Sonic screamed.

Angrily, he brought his fist back and punched the floor. The tiles shattered, giving way to air. Sonic willingly fell through the air, passing twenty seven torn floors before, wings trailing behind him, he hit the ground painfully. The building was empty aside from him, and he angrily gave another shout.

Amy had turned to the darkness.

That fact burned into his mind like pyrokinesis - or Sol - and he couldn't get it out. Amy had sided with Zyx. And what's more, she had done it willingly, believing Zyx's lies that her original pursuit was in vain. It was too much; Sonic fell to the ground and started to let tears.

How? How could Zyx have done it? This was low, even for him, but he had still done it. Somehow, Amy had chosen to believe it. Now Sonic was nothing, just another target for the axe that replaced her hammer.

After a long while, Sonic picked himself up, physically and emotionally weak. He stepped outside to see Shadow, Infera, Silver, and Blaze waiting for him on their motorbikes. He wasn't sure if they had heard his shouts and tears, but they acted as though they hadn't. Sonic weakly turned to Shadow and stated, "Should have made yours to work with Chaos."

"Not the point," Shadow stated. "Where's Amy?"

Sonic weakly managed to get out, "With Zyx." He spat the two words like venom, and Shadow's eyes widened. "You want proof? Go talk to her on the roof of the building. She's turned from Draconian hyrbid to reaper's girlfriend faster than I could say bitch." Somehow, it felt relieving to curse Amy, and Sonic turned away. "Let's just go, alright? We need to get off this place before Zyx decided to try some sort of Big Bang Cross Sol Blast. I think you impressed him with your Big Bang Chaos Spear."

Sonic took into the air, flying towards the shores where they had left the waterbikes. Shadow reached for him, then shook his head and coated his bike in a weak Chaos Control before kicking open the engine and speeding after him. Silver followed through with psychokinesis, and the five of them were soon speeding towards the shore. When they reached the shore, Sonic, Infera and Blaze leapt onto the waterbikes, but Shadow and Silver stayed on their motorbikes.

"What, you guys want to keep them?" Sonic asked. Shadow nodded, and Silver added, "Hey, you're going to want one, too. That's why I made this." He turned to the workshop and waved a hand. The door where Tails usually kept the Tornado opened, but the Tornado wasn't around. In it's place was a bright cobalt motorbike, outfitted with Dracon wings on the sides. Sonic gaped as Silver wheeled it out with his psychokinesis, and the Draconian hybrid turned to the psychokinetic.

"It took a while, but I thought, Hey, if me and Shadow get bikes, Sonic may as well get one. And yes, those wings are fully functional." Turning to Shadow, he added, "I also got something for you." He turned back to the doors and waved a hand again, causing two red, flowing attachments to come out and connect themselves to Shadow's bike. "Works with your Chaos arts like mine does my psychokinesis."

Sonic turned to the cobalt bike. "OK, how am I supposed to take both the waterbike and the motorbike?"

Silver laughed. "I'll steer your waterbike. You take the motorbike and test it out."

At that moment, however, there was a sudden red energy flash that caused everything to turn shades of red. All five of them looked up to see Amy - no, to see Rose hovering over the building, Zyx at his side. Her hand was raised, and she was coated in a powerful, flamelike red energy layer. Rose's head dropped to see Silver, Blaze, Shadow, Infera, and Sonic. She locked on Sonic.

"Eat this, liar!" she shouted down to him.

Sonic cursed under his breath and hopped onto the winged motorbike. "Looks to me like I was almost right."

Rose's voice shouted from behind him, "Big Bang Cross Sol Blast!"

Sonic looked up to see Rose flash red again, then throw to earth a beam of pure red Sol energy. Sonic revved the motorbike and shot over the water, and the other five - plus the unmanned waterbike - followed him as a huge red Cross Blast rift emerged from the reigon they were just at.

Sonic, going full speed and working both sets of wings, kicks forward full power, hooked his foot over the handlebar of the waterbike to keep it at full speed.

