Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Kingdom is made by Spiderboy2012 in 2012.You can play as Sonic and other heroes in Sonic to save the lost kingdom.

There are 3 modes Story Mode, Battle Mode and Survival Mode. In Story Mode there are 20 missions for each character. In Battle Mode you can use the characters you have unlocked to battle eachother. In Survival Mode you fight agaisnt the evil monsters and try to survive.You wield a sword or a hammer to help you fight evil monsters and destroy the most evil one of all!


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails the Fox

Knuckles the Echidna

Silver the Hedgehog

Unlockable and DLC Heroes

Amy Rose (Beat mission 7 in any heroes story)

Noa the Hedgehog (Quest of The Past DLC)

Luna the Hedgehog (Quest of The Past DLC)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Beat mission 12 of sonics story)

Lily the Hedgehog (Beat mission 5 in Quest of The Past DLC)

Rouge the Bat (Beat Shadow's Story)

E-012 (Beat Rouge's Story)

Blaze the Cat (Beat Silver's Story)



Demon Knight

Zekros (Quest of The Past DLC)

Demon King Naron

Ashura (Quest of The Past DLC)


Lead Demon Knight (1st Boss)

Fire Dragon (2nd Boss)

Crystal Golem (3rd Boss)

Demon King Naron (Final Boss)

Zekros (Quest of The Past DLC) (Final DLC Boss)

Ashura (Quest of The Past DLC) (1st DLC Boss)

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