Sonic the Hedgehog: Night of Shadows is a Sonic fanon game for Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. ... ..... ....... I don't feel like saying any more. It'll ruin the surprise. Let's just say some new faces turn out to be switched old ones.

The game plays through in chapters, and at anytime a player may return to a previous chapter to replay it, be it for fun or to recall the story.

Prolouge: A Victorious Mistake

In a laboratory (not Eggman's, but someone... else's...), there's the sound of several breaking machines. The camera changes to Sonic sliding on the ground, then looking up. A man with a body like a gorilla (minus the hair), clothes like newmoon midnight, and eyes like a tiger is preparing to charge him, but Sonic waits for the right moment, then spinballs under him, tripping him and slamming him into a wall.

Sonic leaps over to a machine, shuts it down, shoots up to a power box, kicks it (breaking it apart), flies (figure of speech) over to a button on the wall, hits it, and launches out a window and breaks it, not laying his feet on anything until he exits the building. He skids, backflips, crosses his arms, and wiggles his finger, making a clicking sound as the lab blows up. Sonic walks into the destruction, and the man is laying under a pile of rubbish.

Sonic: Not so big now, are we?

?: This is your last mistake! My master will control everyone precious to you, he will destroy everything that you love, until you are begging for death to relieve yourself of the agony! And then he will answer your prayers in the most painful way he can!

Sonic: I've had about enough of this. I'm meeting Amy at Glacian Resort in an hour.

{Kicks the man in the face, knocking him unconscious}

Sonic: Next time you make an enemy, kill them before their eardrums break. {turns around}. Do hedgehogs even have eardrums? {walks away, snapping his fingers next to his ear and muttering}

Some who-knows-where else, a strange creature of black mist is watching him in a round pool. He shakes his head, then walks away, the pool's image fading.

"That hedgehog is more trouble than I would have thought. Perhaps it is time I turn to my alternative plan. If someone new isn't going to help it, then maybe someone old will."

The man erupts into laughter, then the scene fades.

Chapter 1: An Enemy Found, a Friend Lost

Sonic arrives at the top of a ski/snowboard resort. He walks inside and is surprised to see, of all people, Tails behind the food and beverages counter. He comes up to the counter and greets him. Tails explains he needed some cash and a part-time job at the resort made good work. Sonic grabs a couple chili dogs, flings Tails a tip, and walks away to grab a snowboard from the rental area.

After a while, he gets fed up of waiting for Amy, polishes the chili dog (and his fingers) clean, and starts boarding down. Finally, you get some gameplay, and Sonic gets a bit of fun snowboarding, pulling off tricks on huge mounds of snow designed to be keeping people out of the trees and high-fiving people on the ski lifts a kilometre above the slope. When he reaches the base of the mountain, however, he sees Amy on the ground, weakened. Yet when he kicks his snowboard into the trees and comes to her side, she vanishes. Sonic thinks it was just an illusion - with the crystalline snow around here, anyone could easily create a false image - but he's sure he heard her voice.

He 'hms', grabs his board, and goes back up the ski lift. At the top, back at the resort, he sees Amy, grabbing a drink, skis at her side. Sonic calls to her, and she turns around. The two of them go for a slide, but end up racing each other in a dead tie. They race around for a while, then Sonic goes off to the tricks arena while Amy goes racing down the slopes, testing her speed. After tricking around for about ten seconds, Sonic hears a scream from the slopes. He kicks his board aside and runs, and is suprised to see the slopes empty.

But Amy was just riding down here...

Sonic calls Amy's name, but even when Tails comes down, relieved from his shift, they can't find her. Sonic desperately punches the ground, and his hand strikes something. Hard. That isn't ice. Sonic starts shovelling the snow, and comes across a pair of skis with Amy's logo on them (same as her flag in M&S Oympics). Either she had taken them off for a breather, or someone took them off her.

Something whistles in Sonic's ear.

Instinct tells him to move, and he leaps out of the way as a blur of red and black passes by him. Sonic picks himself out of the snow, and turns to see a red Echidna with pure black eyes, dreadlocks, and fists, along with black stripes all over his body. His dreadlocks are also raised like a headband of spikes around his head (minus his forehead). Sonic asks what buisiness he has here, but the Echidna only grunts in response, then lets out a battle cry and leaps for Sonic, fist pulled back for a punch. Sonic fights him off, and after the Echidna`s defeat Sonic looks around for a weapon - a post, a stick, anything - and ends up grabbing one of Amy's skis and holding it like a sword. He's had experience with swords.

However, this guy`s tough. He kicks up, knocking the ski to the sky, sends Sonic after it with an uppercut punch, and jumps repeatedly between two trees, then grabs one, pulls it down, and launches himself into the air, flying off with his dreadlocks. Before Sonic even meets the apex of his launch. Sonic manages to dodge the ski and land properly, then stares in the direction the Echidna went.

Sonic: What was that?

Tails: I don`t know. And I don`t want to.

Chapter 2: Black Chase

Sonic goes back to the bottom of the mountain (sliding as though he`s using a snowboard, since the mountain is pure snow-covered ice), and walks to a nearby city. He meets up with Shadow (who, coincidentally, was just training for fencing) as he starts looking for Knuckles. However, soon, Sonic runs into the same Echidna again, but this time, Shadow knocks him out with a Chaos Spear (same as here) and turns to Sonic. However, the Echidna gets up and starts runnng. Sonic and Shadow pursue him, and when he runs into an alley, Sonic, knowing the complex alleyway systems, gets Shadow to corner him off. They trap him, but he quickly smashes through a wall and continues running. Sonic starts to run after him, but Shadow holds him back for a few quick seconds to hide him with his Chaos powers, albiet warning him not to enter strong light as it will show through the illusion.

