Sonic the Hedgehog: Speed Chronicles X is an anime TV series that is set to start in June 2016. Unlike its precessdor, the characters in the sequel have different backstories, and it takes place in a different reality.


Sonic is the sole remaining blue hedgehog after his race were killed by a mysterious revolt. Later adopted and trained by his mentor Professor Azure to protect the world, Sonic joins the Speedster Cops. During his time as the Speedster Cops, he learns that Dr. Eggman, the former apprentice of King Rose, was responsible for the death of all the blue hedgehog after committing genocide on them.



Speedster Cops

Sonic the Hedgehog: The last of the living blue hedgehog race in Mobius and the main protagonist in the series, like in the games and other media. Impatient and rash, Sonic is the leader of the Anti-Eggman cops. His father, General Kousaku, was a legendary Anti-Eggman Cop general. Because of him being the only blue hedgehog in Mobius, he is often teased around by other Mobians and now lives with Tails, his best friend, in a small tree hut on an island. (First Apperance: A New Adventure Begins!)

Miles "Tails" Prower: Sonic's best friend and main partner. He is a shy and friendly genius mechanic who helps his grandfather in his inventions. Because of his shy personality, he is very easy to bully, and is often scared to fight back, and always depend on Sonic to solve the bully problems. Hailing from a family of inventors, Tails was sent to live with his aunt after his parents' deaths along with his two older brothers, but eventually ran away from home after suffering constant abuse from older brothers, who both had a deep hatred towards their youngest brother for his failed efforts to help improve their inventions. Tails is the brains of the Anti-Eggman cops, and often invents things to foil Dr. Eggman's plan for world domination. (First appearance: A New Adventurw Begins!)

Professor Azure: A world-genius scientist and the mentor, as well as the adopted father of Sonic the Hedgehog who once served King Rose.

Amy Rose: The princess of Rose Kingdom, her kingdom and her father, King Rose, was attacked by Lord Eggman's minions and was forced to leave in her carriage. During her journey, her carriage was attacked by some of Lord Eggman's minions, and was struck down unconscious. Before she could be kidnapped, Sonic and Tails save her and take her to safety. After this, she joins the Anti-Eggman cops as the fighter of the group. (First Appearance: A New Adventure Begins!)

Knuckles the Echidna: The strongest Anti-Eggman cop of Sonic's team and Sonic's long time friendly rival, as well as the current chief of the Alter Emerald Village in Angel Island, succeeding his father. Taking his job seriously as the chief to guard the Master Emerald, yet being quick to anger and not as intelligent as Sonic, he often chooses physical force to think, but also very gullible as he often gets easily tricked by Dr. Eggman into fighting Sonic for him. Knuckles has great superhuman strength, and can almost hold an Indian elephant in about five seconds. In his first appearance, he gets tricked by Dr. Eggman into stealing the Chaos Emerald for him, but was ultimately stopped by Sonic and the Anti-Eggman cops. (First appearance: The Stone Cracking Echidna: Knuckles!)

Major Characters

Shadow the Hedgehog: A mysterious black hedgehog who resembles Sonic. A master rogue who works with Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega, he often seeks treasure for himself, along with his partners. He is also a former apprentice to Dr. Eggman before being betrayed by the latter for planning to use his life energy force to power his mechs and now works against him, although sometimes he works with Sonic and his friends. (First appearance: Which One? The fake hedgehog!)

Rouge the Bat: A seductive bat who is a jewel thief working with Shadow and Omega. She often fights dirty, and has a huge crush on Knuckles. (First appearance: Knuckles' crush?! The Fight for the emerald!)

Silver the Hedgehog: A mysterious silver hedgehog who hails from the future and works with his partner, Blaze the Cat, to protect the future of the world. Born with the powers of telekinesis, Silver inherits the ability to lift things up without touching things. He is very observant and serious about protecting the world, yet very bad-tempered and immature at times. (First appearance: Sonic's betrayal?! Destruction to the world!)

Blaze the Cat: A pyrokinetic cat who is Silver's partner. Calm and collected, she is often annoyed by Silver's impulsiveness and immaturity, as he often does things without thinking, much to her chagrin. Her pyrokinetic powers often keeps in her bells, which are all kept inside a kitsune which passed to her. (First appearance: The blazing mystical cat, Blaze!)

Chaotix: A former criminal group turned detective agency led by Vector the Crocodile, originally led by his parents as a thieving group who seek resources they require, resulting in them being imprisoned in a dungeon under King Rose's orders for their crimes. Originally imprisoned by Dr. Eggman and forced to do his biddings, the Chaotix were freed by the Speedster Cops and were given a second chance, which led the Chaotix into dropping their criminal careers, thus betraying Vector's own parents.

