Sonic and the Reaper is a book written by Draconai Auracto.

Games that Have Occured

Canon Games that Have Not Occured

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Any side-series games aside from the Storybook series and Rivals series.

Yes, this means Sonic 2006 has occured, for reasons you'll have to find out through reading.

Fanon Games that Have Occured In the Order they Have Occured

Silver the Hedgehog: Zyx

Sonic Dragontamer

Shadow: Dark Fire

And yes, this means my own Storybook Expansion series has not occurred.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Darkness Rising

Chapter 1: Secrets and Scythes

Chapter 2: Fear the Reaper

Chapter 3: Revealing Darcain

Chapter 4: Zyx's Strike

Chapter 5: Dracon and Danger

Chapter 6: Arrival of a Sol

Chapter 7: A Trio of Quarrels

Chapter 8: Black Inferno

Chapter 9: Sonic's Revelation

Chapter 10: Molten Silver

Chapter 11: The Waterbikes

Chapter 12: Taken Hearts

Chapter 13: Mephiles and Iblis

Chapter 14: Rise and Fall

Chapter 15: Tear and Truth

Chapter 16: Make Believes Reborn

Chapter 17: Fail to Recover

Chapter 18: Broken Free by Chaos

Chapter 19: Robots, Fire, Excalibur

Chapter 20: Twin Blades and Reaper's Traitor

Chapter 21: Sorceress to Story, Flames to the Core

Chapter 22: Prepare for Battle

Chapter 23: Return of Shadow Android

Chapter 24: Release the Flames, Reveal the Egg

Chapter 25: Ambands and Badniks

Chapter 26: Shilver Emerges

Chapter 27: Into My Own Hands

Chapter 28: A Battle You Can't Win

Chapter 29: Welcome to Hell

Chapter 30: One Loss Too Many

Epilogue: Old Foes, Old Friends

Prolouge: Darkness Rising

In a hidden cave, a golden Mobian hedgehog streaked with black was resting. His eyelids were drooped. His body was limp. His mouth, stifling yawns. To any experienced observer, he looks bored.

The giveaway is his quills.

He is Zyx the Hedgehog, a Black Chaos entity. He is formed by the power of the Black Emeralds and their holder, the Newmoon Emerald. His body is formed from Chaos Energy, although he has taken a solid form and settled comfortably into it. His quills reflect his mood. His body, slack, reads bored.

His quills, parted, read confused.

The other hedgehogs have been acting strangely. Sonic, the fastest thing alive, had come first. Not long after Zyx had arrived on Mobius, Sonic had gone on a deep-space trip with his best friend, Miles "Tails" Prower. Tails had returned alone, saying that Sonic most likely dead. Nearly a month later, Sonic returns, the Chaos Emeralds giving his body a supersonic golden glow. But he had changed. There was a strange blue crystal resting around his neck. And for the first time, according to his friends and Zyx's personal experiences, Sonic seemed to be straining to hold the transformation.

Then had come Shadow, the Ultimate Lifeform. Not long after Sonic had returned, Shadow had left for the distant Silent Canyon, saying he was training his Chaos arts. Indeed, when he had returned, his Chaos arts were level with Zyx's own. But there was more to it than that. At his side was a black female hedgehog named Infera, fitting the description Sonic had given to a creature named Darkspine. But this Infera, this Darkspine resemblance, seemed worried. And Shadow, not hardly scared of the apocalypse, was a shade paler than normal. Just a shade from the black that named him.

And then, just recently, Silver, a psychokinetic hedgehog, had been acting strangely, and that would be saying something. He had become secluded where he was once cocky. He had become distant where there was once bragging. And he seemed to be using his psychokinesis less, and his only two Chaos arts more. It was odd. It was uncharacteristic.

It only fueled Zyx's confusion.

An eerie sound outside the cave brought Zyx back to the present. He leapt up, his quills angrily flaring up, holding an electrokinetic coat on one arm and a coat of dark powers on the other. There was nothing coming inside, nothing that resembled a threat. Nevertheless, Zyx held his hand out and let a Black Emerald materialize in it before stepping outside. The newmoon night caused Zyx to utilize Chaos arts to see through the darkness. There was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing suggesting a fight.

Then, out of absolutely nowhere, he blacked out.

