Zyx appeared back at his building at the roof, unpowered and furious. He needed more power if he wanted to destroy Sonic. He needed to find a way to overcome the combined power of the others.

But where would he find it?

He walked over to the mirror of onyx, thinking. Then he awakened the Dark Master's consciousness within his mind. "Master, come to me."

His eyes were filled with a shadowy mist as the Dark Master asked, What is it you need, reaper?

"I need your full power. But I know that in the form of the bladed djinn you are not at full power. What do you need for your maximum strength?"

The Dark Master paused. There are several things I need, reaper. Are you ready to obtain them for me?

"I need to eliminate Sonic. Shadow. Silver. All of them. No matter what it takes." Zyx was coated in black light, and his quills began to fray. "I need your full power. My power alone is not enough. I will get you your to your utmost best." His eyes went dark as he stated, "Whatever it takes."

It came as a dark wind.

No, first it came as a simple wind, something Mephiles had not heard for a long time. He immediately raised his head, confused and wary. Then the wind turned dark, eerie, and he rose death everywhere along the core, raising an orb of amythest around himself.

Then it came as simply dark.

Black shadows materialized not far from him, taking the form of a corrupted grey hedgehog with quills frayed in every direction. When his eyes snapped open, they were pure black, Xed with grey. Mephiles realized this must be Zyx; must be the reaper Sonic had spoken of.

"And you are Zyx," he stated. "What a fool. Why have you come here?"

Zyx held his hand out. Darkness flowed from his body, taking the form of a scythe in his hands. When it solidified, it was newmoon black. "You are the fool, Mephiles. I have come for you. You are the first ingredient for maximum power. And you will be my first foe."

Mephiles gave an eerie laugh. "Alright. Show me your worst, reaper!"


Time slowed. No, time stopped altogether, yet Mephiles was aware of it. Zyx rushed towards him and brought his scythe into the protective amythest shield. It shattered instantly, and Zyx spun, bringing his scythe towards Mephiles' head.

Then time resumed, and Mephiles dove out of the way, flipping into a kick to the reaper's head. The reaper wasn't even phased, just took the kick before grabbing Mephiles' foot and throwing him into an amythest spike.

"You're wasting your time," Mephiles said. "You need me. But you can't take me anywhere. I am confined to the core of Mobius."

Zyx grabbed him around the neck. "Well, that might be a problem. But no matter. I can return later." He quickly twisted Mephiles' head to the side, knocking him unconscious where most Mobians would be dead. Then he turned away, vanishing in a flurry of shadows.

Sonic woke up to the sound of something slamming into the exterior wall of the workshop. Amy was in the other bed, freaked out. He shot up and spread his wings. "Foe status?" he called to the workshop.

Tails' voice replied, "Shadow the Hedgehog."

Sonic sighed. "Chaos Spear projectile type?"


Sonic landed on the top of a cabinet and sighed. "Open main entrance." The front door swung open, and Shadow stepped in. "Sonic?" he asked. "Where are you?"

"Up here!" Sonic called. Shadow turned to him.

"Oh. Silver wants to kill you for making him do the accomodations."

Sonic crossed his arms. "Then why are you throwing the Chaos Spears?"

At that moment, Silver roared in with his motorbike, then froze as Shadow froze time except for him and Sonic with Chaos Control. "So he could gain momentum for that."

"Nice," Sonic replied. Before Shadow could ask wether it was the timing or the custom Chaos Control, Sonic stated, "Both." Then he walked over to Silver, turned the motorbike around, and nodded to Shadow. The Chaos Control faded, and Silver went roaring out the door. Silver looked around him, skidded, and shouted, "What the f..." before his skid went too far and he collapsed. The bike stayed intact. Sonic was about to ask Shadow something else before there was a strange noise.

"What is that..."

There was the sudden sound of an energy tear from outside. Sonic sped out, with Shadow and Amy right behind him. Outside, a black vortex had appeared, waiting for something. Sonic knew what was coming when Zyx appeared, flying out of the vortex with his scythe ready. Sonic just watched him and said, "Well that's new."

Zyx held his scythe ready. "Well then. I think its time that was have a proper fight. All of us. So show me your worst!"

Sonic nodded, then held his hand out, rubbing his ring with one finger. A flash had Caliburn waiting on Sonic's hand. Another flash had the scabbard in his other hand, waiting to be drawn from.

Shadow simply closed his eyes and snapped his fingers. All of his gear appeared over him, and he held his hand out, only for the Chaos Machine to appear in it, and he aimed the gun.

Silver appeared at Shadow's side in his usual blur of lines, holding his energy beamer with the white Chaos Emerald still powering it. He aimed it as Shadow had aimed his weapon.

Infera appeared in a flash of black flames next to Shadow, her fur once more coated in darkfire. Blaze appeared next to Silver in a blue flash, holding the Jeweled Scepter like a quarterstaff.

Amy was paralyzed as Zyx held up his scythe. "I'll take you all on!"

Shadow rushed in first, the Chaos Machine sending hundreds of bullets towards Zyx's skull. But the reaper held his scythe up, and every bullet split in half. The halves, retaining their speed, struck a few of Zyx's quills and bounced off harmlessly. Zyx easily sped forward, spun, and brought his scythe towards Shadow's head, but the black hedgehog's hand came up, grabbing the scythe inches from his neck.

"Why won't you die, hedgehog?"

Shadow threw the scythe away with a bleeding hand and delivered a kick to the reaper's face. "Because a Black Arm law is to only listen to one boss," he stated as the Red Dragon appeared in his hand. Blood flowed from the cut on his hand down the blade as he added, "And you are not that boss."