  • Vector the Crocodile: A gang leader who used to lead a criminal group that consists of a group of thieves called the Chaotix, which his parents originally led. While Vector was too young to realize the crimes of his parents, he only remembered that they taught him how to steal stuff along with his adopted younger brother Shadow at a very early age, with his father treating them more harshly than his mother. He was locked in prison by Dr. Eggman two years ago and was forced to build his empire in order to take down the president of Sonic's world. After he is freed, he joins Sonic and his friends to work against Eggman, and later sets up his own detective agency along with Espio, Charmy, Mighty and Ray, while eventually giving up their criminal careers. (First appearance: The Gangster Leader: Vector!)
  • Espio the Chameleon: Vector's right-hand man who is an expert ninja and the group's spy.
  • Charmy Bee: An orphan found and raised by Vector and now works as their tracker.
  • Mighty the Armadillo:
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel:


Eggman Empire

Dr. Eggman: The main villain in the series and Sonic's long-life arch-enemy, as well as the former apprentice of King Rose, the benevolent ruler of the main state in Sonic's world. He often sends his minions robots to attack Sonic and his friends. He first invades Mobius when he wanted to take over the world. During that time, when Sonic was only a baby, he led a massive revolt against Mobius, and led a genocide against all the blue hedgehogs, except for Sonic. The consequences of his actions has caused himself to be banished by the president to another planet after the latter learned of his plans for world domination. Although he led a lot of robots in his army, he was easily defeated. As punishment for his crimes, Eggman was sent to prison, but a day before his execution, he successfully escapes from prison and sends Metal Sonic to drive away the president so that Eggman could successfully take over the world. (First Appearance: A New Adventure Begins!)

Orbot: A rounded red robot who always insults Eggman's failures. (First appearance: Eggman's Revenge Plans)

Cubot: A cubic yellow robot who always refuses to take assignments from Eggman. (First appearance: Eggman's Revenge Plans)

Metal Sonic: Sonic's robotic counterpart created by Dr. Eggman. He is the most obedient of Eggman's minions, serving as his right hand man and sent to drive King Rose away from his kingdom and to kill General Kousaku. (First Appearance: Robot Sonic Trouble)

Jiogu Empire: A terrorist organization seeking to overthrow Eggman after the latter had took over the world. Led by Jiogu the Chimera, the empire's goal is to defeat both Sonic and Eggman and rule the universe. Notable actions committed by the Jiogu Empire include arson by bombing buildings, physically assaulting or killing innocents, and theft. Notable members include Fang the Sniper, Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear.

  • Fang the Sniper: Rouge's former partner in crime who betrayed her during their theft mission, which led her into getting imprisoned. Ruthless and greedy, Fang is considered as the most rotten criminal in Sonic's world, as he often commits serious crimes like brutal bank robbing, stealing expensive artifacts from museums and extortion, although his clumsiness shows his comical side. He is also the apprentice of Jiogu, in which he is the most loyal.
  • Bean the Dynamite: A asylum escapee who is addicted to using bombs, which led him to committing arson. Bean is a trash-talking and hyperactive lunatic who often does "tricks" that involve bombs to fool or attack his enemies and doesn't take his job as a terrorist very seriously, in contrast to his partner Bark and much to the chagrin of Fang.
  • Bark the Polar Bear: A sullen and silent brute who is Bean's partner. Unlike his partner Bean, Bark is a very cold-hearted and violent individual who usually never speaks, and his sullen nature makes him take his job very seriously, although he shows complete loyalty to Fang by taking his orders gladly. Thanks to his intense strength, he is a very difficult opponent to fight against with.

Other characters

King Rose: The former benevolent ruler of Sonic's world and the father of Amy Rose before being driven away by Metal Sonic, allowing his former apprentice Dr. Eggman to conquer the world. After being expelled by Eggman, he secretly joins the Speedster Cops where one of his most loyal apprentices, General Kousaku, led. After Kousaku's death, King Rose often give advices to Sonic and his friends on how to take down Eggman and get his kingdom back.

Espio the Chameleon (First appearance: Espio the Chameleon Ninja)

Charmy Bee (First Appearance: Out of Control Youngster Charmy)

Jet the Hawk (First Appearance: Riding Birds)

E-123 Omega (First Appearance: The Jewel Beauty: Rouge!)

Chip (First Appearance: Sonic turns into a beast)

Yacker (First appearance: Yacker and the Wisps!)

Wisps (First appearance: Yacker and the Wisps!)


Super Sonic: Sonic's main form when he uses the Chaos Emeralds.

Super Tails: Tails' main form when he uses the Chaos Emeralds.

Super Knuckles: Knuckles' main form when he uses the Chaos Emeralds.

Super Shadow: Shadow's main form when he uses the Chaos Emeralds.

Burning Blaze: Blaze's main form when she uses the Sol Emeralds.

Super Silver: Silver's main form when he uses the Chaos Emeralds.

Dark Sonic

Brutal Sonic: Sonic when he turned violent and evil by Eggman.

Sonic the Werehog


Season 1

1. A New Adventure Begins!

2. Eggman's Revenge Plans

3. The Stone Cracking Echidna: Knuckles!

4. Sonic VS Eggman

5. Which One? The Fake Hedgehog!

6. Sonic VS Shadow

7. Sonic travels in Time

8. Robot Sonic Trouble

9. Amy Loses Her Minds

10. The Mysterious Hedgehog "S"

11. Tails gets ill

12. Don't Die! Tails!

13. Sonic becomes a demon

14. The Mysterious Forest

15. The Eggman Clone

More Coming Soon!


Cream and Big are the only characters who did not appear in this series.

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