This is episode 8 of Sonic X: Crystallised.


scene with eggmans ship plays.

back at Chris' house...

Creams program guy starts playing his normal routine.

Ella: Hii! Snack time, everyone!

her and Amy bring in pies laid out in front of Tails, Crystal and Sonic.

Crystal: Yummy pies!

Ella: Here we go!

Amy: Ella showed me how to make homemade apple pie!

Ella: I think our little Amy has quite a nack for baking!

Crystal: (sarcasm) I wonder why...

Ella: I just might be out of a job soon!

Crystal:(thoughts) Eeh... I think I know why... Sonic. She's not gettin' him though!

Amy: Hey, Ella! Maybe Sonic would like some pie!

Tails(reaching out for it): He can have the other one!

Crystal:(thoughts) Good one Tails...

Amy: No you don't! That pie's for Sonic!(throws Tails)

Tails: No, me!(hits TV screen)

Crystal: I think you hit a wrong one Amy...

Cream: Tails, you broke our... TV!

Tails: I'm sorry.

Cream: And that was our favourite program.

Chris: Don't worry, Cream, maybe this'll help(tries pressing buttons but they don't work) Okay... guess that didn't work...

Crystal: Oh dear...

Cream: (sniffs twice, then starts crying) Now we can't watch our program! Waaah!

Sonic jumps inside...

Sonic: Hey, what's goin' on?

Chris:Hi, Sonic. Cream and Cheese are upset because the TV's busted.

Sonic: Is that what they're cryin' about?

Crystal: Uh huh. You got it.

Amy: What do we do? Now I can't watch my cooking show!

Ella: Or Mrs Thorndyke in the "Movie of the Week"

Tanaka: Or the "Martial Arts Matinee"

Crystal: Do we have to go on?

Chris: Sorry everyone...

Bokkun comes in, everyone hides in their spots, and Crystal hides with Chris and Sonic, and to the right of Sonic.

Bokkun: That was a disappointing welcome if you don't mind me sayin' so!(pulls mini tv out) Got a brand new message to Sonic from Dr Eggman, so listen up good!

Eggman: Greetings, my little warthog! Sorry it's been so long since my last message but I've been such a busy little bee! Take a look!(shows them what's happening to the satellites)

Chris: That thing's swallowing up satellites!

Tanaka: And it's ruined our television reception.

Eggman: Don't get any ideas, Sonic! After all, I'm only having a little fun!

Crystal: "Fun" to him sounds more like ruining TV's for robots.

Eggman: So stay out of it if you know what's good for you! As we speak, my E-90 is floating above the stratosphere, collecting all manner of space junk, so that I can make more and more of my ever so helpful mechanical friends!

Crystal: I was right.

Eggman: Well? What do you say to that? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pretty soon, you might be on sleep, Bokkun!

Bokkun starts crying.

Chris: What's E-90?

Tails: I don't know Chris, but I'll bet it's one of Eggmans robots!

Crystal: Of course it would be. He said "his" E-90. And it's got an E

Tails: I wonder what a stratosphere is.

Chuck busts in.

Chuck: A layer of air miles above us! It's as high as the sky!

Crystal: Random welcome...

Chuck: We can deal without you, crybaby!

(grabs Bokkun, walks off)

Bokkun: No! Put me down!(bombs Chuck) Gotcha! Haaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sonic gets a random face, Crystal puts her hand over her mouth.

Chris: Looks like that robot's the bomb!

Crystal: Literally.

Chuck: Very funny. But this is serious, Chris and Crystal, Eggman's causing havoc, miles above anyone's reach!

Crystal: Yeah, yeah, I know we have to be serious. What's wrong with having a little joke?

Chris: I bet the Tornado could get up there!

Tails: Hmmm...

Sonic: Come on, Tails!

Tails: Huh?

Sonic: Why not? I'm game! Let's go!

Tails: Uh, okay! I'm comin'!

Crystal: I'll do what I've done other times. See y'all later!

Tails: We can do it!

Sonic: You bet!

They take off.

Amy: Good luck, you guys! We'll be waiting!

they take off.

Eggman: Huh? E-90, zap those meddlers!

it fires, but misses.

Tornado continues flying.

Sonic: Move in close!

Tails: We move too fast for it!

Crystal:(thoughts) I'm starting to get the feeling that we're gonna lose...

it tries to zap them again

Sonic: I... I think that was too close!

Tails: Don't worry. I think I've got an idea!

Crystal: Oh, boy, I can't wait!

they spin the robot around and around.

Tails: Here goes!(fires shots, manages to blast something.)

Crystal:(thoughts) Good one, Tails!

it tries to get away

Sonic: Stay with it!

