Before Zyx could withdraw the scythe, a blur of seven colours rushed at him from the side, sending him flying. Shadow turned to see Sonic, holding Amy, glowing seven colours, and wearing a furious look. Sonic set Amy down, then turned to Shadow, noticing the missing inhibitor rings.

"At least I don't need to take all four of us," he said. "Where's Silver?"

"You may want to look back at your opponent!" Zyx shouted, and Sonic turned, only to see Zyx holding Silver by the neck. In an instant, there was a lightspeed flash, knocking Zyx back and causing Silver to drop. Gasping for air, he managed to choke out, "Thanks, Sonic."

"Not the time," Sonic replied tersely. "Cover for me!" he shouted, powering down.

"What are you..." Shadow started to say, then interrupted himself to form a plane of pure energy that repelled Zyx's blast of electricty. Realizing there was still a scythe in his chest, he tore it out before finishing, "...doing unpowered?"

Sonic ignored him. He had a hand on the crystal around his neck. "Hiriana," he called to no one in particular, "give me your strength!" Zyx flashed forward before Shadow could shield and rushed towards Sonic, but Silver repelled him with his psychokinesis. He threw a bolt of pure electric energy towards them, but Amy thrust her hammer forward, the wooden build nullifying the thousands of volts. Zyx tried a couple dozen Chaos Lances, but even that proved futile as Infera summoned walls of fire to counter them.

It was at that moment that two bright, draconic wings revealed themselves on Sonic's back.

Infera, facing Zyx over Sonic, was the first to respond, giving a shocked scream. Shadow put up an energy plane and turned, then reeled back in a shock. Amy spun to the confusion and stepped backwards in a shock. Silver turned to him and efficiently fell backwards.

Zyx turned to him and leapt a mile in reverse.

Sonic gripped the hands of Amy and Infera, then spread his wings, taking into the sky. Shadow, coming to his senses, grabbed the red Chaos Emerald, dematerialized it, and grabbed Silver's arm before leaping into the air, shooting skyward without even needing to coat in Chaos Control. Silver dangled helplessly as Shadow grabbed his inhibitor rings from Infera, equipped them, and coated himself and Silver in Chaos Control as the five of them broke the atmosphere; yet, miraculously, there was a large orb of draconic energy around them that protected them from the endless vaccum of space. Before long, Sonic beckoned to a large, disasterous planet a while away. He dropped fast, then slowed as they neared the rocky surface. Infera and Amy touched down safely, and Shadow and Silver followed suit, leaving only Sonic to drop down and fold his wings.

Shadow was the first to turn onto him. "What the hell?" he shouted. "All this time and you've had dragon wings?"

Sonic beckoned behind him and said in a tense voice, "Dracon wings, alonsgide the ability to speak-slash-translate the Draconian language and enlist the help of those guys." Shadow looked behind Sonic to see two humanoid dragons looking at them. "And only since I came back when everyone thought I was dead."

Infera was likewise watching them. "You can get help from those guys?" she asked frightenedly. Sonic shrugged.

"Depends if they remember me." He turned to the dragons, who immediately stepped forward. One of them said something that sounded like dragon roars and growls. Sonic replied in the same language, and the two of them nodded and took off. Sonic turned to the others.

"Alright," Amy said, slightly worried, "so who's Hiriana?"

"You get uber-jealous and I will tear that hammer apart," Sonic threatened. "With your throat. Hiriana Kanji helped me out while I was here on Darcain. She knew this place inside out and sideways, so she was a great help when I was being threatened by the Dracon themselves. When I was taking care of this huge Draconian creature, Hiriana had to sacrifice herself to save me" Removing the crystal around his neck, he added, "This crystal used to be hers."

Amy said nothing, not out of obedience but out of shock, and respect for Hiriana.

Silver was the next to ask a question. "So you were here the entire month between Tails' return and your arrival?"

Infera stepped in. "Alright, guys, I know we've all got a ton of questions, but we're all exhausted, most especially Sonic. Let's rest for a while, shall we? Maybe tommorow we can ask these questions." Everyone agreed, and they all got some sleep in the rough canyon they had landed in.

Roughly halfway into the night, Amy awoke to the sound of lizardlike wingbeats. Rising, she saw a few Dracon flying over them. The dragon creatures were amazing in a great many ways; a lone Dracon had carved out the canyon they were in, if Sonic was telling the truth.

Sonic. She turned to see that Sonic wasn't with them. She took a full 360 circle to find him across the canyon, standing on a large outcrop of rock. She approached him carefully and found him to be in what would appear to be a meditative state, standing on one foot with the Dracon wings wrapped around his body.

"Why have you come here?"

Sonic's voice shot at her out of the darkness, and she gave a small yelp. He turned, dropping onto both feet and folding his wings behind his back. "I thought you would still be asleep."

Amy shrugged. "A few Dracon flew over and woke me up. Were you kidding when you said a lone Dracon caved out this canyon?"

Sonic sighed and turned to the cave on one end of the canyon. "I obviously wasn't clear. It wasn't a Dracon whom carved out the Canyon of the Dragon Guard. It was the Draconian Guardian, the defender of Darcain." He sighed again looking back at Amy. "Why have you come up here?"

"I didn't see you and was wondering what you were doing. Plus," she admitted, "I need to talk to you."

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "What about?"

Amy sighed and took a seat on a large boulder. "I just find it wierd that when we were escaping Mobius, you chose to save me. I thought you would have saved someone a little more... I don't know, battle-worthy, like Vector or Knuckles."

Sonic turned away. "You don't think you're as battle-worthy as Knuckles," he stated over his shoulder. It wasn't a question, but Amy replied with a strange edge to her voice.

