Sonic the Hedgehog: The Darkness Virus is a fanfiction game that takes in gameplay from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Darkness Virus
Rated by ESRB
E+10 for ages 10 and up
Xbox 360,Wii,3DS
SEGA of America Inc (USA), SEGA of Japan Inc (JP)
Sonic Team, Sonic GTX Gaming Inc.
Release Dates (USA)
3DS: November 30,2011, Xbox 360: November 29,2011, Wii: TBA
Release Dates (JP)
3DS: TBA,Xbox 360: Janurary 1,2011, Wii: TBA

Game Information


One day in Green Hill Zone, Sonic is relaxing under a shady tree when he sees purple clouds headed his way along with some odd looking characters that look like some of his friends. Sonic rushes to Tails' lab where Tails,Knuckles,Shadow,and Amy are with guns. Sonic asks Tails what's going on. Tails says that a virus known as the Darkness Virus lived inside the Time Eater, and after the 2 Sonics defeated it, the virus was released. The friends grab armor and guns and go outside. Sonic shoots at who appear to be Mighty the Armadillo,Burner the Hedgehog, and Sally Acorn and hits them. After the zombies pass, the gang runs to find Burner,Mighty, and Sally. They find them, although Burner's shoes are ripped up, Sally's jacket is ripped, and Mighty has a scar on his shell. They take them to Stationopolis Hospital where they rest. Dr. Quack arrives and tells them that Burner and Mighty are ok,but Sally is dead. Sonic and Tails sob over the loss of Sally. But they have to save the others! They leave the hospital and head for Diamond Valley.


  • Diamond Harbor (Sonic,Burner,Shadow,Mighty,Tails,Knuckles,Amy)
  • Ghastly Ruins (Sonic,Mighty,Burner,Shadow)
  • Blaster Canyon (Sonic,Mighty)
  • Mystic Ruins Jungle (Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Mighty)
  • BOSS FIGHT:Zombie Driller (Knuckles,Mighty,Tails,Amy)
  • Dark Utopia (Sonic,Mighty,Tails,Shadow,Amy,Burner)
  • Starry City (Sonic,Amy,Mighty)
  • Negative Source (Shadow,Burner)
  • Chaos Central (Sonic,Mighty,Burner)
  • BOSS FIGHT:Egg Infecter (Sonic,Tails,Shadow)
  • Crisis Highway (Shadow,Sonic)
  • Infection Escape (Sonic,Tails,Mighty)
  • Poison Hill (Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Burner,Shadow)
  • Infected City (Mighty,Burner,Amy)
  • BOSS FIGHT:Zombified Cream
  • Haunted Base (Cream *joins party after defeated*,Sonic,Mighty,Tails,Knuckles,Shadow)
  • Sector Run (Sonic,Tails,Shadow)
  • Planet Infection (Shadow)
  • BOSS FIGHT:Zombified Sliver,Zombified Blaze,and Zombified Sally
  • Egg Harbor (Sliver *joins after boss*,Sally *also joins after boss*,Burner,Blaze *also joins after boss*)
  • Nega Sector (Sonic,Tails,Sliver)
  • PRE-BOSS FIGHT:Egg Infecter Version 2.2
  • Planet Infection (Sonic)
  • Final Sector XX (All)
  • FINAL BOSS:Perfect Robotic Zombie Chaos


  • Planet Infection,Crisis Highway,Poison Hill,Infected City,Infection Escape, and Sector Run are all based off of certain levels in Sonic Generations. Like Planet Infection (Planet Wisp),Infected City (Crisis City),Sector Run (Rooftop Run),Crisis Highway (Speed Highway),Infection Escape (City Escape), and Poison Hill (Green Hill) are all from level names.
  • This is the first mainstream game to have Mighty,Sliver,Blaze, and Cream as playable characters (execpt Sliver and Blaze were playable in Sonic '06 and Cream was playable in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations).
  • This is the first mainstream where Chaos returns.
  • A Chao Garden was planned, but was cancelled execpt it has been hinted for the 3DS Version.