Neo Metal Sonic was back at the underground lab he had set up as home. He had finally cleaned up the shards of Eggman face, and was trying to think of how to take care of Sonic. He had obtained power that he could not level. The Dracon strength, Excalibur - it was too much for him to defeat without a power boost.

"Perhaps I could help with that problem," a voice said.

Metal turned to see the reaper melting from darkness into place. The robot, rather than perparing to fight, actually stepped back, then melted into liquid metal and slid into the computer circutry. Zyx shook his head.

"You are a fool, Metal Sonic," he stated. "You have always been a fool. You always turn against the power. I can make you stronger. Is that not what you want?" The monitor turned on, revealing Metal's head. "If you're going to accept my assistance, relax. If you're going to reject it, shut down. Either way, get out of that computer.

Reluctantly, Metal slid out of circutry, only to be struck with darkness. "Accept my abilities," Zyx stated. "You can use it on your own. But I can give you the power to use it properly."

Metal Sonic gave in, then threw his head back as he gave a pained scream.

Before long, the gang was shooting forward. Shadow and Silver were on their bikes, coated in Chaos Control and psychokinesis respectively. Infera was speeding forward on Sonic's bike, the Dracon wings giving her a speed boost. Sonic himself, coated in golden armour, was speeding alongside them, Excalibur carving a trail in the ground. Amy was at his side, coated in an icy aura.

Eventually, they approached a large building. The Shadow Android was standing on the roof, eyes flitting with darkness. The bikes skidded to a stop as their riders leapt off: Shadow, tearing his Shadow Rifle from its holster; Silver, pulling his energy beamer off his back; Infera, reigniting with dark fire. Sonic and Amy skidded into place, looking up.

Shadow was the first to speak. "I am surprised to meet a Shadow Android after what I did to the doctor's supply."

The android extended its hand. A short grey energy stuck up from its hand, then spread out before taking the form of a rifle. "You are a fool, Shadow the Hedgehog. You should always eliminate your opponents fully if you do not want to encounter them again. But you left me, the greatest of the Shadow Androids, as the sole survivor!" The android twirled the rifle and aimed it at Shadow's head. "Now die!"

A single bullet flew towards Shadow's head, but a golden metal figure came in its way. Sonic blocked the attack with Excalibur before raising his visor and speaking. "You may be the sole survivor of Shadow Androids," he stated angrily. "But that only means you'll be the last to die!" Turning to Shadow, he asked, "Would you care to do the honours, Ultimate Lifeform?"

Shadow smiled. "That depends, Knight of the Wind. Do you want to have a little fun first?"

Sonic smiled right back, then turned. "Amy!" The pink hedgehog raised her head. Sonic slammed down his visor before shouting, "Let's get a little blast into this thing!"

Instantly, there were two blurs of icy green and metallic gold as Sonic and Amy vanished. Out of nowhere, Shadow Android was frozen solid, then that ice was shattered as eight golden holes appeared in its body. The two hedgehogs reappeared. "Silver!" Amy shouted. "You're up!"

Silver vanished in a blur of energy lines. When he reapeared, it was to slam a kick into Shadow Android's head. Another warp for an uppercut punch; one more for an elbow to the head that sent his foe into the ground. As the android recovered, Silver warped a last time and raised the energy beamer to Shadow Android's head.

"Chaos... CONTROL!"

Everyone was frozen in time as Shadow Android was coated in blue energy. He quickly moved into an offensive flurry, slamming kicks into Silver's head. Shadow, attributed to Chaos, was capable of seeing what was going on, and slowly managed to pull out his red Chaos Emerald.

"C-h-a-o-s... BLAST!"

A red coat slowly coated Shadow; then, just as Shadow Android stole Silver's beamer and tore out the white Chaos Emerald, the time freeze ended and a dome shockwave emitted from the real Shadow. Silver leapt out of the way as Shadow Android - and Silver's energy beamer - was struck by the blast. The Emerald his foe had stolen flew into Silver's hands, and Silver leapt out of the way. "Infera!" he shouted. "You want some of the action?"

The dark fire inferno shot forward, slamming a kick into Shadow Android. The flames increasing her speed, she shot around her foe and slammed another kick into its side.


A black shockwave emitted, sending Infera, Silver, Shadow, Amy, and Sonic all flying back. The android was still standing, however, and the dark aura in his eyes intensified. "Time to face my true power!"

Many dark figures emitted from the foe, all of them taking the same shape. When everything faded, there were somewhere around twenty Shadow Androids surrounding them. Sonic, Amy, Silver and Infera all turned, then raised their weapons. Excalibur, ice, black fire, and Sol Blade were all flying around, trying to eliminate Shadow Androids where more just appeared in their place.

Shadow closed his eyes, as though catching his breath. Then, in one swift motion, he snapped off his inhibitor rings, holstered his rifle, pulled out his machine gun, the Chaos Machine, and opened his eyes, which had turned pure red.

Silver saw this and sunk into the ground, muttering "Dunhurtmedunhurtmedunhurtme."

Sonic and Amy turned just as Shadow started to fire. Blurs of metal that everyone knew were bullets were flying out of his pockets, vest, and belt and into his weapon as he let shot after shot fly into the Shadow Androids. Had they been organic, the battlefield would have been stained with blood within the minute. Had they been real, it would have been covered with circutry. But as it was, they were dark copies, and they vanished as soon as the bullets entered their bodies.

After the battlefield had been emptied but for one Android, Shadow switched weapons, holstering his machine gun in exchange for the Yami Rocket, his RPG. He spun and leveled it on the Android's head. "Let me guess," the real hedgehog stated. "You've got Mephiles."

The android copy smiled. "Of course," he stated. "What did you think I was going to do with him?"

Shadow cocked his head sideways. "Not sure." Then he pulled the trigger. Empowered by his living energy, the shot flew at near the speed of light, catching Shadow Android in the head before he could blink. The android was struck by the explosion and sent flying into the prisonlike building, nearly causing it to collapse. Shadow pulled out the red Chaos Emerald and beckoned to Sonic, who threw him the blue, before he held them to his sides, muttering, "Please let this work." Then he shouted out towards the unconscious android.

"Eternal Moon! The living shadow that petrifies hearts with fear! Emerge from your prison in the spirit of an android, Soul of Darkness!"

A dark gas emerged from Shadow Android, slowly taking a familiar form. Shadow sighed and tossed the blue Emerald back to Sonic as Mephiles took form. Sonic whipped his visor up as he and Amy powered down. Infera smiled as the dark fire on her fur lowered. Mephiles opened his eyes and turned to Shadow, who leaned to the side and fired another shot towards the android, causing a huge explosion that collapsed the building over it.

"I never thought I'd see day again," he admitted. "Now, let's get back, shall we?"

Shadow hopped onto his bike, holstering the Yami Rocket. Infera attempted to leap onto Sonic's bike, but Sonic and Amy suddenly appeared on it. "Sorry," Amy said, smiling. "All full." Infera cursed, then leapt into the air and onto the back of Shadow's bike. The three bikes sped off, Mephiles turning into dark gas to catch up.

In the ruins of the prison, a pair of robotic red eyes snapped open.

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