Eventually, Sonic approaches the Echidna`s base and, apparently, master. As he hides in the alley, around where the Echidna went, he hears a second, deep voice.

Unknown: Ah, good. I am glad you were able to avoid being followed. Not that it would make any difference. If any were to try to return to this spot, they would find it empty. Now...

Echidna: Hur. He-arrrr.

Unknown: What is it, Deadlock? You were followed?

Echidna (Deadlock): Urrr...

Unknown: I`ll make this simple. Kill him. Or at least knock him unconscious and bring him here. And you will not suffer anything for luring him.

Deadlock: Hur.

Sonic holds flat against the wall as Deadlock comes by, but apparently that thing has a reflexive sense of smell. He sniffs the air, then spins and punches dead on where Sonic's head is. Or was, because as soon as it spins, he's gone. Deadlock chases him, and as he approaches Shadow, the illusion fades and Deadlock's fist comes aiming for a clean shot through both of them. Shadow quickly uses Chaos Control to warp them away. Sonic skids to a failed stop and slams into the ground, whereas Shadow simply watches him fall. They wait a while to see if Deadlock followed them, then Sonic turns to Shadow.

Shadow: What happened?

Sonic: Deadlock - the Echidna - was able to smell me. Evidently your illusion doesn't cover that.

Shadow: Evidently. Might I ask why you were following... Deadlock?

Sonic: Ran into him at Glacian Resort. I wasn't following him, I just thought that since he tried to kill me - twice - and almost succeeded - I should chase him to learn why.

Shadow: Why did you happen to be here?

Sonic: Amy went missing at Glacian.

Shadow: Ah, yes, I heard about your little date from Tails.

Sonic: Where should I look, do you think?

Shadow: I don't know. {Eyes flash white} Got to go, I've got a fencing match in 5 minutes and I need to suit up. {Eyes flash again} I know, I know, I'm coming!

Sonic: What's up with that?

Shadow: Chaos Signal. Learnt it from Chaos. He's reffing the match and decided to make... {Eyes flash a third time} Alright, how do you like this? {Eyes go black. Pause. Eyes flash and stay white} God! Alright, I'm coming! Chaos..... CONTROL!

Shadow vanishes in a blur of blue. Sonic laughs, then turns away, dashing off.

Chapter 3: Unpleasant Opponent

Sonic arrives at Tails' workshop, but he's not there. Sonic mutters, "Hm. He's usually piecing something or another together by now. Tails? Tails!?" After a bit of searching around, he gives up and leaves. For a few seconds he's gone. Then there's a crash as something arrives in the workshop. Sonic dashes to the door and peeps in. Deadlock is in there with a pink female hedgehog with pure black eyes and quills, along with black markings similar to Deadlock's. Her quills are raised in a way so they sort of form an egg shape with one side pointed. The two of them are looking around.

Hedgehog: I can't see anyone here. Maybe he's already gone. Can you smell anyone?

Deadlock: Hur. {Shakes his head, then pauses abruptly and sniffs the air} Hur. He-arrr, ha-rarrr!

Hedgehog: What is it? It's that hedgehog, isn't it?

Deadlock: Harrr. {Nods}

Sonic: For the love of Xhaos!

He doesn't have time to say much else, because Deadlock rounds the corner and brings his fist deep into the wall inches from Sonic's head. The pink hedgehog comes around. Sonic tries to get free, but can't and simply stares at the hedgehog, who laughs. In the corner of his vision, Sonic sees a dark blur, but doesn't turn to it because he doesn't want these two to kill it.

Hedgehog: Brave little blur, are we?

Sonic: Who the heck are you and what the heck do you want with Tails?

Hedgehog: My name is Rosecut. You've surely met Deadlock or he wouldn't recognize your scent. And as for our desire to take your friend...

The conversation is cut short when a shower of black energy arrows comes down and strikes them. Deadlock screams and falls, trying to get his fist out of the wall. Rosecut screams and turns to the sky to see Shadow launching Chaos Spears like mad. Sonic takes advantage of the distraction and kicks Rosecut in the back of the head, knocking her down. He dashes up the wall, and Shadow is safe to fling a Chaos Rift at Rosecut and Deadlock.

But the attempt fails. Rosecut pulls a pickax from nowhere, strikes the side of the workshop, freeing Deadlock's hand, and jumps out of the way, then dashes off. Sonic avoids the Chaos Rift, then turns to Shadow, who lowers to the ground.

Shadow: What's up?

Sonic: Deadlock and Rosecut - the hedgehog - were looking for Tails. I don't know why. I'm not sure I want to know why. All I know is that there's something bad going on.

Shadow: You know what? Screw with my appointments. Things are happening and frankly I don't want you to be part of the bad stuff. That and I want to be part of the good stuff.

Sonic: Alright. And besides, your Chaos powers will come in handy. But that Rosecut...

Shadow: What about her?

Sonic: I... It may just be my head messing with me, but Rosecut sort of... sort of sounded like Amy.

Shadow freezes. Then his eyes flash white and he shake his head. "Listen, you can cancel all of my stuff today. Fencing, flying, all of that garbage. Sonic's into something and I'm going to help him out with it. I'll let you know if I have to cancel tommorrow's."

Chapter 4: Black Night

Sonic and Shadow dash in the direction that Deadlock and Rosecut went. As night falls, they approach a forest. Shadow uses his Chaos powers to zoom into the area, then projects it on his hand for Sonic to see. Rosecut and Deadlock are in a clearing around a fire along with someone hidden in the shadows. Rosecut is speaking.

Rosecut: ...capture the twin-tailed fox.

Deadlock: Hur. {makes several hand signals}

Unknown (same deep voice as the alleyway): Ah, good. You picked up his scent. That should make it easier to find him.

