Characters and Stories


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic cannot leave Princess Elise alone, and watches her every single day as if drawn to her. Finally, he decides to approach her just as the Festival of the Sea begins. As he nervously walks up to her, he finds that she keeps eyeing him as if she is drawn to him too. Just as their eyes meet, Dr. Eggman arrives and attacks the city with a huge army of robots. Sonic’s main priority is saving Elise, although it costs others lives. Carrying her away, he realizes his mistake and returns to defeat the robots. When he returns, he finds that Elise has been kidnapped.

Super Sonic

Sonic transforms into Super Sonic after using the positive power of the Chaos Emeralds. Alone, he must defeat the super powered; Dr Eggman Nega, ADAM, Enerjak the Echidna, Black Doom, the Ifrit, Rosy the Rascal, Ogosh Kintobor and Shego Robotnik.

Miles “Tails” Prower

Tails awaits his love, Cosmo the Seedrian, to be reborn from the plant in his workshop. Caring for the plant becomes an obsession and he begins to do nothing but think about Cosmo. Eventually, the plant expands until it transforms into her, but Mammoth Mogul arrives and kidnaps her. Realizing he should have been saving the world with Sonic instead of thinking of Cosmo, Tails sets out to save his love.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles, still guarding the Master Emerald, is frequently visited by Rouge the Bat who claims that she is trying to steal the Emerald. Knux comes to enjoy these visits and learns more and more about Rouge and her sad past each time. Eventually, the two go for a walk and, as they come close to kissing, Doctor Finitevus arrives and steals the Master Emerald. Knuckles, ashamed with himself, sets out to find the Master Emerald on his own, after persuading Rouge to keep herself safe. Unfortunately, Rouge is kidnapped by Finitevus as well and it is Knuckles’ job to recover the Emerald and Rouge. But what if he has to choose between the two?

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow, plagued by thoughts of Maria, becomes desperate to save her and steals Windos "Arias" Negon's revival machine. He manages to make it work by using a Chaos Emerald and Maria is returned. Shadow tells her about what had happened to her, but she simply wants to be with him, which he also wants to do. But, as they walk and talk, a powerless Mephiles the Dark appears and steals the revival machine in order to resurrect countless villains. He also kidnaps Maria and vanishes, leaving Shadow to save her.

Silver the Hedgehog

Now living in a safe future, Silver begins to have dreams about saving the world with a pinkish cat named Blaze (who he didn’t remember after Sonic the Hedgehog 2006). Becoming stressed about it, he uses a Chaos Emerald to take him to her. Unfortunately, the Emerald isn’t powerful enough, so he prays to Solaris the Sun-God and asks that he takes him to her in return for the Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, he is whisked away to the present, where he is with Blaze. Unfortunately, giving the Emerald to Solaris caused Mephiles the Dark and Iblis to come back into being, unleashing Iblis upon Station Square. Blaze is then kidnapped by Iblis (who transforms into a Chaos 0 like creature) and takes her to the very source of his power.

Amy Rose

Amy realizes that her obsession with Sonic has taken over her life, and that she is now a no body. Upset now, she moved back into Central City where she met Alex the Hedgehog and decided to go out with. Together, the two began to fall in love, but Amy had to force herself to begin with. While on a date, Zero arrived and kidnapped Alex. Amy realized that she had put him in danger just so she could be with somebody. Angry with herself, she set out to rescue Alex.

Scourge the Hedgehog

King of Moebius, Scourge is happy with himself but even happier with his Queen, Fiona Fox, the only woman he had ever truly loved. When Dr. Kintobor plans to destroy Scourge, Fiona and all the evil Moebians, Scourge ignores everyone but his Queen, who he is determined to protect. Unfortunately, this action causes the deaths of many Moebians. Finally, Kintobor kidnaps Fiona and takes her away. Scourge makes saving her his only priority.

