sonic x the next generation
Created by sonic568863
Writer(s) sonic568863
Director(s) sonic568863
No. of episodes endless
Run time 1 hour
Starring sonic


Charmix saving the world by defeating dark diamond

well dark diamond wanted to take the world then it shows random pictures then you see charmix`s under skin then she falls into a volcano then knuckles was crying and then cream punched him in the face and said" YOU STUPID CRY BABY" but charmix was right behind him.

Sonic and tails

well sonic and tails have been so much together yhat i think they can be together okay.


1.sonic the hedgehog

2.miles tails prower

3.knuckles the enchida

4. amy rose

5.shadow the hedgehog

6.charmix the mongoose

7 cyborg charmix the mephlomodean

9. dark diamond

10.cream the rabbit

11.cheese the chao

12. eggman

13. allamee the meplomodean

14. tikoma the hegdehog

15 noah the aquatic hegdehog

16.lee the cat

17.karen the cat

18.may the mongoose

19 scar the cat

20 on-i the lion

21. linsday the iguana

22.justin the rhino

23 mistick the fox

24.seenariss the mongoose

25.twilight the wolf

26. casey the bulldog

27. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

and all the rest of my charaters

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