Zyx leapt off the cliff, his quills flaring. The Draconian Guardian attempted to attack him, but he evaded the blast and leapt out of the canyon, empowered by his shadows.

Damn that dragon! Damn all of Darcain! Draconian Aura didn't kill! Zyx coated his hand in darkness and tore through a large layer of rock with a single punch. And what's more, now he couldn't return! He couldn't activate Chaos Cross in his base form, so how was he supposed to get back without another Chaos user? It was all so maddening, and it made him want to kill anything that entered his path.

"What is wrong, gold hedgehog?" asked a voice behind him.

Zyx turned, coating his hand in darkness, but that darkness instantly faded when he saw who was behind him. It was a Dracon, that much was obvious. But it was a beautiful Dracon with eyes that sparkled like crystals. Indeed, an aquamarine blue crystal hung around her neck, radiating power. Zyx calmed, his quills loosening.

"Nothing," he replied. "I'm just having some trouble. Hey, there wouldn't happen to be any Chaos artists on Darcain, would there?"

The Dracon closed her crystalline eyes. "For a fact, I happen to be a moderate Chaos artist myself. Why?"

Zyx's head shot up. "Then perhaps you could help me." Selecting his words carefully, he continued, "I don't happen to be from Darcain, as is pretty obvious. I'm trying to make it back to my home planet, and though I'm capable of utilizing Chaos Control freely, I can't use it powerfully enough to get home without a Chaos Emerald. I don't want to risk using the Draconian Master Emerald, so I was wondering if you could help my activate a technique called Cross Chaos Control?"

"I know about Cross-Chaos Control," the Dracon stated. "Yes, I can help you."

Zyx smiled, coating his arm in blue Chaos Energy. "You know what to do." He arced his arm over his head, and the Dracon raised the crystal around her neck. Simultaneously, hedgehog and Dracon shouted, "Chaos... CONTROL!"

It took nanoseconds for the rift to appear. Zyx stepped forward, then turned to the Dracon. "Thank you," he said calmly.

"No," she replied, "The pleasure is all mine."

Zyx shook his head. "No, you don't have any idea how useful this is. Don't come with me, the people on my planet wouldn't take kindly to you." Then he turned back to the rift.

"I am Kanji," the Dracon called before he could leave. "Hiriana Kanji."

Zyx turned to her. "I am Zyx the Hedgehog," he replied. Then he leapt into the rift, taking the fading vaccum back to Mobius, his time.

Amy woke up weakly. Her entire body felt sore. Her vision what slightly blurry. She couldn't remember anything much. She looked around and saw a huge platinum gem embedded in the wall.

The Draconian Master Emerald! It all came rushing back to her. Sonic had offered to go on a little 'detour' and showed her how what had happened before on Darcain. Then Zyx had intervened, trapping her against the Draconian Master Emerald while they were still in the past. She could still feel the cut that Zyx had left on her neck. Enter Draconian Guardian, furious defender of the Darcain treasure, and Zyx was unpowered while Amy was blasted left and right, held by Zyx before the right. Then it blurred.

Amy weakly rose, looking for Sonic. "Hello?" she called. "Sonic? We're not still on Draconian Guardian territory, are we?" Outside, her voice caught the words of the Dracon defending the canyon, and one of them gave a roar towards the sky, prompting a blue blur to come flying through the Canyon of the Dragon Guard at an immense speed. Amy leapt back and took a combative stance as Sonic neared the cave.

Took a combative stance and spread two wings on her back!

Sonic skidded to a stop midflight, hitting the ground as his momentum faded. Amy herself reeled back, hitting the rock floor of the cave awkwardly as Sonic stepped in. Sonic was the first to break the silence.

"Amy? You alright?"

"What happened?" Amy asked, her voice quivering as tears started to fall. "Why do I look - why do I feel like a freak?"

Sonic picked her up gently. "You're not a freak," he stated. "Zyx grabbed you, preventing you from escaping from the Draconian Guardian's blasts. Like me, the blasts transformed you, giving you a near-identical mutation." Amy was frozen for a few seconds, paralyzed from the shock.

Then she raged.

Her wings arced out, sending Sonic flying backwards. "I should have known this would happen!" she shouted angrily. "I should have known not to come with you! But no, I had to go and watch you get yourself nearly killed by some giant Dracon FREAK! Why did this have to happen, huh?" When Sonic didn't reply, she screamed, slashing at him with her wings.

Sonic blocked the slash with his own wings, parried another with one of his own, and slammed a kick into Amy, knocking her down. "You're the one who said you didn't have a problem with coming with me!" he replied. "You came along by your own will, knowing that it could be dangerous! You have no reason to blame me for what happened! Zyx was the one who was able to utilize a Chaos Control powerful enough to time travel without needing another Chaos artist! Zyx was the one who kicked you full-body into the Draconian Master Emerald, catching the attention of the Guardian! Zyx was the one who grabbed you and held you in front of the blasts of Draconain Aura! I didn't have anything to do with it!"