Zyx spun for another slash, but this time he was suspended by a mighty black flame which appeared on his arm, holding the scythe away. Infera leapt onto the scene, aiming a darkfire punch for his head. The attack struck him, and a load of darkfire condensed her fist, then burnt into Zyx's face. She turned to Shadow, and the two of them nodded.

Shadow unclipped his inhibitor rings, and the two of them moved in at a maximum speed. Shadow sped in first, his blade spinning through Zyx's scythe defenses. Zyx managed to recover, only to meet Infera's darkfire explosion. After they were through, however, Zyx spun, striking both of them in the head with a single, electrically charged sweep kick. The were sent flying and hit a rock formation nearby.

Silver moved in, and Zyx spun, swinging for the back of the neck. The black scythe was inches from its intended target when Silver vanished, only to reappear behind Zyx, flip, and land a kick in the back of his head. Zyx was unfazed as he turned and grabbed Silver around the neck, holding him in place. Silver tried to break free with his psychokinesis, but a powerful electric shock knocked him out.

Blaze took her turn. She leapt into the air and dropped like an arrow, knocking Silver out of Zyx's grip. The Jeweled Scepter coated her in Sol power, and she spun swinging fireballs and Sol Lances everywhere. Yet Zyx dodged every attack, then spun and locked lightning onto Blaze. She tried to raised the Jeweled Scepter like a lightning rod, but the lightning was too fast and she was shocked and knocked out.

Amy turned. "Sonic!" she shouted. "Give me light!" Sonic knew what she was talking about and bowed his head. The blue, white, aqua, and yellow World Rings appeared around Amy, who closed her eyes. The four rings circled her, then locked onto her wrists and ankles. Her quills unfurled, arcing straight down and coming to a single point as her fur turned an icy green. She gave a scream - no. She gave a battle cry, and her eyes snapped open in time for them to become pure black.

Sonic smiled and raised the scabbard in his hands. He and Caliburn shouted simultaneously, "Give me Excalibur!" There was a flash of gold as the armour coated Sonic, and he swung Caliburn, who erupted in golden light. When the light faded, the sacred blade was adorned with rubies, and had turned fully gold. Sonic slammed his visor down, and silver magic wrapped around his quills, stiffening them as golden armout coated them. He gave his own battle cry and raised Excalibur above his head.

King and Lightspine shouted in unison, "Face to faith! Face the stories!"

Zyx raged and raised his scythe. "Master! I ask that you give me your power once more!" His head dropped, the X's in his eyes fading into black. "Shadow Split!" A black power wrapped around him, splitting him into a flash flood of dark orbs. Sonic and Amy dodged every one, and Sonic shouted, "Back to back!" The two of them turned away from each other as each orb turned corrupted grey and took the form of a hedgehog.

Hundreds upon thousands upon millions of reapers materialized to meet them.

Shadow weakly opened his eyes, only to see Sonic and Amy locked combat with too many Zyxes to count. He cursed and closed his eyes, while his mind shouted at him. Think! Let's say your inhibitor rings were just for show. What would you do if that was you locked in combat with millions of reapers? As realization dawned, his hand reached out.

Two topaz-embedded golden armbands appeared in it.

Sonic and Amy, meanwhile, were locked in combat with thousands upon thousands of reapers. The slashes of Excalibur, the pounding of Amy's ice-empowered hammer, the strikes of Sonic's Dracon wings; nothing. For every reaper that fell, a thousand more came to replace it.

Sonic quickly grabbed Amy's hand and shot into the air, hoping to escape the swarm of reapers. But the reapers chased after them, and Sonic brought Amy close to him.

"It's no use!" he shouted. "They won't give up! I'm going to have to go for it!"

Amy closed her eyes. "No. Let me try something."

Sonic dropped his head to her. "Try what?"

The pink hedgehog opened her eyes. "Release me."


"Release me!" Sonic raised his visor to lock eyes with Amy to see ice surrounding her lower eyelids.

"If you really love me, let me go."

Sonic nodded, then released Amy's hand. Amy flew towards the swarming reapers, a hand to her heart, and was enveloped in a flood of corrupted grey. Sonic closed his eyes as tears started to form.

A huge burst of energy emerged from the flood, and the eyes snapped open to see Amy in the midst of flying reapers. But the Lightspine had faded. The four rings circled her once and vanished. Her fur had gone from ice green to dark purple, and her quills had spread to form a ring of spikes around her. Her dress had turned a deep orange. And a titanium battle axe the colour of newmoon night was in her hand.

Rose had returned.

The battle axe swung, splicing the closest reaper in half. The darkness evaporated, and Rose spun into a deadly tornado of slashes, tearing through reaper after reaper until each one had faded. When they were all gone, the darkness merged to form a single reaper, which depowered to form the golden Black Chaos entity.

Zyx looked up to his new foe. "My Rose..."

The battle axe came to Zyx's neck. "I am not your Rose." The axe dissipated, and she shot into the air, the dark form fading as she came near Sonic. Sonic took her hand quickly and pulled her close, keeping her up with Draconian power.

"I'm his princess."

Zyx's eyes turned hateful. Sonic knew it long before he saw it. "I gave you my healing," he stated. "I gave you my power! I gave you my heart! And yet you side with the storyteller?"

Sonic unpowered from his Excalibur form, sheathing Excalibur on his waist as started moving his wings. "Back off, reaper. Or you'll wish you had."

Zyx laughed. "No, I won't."

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