"I know I'm not as battle-worthy as Tails!" she shouted. "Why didn't you save the other members of Team Sonic? Tails was with you! Knuckles was using the Chaos Emeralds! You could have called upon their power and sped off faster than Charmy with a can of Biolizard could say Zyx's name!"

Sonic spun and slashed the air inches from Amy's face with his wingtips. "Tails and Knuckles were killed before I had the chance to do anything!" he shouted angrily. "Tails sacrificed himself to save me! Knuckles attempted to fight Zyx without letting me have any word in it!" He turned away. "Tails is dead. Knuckles is dead. Chaos knows how many more are dead! We've got enough problems as it is without you arguing with me about why I saved you!"

Amy looked at him with shock in her eyes. Sonic shot into the air and landed in the middle of the canyon, forming a crater. Then he took off into the air, the wings on his back taking an jetlike position as he flew off, out of the canyon. Amy watched him take off with shock in her eyes.

The next day, Silver almost blasted her.

"You did WHAT?!" he shouted, the rings on his hands glowing. He was holding Amy against the wall with his psychokinesis, and his eyes were burning. "You took the only one of us who knows how to get around this Doomforsaken planet and scared him off? What the Chaos were you thinking?"

Infera came up to him. "Silver, calm down."

Silver spun, knocking her down with his mind. "Calm down?!" he shouted angrily. "We're lost on Darcain without Sonic! Don't tell me to calm down!"

"Silver!" Shadow's voice leapt from the side like a vice that physically caused Silver to flinch. Reluctantly, Silver dropped Amy, then spun to Shadow. Shadow's eyes closed. "Calm down, and let's just try and find Sonic. Amy, which way did you say he flew off to?"

"I don't remember," she admitted. "I just remember him flying off at a high speed."

Shadow sighed. "Well, this will be more difficult, but... Chaos Sense!" His eyes seemed to coat in black energy, and he seemed to spin, like a compass surrounded by magnets. Eventually, he locked onto a position somewhat towards the sky. "What in heck is he doing up there?" He held his hands out. Amy and Infera took his hands, and Silver placed a hand on his shoulders as he coated in black energy and shot forward in a Chaos Dash.

The four of them passed through a city, a jungle, over an icy plain, through a water park, a remake of the Green Hills, and up into the middle of a ring of fire before Shadow flashed and skidded to a halt, then looked up. "He's somewhere up there, but how are we supposed to get up there?" While he and Silver contemplated, Amy and Infera looked around at the volcanoes, and the pink hedgehog turned to the pyrokinetic.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked.

Infera smiled. "No," she replied, "I'm thinking you're thinking what I'm thinking."

Shadow and Silver heard this and turned to each other. "What exactly are the girls thinking?" Silver asked.

Infera turned to the two of them and lit her hand on fire. "Hello? I'm a pyrokinetic and we're in the middle of a ring of fire!" Shadow though about it for a couple seconds, then turned to her with a shocked look on his face.

"Infera?" he asked. Infera turned to him.


Shadow's expression changed from shocked to proud as he answered, "You're amazing."

Infera blushed, then turned to the volcanoes. "You guys might want to set up some defenses. This could be close." She closed her eyes, feeling the flames within her mind. A volcano started to erupt, but she waved a hand towards it and kept the lava compressed down. She did this for each of the nine volcanoes' eruptions, then focused. "Defenses up?" she asked with strain.

"All good!" was her reply.

"Alright then." She lowered her hands, then arced them over her head. The lava erupted from all nine volcanoes at once, but arced over them like a spiderweb, and Infera started to spin around, causing the lava to flow around them in a funnel. "Here we go!" Infera shouted, and the lava funnel sped up, throwing her and her companions skyward.

Sonic was already in the sky, speeding over the steel-hard clouds that held all types of hidden security. As he was flying, a huge funnel of lava and fire shot through the clouds, and he just barely managed to evade it and land on the other side of a steel door. Peering through a one-way window, he saw Shadow, Infera, Silver, and Amy arriving through the fading magma.

"Oh, Chaos, can't they leave me alone?" Sonic sighed and leaned against the steel door. Hopefully, they wouldn't be able to get through. He carefully listened for what they were saying.

", than he'll most likely be on the other side of these walls of clouds."

That was Silver. Then someone tapped the other side of the door. Ears ringing, Sonic managed to catch Infera's voice saying, "No use... hard and wir.... circut..."

"Allow me." This one was Shadow. Then he shouted, "Chaos Hack!"

The door flew open, and Sonic fell backwards, hit the clouds, and kicked up before anyone could say anything. "I'll admit I didn't know you could do that," he stated to Shadow.

"What were you thinking, Sonic?" Shadow asked him calmly. "You're the only one who knows squat about Darcain. Why did you take off?" Sonic shrugged.

"Whatever," he said, "We've got to get back to Mobius and take care of Zyx. I can't take another day of space-flight; you think you could warp us there with Chaos Control?"

Shadow nodded, then closed his eyes. Then he opened them again.

"Something's not right," he stated, shocked. "The Chaos Emeralds have been seperated. I can't get the red Emerald if they're not all in one place and I need a Chaos Emerald to make it from here to Mobius."

Sonic cursed under his breath, then raised his head. "I've got somewhere else you can get power from. It's a bit dangerous though." Shadow laughed as though danger could be his opponent, and Sonic sighed. "Let's go." He dashed off, with Shadow speeding forward in black energy alongside him; the other three lagged behind.

Infera sighed and turned to Amy. "Even in a different form, Sonic won't give up his title of Fastest Thing Alive, will he?"

Amy laughed and took off after them. "Even in a different universe, he won't give up his title."

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