Rosecut: We ran into the blue hedgehog again. He's lucky his mouth isn't as quick as his feet or he'd be dead already.

Unknown: Good. I want him to feel agony before I kill him. Let me know when you find the fox. I will deal with him personally.

The unknown figure vanishes. Deadlock then turns to Rosecut.

Rosecut: You start following his scent from that workshop. I'm going to look for that hedgehog.

Sonic (mouthing to himself): She says that hedgehog like I've got a sword at her neck whenever she's near me.

Shadow (in Sonic's mind): Don't move. Deadlock will pick up your scent.

Deadlock makes a hand signal, then dashes past the fire into the darkness. Rosecut starts walking towards them.

Shadow (in Sonic's mind): God! Run, Sonic!

Sonic wastes no time in obliging. However, Rosecut hears him and kicks into a dash, and meets up with Sonic in no time.

Rosecut: Eat this, hedgehog!

She swings a huge hammer his way, and Sonic pulls a hairpin figure eight, tripping Rosecut and sending her and her hammer flying. Sonic ends up having to fight her, and after her defeat he picks up her hammer and holds it at her neck like he did with Deadlock and Amy's ski. Rosecut, however, is easily able to escape him and flee. Sonic curses and throws his hammer behind his back. On cue, Shadow comes up behind him and tells him to be more careful. Sonic laughs and starts heading for the workshop, hoping to catch up to Deadlock. However, Shadow holds him back, and tells him to go to the ski resort; Tails had taken the late and noon shifts. Sonic dashes for the mountain and reaches it just as day breaks.

Chapter 5: Dark Daybreak

Sonic climbs the mountain, but when he reaches the resort house, it`s empty. Sonic turns and is surprised to see Deadlock trudging up the mountain. Deadlock sees Sonic and takes a combat stance, but Sonic shakes his head and says, ``I`m not going to fight you. But I am going to tell you we`ve both wasted our time.`` Deadlock howls and punches the ground, but Sonic says, ``Hey, cheer up. If you have any cash, hand me a couple bucks and I`ll get you a soda.`` Deadlock agrees to the soda part, and Sonic grabs him one and hands it to him as he dashes down the mountain.

When he reaches the bottom, he sees Shadow has had no luck finding Deadlock or Rosecut, and so the two think for a while. Where could Tails be at... 3 in the morning? Shadow reccomends going to the workshop to see if either of them missed him, and Sonic agrees to it, but he says they`ve got to pick up the pace. They reach the workshop in record time, and Sonic looks around. The workshop has been ransacked. Tails` machines have been thrown everywhere and ripped apart. Blueprints are torn and scattered. Scale models are everywhere. Blueprints are torn and scattered.

Sonic: You said Blueprints are torn and scattered twice.

Me: Hey! What`re you doing here?

Sonic: Correcting an obvious mistake.

Me: Well go away!

Sonic: Why?

Me: Why do you think?

Tails: Hey, Sonic, who are you talking t- my workshop! What happened?

Sonic: Gotta go. {To Tails} I don't know. Would you happen to?

Tails: I... I... I... Aaaaahhhhh! {Slams against a wall and reels back, tears crossing his eyes} Who in the...

Sonic: Beeep.

Tails: name of...

Sonic: Beeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Tails: ...would do such a...

Sonic: Beeep.

Tails: ...thing?

Shadow: Deadlock and Rosecut. A mute Echidna and a...

Sonic: Beeep.

Shadow: ...of a hedgehog came looking for us - and you.

?: And found you.

The three of them turn to see Rosecut and Deadlock standing behind them. Sonic leaps onto the Turbo Tornado (the only undamaged thing in the workshop) and takes a combat stance; Shadow forms a Chaos Spear in one hand and holds a Chaos Rift in the other; Tails pulls out a high-tech slingshot and pulls back with an orb in position, which immediately becomes coated with electricity. Nice weapon, if you ask me. Rosecut smiles.

Rosecut: You think you can stop us?

Sonic: What do you want with us?

Deadlock: Hur. {starts to move his hand, but Rosecut stops him}

Rosecut: Don`t bother making hand signals, they won`t recognize them. Instead, you three can eat this!

She pulls out a large orb and slams it into the ground, causing a huge emmission of gas. However, before anyone can say anything, the gas starts to shrink, then is carried out. Sonic is surprised when Silver comes in, the rings on his hands glowing (signalling the use of his psychokenesis). Deadlock screams out and starts to punch, but Silver raises his hands and unleashes a ring of energy, which strikes them and sends them flying. He turns to the three of them.

Silver: Don't know who, don't care. You three, come on. We've got to leave.

Shadow: CCC?

Silver: CCC.

Sonic & Tails: CCC?

{Silver holds the white Chaos Emerald in his hand, and he and Shadow start coating in blue energy}

Shadow & Silver: Cross Chaos Control!

An X of light appears, and Shadow quickly says, "No time change. Get to Ignited Mountain!

They all jump in and appear at Ignited Mountain. Back at the workshop, Rosecut leaps for the portal, but it closes just as she is about to enter it. Sonic recovers from the warp for a few seconds before speaking.

Sonic: OK, that, was close.

Silver: Now I care. Who were those guys?

Sonic: Their names are Deadlock and Rosecut. As to any other description of who, I don't know.

Silver: I saw what they did to that workshop. Tails, that was yours, wasn't it?

Tails: Y-y-yeah...

Silver: We need to find them and their master. OK, let's split up. Sonic, you go to Glacian Resort.

Sonic: Why is it always Glacian for me?

Silver: Fine. Tails, you go to Glacian. Sonic, you go to the city. Shadow, the forest. I'll go to the sea. We`ll meet back here in, say, two hours?