Kim Possible

Kim finds herself falling more and more in love with Nial Prower, despite the fact that he is a Mobian fox. Eventually, she goes to talk to him about her feelings, but they are attacked by Dr Drakken. He steals Kim’s Chaos Emerald and kidnaps Nial, who admits he has a crush on her too before being taken away. Making it her duty to rescue her will-be-boyfriend, Kim embarks on a dangerous journey to save him and stop Drakken.

Enemy Characters

Doctor Eggman

After his apparent death, Eggman comes back into Sonic’s life and discovers his love for Elise. Using this against him, Eggman attacks Soleanna and kidnaps Elise. Once he discovers her Chaos Emerald, he takes it to use against Sonic, who is hot on his trail. Teaming up with Eggman Nega in order to increase the probability of success, will this be the end of a free Mobius?

Doctor Nega

After being defeated by Silver, Nega asks his ancestor, Eggman, for assistance. He agrees, but he will destroy Silver and dominate the future after Sonic and the present are dealt with. Deadlier and crueler than ever, will Nega honor his agreement with Eggman?

Mammoth Mogul

After being sealed in the Void, Mogul returns and vows to get revenge on Tails, his captor. Learning of his obsession with Cosmo, as soon as she reforms, he kidnaps her and steals Tails’ Chaos Emerald. Teaming up with ADAM the computer, will Mogul finally dominate Mobius?


After returning from his apparent defeat by the hands of the Egg Fleet, ADAM joins forces with Mammoth Mogul, who he had realized before his defeat. Although his claims that he will serve Mogul, does he have ulterior motives against him?

Doctor Finitevus

Returning from his apparent death at Knuckles’ hands, Finitevus plots revenge against him. He steals the Master Emerald and Knux’s Chaos Emerald, before seeing that he also cares for Rouge and kidnapping her. Joining forces with the new Enerjak and with the Master Emerald’s power, can he finally conquer the world?

The New Enerjak

After the previous Enerjak’s defeat, a new one arises and takes over another echidna whose identity is unknown to all. In order to defeat his former host, Knuckles, Enerjak forms an alliance with Dr. Finitevus. But is that his true plan?

Mephiles the Dark

After his apparent erase from time, Mephiles returns to destroy Shadow and conquer the world. He steals Windos ''Arias'' Negon’s revival machine and resurrects many evil villains, and then kidnaps a revived Maria. Teaming up with Black Doom, and with Maria and a revival machine in tow, will Mephiles finally succeed?

Black Doom

After his apparent defeat at the hands of Shadow, Black Doom returns to destroy his killer. To succeed, he joins Mephiles, who shares the same goal. But will Doom really assist Mephiles and help him defeat his killer?


After being erased from time, Iblis returns along with Mephiles. He begins a rampage on Station Square and kidnaps Blaze the Cat to provoke Silver. Joining forces with the Ifrit, will Mobius survive?


After his apparent defeat, the Ifrit returns to Mobius. He joins forces with another fire creature, Iblis, and destroys Station Square. But does the Ifrit really have evil plans for itself?


Returning from his destruction, E-100 Alpha (or Zero) develops a consciousness. He kidnaps Alex the Hedgehog, Amy Rose’s new boyfriend, and plans to destroy his destroyer. Teamed with Rosy the Rascal, will victory belong to the robot and the insane hedgehog?

Rosy the Rascal

Back for more! The insane hedgehog teams up with Zero the robot in order to destroy her alternate universe counterpart, Amy Rose, for no apparent reason. Or does she actually have a reason for doing this?

Doctor Kintobor

Eggman’s good counterpart wages war against King Scourge and Moebius, but eventually kidnaps Queen Fiona instead. With her Chaos Emerald and an alliance with his niece, Ogosh, he plans to destroy Scourge and bring peace to Moebius.

Ogosh Kintobor

Shego’s good counterpart from Moebius. She teams up with her uncle, Ovi Kintobor, in order to destroy King Scourge and bring Moebius to peace. But does this kind and caring girl have different plans?

