Sonic the Hedgehog: Subject 04 is a fanfiction story in This is non-cannon. Uploaded on the 15th of January 2011.

Overview Spoiler (read the full story at this is just an overview)

Right after Sonic woke up, he begun inspecting the area. Blood on the walls, medical like equipments and bandages all around him. A husky soon stepped in, explaining the whole situation and if he does one wrong move, the prisoner collar around his neck will explode. The husky Dash Whitley, also explained about his abilities being removed and about a Mysterious Stranger planning this operation. After Whitley passed his clipboard to Sonic to read, Sonic reluctantly agreed to help the A.M.C..

He soon met Captain Neil, a female, purple and orange colored hedgehog in a docking bay. After a brief discussion, Neil, Sonic and 18 A.M.C. marines boarded a FM-3 Cockroach.

They soon reached a forest. From there, they cut through the woods until they caught sight of a building (destination). Neil planted a bomb at the entrance while everyone got into position. When the bomb exploded, four men (including Neil and Sonic), charged in to the building and a firefight took place, fighting Structure Dominion troopers (click here to see Dominion Trooper). While the firefight took place, Dash Whitley was experimenting on a Prototype APT Walker. Neil started calling for reinforcements and five marines poured in. Few minutes later, a Berserker came into the fight. It attempted to slash at Sonic but he dodged the blow and got his .30 magnum SMG slashed into half instead. After taking out the Berserker, a Dominion trooper deployed a RC-HEC but Sonic shot it and it exploded below the trooper. A A.M.C. marine attempted a sneak attempt on the Dominion troops but failed and was riddled with lead. After much exchange of bullets, Sonic's team won and proceeded down a hallway leading to a metal door with Convert Piers, Subject 03, inside. While Piers was being extracted, a marine was shot dead by a Dominion Sniper and another firefight took place. Whitley soon sent a prototype APT Walker for Sonic to pilot and made things easier for the group. Clearing the path to the LZ. After Piers complimented Sonic for his shooting skills, FM-3 Cockroachs and a HA-5 Carrier came from the sky and dropped A.M.C. marines and the three took off to the A.M.C. HQ. While Sonic was happily moving around the docking bay with his APT Walker which he now calls SAVER Walker, Neil and Piers was being briefed about the next mission ahead. A few hours later Sonic and Neil infiltrated a Structure Dominion Science Facility while Piers gave cover with a Rail Rifle. Taking out occasional patrols, Sonic and Neil infiltrated into a building and Piers started his infiltration. He dispatched off two walking patrols with a shock gauntlet but was spotted by a few patrollers and Piers used a grenade to take them out, alerting other patrol groups. Piers entered a building, hoping to escape the patrol groups only to be caught by a trooper that shouted "This is a restricted area, you are under arre-, Piers? Hold, stop right there!" but got shot by Piers in the attempt. This hints that Piers may have got into same bad cases with the Structure Dominion. While this occured, Sonic and Neil was in a firefight. A trooper successfully sounded the alarm and alerted the facility. Soon after, Piers joined in the firefight. While this took place, Dash Whitley was making upgrades to Sonic's SAVER walker. Back to the three, a figure came into play and shot a 36 inch anti-tank rifle, exploding the area around the three but the trio survived. Piers attempted to cripple the figure by shooting a spike at it's leg but it easily pulled it out and fired an explosive round at Piers and the rest. Dash Whitley came in the comm channel and told them to fall back. When they were back, Dash Whitley explained to them about the figure which was Wild Hedgehog, an ex-A.M.C. service man.


Chapter 1: Wake up

Chapter 2: Firefights

Other chapters are in progress.


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