Sonic X: Twisted Remake is a show by Manta-bee.

Sonic X: Twisted Remake
Format Animated, Anime, Comedy, Blue comedy
Created by Manta-bee
Writer(s) Manta-bee, LittleMermaid1819, CowsRTasty, Wh!te$tar, and Meanfang; basically anyone with ideas
Director(s) Manta-bee
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-14 DLSV
  • TV-MA (uncensored)
Network WebNetwork

The TV Party Network

First aired 2007 (concept formed)
Last aired April 2011


Although different from the original show, it is modeled after the original show, yet incorporates adult situations, to an adult audience. Inspired by Shin-Chan, and disgust of 4Kids' rendition of Sonic X, Manta-bee went on to create this fan series.


List of Sonic Characters

The creator of this rendition also appears a few times.


Sonic X: Twisted Remake/Episodes


Sonic X: Twisted Remake Quotes

Cultural References

  • In one episode, Sonic says that werewolves are not real, and uses Ryan Seacrest as another example of something that doesn't really exist.
  • Michael Jackson comes back from the dead in one episode.
  • The Gameboy Advance games are mentioned in an episode.
  • DJ Boy
  • A few episodes parody other anime, such as Lupin III, FLCL and Ikkutousen.
  • An episode title is a pun on the game Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Vector takes a jab at Little Caesar's pizza in, mentioning "those awful $5 pizzas".
  • Various internet memes in "YTP Panic".

Chris as a Target

Chris has often been the butt of many a joke. Whether it be completely harmless and merely mortifying or just outright cruel, he seems to have such bad luck in the show.

Which include:

"Ramen's Joy"

  • Constantly made fun of by other characters, especially for being wimpy.
    Cream: "Next time we play house, Chris is the mommy!"

"Very Wrong"

  • In the eighth episode after everyone gets food poisoning, Sonic is sick on him.

"The Night We All Got Sick"

"A Festival To Remember"

  • Sonic kicks him after Chris thought Shadow was Sonic (as well as calling Chris a dumb-*** while doing so). Then Shadow chases down Chris for vice-versa.

"Sands of Foolishness"

  • Shot with a gun just for saying "Hi".

  • Annoyed Shadow, who shoots his kneecaps, kicks him in the groin, and Chaos Blasts him until he's nothing but a pile of dust.

  • King Leonidas from 300 popped out of nowhere, screamed "SPARTA!" and kicked him into a pit.

"YTP Panic"

  • Stuck a pair of tweezers in an electrical outlet.

  • Someone grabbed one of the points of his overly spiked hair and stabbed him to death with it. The last point was jabbed into his back.

  • Micheal Jackson's undead body took him to Neverland Ranch for a night of, well.... you know what. He then contracts diseases the night after and realizes he hadn't gotten his shots before. Plus, Cream drops a bowl of hot soup on him.

"Back at the Neverland Ranch"

  • Gets smacked with the purple dinosaurs' tail and crashes into something off-screen.

"Demon Dino"

  • Lit on fire and launched out of a catapault by Shadow to help explain Genghis Khan's psychological warfare tactics.


  • Gets speared in the leg by a sniper who was originally after Sonic.

"Sniper, No Sniping"

  • An upcoming episode will feature him getting mauled by some animals at the zoo, and another where he gets attacked by a werehog.

  • One of Chris's hairs is lit on fire but doesn't feel a thing, yet the others laugh since he doesn't see. Once he does he panics.

  • Knuckles was complaining about nobody wanting to ask him how his mission went. Chris offers to, but he gets rebuffed harshly.

Chris: I would like to know how it went.
Knuckles: Chris, please! I don't have time for this!
[Add more if you've got any]


  • The series is shown on WebNetwork so it woudn't be confused with Julayla's Sonic X Remake.
  • The creator of this series will appear in the show, wearing long, checkered, fingerless gloves. She dosen't actually own any, but wanted to during the time of writing this fan show.
  • Cream shows a strong hatred for the Barney the Dinosaur character.
  • Ella, as in the original show, says a few words in Spanish, some harboring curses, others being harmless.
  • Part of one episode is based on the internet shorts where Sonic kicks Shadow in the groin, and then Shadow's payback on Sonic.
  • In an episode there is multiple swear jars, one for each profanity, (with the "Damn" jar being the most full, as a reference to the Shadow the Hedgehog game) but there's only one in "Guess Who's Coming To...".
  • Manta-bee has agreed to write for this show up until the first part of the second season.

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