.


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