Sonic and the War of the Titans is a video game for the Wii U. It is the next game in the storybook series. Set in the world of Percy Jackson, Sonic finds himselftraveling the world to stop Luke from destroying Olympus. After Luke is defeated, Kronos reforms and takes control of Olympus. After destroying Kronos, he takes over Percy's body. Eventually, Sonic finds a way to destroy Kronos once and for all.

The game was announced on September 3, 2011, and will be released in all locations on November 8, 2011.


Sonic the Hedgehog as himself/Zues

Vector the Crocodile as Poseidon

Shadow the Hedgehog as Hades

Amy Rose as Hera

Knuckles the Echidna as Ares

Tails the Fox as Apollo

Shade the Hedgehog as Artemis

Jet the Hawk as Hermes

Wave the Swallow as Athena

Blaze the Cat as Hephaestus

Tikal the Echidna as Hestia

Rogue the Bat as Aphrodite

Dr. Eggman as Kronos

Ix the Echidna as Prometheus

Silver the Hedgehog as Epimetheus

Percy Jackson





Camp Half-Blood (location of the Ares Emblem)

Olympic City (location of the Hermes Emblem)

Ocean Storm (location of the Poseidon Emblem)

Medusa Gardens (location of the Apollo Emblem)

Lotus Casino (location of the Artemis Emblem)

Asphodel Fields (location of the Hades Emblem)

Spire Tower (location of the Hestia Emblem)

Olympic Temple (location of the Hera Emblem)

The Labyrinth (location of the Hephaestus Emblem)

Mystic Ranch

Mt. St. Helens (location of the Aphrodtie Emblem)

Ogygia Island (location of the Athena Emblem)

Princess Andromeda

River Styx (location of the Prometheus Emblem; location of the sacred sword)

Hermes Plain (location of the first sacred stone)

Ares Cavern (location of the second sacred stone)

Hephaestus Volcano (location of the thrid sacred stone)

Hades Castle (location of the fourth sacred stone)

Mount Othrys (location of the fifth sacred stone)

Dark Olympia (location of the sixth sacred stone; location of the Kronos and Zues Emblems)


Luke (first time; Camp Half-Blood)

Medusa (Medusa Gardens)

Lotus King (first time; Lotus Casino)

Cereberus (Asphodel Fields)

Lotus King (second time; Lotus Casino)

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