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((The series has started))


After Sonic defeats Eggman again, he thinks he desreves a long vaction. Until Eggman tells Sonic that he going out into space to find powers which will help him defeat him. Sonic likes the thought of going on an inter-galactic adventure, but this time he will need friends..... and a new space-ship.


  • No God-modding.
  • No extreme swearing (Light curse words like damn, hell & crap are acceptable, but use them sparingly.)
  • No trolling or else.
  • No Sexual language is allowed(Flirting, kissing and hugging is allowed though (Keep it PG-13 though.)
  • No gore which means no be-heading, cutting off arms (Flesh wounds are alright just don't go into detail about them.)
  • AND NO SONAMY, SONADOW OR ALL THAT OTHER CRAP OR YOU WILL DIE. You can have their children show but don't explain their parents.
  • This is a invite/ request roleplay but only for the first episode, any other episode is free join. (Screw that just let me know you are joining for the first episode)
  • If you appear for only one or two episodes then put in Minor Character. Anything above that is a main character.
  • Don't break the fourth wall or else.
  • Keep to the plot.
  • Make sure the superviser is there and if they are not there then please don't type anything.(They should have their name and if they are online or not) (For me as I live in AUS, the time zones will be different, such as in Melbourne in VIC, it would midnight and in London it would be 3pm and 10-5 am hours behind in North America (if my math is right, if I am wrong for some reason please change this to them to the correct times.)
  • Don't steal other people's characters with out permission from that person.
  • No super-powered characters as well.
  • Only the Supervisors can pause. They will put 'PPPPPAAAAAUUUUUSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!' when the episode is paused!

Episode Supervisors

  • Kakariko Fried Cucco
  • Apallo the Hedgehog
  • Cameron33268110


  1. Kakariko Fried Cucco
  2. Apallo the Hedgehog
  3. Cameron33268110
  4. LegoPigeon
  5. Bita
  6. Sonicsmansion97
  7. Silver the Hedgehog2
  8. PabloDePablo
  9. BlurayOriginals
  10. GabeTheBlackcat
  11. Niktendo7

Main Characters (Hero)

Main Characters (Anti-hero/ Neutral)

  • All canon Anti-heroes/ Neutal people (anyone)
  • Natalie the Hedgehog (Cameron33268110)
  • Bolt the Mutant Fox (Sonicsmansion97)
  • GabetheBlackcat(himself)
  • Gorru the Wolf (Niktendo7)

Main Characters (Villain)

  • Any canon villain (anyone) (please don't overload with the villians)
  • Eggman (Supervisor in charge of the episode)
  • Fleetway (Major Villian) (Apallo)
  • Darkness the Hedgehog (Kakariko Fried Cucco)
  • Dark Ratatosk Sonic (Cameron33268110)

Minor Characters (Hero)

Minor Characters (Anti-hero/ Neutral)

Minor Characters (Villain)


(Missed a episode? Wondered what would of happened if your character made one different descicion? Well wonder no more, as this series has a counterpart on another wiki! If you want to follow this series just go here! (Note: That series will start 2 episodes after this series) (If anybody has any ideas for episodes please post them on the talk page! Thank you!)

The Series is being started in that other wiki right away! Note, you have to input your characters again and some episodes are wiki exclusive (Don't worry this wiki will also have some exclusive episodes) Sorry for the delays and the trouble. KFC ( Kakariko Fried Cucco)

Season 1

Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

Sonic is looking for his friends to help him on his adventure, but Eggman has left a suprise for Sonic.

Episode 2: Cosmic Distruction

Fleetway Super Sonic (Evil Super Sonic) Has been released and fully freed from Sonic and is planning to rip a hole to Blaze's Dimension and others to take the emeralds for his own purposes.

Episode 3: Cosmic Apocalypse

Fleetway Has gathered up the Sol and Chaos Emeralds's Negative Powers and destroys the two dimensions and opens one up to the third.

Episode 4: Luna to the Rescue

Emily gets kidnaped by Eggman and Luna must rescue her, but somebody is watching her and analyzing her.

Episode 5: Dark Ratatosk Sonic is Back!

The darkness inside Sonic has grown and when Nikki left, he transformed into Dark Ratatosk Sonic and it's up to Luna, Finn, and Emily to stop him.

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