Dr Drakken

The ex-evil scientist is kidnapped by Mephiles and made evil again, only to have Drakken turn against him. Using the same evilizing device on the good Shego, the evil two team up again to destroy Kim Possible and conquer Mobius. Will he succeed?

Shego Robotnik

Dr Eggman’s ex-evil mercenary niece is hit by the evilizer machine and becomes Dr Drakken’s sidekick once more. Despite proving her evilness by fighting Kim Possible, is she a type of evil that fights other evil and good?

Other Characters

Princess Elise III

The Princess of Soleanna is kidnapped by Dr Eggman and Eggman Nega during the Festival of the Sea. Before that, she is haunted by dreams of a certain blue hedgehog.

Cosmo the Seedrian

Cosmo is finally resurrected from Tails’ plant, but is kidnapped by Mammoth Mogul and ADAM before she can even say anything to her boyfriend.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge’s crush on Knux develops until she finally falls in love with him. Unfortunately, Rouge is kidnapped by Doctor Finitevus and the new Enerjak who ruin their first kiss.

Maria Robotnik

Maria is revived by Shadow and the Tails-Arias Revival Machine. But before she can catch up with Shadow, she is kidnapped by Mephiles the Dark and Black Doom.

Imperial Princess Blaze

Blaze is returned to Mobius by the combined power of Solaris and a Chaos Emerald, which was Silver’s idea. Before the two completely remember each other, she is kidnapped by the Ifrit and Iblis.

Alex the Hedgehog

Amy Rose’s new boyfriend is interrupted by Zero during their date and kidnapped by the robot and Rosy the Rascal, his girlfriend’s evil counterpart.

Queen Fiona

The evil Queen of Moebius is kidnapped by the good scientist, Doctor Kintobor, and his niece, Ogosh Kintobor, who are her husband’s and her kingdom’s enemies.

Nial Prower

The college student fox develops a crush on the human Kim Possible, but is kidnapped by Dr Drakken and Shego Robotnik before he can admit his feelings.



Sonic’s levels are high speed and designed after the 2006 games. His levels contain a large amount of obstacles and traps which he must avoid. Enemies are common but come in small groups or individually.

List of moves:

  • Sonic Boom
  • Homing Attack
  • Sonic Spin
  • Light Dash
  • Bounce Attack
  • Jump Dash
  • Sonic Wind
  • Time Stop


Tails’ levels are aerial based and require him to fly over long distances or bottomless pits. Ground enemies are common, and aerial ones are rare, although aerial obstacles are much more common.

List of moves:

  • Flight
  • Tail Attack
  • Homing Attack
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Laser
  • Dummy Ring Bombs
  • Roll


Knuckles levels are exploring based and require him to find his way out of a ‘maze’ of sorts. Ground enemies are rare and aerial enemies are rarer, but obstacles and traps are almost everywhere.

List of moves:

  • Glide
  • Punch
  • Heat Attack
  • Homing Attack
  • Ground Smash
  • Climbing
  • Digging


Shadow’s levels are both high speed and enemy based, requiring him to take out hordes of enemies at a time. His levels are noticeably longer than most others.

List of moves:

  • Shadow Boom
  • Homing Attack
  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Chaos Spear
  • Sonic Spin


Silver’s levels are puzzle based and require him to use his psychic powers to deactivate traps or complete puzzles.

List of moves:

  • Psychokinesis
  • Levitate
  • Psychic Control
  • Homing Attack
  • ESP
  • Psychic Blast
  • Levi-Kick

Amy Rose

Amy’s levels are based around both exploring and puzzle, which require her to find her way out of the level and complete puzzles to get there.

List of moves:

  • Hammer Attack
  • Invisibility
  • Double Jump
  • Spin Hammer Attack
  • Piko Strike
  • Petal Swirl
  • Amy Flash


Scourge’s levels are high speed levels and are much like Sonic’s. He is required to run through a trap and obstacle filled level with quite a lot of enemies.

