Sonic and the Black Knight 2: Kingdom's Darkest Hour (ソニックと黒人騎士2:王国の最悪の時, Sonikku to kokujin kishi 2: Ōkoku no saiaku no tokiis) is an upcoming 2012 platformer, and is the sequel to Sonic and the Black Knight. It is coming out for the Xbox 360 and Wii. And the logo is here.


Sonic is sucked back into the realm of King Arthur again after Morgan Le Fay (Blaze) warns him of a coming attack by the Black Knight. He encounters new characters like Mage Jask (Jask the Bat), Merlin the Wizard (Tails), Sir Flame (Burner the Hedgehog),and Sir Midnight (Nanolight the Hedgehog). Get ready for more sword slashing adventures with Sonic in Camelot!



  • Sonic the Hedgehog/ Sir Sonic/ The True King Arthur/ Excalibur Sonic (all forms playable in Multiplayer exepct The True King Arthur)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower/Merlin the Wizard (both forms as multiplayer and major characters)
  • Knuckles the Echidna/Sir Gawain (Sonic series Knuckles as Multiplayer Character)
  • Blaze the Cat/Morgan Le Fay
  • Nanolight the Hedgehog/Sir Midnight (both forms playable in Multiplayer)
  • Burner the Hedgehog/Sir Flame (both forms playable in Multiplayer)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog/Sir Lancelot (Sonic series Shadow playable in Multiplayer)
  • Poptropic the Fox/Sir Flight (Sir Flight form playable in Multiplayer)
  • Sliver the Hedgehog/Sir Galahad (Sonic series Sliver playable in Multiplayer)
  • Amy Rose/Percival (Sonic series Amy Rose playable in Mulitplayer)
  • Jet the Hawk/Sir Lamorak (Sir Lamorak playable in Multiplayer.
  • Caliburn the Sword/Excalibur
  • Classic Sonic (Multiplayer Character)
  • Shadic (Multiplayer Character)
  • Lady Mildrid/Princess Marshalia (both forms playable in multiplayer)


  • Black Knight/Black King (main Villian)
  • Dr. Eggman/Egg Warlock
  • Metal Sonic (multiplayer character)

Cameo Appearances (by company)


  • Hoops (seen on a poster for Hoops and Yoyo Ruin Christmas on the Station Square Multiplayer arena)
  • Yoyo (also seen on the same poster that Hoops is on)
  • Puddles (seen on an AD for Hallmark on the sidelines of the Speed Highway 2-player stage)
  • Marshy (seen climbing up a building in the Midnight Run 2-player stage)


  • Phineas (seen in the main hub, and you can talk to him for a mission)
  • Ferb (seen on an AD for Phineas and Ferb in the Speed Highway Multiplayer Arena)
  • Kick Buttowski (seen zooming after Marshy in the Midnight Run 2-player stage)
  • Perry (seen with Phineas in the main hub)
  • Brad Buttowski (seen in the main hub and he will give you a mission or take away 5-100 of your rings!)


  • Mario (seen in the Dragon's Cove hub, and he will give you a mission, usually for skills)
  • Luigi (seen as a cave carving in the Dragon Caverns stage)
  • Link (seen in the Black Knight Castle hub, and he will give you health +90, 100 rings, or even an upgrade +60!)
  • Yoshi (seen as a painting in the Knight Entryway stage)
  • Kirby (also seen as a painting in the Knight Entryway stage)
  • Zelda (seen with Link, and she will give you +800 health)
  • Pikachu (seen in the Murky Swamp hub, and you can pet him gently)

Stages (in order)

Main stages

  1. Green Rocks (Sonic,Knuckles,Nanolight)
  2. Dragoon Passage (Sonic)
  3. Lava Blast Bridge (Sonic)
  4. Dragon Caverns (Sonic)
  5. Flaming Escape (Sonic)
  6. Murky Forest (Sonic)
  7. Dyamite Swamp (Sonic)
  8. Warlock Hideaway (Sonic)
  9. Cursed Entryway (Sonic)
  10. Ka-zapp Bog (Sonic)
  11. Midnight Castlegrounds (Sonic)
  12. Knight's Entryway (Sonic)
  13. Dark Throne (Final Battle area as Excalibur Sonic)
  14. Camelot Castle (Rescue Princess Hannah) (Hannah and Sonic)

2-player Stages

  1. Speed Highway
  2. Midnight Run
  3. Green Hill Zone
  4. Crisis City
  5. Dark Hollow
  6. Center of Time
  7. Eggmanland
  8. Sand Oasis
  9. Metropolis Zone
  10. Angel Island



  • Caliburn Lvl. 20 (Sonic)
  • Emerald Staff Lvl. 19 (Tails)
  • Sword of Power Lvl. 17 (Knuckles)

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