These are quotes from Sonic X: Twisted Remake.

Knuckles: "I forgot, you're as helpless as a welfare mom."
"Curious Knux"

Cream: "Yay, I didn't even have to cut myself!"
"A Visit"

Sonic: [reffering to Chris who has litterally wet his pants in fear] "That's why you should never share a bed with him."
"A Visit"

Amy: "Your stick figures suck."
Tanaka: "Acutally, it's Japanese Kanji, just like my relatives would use. It's perfect for writing your motto in."
Knuckles: "Deadbeat drunks use it for tattoos."
Sonic: "Or our editors are just too lazy to change things to English."
Knuckles: "Stop referencing the show!"
"Destruction of the 4th Wall"

Charmy: "Vector, where do babies come from?"
Vector: "Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much, they get drunk and go to a sleazy motel. After they get married, the woman keeps nagging at the man at how he's bad at everything, especially his job, and the man says he can't take it anymore. Nine months later, a baby is born.
"Blowing Up the House"

Charmy: "Please don't hit me..."
Vector: "That won't be funny when the cops show up."
"A Team That Sleeps Together"

Sonic: "Man, this place is bigger than Eggman's butt!"

Cream: "What does 'making out' mean?"

Tails: " He'll have to live down there and get married down there and have kids down there, then the kids will marry each other and have more kids and they'll be hillbillies in the sewer and the banjo playing will drive us insane!"
"A Big Clog"

Knuckles: Yeah, yeah. Now where's the Master Emerald? [One of Chris' mom's awards falls from a shelf and hits him in the head] DAAAAAAA- !!![cut to outside of Thorndyke Mansion]
"Thorndyke Dinner Disaster"

Big: I brought a box of fishing tackle... and the Prince of Darkness. [everyone stares]
"Show And Tell"

Charmy: [sees Knuckles in a Chao suit] Are you Knuckles?
Knuckles: [sarcastically] No, I'm actually a giant chao creature.
Charmy: Wow, for a second there I thought you were-
Knuckles:[removes mask] It is me, you dunce!!

"Thorndyke Dinner Disaster"

Tails: I don't remember eating carrots.
Sonic: Ugh, TMI, dude...
Cream: So that's where those went!

"The Night We All Got Sick"

Sonic: "Damn you, milk! You sneaky b******d!"

Tails: Forget it, he's never going to come out of that coma!

Sonic: Werewolves are just made up, like fairies, and Ryan Seacrest.

[Cream bursts in to the bathroom and panickedly shouts] Mr. Knuckles!!! There's a spider in the other room and Cheese won't get it!!!
Knuckles: Cream!
[Cream contuinies to panic]
Knuckles: Cream, Get out! [turns Cream around]
[Cream turns back around and still contuinies to panic]
Knuckles: I said out! [accidentally urinates on her] Whoops...
Cream: [cries]

Sonic: [to Tails] Oh, yeah?! If it weren't for me, you'd still be living with that family of birds!

"If I Didn't Have You"

Knuckles: Chris, no one here respects you enough to get you damn vaccinations.

"Back at the Neverland Ranch"

Sonic: [after seeing Chris run over by a milk truck] Meh, I never liked the kid anyway. He kinda creeps me out.

"Ramen's Joy"

Cream: [throws remote at TV and breaks it] Die, retarded dinosaur, die!!!
Tails: [sarcastically] Nice going, Cream.
Amy: We're going to need a new TV.
Tails: No kidding!

"Demon Dino"

Tails: Quiet! I'm trying to watch Youtube Poop!

"YTP Panic"

Amy: [Reading a thank you card from the mayor] Knuckles, your name's not on it.
[Knuckles grabs the note and looks at it.]
Knuckles: [In a flat tone] Tails, Cream and Amy, could you leave the room for a second?
[Tails, Cream and Amy run out of the room while Knuckles stands up]
Knuckles: [Taking a deep breath and releasing with...] F-!
[He is cut off by a loud chord from an organ and whole flock of birds start flying away.]
Chris: [Having heard Knuckles outside] Good God, that is the loudest profanity I've ever heard Knuckles say!
Sonic: Nah, he's said louder ones.

Espio: [to his chao] Peaches! Get off of him! Only bad girls do that!

"What a Load"

Sonic: [to Knuckles] I dare you to climb up on the roof and shout a swear word at the top of your lungs.
Tails: But Ella's inside with the windows open.

"Truth or Dare"

Knuckles: [gets hit in the face with a yellow snowball] Is this lemon flav-? HOLY [bleep]!!!

Ella: "Oh, no! Not the swear jar! It's the only thing holding back the filthy language!"

"Guess Who's Coming To...."

Tails: [seeing Sonic lying on the floor] What's wrong, Sonic, are you having a seizure?

"Hide and Shriek"

Knuckles: Gross, you can see up Linsey's dress!
[He and Sonic sheild their eyes]
Chris: Hey, those are my underwear!