Sonic The Hedgehog: The "New" Movie is the First movie Like Thing that i have ever created. it is complete with song voice actors and a Complete Storyline. it has 6 Sequels to it. so if you like Number just keep reading. This movie is rated PG Parental Guadence Suggested.--User:Cosmic The Hedgehog


Sonic- The Speedy Hero|Hero

Tails- Sonic's Sidekick|Hero

Knuckles- An Echidna with an Attitude|Villain Turned Hero

Eggman- The Evil Geunis|Villain

Metal Sonic- The Evil Sidekick of this Movie|Villain

Zenon- The Master Computer Sidekick Number two of Eggman|Villain

Original Voice Actors

If you do not know who these People are go to and Search there Names.

Sonic/ Zachary Quinto

Tails/ Anna Paquin

Knuckles/ Milo Vintameglia

Metal Sonic/ Hugh Jackman

Zenon/ Hayden Panetteri

Eggman/ Keifer Sutherland

Voice Actors

Sonic/Jaleel White

Tails/Haley Joel Osment

Knuckles/Scott Weinger

Metal Sonic/David Kaye

Zenon/Hayden Panetteri

Eggman/James Horan


Green Hill Zone

Tails Labratory Zone

Angel Island Zone

Metropalis Zone

Chemical Plant Zone

Death Egg Zone

Doomsday Zone


The Movie Starts with Eggman Talking to himself. he starts Mumbleing on about how he is going to destroy every last bit of plant life outside of Metropolis. He Sees 2 Places on his Radar; Green Hill Zone & Angel Island Zone; He Sone Suites up and Flies out in his Ball-N-Cain Machine. Sonic is Running around in Green Hill Zone. He Runs into a Sign that Reads Note From Eggman "You will all Perish on July 22nd or at least anybody in Green Hill Zone Will. I am evacuating it on the 21st and Destroying it the Next Day. Thank you for taking the Time to read this Sign. Now Get out." Property of Eggman. Sonic Runs back to his House and Checks his Callender. It is the 21st. Sonic runs to the Entrance to green Hill Zone where he meets up with Eggman. Eggman Tells him to get lost. Sonic then Jumps up and Eggman and Sonic start there very first battle. Sonic Destroys the Ball-N-Chain Machine. Eggman Retreats saying that he will blow it up anyway. Sonic Runs off to his home. The Next scene Eggman is Flying over the Desert he Created. He see's Knuckles beating up several of his Badniks. Eggman Flies down to Talk to Knuckles. Knuckles askes him whats going on. Eggman see's sonic and running to Tails house. Eggman says that sonic is going to try to steal the MASTER EMERALD tonight. Knuckles and Eggman Make an Alliance and Knuckles Flies off.

This is the First fight Between Sonic and Robotnik

Sonic Runs into Tails Labratory. Tails Bangs his head on the Tornado in surprise. He then turns around and hugs sonic. Sonic then asks him what would stop the Eggnialator. Tails says the MASTER EMERALD would do it. So sonic and Tails get into the Tornado. they speed off to Angle Island Zone. They Meet knuckles there while trying to take the MASTER EMERALD. During Sonic and Knuckles fight Metal Sonic Comes in and Takes Tails. Sonic Stops and Asks for Knuckles Help in getting Tails back. Knuckles diclines and Attacks Sonic Knocking him out. Sonic wakes up in the Testing Facility Zone (Or better known as the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2). He See's Metal Sonic talking with Tails. Zenon comes over to Sonic and asks if he wants to talk. Sonic Replies that he only wants to talk to Tails. Zenon Declines that. Sonic is soon put to sleep. He Wakes up with a Drill about to dig into him. He Breaks out of the Chains. He Runs back to Tails. when he Gets there he Asumes the Worst because tails is gone. he Gets mad and Charges at Eggman. MS stops him. SOnic and Metal Sonic Fight. Sonic wins and throws Metal Sonic into eggman. Seemingly killing Metal Sonic. Sonic Dashes off. Sonic runs back to Angle Island Zone. He Gets there and Convinces Knuckles (After beating him in Battle agian) that Eggman is Just Playing him. Soon Eggman Flies over Anlge Island Zone and Grabs the MASTER EMERALD. Knuckles and Sonic Run/Fly after him. Eggman flies into his fortress (A.K.A. the Deathegg). SOnic and Knuckles attack the Deathegg. Sonic RUns to the North Courter and Knuckles runs to the South Courter. When Knuckles arrives at the South Courter he notices something on the Research table. It was Tails. He Calls Sonic to tell him the good news. Sonic Runs straight over there. He Gets stoped by the Egg Bot MASTER EMERALD V2.0 and starts to battle him. they battle to the Rooftop. Knuckles and Tails go to see what's up. they run into the Clokebot 2.0 and Battle. they battle to the Rooftop. Knuckles ends up destroying the Clokebot 2.0 and Tails Goes to Angle Island Zone to pick up the Tornado. Sonic and Eggman Fight. Eggman Starts to power up the Ultimate Eggnialator V3.02 and Sonic Tells Knuckles to stop it. Knuckles can't because of the MASTER EMERALD's Force field. tails comes back and Attacks it. Eggman and Sonic fight on. Eggman fires the Ultimate Eggnialator V3.02 at Tails Labratory. Tails goes Super and Destroys the Egnialator. Sonic Attacks Eggman's Cocpit and Destroys it. Eggman falls. He Gets up and Flies away with the Master Emerald. Sonic Uses the Chaos Emeralds to Chase him. Knuckles also uses the Chaos Emeralds and Destroys the Deathegg. Sonic Defeats Eggman and Returns the MASTER EMERALD to Angle Island Zone. the Movie Ends with sonic Knuckles and Tails Running back to Green Hill Zone.
Deathegg Final boss sonic 2

This is teh Final Fight of the Movie Between Sonic and Robotnik

Other Information

  • Metal Sonic will appear in Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Metal Madness as a Major Villain along with Zenon.
  • Tails will play a Bigger Part in Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Metal Madness along with Amy.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Metal Madness Will take place 2 years after Sonic The Hedgehog: The New Movie.

Secret Endings

This Movie Features 3 Secret Endings and dipending on which Movie Set you get depends on the Ending.

The Special MASTER Packet: The Ending is Knuckles is sitting on top of the MASTER EMERALD thinking about his past adventures and Asks himself if he Should trust sonic. He Says no. and the Movie Ends.

The Special Robotnik Packet: Metal Sonic Stands up and starts to rebute all of his memories he fllashes several events from sonic and his battle and several other images that you have not seen yet. he comes to the Conclusion of asking for Zenon's help in Killing Sonic. Zenon Replies "Yes Master" and the Movie Ends.

The Special Sonic Packet: Sonic and Tails finish There race and notice that Knuckles is gone. they Shruge and Walk off. Knuckles comes up on a rock and whispers and tells himself that he will Kill Sonic No Matter what. Sonic and Tails just keep walking because they didn't here him. and the Movie Ends.

Order of Special Endings: MASTER Packet-Sonic Packet-Robotnik Packet

Other Links

Some Insperation from this movie comes from [1]

The Next Movie is Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Metal Madness

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