Note- This is my first ever fanon game with Mythika so it is may be a bit bad

Sonic Chronicles 2

This game is for the ds and wii. However, if you have the dsi than you can do more unlockables.


The game opens up as a prolouge with a voice in the background (wii only, ds has text) telling the ancient history of the dragon key, a mystical key-like sword that can conntrol the powers of the universe. However, it has been stolen by a use-to-be sage named Fernirs. The voice says that they need heroes.

The cutscene opens with Sonic the Hedgehog running with Tails,Amy,Knuckles and Cream from Eggman. Knuckles then goes to find the Master Emerald is glowing a dark silverish color, he calls them over and the Master emerald explods into shards.

Sonic and co. then find themsleves on a island with a huge long pale green-silverish orb in front of them. Knuckles feels the same energry go through him like it did with the Master emerald, however, it feels more darker and less powerful. They are greeted suddenly by a echidna named Gaia-kia (Gaia-k).

Knuckles goes up to Gaia-kia and tries to fight her by giving her a warning punch, she however dodges it very quickly and gives knuckles a slap that feels like very powerful, even though it is very light. Sonic breaks it up and asks Gaia-kia where they are. She tells them they are on a planet called Syrisi, on the island Niisa. They were summoned by Mythika the Panther, leader of the sages, to help her defeat a bobcat called Fernirs. Amy and Cream asks where they can find Mythika and Gaia-kia shows them. When they get off of Niisa, they encounter a dark creature that looks like a snake. They fight it, but it is too strong as it uses a lightning sword attack. Suddenly, a tornado of Fire comes swirling out and destroys the snake. Sonic, Tails and Cream reconizes the tornado as Blaze and sees Marine of in the distance. Blaze explains that the Sol emerald were destroyed into shards and that She and Marine were teleported into the Mountains. Sonic offers them to join them but Blaze says no and heads back into the mountains.

Sonic and co. then try to find Mythika but they run into several machine bots on the way, but the seem to reach a large hut/house. And out of the door comes a young female echidna. Amy asks if she knows anyone called Mythika, at which the echidna nods and says to follow her. Skip the cutscene, the young echidna says that she will get her, however Knuckles and Tails don't trust her saying that why would she have to go get her. However, out of the doorway comes Mythika.

Mythika explains about why they are here, and what they need to do. She then tells them they are welcome to her base at the bottom of the creek. (This is were you can switch characters) She then tells them that they may take one of the sages to go with them however, you can only take 4 in total. Sonic calls it a piece of cake, but then Knuckles asks her why Blaze is here on Syrisi. She explains when the chaos emeralds expolded sending them here, she accidently trigged the Sol emralds as well. She introduces her fellow sages, Lupus, Kronos, Lilya (The echidna they met), Sayber and Hailey. She then thanks them and promises she will repair the chaos emeralds as well as the Sol emeralds as debt. Sonic says she has no debt to pay and promises her they will get the job done.

Sonic and co. find the Jewels of Syrisi, and each one has a cutscene where they have to deafeat a boss. Then, when they are trying to deafeat a large dragon king, Blaze comes zooming in and knocks out the dragon claiming the Syrisi Jewel. Marine also appears behind Blaze to tell them that Mythika needs to mend only 2 more Chaos Emralds and 3 more Sol emeralds so they can go back home. However, Cream, Tails and Sonic say that they need to help Mythika with the Fernairs problem, but Knuckles,Marine and Amy say that if Mythika didn't lay around all day then maybe she could get the work done, except from them. Blaze says that even if they do give back all the Syrisi Emralds, they need to help her.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, a large, ghost like creature comes smashing near the base. Sonic and co. try to deafet it, but it is too strong. Lupus, Kronos,Lilya,Sayber and Hailey try to deafet it but it is Impossible, Sonic asks where Mythika is and Lupus repiles that she had to go somewhere special. Sonic calls her a lazy bones and useless as the ghost creature seeems to suck up the energy from the Chaos and Sol Emeralds and Syrisi Jewels. Suddenly, Mythika appears and does a running slash attack like a sword and slices it into dust. Mythika explains that she went to the edge of the moor to give thanks to the ancient sages. She tells them that Fernairs sent the ghost creature and that time is running short, she also tells them that she will acompiny Sonic and co.

In Progess


Sonic the Hedeghog- Suppossed to be the fastest thing alive, he and his friends are thrown from Mobius into Syrisi. He and his friends agree to help Mythika with the Fernairs problem. His first moves are: Blue Tornado and the Spin dash and his specail move: The Blue Smash. He is a front-line character.

Tails the Fox- A twin tailed fox with a high IQ and a sense of loyalty. He is thrown to Syrisi along with his friends, and agrees to help. His first moves are; Twin punch and Spaner Throw and his specail move is: The Twin- tail combo. He is a surrport character.

Knuckles the Echidna- He is a red hot echidna with a proud loyalty, he isn't to sure about Sonic helping Mythika, but soon grows to like some of the sages. His first moves are: The Fury hit and the Super punch and his specail move is: Red-hot punch torando. He is a front line character.

