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Sonic Z is a crossover fan-fiction between the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and the series Dragon Ball Z. It involves Sonic the Hedgehog and friends being transported into the DBZ universe.


The Story begins with Eggman working at different ideas of his world conquest,but with no luck.Then a mysterious stranger appears and tells him he's from another dimension and that there are 7 dragon balls that would grant his wish,in which Eggman agrees.Weeks later reports of missing Mobians and new robots are all over the news,So Sonic and friends went to find the cause of the dissappearings.Meanwhile the same thing is happening in Goku's dimension,people are missing and new robots appeared,leading Goku and friends to find the root of the problem.

Part 1

(At Dr.Eggman' base on a stromy night,Eggman is drawing plans)

Eggman:Yes...And then I'll...No!For goodness noo!(Crumbles a plan and throws it away)Blast that Hedgehog!No matter what I come up with,he always ruins my plans!I just wish there a way to get my empire without meddlers.

???:I'll tell you.

Eggman:(Sees a oldman in a weird outfit and almost falled out his chair)Waahh!Who in blazing are you?!

???:Forgive my rudeness.My name is Dr.Gero,a fellow scientist from another deminsion,and I have come to make you an offer.

Eggman:Really?And what would that be?

Gero:In my deminsion there are seven orbs,that could grant you your greastest wish,to rule the world and to stop your enemy.

Eggman:Hmmm.And what do you get out of this?

Gero:I would need these seven emeralds that are said to hold great power.With the I could make a great weapon to get rid of my enemy.(Extends his hand)So Doctor Eggman,do we have a deal.

Eggman:Deal,and with our combine knowledge both our enemies will no longer bother us.(Grabs his hand)

Both:(Shuke hands and laugh evilly)Hahahahahaha!

(1 week later in Soinc's deminsion,Sonic and friends were hanging around Cream's house when the news came on)

Newsreporter:And in later news,there's been some Mobians who have vanish.


(As they listen to the news,the same news was being told in Goku's deminsion)

Goku:How can that happen?

Newsreporter:Also,there have been sightings of stange robots roaming about,be careful when you go out folks.That's it all.

Gohan:What does this mean,daddy?

Goku:I don't know,Gohan.I just don't know.

(In Sonic's deminsion,the friends think of who caused the problem)

Sonic:Only Eggman,would do something like this.

Tails:But what kind of robots are they?

Amy:They look more human them what Eggman made.

(Meanwhile at Angel Island,Knuckles just stares at the veiw)

Knuckles:Something big is going to happen.

(Meanwhile in Goku's deminsion,Piccolo aslo stares at the veiw of his land)

Piccolo:I sense something awful will occur.

Gohan:Master Piccolo!(lands)People are missing and robot appeared!


Piccolo:I already know,and I sence it's Dr.Gero..

Gohan:No way.

Piccolo:But the robots are not of his making

Goku:Yeah,I notice that.

Gohan:So what are we going to do?

Piccolo:We should should his lab and see what he's up to.


(They fly off to Gero's lab)

(Meanwhile in Sonic's world,our heroes invade Eggman's base)

Sonic:We're almost through guys.

Tails:We just have to go down this hall.

Knuckles:Be careful guys.

(They burst in)

Sonic:Give up Eggman.We're on to you

Eggman:Well this time I'm not working alone.

(In Goku's world)

Gohan:There it is!

(They landed)

Piccolo:(Blasts the door)

Goku:Give it up Gero!

Dr.Gero:Not this time.Me and my friend are ready for our plan.

Goku:What plan?

Dr.Gero:You'll see.(About to hit a button)

(In Sonic's world)

Sonic:Who's helping you?

Eggman:I'll show you.(About to hit a button)

Sonic and Goku:No!

(Both Eggman and Gero pressed the button which turned on a macine and a big flash of light happened)

Part 2

(Our heroes wake up to see that something odd happen and both doctors are gone)

Sonic:Where are you and who are you?

Goku:My name's Goku.And you are?

Sonic:I'm Sonic.Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gohan:I'm Gohan.

Tails:Hi Gohan.My name's Tails.

(Knuckles and Piccolo just stare at each other)

Goku:That's Piccolo.

Sonic:And that's Knuckles.

Gohan:What happened?

Tails:Well,both doctors must have made our worlds into one.

Knuckle:How about we stop talking and find out what's going on!

Piccolo:I agree with him.

Goku:Then let's fly to Bulma's.Maybe she has an idea to what's going on.

(At Bulma's place)

Bulma:What!?Let me get this right!Your saying that somehow both doctors made our worlds into one!?

Tails:That's what it looks like.

Bulma:*Faceplam*Oh boy,what a pickle we're in.

Sonic:So any idea how to fix our worlds?

Bulma:Well,I need the plans from both doctors to find out how to do that.

Goku:Finding them both won't be easy.

Gohan:Why don't we use the dragon balls to fix this?

Knuckles:Dragon what?

Piccolo:Dragon balls.They are our worlds treasures that grants wishes.

Tails:They almost sound like the Chaos Emeralds back home.

Bulma:Are those treasures in your world that grant wishes?

Sonic:They don't grant wishes,but they can give someone great power when all seven are together.

Knuckles:It won't be easy to find them.

Bulma:Maybe I can make a rader that reads the emeralds signal.But 1st I need one to do so.

Goku:So where do we look?

Tails:Where we can.We have to start somewhere.

Gohan:That's right.We have to before the doctors do.

(Our heroes start their search)

(Meanwhile miles from them)

Vegeta:What is blazes just happen?!One moment I'm training and then whole world changes!Huh?!

(Below,he sees something black and red running at fast speed on the ground from his moutain peak)

Shadow:Just great.The doctor ruins the world again.

Part 3