Tails: O-O-Ok. It's m-my shift in half an hour anyways.

Sonic: Relax, buddy. You`re smarter than I am fast. If you didn`t have that job, you`d have that place fixed and them in a hole before the sun falls tonight.

Shadow: Alright. Let`s move.

Sonic leaves and is at the city in no time. In the fencing house, you can hear people complaining that, ``that black hedgehog hasn`t arrived yet.`` And he`s never going to, fellas, so suck it up! After a while of searching, he comes up empty handed. He heads back to the volcano. As he reaches the top, there`s a blur of blue as Shadow arrives, holding a long, narrow sword.

Sonic: Well?

Shadow: Nothing.

Sonic: And the sword?

Shadow realizes he`s still holding the blade and switches from forehand to backhand grip.

Shadow: Ran into Rosecut; she challenged me to a match.

Sonic: Hm. Rosecut uses a hammer as her preferred weapon.

Shadow: Then she decided to catch me off guard.

Sonic: And she provided you with a fencing blade with your logo on it?

Shadow: Alright, I ran into a buddy from fencing and decided to challenge him! {Eyes flash white} I told you to cancel today`s!

They wait a while. Silver shows up, but when after half an hour Tails fails to, Sonic starts to wonder ("His shifts are only an hour). After a full hour, they head for the mountain. At the peak, the manager reveals that Tails didn't show up for his shift today, and Sonic immediately starts searching the slopes at supersonic. Not transfomation. He's fast when he's desperate. Nothing. Again. The three hedgehogs start running back to his workshop, thinking maybe he screwed them off. But on the way there, Sonic is continually pestered by the sound of helicopter blades.

Chapter 6: Enter Command - The Impossible

At Tails' place, they find an empty - yet clean - workshop. Shocked, Sonic actually pulls out one of the blueprints. It's for something called the Frozen Whirlwind (which, by the look of it, looks like an ice vehicle), and it's missing a torn piece. Sonic holds his hand up - he had kept one of the blueprint pieces - and holds it there. It fits. Perfectly.

Sonic: But that's impossible. Even Tails can't do that.

Silver: Hey, blur. Not to make your shape sharp, but we've got company.

Sonic {turning around}: Define company.

He sees Deadlock and Rosecut, along with a fox with pure black eyes, tail (yes, not all foxes in this world have two, although this fox's tail is split at the tip), and hands. Sonic takes a combat stance; Shadow does exactly what he did in Chapter 5, a Chaos Spear in one hand, a Rift in the other; Silver's psychokenesis rings start glowing.

Sonic: You again!

Rosecut: Ah, nice place.

Fox: Command end. Enter command.

Deadlock: Hur.

Rosecut: Enter command - Hold. Now, as for you three, you can come with us. Or you can die.

Silver: I'd rather die fighting...

Shadow: I'd prefer to end my life in combat...

Sonic: ..than go with you!

Rosecut: Your choice. But I'm tired, and Deadlock needs to save his strength. Twinblade, enter command - fight!

Fox (Twinblade): Command accepted. Eat this, blue rat!

Silver: Did he just call you a blue rat?

Sonic: He's not the first one.

Twinblade then launches into combat with Sonic, slashing at him with his tail, jumping over him and launching a kicks at his head, and throwing electrified steel orbs at him. After dodging the third attack, Sonic screams, "Woah, deja vu! I swear I've seen that just earlier today!" Twinblade, however, is not that high on the stamina list, and is easy to attack after he tires out. After his defeat, Twinblade leaps up and jumps back. Silver and Shadow are still ready to help him fight, but Rosecut quickly holds Twinblade and Deadlock back.

Rosecut: Twinblade, enter command - flee!

Twinblade: Command holding. Take passengers?

Rosecut: Negative.

Twinblade: Command holding. Air or land?

Rosecut: Land.

Twinblade: Command accepted. Adios, hedgehogs! {Dashes away at a speed caught between Sonic and Deadlock}

Rosecut: He's so difficult to work with. Come on, Deadlock. Let's beat this place.

Deadlock: Hur. {Makes several hand signals}

Rosecut: Why not?

Deadlock: He-arrr! Ha-rarrr, Hu-rearrr!

Deadlock pulls out a large orb and throws it towards the hedgehogs. It splits into two items; a large stick, and a gelatinous substance. Shadow grabs the stick, realizes what it is, dynamite, and throws it at the door, but the substance covers the walls and door. Not to mention the windows. Shadow curses and uses Chaos Control, but the gelatin is making it difficult for his power to lock onto a target outside the building, slowing down his coat of blue energy considerably. He finally succeeds, but in the remnants of his warp there's a yellow flash, and a section of the wall crumbles apart. Shadow warps back in after a minute or so, and his quills are frayed and his red is covered in ashes.

Shadow: Stupid dynamite.

Sonic: This is like a TV show.

Shadow: Can it, Sonic. Could you get us out of here?

Sonic: Leave it to me!

Sonic steps back. You can see his quills sort of flash grey, then hold on a grey-blue mix. Then he leaps into the air, spinball, and slams into the gelatin. He can't break through it, and he ends up getting stuck. Silver laughs.

Sonic: Alright, now I'm the cartoon character. Silver, try and use your PK to break through this.

Silver: With you in there?

Sonic: Don't worry. You blasted me with your PK enough last time we met. I'm practically immune.

Silver: If you say so.

Silver holds back, then starts to enter a blur of silver lines. The rings on his hands glow, and a wave of energy flies through the air, striking Sonic but shredding the gelatin over the door and sending both Sonic and the goo flying. Sonic starts trying to flick the goo off of him.

Sonic: Oh, gross! Silver, hand me that Emerald, would you?

