Sonic and Crew High School Adventures is the series based off the lives of teens the age of sixteen (except one who's age seventeen). The main characters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cosmo, Gary, Sliver, Shadow and Espio.

Sonic T. Hedgehog

He is one of the main characters and is the teams leader by default. He has super speed but is very dumb his dessing is close to Ben Tennyson's, mostly in jacket dessing. He is proven to be able to swim but is too lazy to ever swim. He also has a rival who's power is the opposite of him and also rivals aganist Jet and many others. A running gag is sonic is always sarcastically saying they are not even supposed to be doing something or saying he learned something that day.

He owns extreme gear as his only form of transportation.

Miles "Tails" Prower

He is the weirdest character of the show after suffering a horrible accident. He went mentally insane to believing hes a wild wolf/dog as he is always walking on all fours but in later seasons he has shown more human behavor like walking and speech. He is also the richest kid in the world but has shown no hints of spoiling himself from his childhood. He is shown to like music as he has headphones on in the episode "Invasion of the Homeless". He has a large crush on Cosmo as to the point to licking her ear.

Knukcles T. Echidna

He is the dumbest character on the show as he does everything unknowingly, but he is possibly smart. He is the strongest part of the group and is commonly seen near Sonic as he always listens to him.

Gary "Smart" Prower

He is Tails' older brother and the only seventeen year old in the gang. He has the ablity to read minds. He seems to be more mature as he never listens to Sonic. He always speaks for Tails, but claims he can't read Tails' mind (he claims all he hears is static in Tails' mind) he is the only one who knows how to drive.

Cosmo T. Seedrian

She is the only female in the group and the love interest of Tails. Her home is never shown but refered to a lot. She always wears the same clothes though wears very few different outfits. Tails is possibly the most close to Cosmo as it is revealed Cosmo sleeps in Tails' room with Tails sleeping at the foot of his bed like a pet dog would do, which the reason is unknown. Tails possible cause Tails like a normal pet dog is lonely and also probably cause Gary wants Cosmo to take care of Tails room.

Sliver T. Hedgehog

He is one of the main characeters and he is some times mistaken for a girl or acts like a girl (possibly cause sliver is normally a favorite color of a girl). Unlike his other apprences his spikes are lower giving him a different look. He has the same powers he has in the game.

Shadow T. Hedgehog

One of the main characters and also a anti-hero. He has chaos powers and commonly hates Cosmo. He is seen near Espio all the time but doesnt speak much. He is a expert of guns as shown in the movie as he is the leader temporarily and a sniper in the movie.

Espio T. Chameleon

He is a ninja and also always invisible, he seems to be second in command in the movie.


The show is based off many things.

Despite the title of the series they don't go to school until season 4.

They all wear the same dressings in snow gear (oddly enough they all etiher have snow hats or snow goggles in their snow suits).

Cosmo is revealed to own a bikini as stated by Sliver (unknown how he knows that).

Tails is possibly very light as in the episodePirates Of The Laketails is shown standing on everyones head also sliver in the episodesonic and crew lost in the citysliver is able to lift tails despite sliver is unable to lift a penny and its revealed in the specialapril fools and highschool when tails is shocked it shows a bird bones except his skull is a fox skull.

Sonic is considered the leader of the team while in reality Gary is.

Tails Is revealed to have a mental lock in his brain and tails also has the ablity to bend time itself unknown how.

Each of the characters seem to have friendships with each other:sonic is best friends with knukcles,sliver good friends with espio,shadow good friends with tails and gary good friends with cosmo.

Cosmo always mentions she is the leader of the cheersquad but is never seen doing gymnastics except in summer belongs to you during the song i believe we can before the plane wing breaks cosmo dose a gymnastic trick to get away from the plane also in the rough draft of the series cosmo was meant to talk while doing cheer poses.

Tails and Gary are revealled to be jewish as revealled in one episode tails goes to a jewish camp and in the chrismas special tails and gary claim to not celebrate chrismas.oddly enough gary and tails celbratted it.also cosmo is possibly jewish as she claims to celebrate a jewish holiday although she is revealled to not be jewish in one episode.

