Sonic and the Black Emerald Box Art

Box Art

THis is the game version of the Fan Fic Sonic and the Black Emerald. The gameplay is a mix from most of the other sonic games (which is practically impossible, but still).


Same as the Fan Fic, but more shitty.

Evil has fianlly arrived in the Setax Region. Eggman and his new accomplice are detremine to find the chaos emeralds once more and another Legendary emerald know as the Black Emerald. Sonic and friends must put thier vacation aside to stop them. G.U.N. is also determine to take them down along with another hedgehog that has aluded thier graps for almost half a century.


The story mode is more like Sonic 06 and Sonic DX. THe stages differ from normal sonic stages to Sonic heroes type stages.

Game modes

Story mode:

Play through the characters

  • Team Sonic: Play as Sonic and his friends as they try to stop Eggman and his evil plans once more
  • Team Dark: Play as the members of Team Dark as they hunt down Rean ans another hedgehog that the G.U.N. commandersays is a threat to civilazation. Note: Unlocked after meeting Rouge in Hotel Lobby in Team Sonic Story
  • Dante and Co: Play as Dante and the N Squad as they protect Fow Toth from Eggman, Rean and other varius criminals. Note: Unlocked after picking up Dante and Sango in G.A.A.M.'s story mode
  • G.A.A.M.: Follow G.A.A.M. and her friends as they help the N Squad and fight Eggman, Unlocked at star
  • Final Story: Unlocked After Finishing All Other Story Modes
  • Mission Mode: Play lots of mission with Diffarent characters

Multiplayer Mode

Have fun playing with friends

  • Party Mode: Play Mario PArty Style. Select from different game boards to play on. Play as the characters you have unlocked and earn rings to unlock more baords and mini games
  • Battle mode: Play SSB style. Fight useing the characters you have unlocked in different stages. Earn rings to unlock more stages. Select from: Free For All, Team Battle, Tournament, Rules
  • Racing: Select from Kart Racing, and Extrem Gear Racing.


  • Black Market: Buy varius thing including diffarent outfit, Stages, Menu themes, Gear, boards, mini games and other items
  • Card Collection: View cards you have collected so far, my grammar is AWESOME, isn't it?
  • Music: Listen to songs from the game. Songs unlocked in order you hear in the game. Select Themes, Staged, Cutscenes, Mune's
  • Gallery: View "varius" pictures of the characters in the game
  • Cutscenes: Watch the cutscenes from story mode


  • Sound : Change sound settings
  • Language: Change Language
  • Theme: Change the menu theme


Characters unlocked at start

Sonic The Hedgehog

Knuckles The Echidna

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy Rose

Cream THe Rabbit


Characters Unlocked later on

Dante Nantal: Meet up with her at Murbas in G.A.A.M.'s Story

Bamba The Raccoon: Meet up with her a Dumbass in G.A.A.M.'s Story

Rouge The Bat: Meet Rouge in the Llama's City in Team Sonic Story

Shadow The Hedgehog: Met Shadow in the other side of Llama's in Team Dark Story

E-123 Omega: Meet Omega at Slow Toth Town in Team Dark Story

Miles The Fox Hedgehog - Get an A Rank on atleast 15 Stages, (He appears as a Cameo in certain Levels cheering the player on, when playing him in Mission Mode his cameo will be replaced by Princess The Hedgehog )

Blade the Wolf

Sand Zant the Hedgehog, also appeared on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Other Fanon Characters

Characters created by other people. Post on Discussion page if you want your character to be in it.

Miles The Fox Hedgehog

Blade the Woof

Zant the Twili Hedgehog

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