Silver: Why?

Sonic: Just do it!

Silver tosses him the white Chaos Emerald, and as soon as it makes contact with his skin, the goo cleans from him, albiet a few globs stuck in his quills. Sonic smiles and tosses it back to Silver.

Shadow: That worked. Now, let's go find those three. Sonic, any idea where they would be?

Sonic: Hang on a second, I'm thinking...

Silver: About what?

Sonic: Am I the only one that noticed... that that Twinblade guy sounded like Tails?

Shadow: Something doesn't add up - or maybe it does, but I just got a bad calculator.

Sonic: No seriously. He sounded just like Tails. But something's wrong. When Rosecut asked him to flee, he asked, 'Air or land.' How could he fly?

Silver: Strange... Anyways, let's go get them. Sonic, you know where they went?

Sonic: I think they went west.

The three hedgehogs dash off, Sonic taking the lead. Sonic holds the other two back as he sees the three of them entering a cave. Sonic hides behind one of many bare rocks, pulls the other two after him, and gets Shadow to use his Chaos Vision ability, except to project it on the rock. Rosecut speaks.

Rosecut: We seem to be having trouble accessing the blue hedgehog's further companions. The black and silver hedgehogs are accomanying him further on.

Unknown (same as forest): Find a way to part them. Then take them out in the most painful way you can.

Deadlock: Hur. {sniffs the air}. He-arrr, Ha-rarrr!

Unknown: They have pursued you again?

Rosecut: How did they escape?

Twinblade: Calculations - Blue hedgehog tries to spin through the gelatin, failing but weakening. Silver hedgehog uses psychokenesis to tear the gelatin, freeing them. Alternate Calculations - Black hedgehog uses Chaos Blast to shatter all gelatin, although highly unlikely due to causing death of companions.

Rosecut: That's one of the best things about having you on our team, Twinblade.

Twinblade: Enter command.

Deadlock: Ha-rarrr, Hu-rearrr!

Rosecut: Should I send them both?

Unknown: Two against three is better odds than one. Yes.

Rosecut: Enter command - attack in combination!

Twinblade: Command accepted. Come, Deadlock!

Sonic: God! I'll hold them back. You two flee!

Shadow: Are you mad, hedgehog?

Sonic: They want me alive! They don't too much care for you two!

Silver: CCC?

Shadow: No. Just the standard.

Silver & Shadow: Chaos.....

Deadlock and Twinblade are only metres away when the two hedgehogs vanish. Sonic fights the two of them, but Deadlock doesn't easily accept defeat. He jumps and pulls a punch for Sonic's head. Sonic, however, grabs it and, with impossible strength, throws him across the plain, then turns to Twinblade. The fox smiles, then jumps into the air, kicking Sonic in the back of the head, and dashes after Deadlock. Sonic punches the ground, then sees Silver's white Chaos Emerald on the ground. Before Rosecut can catch up, he grabs it and starts coating himself in blue energy.

Sonic: I hate doing this, but Chaos.....

Sonic vanishes in a blur of blue as Rosecut jumps for him, and reappears on a desert plain. He looks around, realizes no one's around, and screams out, then mutters, "At least its away from Rosecut and company."

He starts walking along, and eventually meets up with, of all characters, Blaze. She has been testing her speed, as well as her pyrokenesis, saying that she's "advanced it so well that my flames are probably faster than your feet." Sonic challenges her to test that, and although she raises flames from right below his feet, he is still too fast for her flames. They walk towards Ignited Mountain, Sonic telling Blaze what's happened so far. At the volcano, Sonic sees Shadow, but not Silver. Sonic dashes up to him and asks where Shadow went.

Shadow: When we left, we ended up in a deep green plain. After a while of trudging towards Ignited Mountain, Deadlock came towards us. Turns out you were wrong; he did want us alive, because he knocked Silver out with a slug to the head and took off at an impossible speed for an Echidna.

Blaze: Where did he go?

Shadow: I don't know, because as soon as I chased after him, he turned around and sent me flying in this direction.

Sonic: This is bad.

Shadow: How did you two run into each other?

Sonic: I used Chaos Control with Silver's Emerald as soon as I took down Deadlock and Twinblade.

Shadow: I though you hated using Chaos Control.

Sonic: I do. It was the only thing I could do without getting Rosecut's hammer in my skull.

Chapter 7: ExtraSensory Punishment

Sonic, Shadow, and Blaze go towards the fields to find Silver and, possibly, Deadlock. As they go there, something is causing the plants to grow so high that frankly, everyone's blind. Blaze solves that problem with a straight line of flame. At the end of her newmade path, Sonic sees a silver hedgehog with eyes, quills, and hands of pure black, along with the same black markings as Deadlock, Rosecut, and Twinblade.

Shadow forms a Chaos Spear in Sonic's hand (frankly, I didn't know he could do that) (Shut up, Sonic), and Sonic holds it like a sword. The hedgehog smiles and holds a small rock in his hand. Nothing happens. Then Sonic gasps as the rock raises, and flies at Sonic's head. Sonic quickly throws his - sorry, Shadow's - Chaos Spear at it, and it shatters. The hedgehog laughs, then flings a ring of psychokenesis at Sonic, who leaps over it and dashes at him.

A battle ensures between Sonic and this new hedgehog. After the new one's defeat, Sonic pins him to the ground and prepares to elbow him. However, the hedgehog laughs and says, "I wouldn't do that, blue blur." From behind, Shadow screams, "Behind you!" and Sonic has just time to turn and roll off the new hedgehog before a hammer comes inches from the new one's head.

