Zyx shot towards Sonic with such power that the blue hedgehog had the wind knocked out of him faster than it took for him to peelout. The force also knocked Amy out of his hands, and she quickly started to fall. Sonic, however, quickly recovered and shot towards Amy, grabbing her inches from the ground and stopping her downward momentum altogether. He gently set her on the ground and turned away from Zyx, raising Caliburn from the sheath. He didn't even try to power up again, just let Caliburn charge.

The Black Chaos entity laughed as his quills flared slightly. "You think you can defeat me without power?"

The Knight of the Wind dropped his head and folded his wings, as Caliburn glowed whitehot. "I'm sure as hell going to try."

Sonic glowed white as he shot forward, blade across his body. Zyx just managed to coat himself in Sol Shield before the blade struck him, sending him flying and ending the defense instantly. Sonic had Caliburn outstretched to his right, but he shot into the air, ending up in a back arc that cut off one of Zyx's semiflared quills. Zyx hit the ground and coated in Sol Shield before Sonic came down, slashing straight down Zyx's body and splitting the coat in half.

"What is wrong with you?" he stated.

Sonic was about to retaliate when Shadow shot towards him. Sonic leapt out of the way as Shadow grabbed Zyx, spun, and threw him a long distance away. Silver, Infera, and Blaze appeared next to them. Shadow turned to Sonic, raising a hand. "You want a bit of mix on that blade?"

On that arm was a Band of Chaos. In that hand was the other one.

Sonic grabbed it, then sped out of the way as a beam of pure darkness sped past his ear. Zyx was standing across from them, his eyes filled with pure hatred. "You're dead, hedgehog!"

Sonic raised his hand. "Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that, Zyx." A large amount of multicoloured energy focused over his hand, slowly taking the form of a brilliant-cut gem. It fell into his hand as it turned transparent blue. Then it turned purple. Then red. Then green. Then cyan. Then white.

Zyx's eyes spread. "The Master Emerald!"

Sonic tossed it into the air and sheathed Caliburn. Then he slammed the Band of Chaos onto his arm. A bright glow emerged from the topaz on his shoulder, and he felt his body turn into energy. Shadow closed his eyes as his body likewise turned into energy and shot towards Sonic's, although Sonic remained unmoving. When the two collided, there was a huge energy fluxuation that dispelled dual-helix waves. Zyx squinted, trying to see through the flux.

A single figure, black against the white flux, was standing in place. That of a hedgehog, whose quills were wavering between slick and flared. Yet all it took was the movement of reaching up to grab the falling Master Emerald before the flux intensified.

When it faded, Sonic and Shadow were standing two inches from each other. Sonic was holding the Master Emerald, and the Bands of Chaos were still on their arms, still pure gold and not fading.

Shadow reeled back. "What? What the hell just happened?"

Sonic leapt out of the way as another bolt of pure darkness sped past him. "I don't kn... It's my Dracon powers. They're not Mobian. They can't mingle with Mobian power. Which means I can't use the Bands of Chaos."

Silver's voice shouted, "Sonic! Give me the Master Emerald!"

Sonic spun, then heard something coming and pulled a backflip over a beam of pure darkness. Midflip, the Master Emerald flew from Sonic's hand through the air into Silver's, who grabbed it and raised the white Chaos Emerald to it. There was a flash, and the other six Emeralds surrounded him. He closed his eyes and drew on their power. Shadow leapt out of the way of another burst of darkness and landed next to a golden explosion.

Shadow turned to him and grabbed the white Emerald. "You're not the only one who gets to power up!" A second golden explosion emitted from Shadow, creating a harsh light that drowned out Zyx's next burst of darkness. Sonic turned to the explosions.

Silver had turned a pale golden colour, his eyes from gold to icy blue. The cyan rings on his hands had turned white gold, and the cuffs on his wrists had become silver. His quills had spread, and were lifted by the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

Shadow had turned a white gold, his eyes from crimson to electric yellow. His inhibitor rings had become coated in electricity, and his red streaks, surrounded by gold, had become crimson. His quills were unchanged, although the arcs seemed to have increased.

Zyx turned to them and coated in black light. "Show me your worst!" he shouted as his quills frayed and his Reaper Form emerged.

Sonic saw this and laughed. "Hey, you two aren't going to stop there, are you?" The two powered hedgehogs turned to Sonic, who crossed his arms. "Sacred Emerald of the heaven's island, lend these two your true power!" The phasing Master Emerald in Silver's hands started to phase more quickly, and there was a second, platinum burst of energy from each of the empowered hedgehogs. Sonic smiled when it faded. They had unchanged.

But for the fact that pale gold and white gold had turned pure platinum.

Shadow and Silver were looking over themselves when Zyx gave a whistle. "Hello? Lightspeeds?" They turned to see Zyx waving a hand. "Reaper waiting for you to show him your worst?"

"Oh, yeah." Silver and Shadow said it simultaneously, and it almost sounded like Shilver before the shot forward, shattering the light barrier in a nanosecond, slamming into Zyx and knocking him into the wall. His foes were unseen as he was battered from all directions, then slammed into the ground with the force of a thousand Iblis.

Shadow and Silver materialized over him. "You asked us to show you our worst."

Zyx flipped backwards and unleashed two pure bursts of darkness. There was a lightspeed flash that made both attacks fade, and Shadow and Silver had their fists connected. They slowly put them down. Zyx cursed, then closed his Xed eyes. "Impressive. I didn't think that the Chaos Emeralds were capable of such power. But I will admit that it is in vain."

Silver raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? How?"

Zyx appeared behind the two of them and grabbed their heads. "Because it's just too easy to do something like this." There was a huge burst of darkness, and Shadow and Silver gave simultaneous screams as their Hyper forms were drained from them. Zyx laughed as the two of them collapsed, unconscious. Not dead, Sonic could sense. But unconscious."

Zyx turned back to Sonic. "Face it, Sonic. You and your team are worthless. I'll always find a way to take victory. This is a battle you can't win."

Sonic raised his hand in anger. "I may not be able to mingle with Mobian power," he stated. The Master Emerald, still spinning, flew into his hand. "But I don't need to! Chaos..."

Zyx aimed a finger at Sonic. "Sol Cancel!"


A huge domelike shockwave emerged from Sonic, but suddenly came to a halt hardly a foot away. Then, as though in slow motion, the shockwave flew back at him. Sonic only had time to dematerialize the Master Emerald before the blast struck him and sent him flying to the far side of Mobius.

Amy gave a scream. "NO! SONIC!" She shot forward, but was locked from behind by Zyx.

"I gave you everything I had," he stated, locking her in a chokehold. "And now I'll take everything you've had."

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