There was nothing but darkness. Nothing else existed. Not even he existed. Sonic was in a state of complete and utter unknowing. "Where am I?" he asked himself. "Am I... dead?"

"No," a familiar female voice said. Sonic felt his body materialize, and he looked around as the darkness faded. He found himself in a familiar canyon. His wings vibrated, as this was the very place he had gained them. He looked around. Many humanoid dragons surrounded him; Dracon.

It was the Canyon of the Dragon Guard.

The Dracon parted as one of them came forward. Her eyes were like crystals, and there was a patch of skin around her neck and over her chest that was lighter than the rest, where a crystal had once lain. Sonic raised the crystal around his own neck off. The Dracon was Hiriana Kanji.

Sonic held the crystal out to Hiriana. "I believe this is yours.

She shook her head. "No, Sonic. That crystal is rightfully yours. While I have met my fate in the wrath of the Draconian Guardian, you still walk many lands. So keep it, as it will supress your powers as neccessary.

Sonic smiled. "So I ask again: Where am I?"

Hiriana closed her eyes. "Your body is intact, but your spirit has wandered to Darcain. There is something I wish to impart to you. The Dracon, similarily to Ivo's robots, have loyalty to you. When you gave your speech to Ivo's robots, the crystal gave the message to the Dracon as well.

"So... they know to accept commands from both Amy and myself?"

"Yes. That is all."

Sonic nodded and closed his eyes as the dream realm faded.

A metallic noise emerged. Sonic didn't move, he was just barely returning to his body. Again, this time rousing Sonic into a kick. This brought a robotic screaming that Sonic knew too well.

His eyes snapped open. Metal Sonic was standing over him, dripping wet. Sonic would be the same, but most of the moisture had soaked into his fur. He leapt into combative pose, his wings snapping open. Metal Sonic eyed them for a moment as his body transformed, turning liquid metal. When the colour returned, he was in his Neo Metal form.

"I can't believe I haven't had the patience to expand myself unto that yet."

"Enough of the game, Metal. Where am I?"

Metal Sonic shrugged. "An island, on the opposite side of Mobius you should be. What is the last thing you remember?"

Sonic closed his eyes, concealing his out-of-body experience. "I was fighting Zyx... I remember not being able to use the Bands of Chaos... then Silver and Shadow went Hyper..."

"Shadow and Silver are capable of going beyond their Super forms?"

"Shut up. Then Zyx knocked them out..." His eyes snapped open. "Oh shit! I need to get back fast!" He turned away, Chaos Energy condensing over his hand. When it faded, a large Emerald phasing through seven colours was in his hand.

Metal Sonic's eyes shortly turned into liquid metal in order to stretch. "The Master Emerald!"

"The Mobian one, anyway." This brought forth a burst of confusion from Metal, but Sonic just raised the Emerald, shouted, "Chaos... CONTROL!" and vanished. Metal shot forward, but he was already gone in a flash of blue, the remnants of Chaos Energy surrounding his hand. Whatever the robotic equivalent of a mind is, Metal Sonic's raced as he tried to trace it, but it vanished too quickly. Robotic screams wracked the air as his Neo Metal form faded.

Damn it, the robotic hedgehog stated. I can't do what Shadow and Zyx can. How are you supposed to trace Chaos Energy in a few nanoseconds? Phone calls I can do. Maybe email. But Chaos Control?

Sonic reappeared in Silent Canyon. He was too far away - he had to get to Amy before it was too late. He tried to prepare himself for battle and found the weight of Caliburn, as well as the Scabbard of Excalibur, missing from his waist. He cursed himself and started dashing, his ears, charged with Dracon power, listening around.

He knew Amy too well. He knew that she would try to fight Zyx. He knew what she was armed with.

That's why he kept his legs moving all the faster.

Amy aroused from the unconscious to find herself bound in the air by darkness. When she looked around, she saw the interior of Mobius. Whatever Zyx was doing, he needed Mephiles.

She saw Mephiles unconscious a while away. No. She saw half of Mephiles a while away. She knew that, being a halfgod, he would recover, but the sight of him, the Mobian equivalent of dead, was just too much to bear.

His other half was kneeled over by Zyx. He snapped off one spike of the triple amythest quills and turned to Amy. "And you chose now to awaken. How inconvenient." The grey in his eyes flitted with darkness as he stated, "Master, I have everything you need."

Perfect. A voice emerged from Zyx, although the reaper's mouth remained unmoving. You know what to do.

Zyx stepped before Amy. "I think you know why you're here. You are all I need. Sacrifice of the darkness. Sacrifice of a god. Sacrifice of the servant. And sacrifice of the foe."

Amy's eyes widened. "No. What are you doing?"

Zyx raised a hand that was spiralling darkness. "Silence! Or I'll end your life here and now!" He backed away, leaving a space between the two of them just big enough for a weapon, such as Caliburn.

"The weapon of a darkness," he stated. Shadows condensed over the space, and the newmoon black scythe materialized.

Above, Sonic screeched to a halt. He had heard Zyx's voice state something that sounded like an incantation. It came from below. But there was nothing below. What...

There was the core of Mobius.

Sonic cursed himself. The core of Mobius! The perfect sanctuary! And Mephiles! He could absorb Mephiles and kill anyone in secret. He shot forward with new speed, aiming towards Zyx's grounds. His ears picked up everything Zyx was saying. He saw Caliburn on the ground and grabbed him, then caught the Scabbard and drew upon its power, coating in golden armour.

Caliburn, transitioning into Excalibur, asked, "Where are you headed, Sir Sonic?"

Sonic closed his eyes as he replied, "To save Amy - Nimune to you and Merlina."

Excalibur lingered in thought for a moment. Finally, he asked, "I can feel a sense of desperation from you. Why is that?"

Sonic hesitated. "Because she is more important to me than any gold. Than any ruby." His eyes started to tear up.

"Because she is my one true love."

"The weapon of a darkness." The newmoon scythe materialized as a dark mist emerged from Zyx. He raised the amythest spike in one hand, and a small burst of magma in the other. The scythe started to levitate into the air.

"No," Amy repeated. "What are you doing?"

Zyx ignored her. "The flesh of a god." He smeared the magma over the amythest, causing it to crumble, and dropped it onto the scythe. Lines of purple amythest and yellow flame coated the spike. He raised the scythe.

"Don't do this, Zyx!" The knowledge of what he was to do brought tears to her eyes. "Please. I'll do anything."

Zyx gave a snarl. "You've had your chance," he said harshly. He laid the tip of the scythe on his wrist. "The blood of a servant." He drew the blade over his arm. Crimson blood poured from his new cut and lined the blade.

"NO!" she screamed. Zyx raised the scythe in preparation.

"And the head," he said with an air of finality, "of an enemy!"

A crumble of rock emerged as he twirled the scythe. A metallic golden blur shot forward, shouting, "Stay away from my love!" The newmoon flew, but the gold rushed ahead of it. The figure of a gold-clad knight was visible for a few seconds as he shot towards Amy. He tackled her out of the darkness, and in the few brief nanoseconds his arms crossed, thrusting the hilt of Excalibur into her right hand, the scabbard into her left.

"Run, Amy!" Sonic's voice emerged once more as the golden armour fell from him, turning into wisps of silver energy as they flew into Excalibur.

Only for the newmoon scythe to slide clean through his neck.

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