Tails: Just hold on tight!

Crystal: I'm already holding on as tight as it is!

They fly closer, and get a big green box in the process.

Tails, Crystal and Sonic: Wllaaah!!!

they try to fly away.

Eggman: Huuurrr! Time for some fireworks!(launches fire)

Sonic jumps out of the plane and throws the bullets away by jumping on them.

Eggman: You think you're so smart, don't you?! Super Sweeper!(tries to suck the plane in)

Sonic: It's sucking us in!

Crystal: I'm trying to hold on!

Tails pulls a lever and they get free from "Super Sweeper".

Sonic: It's comin' up behind us!

Tails: I know a way to shake it!

Crystal: How?

Tails: Just watch!

they fly far away, into the clouds, and the robot sucks up the clouds.

Tails: I can't believe it! It's swallowing up all the clouds!

Tornado oil leaks.

Tails: Oh no! WllllllllllllllllllllllllllllOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tails pulls at a lever. And they fly home.

Crystal: Let's call it a defeat for today.

Sonic is on the roof, with Crystal staring at him from the side, both thinking the same thing.

Chuck: It appears our foe is more powerful than we thought.

Tails: Hmm...

Sonic: Hey, Tails!

Tails: Huh?

Sonic: Problem is, the Tornado's too slow! So, what you oughta do is supe this birdie up a little bit.

Crystal: I even felt it was slow myself!

Chuck and Chris: Huuh?

Tails: I guess I could try.

Chris: Really, Tails?

Tails: Maybe I could use the Chaos Emerald! But there could be a problem...

Chris and Chuck: Huh?

Tails: It's all that energy. The Chaos Emeralds got huge amounts of energy. It would take only a tiny bit to power the Tornado, so all that extra energy wuld have nowhere to go, and that could be a real big problem!

Crystal: He's right.

Chris: What do you think, Grandpa?

Chuck: We need to find a way to burn off the Chaos Emeralds' excess energy.

Tails: I wouldn't wanna just waste it.

Chuck: Do you have any better ideas?

Tails: Well, we could install a backup engine. That way, with 2 engines instead of 1, the energy would have another outlet!

Chuck: Do you really think that 2 engines could contain all that power?

Tails: If we wanna beat Dr Eggman, it's sure worth giving it a try!

Chuck: In order to install that backup, we'd need to rebuild the plane. Are you sure you have the know-how to do that, Tails?

Crystal: I'm sure he would.

Tails: Well, I've never done anything like this before, but, I'll give it a shot!

Sonic: You can do it Tails, I know it!

Crystal: Go Tails!

Chuck: Come with me, Tails, I've got something that might interest you! In fact, I'm certain it will.(him and tails walk off)

Crystal: I'm gonna go sleep in the lounge room, Sonic. Good night.

Sonic: Good night.

Tails: What's this?

Chuck: It's my secret labratory!

Tails: It's amazing!

Chuck: I think you'll find everything we need.

Tails: Sure!

Chuck: Now let's rebuild, the Tornado!

Tails: Yeah!

they rebuild.

couple hours later

Chuck: You've been working all day long, Tails, why don't you take a break?

Tails: It's okay. I'm almost done.

Chuck: Hm! Alright!

Chris: Want some help?

Tails turns around and see's Chris.

Tails: Huh?

the next morning...

Cream and Cheese wake up.

"Egg TV" comes on.

Eggman: Good morning! It's time for... the one and only "Dr Eggman Show"!

Crystal: The only show on TV is Eggman, which is as ugly as ever.

Eggman: This program is brought to you by a beautiful island in the Southern Sea!

Cream: He's scary!

Crystal: And ugly!

Eggman: Today's show is brought to you by the Amazing Super Sweeper!

Crystal: More like the Pooping Super Sweeper.

Eggman: For a cleaner safer stratosphere!

Bocoe: Cue!

Eggman: Who's the most brilliant scientist in all the universe?!(starts spinning, jumps toward screen, does an eye twitch) Haa, why, it's Dr Eggman!


the whole part with the military plays.

Tails: Sonic!

Sonic jumps down

Sonic: Did you finish?

Tails: Yup! Sure did! Come on, I'll show ya!

Tails shows it to the gang.

Tails: Presenting Tornado X!

Crystal: (whispers to audience) Tornado X is only for this episode, kids!

then the part with the military plays again.

Sonic: Let's shove off, Tails and Crystal!

Tails: Mm hm!

Crystal: Okay!

Chris: Hey, Sonic? I was hoping I could go too.

Sonic: But Chris, you can't come with us. You know the plane's only a 2-seater.