List of moves:

  • Scourge Boom
  • Homing Attack
  • Scourge Wind
  • Time Freeze
  • Dark Dash
  • Sonic Spin
  • Jump Dash

Kim Possible

Kim’s levels are action based and require her to use agility to pass through the levels. Enemies are common but obstacles and traps are much more common.

List of moves:

  • Front/Back Flip
  • Kick
  • Punch
  • Many Cheerleader Skills


Sonic’s Levels

Polar Coast: A peaceful, snowy beach.

Hydro Lake: An ancient temple built atop a lake.

Red Acropolis: A hot, sunny mountain.

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Highway Coaster: Long road with coaster , carnival.

Wave Core: A flooded, lava-free volcano.

Imperial Valley: A castle’s ruins atop a mountain.

Lava-Reef Base: Eggman’s under-lava base.

Tails’ Levels

Aztec Jungle: A dark jungle filled with ancient ruins.

Angelic Heights: A peaceful mountainside overlooking the sea.

Red Acropolis: A hot, sunny mountain.

Clashing Cliffs: Steep, dangerous cliffs.

Burnt Factory: A lava factory,factory burnt

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Polar Falls: Snowy, icy waterfalls.

Ice Cave: Mogul’s icy cave base.

Knuckles’ Levels

Angelic Heights: A peaceful mountainside overlooking the sea.

Aztec Jungle: A dark jungle filled with ancient ruins.

Minos Castle: A maze of a castle atop a mountain.

Imperial Valley: A castle’s ruins atop a mountainside.

Grand Column: City ruins.

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Red Acropolis: A hot, sunny mountain.

Cave Base: Finitevus’ cavernous base.

Shadow’s Levels

Hydro Lake: A temple’s ruins built atop a lake.

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Imperial Valley: A castle’s ruins atop a mountainside.

Minos Castle: A maze of a castle atop a mountain.

Highway Coaster: Long road with coaster, carnival

Wave Core: A flooded, lava-free volcano.

Black Desert: A dark, dry desert.

Dark Ruins: Mephiles’ ancient temple base.

Silver’s Levels

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Polar Falls: Snowy, icy waterfalls.

Imperial Valley: A castle’s ruins atop a mountainside.

Minos Castle: A labyrinth of a castle atop a mountain.

Burnt Factory: A lava factory, factory burnt

Aztec Jungle: A dark jungle filled with ruins.

Red Acropolis: A hot, sunny mountain.

Magma Base: Iblis’ fiery base.

Amy’s Levels

Mobotropolis: A peaceful city.

Polar Coast: A snowy beach.

Polar Falls: Snowy, icy waterfalls.

Minos Castle: A maze of a castle atop a mountain.

Deep High: A deep sea,Some fish.

Imperial Valley: A castle’s ruins atop a mountainside.

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Tempest Base: Zero’s stormy mountain base.

Scourge the Hedgehog

Moebotropolis: A deserted city.

Solar Coast: A boiling hot beach.

Pyro Lake: A temple’s ruins atop a lava lake.

Green Acropolis: A warm, lush mountain.

Thunder Coaster: An electric clouds with coaster,sky.

Terra City: Overgrown ruins.

Lava Core: A raging volcano.

Military Valley: A deserted base atop a mountain.

Coral-Reef Base: Kintobor’s aquatic base.

Kim’s Levels

Mobotropolis: A peaceful city.

Angelic Heights: A peaceful mountain overlooking the sea.

Polar Coast: A snowy beach.

Minos Castle: A maze of a castle atop a mountain.

Polar Falls: Snowy, icy waterfalls.

Aquatic City: Flooded ruins.

Wave Core: A flooded lava-free volcano.

Mt. Drakken: Dr. Drakken’s mountain base.