Shadow, with a full Chaos Control coat over his bike, grabbed Infera's hand as he activated the jet engine and boosted forward with new power.

Silver, psychokinetic rings glowing light lightning, hooked his arm through Blaze's as he shot forward with unfound psychokinetic strength.

The rift enveloped the entire island, sending individual atoms of what was once Sonic's home towards all of them. Yet they kept up their speed, and the bullet spray was unable to strike them before they were well out of range.

Rose and Zyx were floating above what was once their home. Now it was flat-out desintegrated. The only thing that said that something had ever been there was a trail of steam. No, not true; Angel Island had been above the blast. Zyx gave a bright smile.

"Well done, my Rose," he stated. "Now, let me see you reform the reigon. Make it nearly identical to what it was before the blast."

Rose closed her eyes. "Without trouble, my reaper." She coated herself in powerful flamelike blue energy and raised her hand above her head. "Big Bang Cross Sol Control!"

There was a powerful flash of blue, and she brought her hand down to unleash a powerful beam of blue. It struck the water and formed a huge blue rift that absorbed every destroyed atom; yet, again the floating Angel Island evaded it. Nevertheless, the reigon was reformed, perfectly reincarnated. Not an object was out of place. Zyx laughed joyfully.

"Perfect!" he called. Something caught his eye in a desert that had always been ruins, and he looked down. "Hello? What is this?"

Rose turned to him. "Shall we find out?"

Zyx nodded. "We shall."

The two of them dropped into the desert, only to see a liquidic creature rising in the desert. Rose recognized it. Zyx recognized it. It recognized Zyx. It recognized Rose.

"Chaos," Zyx stated. The creature turned to him.

Zyx, it replied in his mind. Turning to Rose, it called, Amy?

Rose formed her axe, shouting, "It's Rose!" She shot forward and brought her axe in a deadly uppercut, slashing the Chaos energy organisim in half. The two liquidic halves fell to the ground and melted into the sand. Rose sighed and turned to Zyx. "Well, that means I've perfected the Sol arts."

Zyx smiled. "That it does, my Rose. Although you will need to control that temper of yours." He turned to their one remaining building and vanished into darkness, Rose pursuing him.

A while out in the water, Infera, Blaze, Sonic, Silver, and Shadow reached a small island. Sonic, Silver, and Shadow landed their motorbikes on the sand while Infera and Blaze parked the waterbikes in the water. Sonic sighed and collapsed in the sand, his wings outstretched. Today had been crushing, both physically and emotionally. He needed a break.

Shadow and Silver likewise crashed, with Blaze and Infera on either side. Sonic was breathing heavily. After a while, he raised his head to see a somewhat familiar jungle around him.

"Hang on..." he stated. "This place looks... familiar..."

Silver and Blaze raised their heads. "What do you mean?" Blaze asked.

Sonic slowly stepped into the jungle without response, with Silver and Blaze following close behind. As they approached the interior, Sonic raised his wings to hold his friends back. "Yes, I've definitely seen this place before. Stop here for a while." He stepped into a clearing of the jungle, where many strange white patterns lay on the ground. Sonic recognized these.

"Hold on, guys." Sonic laid a hand on the center of a majestic pattern and closed his eyes as Shadow and Infera approached the clearing. Silver held them back as Sonic had, while the blue blur himself was murmuring something.

"Ifalas zaras i is arak. Ifalas zaras i is arak. I call upon those whom I had come to their stories. I ask that you come to mine!"

There was a flash of light, and the patterns started to shine powerfully. As Blaze, Infera, Silver, and Shadow watched, they slowly started to spin, before eventually releasing a harsh light that enveloped Sonic. When the light started fade, Sonic was still standing, still as strong as he had been.

But his wings were folded formally behind his back, for now there were two other figures standing before him. The first took the appearance of a teenage human girl, dressed in casual Arabic clothing. The other was that of a young woman in a soft robe. Both of them were standing before Sonic where they hadn't before.

The stories had come to being

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