When Zyx awoke, he was in a strange cave that seemed to radiate darkness. His quills, which were calmly hanging loose, suddenly raised slightly, parted. He stepped forward. The cave was forged from obsidian. There were many similar gems in the floor, walls and ceiling. He touched the largest one, a centerpiece of the room, carefully. It was a pure black.

"Onyx," Zyx muttered to himself. "Obsidian. What is this place?"

A dark, eerie voice from absolutely nowhere responded, "It is your awakening, reaper."

Zyx spun in a full 360, shocked. Darkness seemed to creep out of the onyxes, forming a creature of absolute darkness. It seemed to resemble another creature of Sonic's stories, a genie by the name of Erazor; yet it was distorted, as though it only took this form because it had to.

Nevertheless, Zyx held his arm coated in electrokinesis; yet even as he did that, the lightning transformed into shadows until his arm was coated in darkness. "Do you see this, reaper?" the dark being stated. "You are darkness. You can kill. Why do you waste your time with electrokinesis and Chaos for good, when darkness is meant to kill?"

Zyx raged. "What are you talking about?"

The shadow creature shot forward in a flurry of darkness, possessing Zyx's body. Zyx's quills immediately flared up, like Shadow's "Darkness is meant for destruction. Meant for killing. Meant for evil. Why do you not accept it? Why do you not answer to your true calling?"

But the Black Chaos hedgehog snarled in response. "I am the defender of..."

"You are the defender of uselessness!" Against Zyx's will, he stepped forward as the darkness creature controlled him. "The gem you held earlier was useless. I inspected it before I returned here. Attempting to tap into its power resulted in nothing. Attempting to use it as a projectile weapon resulted in failure. Yet you held it like it was your savior."

Zyx held his tounge, knowing that the Black Emeralds could only be utilized by him.

"You are darkness, reaper. Darkness is meant for evil, meant to kill. Allow me to demonstrate." They had left the cave, and they were standing on a high cliff. "See below? There is a cat there, a useless bundle of wieght." The creature controlled Zyx's hand, pointing below. A large figure was passing by the cliff, holding what would appear to be a fishing rod. The dark creature took Zyx's body and slid down the side of the cliff, approaching the cat with the agility of a ninja.

Below, Big the Cat was walking around. He... wasn't doing too much, just wandering around aimlessly. Suddenly, at his side, a golden hedgehog dropped down, looking similar to Shadow, and with a dark aura around him. Big turned, surprised.

"Hi, Shadow!" he said happily. The hedgehog held still, his face gloomy. "Why are you on the big cliff?" Again the hedgehog didn't talk. "You not being nice, Shadow." Big laughed, trying to cheer up this hedgehog who he misinterpreted as his friend. "You supposed to be happy. Come on, be happy!"

Suddenly, the newcomer raised a hand, darkness gathering on it. Big, oblivious to the danger, asked, "Shadow? Why you being creepy?" The darkness started to deepen, until the golden arm wasn't visible through the darkness. "Shadow? What are you doing funny?" The golden hedgehog raised the hand towards the sky, then flung the darkness at Big. "Shadow!" the cat shouted angrily, not recognizing danger.

That was the last thing the cat would ever say.

Zyx could only stare as the dark creature, possessing his body, killed Big with pure darkness. "Do you see, reaper?" the creature asked him within his mind. "Do you see that darkness is meant to kill?"

And shockingly, Zyx did see. The darkness - his darkness - had killed the idiot cat. He had taken a life. Being controlled by the dark creature was a strain, but he could utilize it willingly if he would so cooperate. He could easily kill. He could easily take control. And though he would die if he refused it, he would be unstoppable if he accepted this chance.

Zyx's mouth curved itself into a smile.

The dark creature laughed. "I am the Dark Master," he stated, answering an unspoken question. "First, we need the Chaos Emeralds!" Zyx gave a violent laugh and, empowered by his new master, leapt into the air, coating in darkness.

In the forest nearby, a young rabbit was watching him. She was petrified in fear. Her eyes were wider than dinner plates. On her shoulder, a Chao wearing a white bow tie was shivering in fear. She was shocked that this was the Zyx that Sonic had been talking about.

She had to warn everyone.

With a quick turn, she dashed off, looking for the supersonic hedgehog.

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