Sonic The Hedgehog: Secrets Revealed (AKA Sonic Time Trip or Sonic Secrets) Is an upcoming fan game by Sonicman667. It will feature Sonic, Shadow, and Silver as playable characters.



Sonic's Story

Sonic is off to fight Eggman again as he tries to take over the world. However when Sonic defeated Eggman, Eggman said he'd get him next time leaving Sonic to say a witty comeback. But while Sonic was relaxing, Shadow came up to him and told him if knew anything about his mother. This left Sonic confused. Shadow realized he had no idea what he was talking about so he left. Sonic started chasing after him but Shadow was then already long gone. So he decided to look for him. While looking for Shadow, Eggman encountered Sonic again causing Sonic to fight him. After another victory, Sonic continued looking for Shadow. On the way, Silver encountered him, blaming him for Blaze's disappearance. Sonic had no idea what he was talking about and tried to explain. Silver wouldn't listen and fought him. After a victory, Sonic convinced Silver that he wasn't the cause of Blaze's disappearance. Silver decided to keep on looking for the cause of Blaze's disappearance and Sonic continued looking for Shadow. Eventually, Sonic found Shadow and dmeanded the information Shadow had. Shadow told him if he wanted it, he'd have to fight him for it. Sonic, without hesitation, accepted Shadow's challenge. Shadow told him he wasn't gonna go easy on him, but Sonic didn't care. Sonic eventually succeeded but in one final attack Shadow beat Sonic. However, Shadow saw that Sonic had great strength and was really focused on getting the information. Shadow was about to tell Sonic about his parents but then an explosion of light came from the distance, engulfing them. When engulfed the screen goes to black and the credits roll.

Shadow's Story

Shadow was on a mission from G.U.N. to destroy the space colony ARK once and for all. He was also instructed to find Project: MARIA and take it to GUN after destroying the ARK. While searching for the self destruct button, Shadow uncovered a secret document. This document stated soemthing about an old roboticizer and Gerald's regrets of roboticizing her. Shadow was shocked by the fact that Sonic had a mother. Shadow eventually found the self destruct switch and escaped the ARK before it blew up. Shadow went to find Sonic and eventually found him relaxing. Shadow walked up to him and asked him if he knew anything about his mother. However, Sonic looked confused so Shadow left. Leaving Sonic to find him. While going off to find Project: MARIA, Shadow encountered Silver who asked him where Sonic was. SHadow told Silver he didn't know. Silver didn't believe him, thinking that he was hiding Sonic from him. Silver challenged Shadow to fight to which Shadow agreed to. After emerging victorious, Shadow left and told Silver that Sonic is probably near the beach. Silver left. Shdow continued to search for Project: MARIA and eventually found Dr. Eggman who told him that Project: MARIA is a trick and told him when he found her, to destory her. Shadow refused so Eggman attacked Shadow. Shadow defeated Eggman and left to find Project: MARIA. When he found her, he told her to go to GUN, which she surprisingly knew the location of. Then, Sonic approached Shadow and demanded the information he had. Shadow challenged Sonic to a fight in which he emerged victorious from. He admired Sonic's strength and decided to give him the information. However, before he could say it, an explosion of white light engulfed them.

Silver's Story

Silver was enjoying a swim at Tropical Tides. He and Blaze were supposed to be there for a date. Silver waited but Blaze never showed up. Silver had come to the conclusion that she dissappeared. He decided that Eggman was responsible just like he always is. So he searched Tropical Tides to find him. He eventually found him, and without question, attacked him. After Silver beat Eggman, Silver demanded some answers on why he took Blaze. Eggman told Silver that it wasn't him. But Sonic. Silver asked how he knew that it was Sonic to make sure he wasn't being tricked. Eggman said that he saw him lead some girl hedgehog to Blaze and then she took her. Silver then thanked Eggman for the information then left to find Sonic. When he found Sonic, he demanded answers on why he caused Blaze to be kidnapped. Sonic seemed to not know what he was talking about, however, Silver didn't believe him, and challenged him to a fight. Silver ultimately lost this fight even though he was able to beat him at first. Sonic convinced him the he didn't take Blaze and Silver let him go. Silver kept looking for Blaze. He eventually go tired and rested for a bit, then a white light engulfed him.

Last Story

Silver, Shadow, and Sonic appear in a post-apocalyptic like place. They don't question each other why they're there, but they discuss what to do. They decide to just go through the place and look for whoever cause them to be here.

After extensive searching, they found Project: M.A.R.I.A. Shadow questioned why she was there and not at GUN HQ. Maria explained that she was told to destroy the entire world in a giant explosion. The only place she could do to that, is GUN HQ. Shadow made a big mistake by telling her to go the GUN. Then Metal Overlord appeared and then absorbed Maria's power to become even more powerful. Even though he still looked like Metal Overlord, he was now Metal Maria Overlord. Sonic knew they had to do something so they decided to use the Chaos Emeralds to Super(If Super Emeralds are gotten, Shadow and Sonic transform into Hyper forms, Silver however has no Hyper form so he trnasofrms into Super form still). They then fight Metal Maria Overlord and beat him(since it's still Metal Sonic, it's him). Metal Overlord reverts back to Metal Sonic and and shuts down again. Maria then explains to everyone the secrets that wer ekept from them for years now. Maria explains to Sonic that he had a mother who was roboticized by Gerald when he tested the roboticizer. Maria explained to Shadow that the human version of her never really died. She was taken to a secret lab to be kept alive for 66 and turned into a hedgehog. She explained that that is who she really is. The Maria that Shadow knew 50 years ago and that something in her programming made her go rogue. She explained to Silver that Blaze was taken to a different dimension by Dr. Eggman Nega. Maria and Shadow left. Sonic left in the other direction to go off looking for a new adventure. Silver stayed behind to fix the world.



Sonic / Super Sonic

Shadow / Super Shadow

Silver / Super Silver

Project: MARIA

Metal Sonic / Metal Maria Overlord

Supporting Characters

Dr. Eggman

G.U.N. (over transmission)



Egg Pawns(possibly)

(Other badniks coming soon)

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