Sonic X the Remake is a remake of Sonic with a better plot and storyline. It has elements from most sonic universes(games,comics, shows,etc.). The story is more close to the games. In this show Sonic and friends don't get teleported to Earth, they live on Earth.


Sonic and friends stop Doctor Eggman and other enemies.



Story Arcs

Pre- Adventure Saga

Chaos Saga

Shadow Saga

Doctor Eggman finds out about Project:Shadow.

Eggmoon Saga

Eggman repairs the moon.

Metarex Saga

Black Arm Saga

Emerl Saga

Sonic and friends discover Emerl, a giziod

Sol Saga

Babylon Saga

Three birds challenge Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to a race.

Solaris Saga

Secret Ring Saga

Onyx Island Saga

Ark of Cosmos Saga

Werhog Saga

Docter Eggman unleashes Dark Gaia and Sonic transforms into a werhog.

Bold New Moebius Saga

Ifrit Saga

Black Knight Saga

Grand Prix 2 Saga

King Doc holds the second EX World Grand Prix.

Wisp Saga

Eggman makes an interstellar amusement park.

Classic Sonic Saga

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