Sonic and Lumms is a game starring, well, Sonic and Lumms! It's the first game by Jet Inc. to star Sonic. It's for the Jet Exodus.


Sonic's Story

One day, Sonic was riding a boat through the Angel Swamps. Suddenly, Eggman dropped bombs and blew up Sonic's boat and kidnapped all of the animals living in the swamp. Sonic set off the save the swamp.

Lumms' Story

Lumms was relaxing in his home, Angel Swamps. Suddenly, a bomb dropped and captured him, along with the other animals. Lumms escaped his jail inside of Eggman's ship and set off to save the others,


Sonic arrives at the ship to find Lumms and his animal friends. After freeing the animals from the ship, Sonic and Lumms teamed up to defeat Eggman. Upon defeating him, Eggman fled the swamp and everything was back to normal.

Playable Characters

Sonic = Can duck to charge up more speed and run fast.

Lumms = Can grapple onto wooden bars (this uses a first-person view) and jump high.


All unknown except:


  • This is named after Sonic and Knuckles.


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