Amy Rose - She is Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend, and a hidden fighter. Like Knuckles, she doesn't agree to the helping Mythika (mostly because she thinks that Mythika loves Sonic and will try to steal Sonic away from her) but she warms up to the sages. Her first moves are: Piko punch and Piko spin and her special move is: Piko double slap. She is a defense character.

Cream the Rabbit- A young, rabbit who is sweet and inoccent. She is protected by Sonic when he says she is too young to go, but she proves him wrong when they fight the Snake. Her first moves are: Chao fire and Chao flight and her special move is: Chao formation. She is a surrport and defense character.

Shadow the Hedgehog-

Rouge the Bat-

E-123 Omega-

Shade the Echidna-

Unlockables throughout the game

Blaze the Cat- A cat-princess from another dimension and a Pyrokenetic. She is first seen in a cutscene and then she slowly becomes a unlockable character once you complete chapter 3. Her first moves are: Fire kick and Flame rush, her special move is: Blazing claw. She is a frontline character.

Marine the Raccon- A young, raccon that wishes to become a captain of her own ship. She is barely seen in a cutscene but you she her in another with Blaze and she becomes an unlockable character after Chapter 3. Her first moves are: Sword slash and light throw, her special move is: Glowing uppercut. She is a surrport character but she can be used in defense.

Silver the Hedgehog-


(All of the sages except Mytika are all avaliable from Chapter 4)

Mythika the Panther- A beautiful 15 year old panther with the power of space and dark flames, she is proud and very likeable. You see her in a couple of cutscenes were the sages call her " Dame Mythika", she is seen at the base but you do see her fight in a cutsecene and she does become an availiable character after chapter 7. Her first moves are: Dark slash and Star bang. Her special move is: Dark sword. She is a frontline character.

Lupus the wolf- A 15 year old white wolf with the power of ice, he doesn't trust sonic or co. but soon sees what they can do and starts to trust them. You see him in the introduction of the sages cutscene. His first moves are: Icey storm and Ice rush. His special move is; Frost uppercut. He is a frontline character, but he can be used as a defense character. It is also thought by sonic that he has the same traits of Shadow in fighting moves.

Kronos the Echidna- A 14 year old tough, fiery echidna with the power of lightning and thunder. He likes Sonic and co. and soon become friends with Knuckles. Like Lupus, you see him in the introduction of the sages cutscene. His first moves are: Lightning smash and Thunder spear. His special move is: Thunder sphere. He is a defense character.It is also thought by Sonic that Kronos has the same traits as Knuckles.

Lilya the Echidna- A kind natured 12 year old echidna, with a spitfire attidude and geokenetic powers. She likes Sonic and co. and becomes good friends with them. You see her when she is showing them to Mythika and you also see her in the introduction of the Sages. Her first moves are: Earth punch and Rock kick. Her special power is: Earth arrow. She is a defense/surporting character. It is thought by sonic that she has the same traits of Amy.

Sayber the Mountain Lion- A smart, witty 11 year old mountain lion with a 153 IQ with hydrokenetic powers. He doesn't mind Sonic and co. and soon becomes good friends with Tails. You see him in the introduction of the sages, being stated as "the mechanical logic sage". His first powers are: Water flash and Water tornado. His special power is: Water claw. it is stated by sonic that both Sayber and Tails share the same traits in Mechanics.

Hailey the Bat- A shy,funny 10 year old Bat with powers that can control the wind. She is very quiet with Sonic and co. and only becomes friends with Cream. You see her in the introduction of the sages and sometimes in the lab. His first powers are: Wind tornado and wind spear. Her special move is:Wind torrent. It is stated by sonic that Hailey is very shy and quiet but when she fights she is like a storm.


1st boss- Gypsy Queen butterfly (found in the Jungle zone)

2nd boss- Dark Rock king (Found in the waterfall zone)

3rd boss- Jeweled Dragon (found in the mountain zone)

4th boss- Black Shark (found in the deep sea zone)

5th Boss- Thorny rose (Found in the Sea bed zone)

6th Boss- Robot Pirate Shaan (Found in the Robot zone)

7th Boss- Fernirs and Dark wasp (Found in the void zone)

8th Boss- Dark wasp 2 (found in void zone 2)

Last boss- Armored Fernirs (Found in the Eclispe Zone)


After collecting all of the Chaos,Sol and Syrisi Emeralds, Mythika opens two portals: one for Mobius and one for Blaze's home. Sonic is shocked that she is sending them back, even though they haven't defeated Fenrirs, Mythika, however, repiles that she has the Syrisi Emeralds, and that was all it was for. They are all shocked, inculding the other sages, and she dissapears into the shadows, where she dissolves. A voice is then heard,

"Mythika, you have not fooled me! I am Fenrirs the Bobcat, lord of the shadow realm, and king of Syrisi ! You forever shall be in my grip, inculding the others. decide on thier fate, Mythika. Pay for the damage you have done to my Family, or I will close the portals forever."

Mythika, hearing the speech, dissolves back in, and cries. She is forced to tell them her history with Fenrirs.

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