Rosecut pulls her hammer back and brings it for Sonic's head. Sonic, however, holds his feet up, compresses the blow, and kicks the hammerhead back at Rosecut. Sonic leaps over her off his hands, slides, and turns to taunt, but Rosecut is already spinning her hammer his way. Blaze shields him with a wall of molten rock (apparently her pyrokenesis extends to that) and Sonic prepares to combat. However, the silver hedgehog raises him into the air, holds him tight still, and launches psychokenesis waves at him from every direction.

Shadow saves Sonic's life with a Chaos Spear at the new hedgehog, and Sonic himself peels the unburnt grass in a dash, Blaze and Sonic right behind him. In the burnt grass, Rosecut turns to the new hedgehog.

Hedgehog: I'll take care of him.

Rosecut: You better.

The hedgehog starts flying after them, and Sonic is easily able to hear him, turn into reverse, and immediately turn back and break the sound barrier. In a blur of fire and Chaos, Shadow and Blaze follow him. They reach Tails' workshop to find Twinblade looking through the blueprints. Sonic grabs Twinblade and hurls him at the new hedgehog.

Hedgehog: What the- {crashes in midair and falls to the ground}

Twinblade: Command end. Enter command.

Hedgehog: Enter command - flee. Negative. Land.

Twinblade. Command accepted. {Dashes off}

Hedgehog: Ready to eat it, blue boy?

Sonic: Only if you can keep up, new guy!

Shadow: Don't taunt him.

Hedgehog: The name is Blackmind, wimp. And I can catch up to you anyday.

Sonic: You willing to try that?

Shadow (in Sonic's mind): Seriously. Cut it out.

Sonic (to Shadow's mind): Hold back. I'm keeping him busy. Just make sure Blaze is ready to ignite this place, and hold a Chaos Spear ready. {To Blackmind} You couldn't beat me. There hasn't been a creature in this world - or any - that has been able to beat me!

Blackmind: Don't hold it back, blur.

Sonic peeks over his shoulder to Blaze. She nods. He screams, "NOW!" and peels out. Shadow flings a Chaos Spear at Blackmind, and Blaze lets out and inferno the size of Eath's Mt. Vesuvius. However, for Blaze, it's too much, and she collapses. Sonic sees this, comes back, picks her up, and leaves, but Blaze's mass considerably slows him down. He keeps dashing, however, and eventually reaches a large cliff overlooking a sea. He has no other option.

With Blackmind throwing rocks at him from every direction, Sonic the Hedgehog jumps into the water, Blaze on his back, rocks on his tail.

When he recovers, the first thing that registers is that he's not dead. The second is that he's not drowning or sinking. In fact, he's lying on the shore, with an aquamarine cat shouting at him.

The third is that there's an aquamarine cat shouting at him.

Sonic: Ice? Is that you?

Ice: No, it's Tails in a Shadow costume. Of course it's me! What in the Meteor Hounds were you thinking?

Sonic: Now is a really bad time to mention the Meteor Hounds. Where's Shadow? Where's Blaze?

Ice: Little boy black is tending to Blaze. That black and silver hedgehog that looks like my sister's boyfriend thinks you're dead, so you don't think that you've got to rush. What happened with Blaze?

Sonic: Too much flame. Speaking of flame, your shoulders are on fire.

Ice: Again with that! {Puts them out with quick coats of ice} How many times has she told me, "Don't use your kenesis until you're sure it's not going to kill you." And she tries to parallel Ignited Mountain with pure solar energy!

Blaze: Ice?

Ice: Yeah?

Sonic & Blaze: Shut up.

After everyone recovers, the set of them start climbing the cliff. Sonic checks that no one is watching, then quickly shoots up, hides behind a rock wall, and beckons forth the others. Shadow, Blaze, and Ice come forth, then they start to dash towards Ignited Mountain (they agreed that that's sort of acting like their HQ for now).

However, as though from nowhere, four figures surround them: Blackmind, Twinblade, Rosecut, and Deadlock. Sonic spins in a shock and is blasted in the back by Blackmind. Ice tries to pull a 180 and leave, but gets a smackback by Rosecut. Twinblade knocks down Blaze, and Deadlock knocks back Shadow. Rosecut approaches them.

Rosecut: Not feeling so big now, are we?

Shadow: Leave him alone.

Blackmind: What say do you have in that, black hedgehog?

Ice & Blaze: You don't want to know.

Deadlock: Hur! He-arrr, Ha-rarrr!

Shadow: Back off! All of you!

Twinblade: Or what?

Sonic: Shadow... what are you thinking?

Shadow drops his hands to his sides, and Sonic watches as he brings them up, reaches to his wrists, and snaps his inhibitor rings open. He then pulls them off his wrists and hands them to Sonic as a black barrier coats the four of them, but not their opponents.

Shadow: Hold these. Eat this!

A black wave of energy emits from the barrier, sending his four opponents flying but not Sonic, Blaze, Ice, or himself. Blaze and Ice simultaneously faint. Sonic hands Shadow his inhibitor rings back, and he places them back around his wrists and closes them. Sonic quickly starts running. Shadow follows him after snapping Blaze and Ice awake. The two try to follow, but can't catch up and fall behind. Twinblade appears behind them and knocks them out with three fingers to each neck, then takes them away.

Chapter 8: A Futile Escape

Sonic approaches the peak with Shadow on his tail, but instead of stopping for even a second, he leaps over the cone and keeps running down the other side. Shadow is shocked, but follows him until he stops at a random cave. Shadow comes inside, and turns to Sonic with a shock in his eyes.

Shadow: What the...

Sonic: Ignited Mountain is no good. They know we rest there - or think we rest there - and so they'll be there any second now.

Shadow: Where do we go?

Sonic: I don't know. Amy, Tails, Silver, Blaze, Ice... all of them are gone now.

Shadow: I think I've added it all up.