He ripped the shining blue crystal off his neck and threw it at Amy. "Tap into it's power and you'll become accustomed to your current form," he replied. "And let me get something straight. I'm going to get us back to Mobius before Shadow breaks his inhibitor rings and flies up here. But past that you can forget about me."

Amy reeled back. "Couldn't I just hide my wings with the crystal like..."

The sheer power in Sonic's voice as he gave a violent shout caused Amy to squeal. "I'm done hiding things and keeping secrets! You can show them what's happened first-hand!" He stormed into the cave that held the Draconian Master Emerald without even waiting for Amy, laid a hand on it and shouted, "Chaos Control!"

"No!" Amy shouted as there was a flash of blue. But it was too late. Sonic vanished, and Amy dropped to her knees, weakened. She could hear countless Dracon around her, but none of them were of any real interest. There was only one thing that really registered.

She understood them perfectly.

Sonic wouldn't be surprised if Amy heard his second shout.

The Station Square was destroyed. Buildings, ignited, had either toppled over or imploded. Dead bodies, perfectly healthy aside from being dead, were littered around what little street wasn't covered with destroyed buildings.

A laugh from behind caused Sonic to turn, and Zyx appeared, unpowered, quills like Sonic's own. He shook his head and raised it. "What do you think of my work, blur? A little quake here, a wave of shadows there, rinse and repeat, and Mobius' destruction is my latest work. I simply cannot be stopped. And I enjoy it."

He likely would have said something else, but at that moment Sonic appeared behind him and delivered a kick to the head that sent Zyx flying into the flaming street of Station Square. Zyx attempted a lunge at Sonic, but again the blue blur reappeared behind the Black Chaos entity and slammed a fury of kicks, punches, and palm thrusts that seemed to teleport whenever Zyx attempted to attack.

Before long, however, Zyx opened a wave of darkness, shouting, "Enough, hedgehog!" Sonic was sent flying, and Zyx locked him in darkness before he could get back up. The Black Chaos Entity stepped forward. "Where is the Master Emerald, blue rat?"

Sonic managed to get out, "You're starting to sound like the bladed Djinn. Let me out of here, Black Boy!"

Zyx laughed. "We could exchange insults on your stories up and down until Solaris rises, but I've got more important matters to take care of. Like your life!" He formed a Chaos Blade in his hand, then held it to Sonic's throat.

A blue shape shot through it, absorbing the blade. Zyx, startled, released Sonic from the darkness, allowing him to grab the Chaos Emerald and vanish, entering a kick. behind him. Sonic held the Chaos Emerald to Zyx's throat, then started to coat in blue energy.

"You even think about trapping me again," Sonic threatened, "and I'll tear out your darkness before Percival could say King." He raised the Emerald and shouted, "Chaos... CONTROL!"

Zyx cursed, then turned to see Shadow solitary, holding the red Emerald, his hand in an arced position. He held the Chaos Emerald like a weapon and shouted, "Don't get any smart ideas." Then he dashed off, coating in black energy to boost his speed.

Amy was still crying her eyes out when it happened.

First, the other Dracon left the cave, one by one. Then, suddenly, without warning, the crystal in her hands started to glow. Amy rose weakly and watched as the gem's shine seemed to form energy, getting harsher and harsher until Amy had to cover her eyes with her hands. When the light faded, she tenatively lowered her hand. Standing before her was a beautiful Dracon. Her scales glittered like rubies, and her eyes shone like sapphires. She looked beautiful.

Amy was tenative to ask, "Wh-who are you?"

The Dracon smiled. "Surely you recognized my description, even without the memories Sonic has. I am Hiriana Kanji."

Amy reeled back. "Hiriana? But you..." She caught herself, but Hiriana - if it was Hiriana - smiled.

"I understand that you would be confused. When Dracon die, we do not truly leave Darcain. We usually leave some sort of keepsake to help out others, like my crystal." She took a while to look over Amy. "What has happened to you? That Robotnik character didn't attack the shrine again?"

Amy shook her head, then explained what had happened. Hiriana listened intently, then closed her eyes. "Well, Sonic is right. Tapping into my crystal's power will accustom you to the Dracon mutation." She closed her eyes and spread her wings as she continued, "Amy Rose, I give you the power to fully utilize your unfortunate transformation."

There was a blur, and Hiriana's spirit flew towards Amy. As she connected, Hiriana added, "Please, give him my keepsake." Amy held still, paralyzed as strange memories flooded into her mind. When all was done, she opened her eyes.

She felt as though she had been transformed for months.

She turned to the Draconian Master Emerald. She could instantly feel immense power, but closed her eyes and, focusing on the workshop of Miles Prower, called to no one, "Chaos Control!"

There was a flash of blue, and she was gone.

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