Tails and Gary are revealled to be japanise as well also in the special Summer belongs to you knukcles is revealed to be japanise as well.

In the SpecialSummer Belongs To You everyone sings a song that goes for everyone except City of love which is sung by amy but is a song for sonic also that doesnt go for the last song sung by tails and cosmo.

As Revealled inThe Camp Of Others Cosmo is the main soruce of Sonic's pranks and also that before Tails was seen by Cosmo Cosmo had a crush on Gary.

It's Revealed that Tails went insane when he was very younge.

At One point of the series each of the characters younge forms are shown:Sonics baby form is the same as his.Tails is shown as a derange baby wolf/dog.Knukcles is shown with long hair as a baby.Gary is only shown in his toddler form where he reads books from that age.Cosmo is shown in her baby form in a baby version of her dress.

Sliver as a baby was shown raised like a girl as his parents had him wear a dress when he was a toddler.Shadow is shown wearing a jacket when he was a baby that was too large for him.Espio is only seen at age six where he is in a ninja outfit.

In The SpecialZombies attack emerald highIts Shown that the zombies are unable to turn tails into a zombie due to him not having a brain or anything close to one also at the end it was a dream by sonic.

In the episodeInvasion Of The HomelessGary mentions a real life moral but sonic claims no body gives a care.

Sliver and Cosmo are the only two seen as anchors on the high school's tv news.

Each of the characters have there own clothes they sleep in,sonic's sleeps in a blue jacket,whiteshirt and no shoes,tails sleeps in a black tshirt and black pants,knukcles sleeps in a gray shirt and blue jeans,gary sleeps in his clothes,cosmo sleeps in her clothes too except she wears a sleep mask,sliver sleeps in his clothes but his hair is no longer smoother but long a refernce to him being raised as a girl,shadow sleeps in his clothes and black jacket,espio sleeps in a black ninja look.

Espio sleeps on a wooden post near his bed in a ninja stance.

Sliver mentions being raised like a girl and several hints are shown during the series,examples:in the first episode he is mistaken for a girl,in school pictures day his parents forced him to wear a dress,his hair when not spiky is long like a girls hair possibly cause of his parent's,on his fifteen birthday his parents threw him a girls birthday party,when he is younge he was forced to wear a dress,sliver's parents always call him darling or sweetie and they also call him a little girl,oddly enough sliver doesnt sound like a girl except when in pain although in one episode when gary yells'run away like little girls!!!'sliver did so possibly cause due to what his parents call him,sliver's parents gave sliver a pink cellphone and a pink extreme gear but gary bought him a new phone and sonic gave slivers extreme gear a paintjob,oddly enough in one episode during the school dance sliver was forced to wear a dress and lipstick oddly enough cosmo helped sliver by switching there clothes due to cosmo wearing a tux also sliver had no clue hwo to get rid of the lipstick as gary asked that after the dance because gary could easily see the lipstick and the final shown of sliver being raised as a girl is when sonic and shadow dressed him as a girl as sliver claimermy parents do this and now my friends?.

Gary mentions tails having a barmitzvah but it is never revealled.

Cosmo is mention being a tomboy,in one episode when cosmo wheres a hat knukcles or no one except sliver and tails and gary can reconize her.

Sonic and others always believe cosmo is poor for example in the episodeThe turkeys come marching homewhen there teacher is teaching about poor people sonic saysyou mean like how cosmo is poor and she smells like ham?.

As revealed in a episode cosmo likes to take showers when shes upset a refernce of her liking water.

In the episode the Blackmail sonic kissed cosmo in order to stop jet from telling his sceret.

Gary dissaspers for season 19 a reference to him going to collage next season.

The comfirmed show after this show is suite life of sonic and crew.

Tails,Cosmo,Sonic,Knukcles,Espio,Shadow are comfirmed to appear in suite life of sonic and crew.

Sliver is uncomfirmed to appear in the show but is in the rough draft of the first episode.

The season's final song at the final is summer belongs to you from phineas and ferb.

The song dumb love is sung by gary in the new show when he comes back to the ship to vist his friends.

Every main character appears in the song dumb love from the last show.

List of seasons

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Sonic and crew highschool adventures questions.

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