Sonic: What  are you talking about?

Shadow: Amy goes missing at Glacian Resort. A day later, Rosecut appears. We meet up with Tails, then he goes missing after we meet up with Silver. Twinblade turns up, and Silver goes missing. Blackmind appears.

Sonic: Are you telling me...

Shadow: I think I am. But how?

Sonic: What I want to know is, why?

The wall behind Sonic starts to crumble. Sonic turns around to see the four black ones coming after him, Blackmind in the lead. Desperately, Sonic dashes deeper into the cave, Shadow on his back. Inside the cave, there are all sorts of crazy beasts that only appear in caves, but Sonic doesn't give a {Sonic: Beeep} about them. When they reach a deep section of the cave, a river of lava makes itself visible under a series of stone pillars, but the cave itself starts to ascend. Sonic keeps running until he has no option, then turns back. Only Rosecut and Blackmind are still in pursuit.

Sonic: What do you want with me? And where's the other two?

Rosecut: Nothing with you, yet. And they froze stiff at the river of lava.

Sonic: No problem with me. It only takes two to tango, so I think we've got a little dance, right here. Bring it on!

Sonic and Shadow combat the two of them simultaneously, and afterwards, Sonic starts dashing again. Shadow tries to, but his eyes flash white. He starts anyways, but he's stalled, and the two are already following him.

Shadow: Listen. I don't give two hoots about this junk anymore! Just leave me alone!

Blackmind: Eat this, black hedgehog!

Shadow spins and, coating his hand in Chaos energy, repels the psychokenesis wave. Him and Blackmind continue to volley around, but eventually, Shadow is the one who fails and ends up landing in the dirt. Sonic sees him fail, and Blackmind starts to take him away. Sonic screams, "NO!" and leaps for Blackmind. As though in slow motion, Sonic enters spinball, flies at high speed for Blackmind, and strikes him between the eyes. However, its an illusion, and Sonic simply hits the ground, weakened. Rosecut helps Blackmind take Shadow away and speaks into a hidden headset, "Rainburn. Northflame. Take him out."

She leaves, and two cats appear with eyes, hands, and heads of pure black. Sonic raises weakly and fights them, discovering they are mute, like Deadlock. When they're defeated, Sonic simply holds the white Chaos Emerald - the one he had from Silver - and, using its power, leaps above the cave. But then his strength fails him. Weakened, helpless, and every bone on his body like magma rocks, he passes out on the rock.

When he wakes up, he's in a cylindrical steel container with a steel-barred window nearby. Sonic looks out it and sees Shadow on a restrainer nearby, with a creature of black mist. Sonic watches as the mist creature steps back, holding dark energy in his hand.

Unknown (same voice as before): So. Eventually, even the Chaos hedgehog falls to the shadows.

Shadow: You little...

Unknown: Save your breath. You have no idea how much you are going to need it.

Shadow: What are you talking about?

Unknown: Eye shadows. They penetrate the user's brain, change their molecular structure, and render them completely obedient. Unfortunately, for both of us, it only works properly for hedgehogs.

Shadow: Hm?

Unknown: Echidnas, for example. The rare creatures turn mute. Foxes turn overdone and cannot act without order. Cats take the same as Echidnas. But hedgehogs remain perfected.

Shadow: Well, that's pleasing to know. Somewhat. Minimally.

Unknown: Look at the bright side. Your Chaos powers earn you the title of second-in-command. Only to me.

The mist creature hurls the dark energy at Shadow, and as soon as it makes contact with him, he starts to change. His quills turn white, his red turns black, his eyes pure darkness. The restrainer releases him, and he looks around.

Unknown: Perfection. I dub thee Blackmagic.

Blackmagic: Chaos Sense. {Eyes coat in black}. The blue hedgehog is awake.

Unknown: Open his cage.

Blackmagic turns, flicks his wrist, and sends a lightning bolt of black energy fliying at Sonic's cage. The door is surrounded in black electricity, then opens. Sonic becomes a blur and, even in slow motion, manages to kick Shad- sorry, Blackmagic slam the back of his foot into - or, rather, through - the mist creature's head, and land before one slow-motion second passes, then breaks sound and dashes towards the exit.

Blackmagic: Chaos Rift.

The hedgehog holds a rift in each hand, strikes Sonic in the back with the one in his left hand and sending him out the one in his right hand. Sonic comes out backwards and kicks towards the hedgehog's head, but that guy is still fast - he grabs Sonic and slams him into the ground while he's still spinning. Sonic turns to Blackmagic and rises, then enters combat with him. After the turned dark hedgehog is defeated, Sonic turns to the mist creature.

Sonic: Who in the underworld are you?

Unknown: I am Nightmare.

Nightmare: But you won't be around long enough to enjoy that knowledge.

Sonic crouches to leap for Nightmare's head, but Blackmagic knocks him out the same way he knocks out most things in my fanfics: three fingers to the neck. Sonic falls unconscious as the turned creatures surround him.

Nightmare's Minions

Every one of Nightmare's minions is one of Sonic's friends, turned by the eye shadows. Their names usually have something to do with death.

  • Deadlock - Knuckles the Echidna. The term deadlocked applies to something that cannot miss its target and is usually fatal.
  • Rosecut - Amy Rose. The name Rosecut is a reference to the fact that flowers die if you cut them.
  • Twinblade - Miles "Tails" Prower. Now, I really couldn't find something that applied to death for him, but a twin-bladed sword is a deadly weapon.
  • Blackmind - Silver the Hedgehog. The term black minded is synonomous with the term brain dead.
  • Rainburn - Blaze the Cat. A fire's 'life' ends by commision to water.
  • Northflame - Ice the Cat. Fire melts ice, and the north is one alit with ice
  • Blackmagic - Shadow the Hedgehog. Black magic is synonomous with necromancy, the art of using dead bodies or souls as minions.