Chris: I thought...

Tails: Guess I forgot to tell ya.

Sonic: Huh?

Tails: I made a couple of more changes.(shows them an extra 2 seats)

Chris: I asked Tails if he could put in an extra seat. I hope you don't mind Sonic.

Sonic: Hmmm...

Tails: Well, Sonic?

Sonic: Just so long as you don't get in the way, okay?

Chris: You got a deal!

they get in.

Tails: Tornado X, get ready for take-off!

Chuck: Let's clear the runway.(presses button, trees lay down) I can't wait! I'm so excited, I could fly!

Tails: Tornado X, blast-off!

they take off.

Tails: Here we go!

they start flying

Tails: Okay get ready! We're about to enter X hyperspeed mode!

with eggman...

Decoe: Sorry to disturb you Doctor, but something is headed straight for E-90, and it sure is fast!

Eggman: But not fast enough! I'll teach them to sneak up on me!

The robot fires missiles, but it misses the plane.

Sonic: Let's do it!

Crystal glides with Sonic

Sonic jumps on the bullets, Crystal gliding with him.

They land on the robot.

Sonic: Huh?

He runs from the lasers as does Crystal. He manages to dodge them.

Tails: Don't worry Sonic, I got your back!(launches lasers)

Crystal: As do I(launches ice)

Sonic: Thanks Tails! And thanks Crystal!(get's back to fighting robot)

Eggman: SONIIIC!!!! I'll put an end to that hyperactive hedgehog!

a laser box comes out

Tails: I can't get any closer!

Sonic breaks the laser box with Crystal.

Sonic get's blown onto the X-Tornado

Amy: Isn't Sonic the bravest?

They fly into space. Lucky Crystal had gotten into the X-Torando at this time.

Sonic gets on the ship

Sonic gets blown

Sonic: Wllaaah!

it shoots bullets at the plane, but misses.

Eggman: Let's see if you can do better than that!

Super Sweeper comes and tries to suck Sonic in.

Tails: Here we go! Booster switch, on!

they fly far away, then come back really fast. Super Sweeper started to bring Sonic back in.

Tails: Sonic, watch out!(destroys Super Sweeper, but not the whole robot)

Eggman: Allriiiight! Wanna fight dirty?

It flies away, and heads into space.

Tails: Just try to get away!

X-Tornado flies after it.

Sonic gets on plane.

Sonic starts shivering.

Crystal: Sonic? You okay?

Chris: Sonic looks like he's shivering!

Tails: That's cause we're close to the stratosphere. It's 50 below up here, but Sonic can take it.

Crystal: You sure about that?

the plane and Sonic starts to be encased in ice.

Chris: What's going on?

Tails: Everything's A-Okay!

Crystal: Doesn't look A-Okay when Sonic's frozen and the plane's frozen!

Sonic: A-Okay...

Crystal: Great. Just Great. We lost a hero.

Chris: Huh? Tails! Sonic is frozen solid!

Tails: Huh?

Crystal: (facepalms) Idiot fox.

Chris: Hey! The ring!

Tails: No good! I can't open the conquet!

Crystal: Yeeah... Maybe because it's sealed by ice, Tails?

Chris: But we've gotta think of something!

Chuck(in Tails' mind): We need to find a way to burn off the Emeralds' excess energy.

Tails: That's it! I've got an idea! Listen carefully, Chris, take the ring and connect it to the yellow cable underneath the seat!

Chris: What's that gonna do?

Tails: There's no time for questions!

Chris: Uh, okay!

Chris tries to reach for the yellow cable, which Crystal gives to him.

He manages to melt Sonic.

Sonic breakes the ice

Sonic: Watch out Eggman, I'm all warmed up!

Crystal: Nice one, Sonic!

Sonic: Let's go get 'im guys!

Tails: Yeah!

they fly far away, then come back.

Sonic attacks the bullets then attacks the robot, which he destroys forever... and the TV reception loses itself again.

Tails, Chris and Crystal: Yeeah!

at home

Tanaka: Guess I need to call the cable guy.

As Sonic falls, the four of them go home, thumbs-upping each other.

When they get down, Sonic puts his feet in a foot spa.

Ella says hse made something for him.

Chuck: You sure taught Eggman a lesson Sonic.

Sonic: It wasn't me, Chuck, I just helped out this time. Chris, Crystal and Tails are the ones who did it. They're the real heroes!

Tails, Chris and Crystal:(high five) Yeah!

Amy: Let's celebrate!(is seen holding lots of ice cream) I made this ice cream myself! For the coolest guy around!

Crystal facepalms.

Sonic: Huuh... Wow, cool!










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