Last Chapter: Chaos with Chaos

Sonic awakens in the cave, alone. He dashes out, and is shocked to find himself in the city where he followed Deadlock with Shadow.

And it is destroyed.

The buildings are ablaze. The streets are torn up. There isn't a living soul in sight. Right next to him, there are the pieces of a chilidog sign. He dashes out to the street. Everywhere to be seen is destroyed. He drops to the ground, remembering the words of that man he didn't even bother to learn the name of in the prolouge.

My master will control everyone precious to you, he will destroy everything you love, until you are begging for death to relieve yourself of the agony! And then he will answer your prayers in the most painful way he can!

Sonic sees Nightmare a while away, his minions surrounding him. His eyes volted with anger, and he becomes a blur as he shoots forward, unleashes a flurry of kicks (or at least I can assume it's kicks. Limbs extend from the blur, so I'm pretty sure it's kicks), knocking each of the minions down, and lands, ready to fight. Nightmare commands all of his minions to attack. At once. With no rings to fight with. One mess-up is lethal.

What could go wrong?

If nothing in the millions of things that could do, then Sonic lets them drop one by one, and turns to Nightmare.

Nightmare: How the...

Sonic: Beeep.

Nightmare: ...did you do that?

Sonic: You take control of my friends, and you expect revenge not to empower me? Then you really are thick.

Sonic holds his arms across his body and closes his eyes. Seven blurry figures circle him, and one appears over him,

Sonic: Emeralds of the heaven's island... Lend me your true power!

Sonic erupts into an energy blur, and Nightmare flips back, then raises his head. Sonic has been coated in a platinum light, ready to fight. Around him, the spirits of his friends surround him as he prepares to combat Nightmare, who opens a black void around.

About time an old Super Form showed up playable in one of my fanfics.

Final Battle: Hyper Sonic versus Nightmare

This battle takes place in three stages. Stage one is Hyper Sonic (yes, Hyper Sonic. So watch your speed. Because this is faster than Draco Sonic, Excalibur-Sonic X2, World Sonic, and Chaos Shadow. Combined.) chasing Nightmare through the void. Simply reach him and unleash Homing Attacks on him. About... 30 will move onto the next starge. But don't go too fast, or you'll be coated in shadows, slowly losing rings.

Stage two is Hyper Sonic still chasing Nightmare, but this time he's slower, has multiple attacks, and still has the shadow coat ability. He can throw white rifts at you, serve up a knuckle sandwich, and throw you across the void. Which is endless. So that takes up a lot of precious time.

Stage three, Hyper Sonic locks Nightmare in head-to-head combat. Nightmare fights like Solaris from Sonic 2006, except rather than using time and fire, he uses pure darkness. and instead of ten rings to three Super hedgehogs, he does thirty rings to one Hyper hedgehog. I think we have a winner to that who-is-the-strongest-final-boss-contest.

Nah, Solaris is still stronger. He can end time.

Anyways, if and when you knock that down, Sonic and the spirits of his friends leave the void and return to the city. However, Nightmare isn't done yet, and actually opens up a black hole in the ground right there. The bodies of Deadlock, Rosecut, Twinblade, Blackmind, Rainburn, Northflame, and Blackmagic fly into it, but Sonic flies in after them. He grabs the bodies of his friends and starts to fly out. When that doesn't work, he charges his body with power and essentially breaks the light barrier. Instead of a wave of sound, when you reach the speed of light there's an explosion of white light that blinds anything that looks at it. Or even in its vauge direction. Fortunately for you, you're not allowed to put something blinding in a video

Hyper Sonic manages to escape, and he watches as his escape cancels out the black hole. The destruction and Nightmare were trapped in there, but the rest of the world is safe. Sonic turns and watches as the spirits of his friends rejoin with their bodies. Sonic is relieved when Knuckles is the first to awaken and actually speaks. The molecular effects of the eye shadows still linger, but Tails says he can easily tackle that as soon as he gets back to his workshop. Everyone leaves except for Sonic, still Hyper, and Amy, still looking like Rosecut. Shadow holds back and shouts to him, "Aren't you coming?" Sonic reassures him, saying, "I could catch up if you and Silver used Cross Chaos Control!" Shadow leaves, and Sonic turns to Amy

Sonic: Well, that was hectic.

Amy: Yeah. You look good at light speed.

Sonic: Thanks. You should wear eye shadows more often.

Amy: Thanks.

The two of them start walking towards Tails' workshop.

Amy: So, do I still owe you a day at Glacian?

Sonic: {laughs} Nah. If you want, I can show you how to channel the Master Emerald's power.

Amy: Really?

Sonic: Yeah. Then I'll race you down Glacia Mountain.

Amy: {laughs} Nice. {looks ahead of them} Race you to Tails' workshop.

Sonic: {looks at her like she's crazy} You're kidding, right? I haven't powered down yet!

Amy: So?

Sonic: {laughs} You're on. Just hold still for a second. And close your eyes.

Amy: Why?

Sonic locks his arm around Amy's.

Sonic: Because the transformation is blinding.

Amy stares at him. Then she closes her eyes. Sonic gives her a light kiss, and there's a powerful flash. When it fades, Amy's coated in platinum. She looks at herself, then at Sonic.

Sonic: Looks like Tails has one less job to do.

Amy reaches for the back of her head. Her quills are back down. She laughs, then turns to where the others went.

Amy: How's about five laps through Green Hill, over Angel Island, three around the planet, and to the workshop?

Sonic: On three. One.

Amy: Two.

Both: Three!

There's a white flash, and the desert is empty as the credits start to roll.

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