The sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. Made by 09jhero. It is roughly based off of Sonic Unleashed. A third, fourth and fifth movie are in the works.

Major Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic the Werehog

Shadow the Hedgehog/Shadow the Werehog


Miles 'Tails' Prower

Knuckles the Echidna/Knuckles the Werechidna

Dr. Eggman

Amy Rose

Dark Gaia

Professor Pickle

Minor Characters

Rouge the Bat

Team Chaotix (Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee).

Neo Metal Sonic

The Mysterious Figure (several cameos)

Big the Cat (flashback)


Sonic races up an Egg Carrier in space, destroying countless Eggman robots. He arrives at the top, where he is forced into combat with a newer Metal Sonic, Neo Metal Sonic. Sonic destroys him, only to be grabbed by the prototype of Eggman's newest machine, the Egg Dragoon. The Egg Dragoon is about to destroy Sonic when Shadow arrives out of no where and damages it. The pair manage to destroy it and they head to reclaim the Master Emerald from Eggman. They discover that Eggman had taken Knuckles with him when he took the Master Emerald. The trio go to get Eggman, who angrily complains about where he ended up thanks to them last time. The trio are suddenly electrocuted and the Chaos Emeralds (which were in Sonic's possession) are drained of their power. Eggman fires a beam at the Earth, charged by the trio and the Emeralds, and it splits into seven parts, which darkness pour out of. The results of the newly unleashed backfires into Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles, who were also drained with the Emeralds. The trio are revealed as monsters, with Knuckles being the biggest and most brutal looking. Before the three were-creatures can attack, Eggman blasts them out of his ship and towards Earth.

Sonic lands in Apotos, in the Windmill Isle, and fears that he may have crushed a small imp-like creature. The imp awakens and is frightened by Sonic's new appearance, until Sonic convinces him that he's nice. Sonic realises that the imp has lost his memory. Suddenly the sun rises and Sonic changes back to normal. Sonic decides to name the imp Chip and the pair head off to search for someone who might know Chip. They fail, but the village priest comments that the Gaia Gate, an ancient temple, has been acting strangely lately, so Sonic and Chip go to check it out. There is a stand in the middle and Chip senses that something very powerful is in that stand. Sonic impulsively places a Chaos Emerald on it and the Chaos Emerald gets its energy back. An earthquake occurs and the part of the world that they are based in reattaches itself to Earth. A figure in the shadows watches this scene and comments, once Sonic and Chip depart, that he may or may not be ready yet.

When the sun goes down, Sonic becomes a werehog again, scaring Chip. Sonic hears Tails crying out for help and discovers that he has lost his speed as a werehog, but has gained strength and various other abilities. Sonic sees Tails being attacked by strage creatures and he saves him. Tails flies them to Spagonia, where the strange Professor Pickle is based. They discover that Pickle has been abducted and taken to Mazuri, so they travel there to rescue him. Once there, the sun comes up and normal Sonic battles Eggman's machine, the Egg Beetle. After defeating Eggman and saving Pickle, Sonic discovers another Gaia Gate and the second Emerald is revived.

Pickle guides Sonic and Chip to the Spagonia Gaia Gate and Chip reveals that every Emerald restored restores his memory slightly. That night, Sonic has an awkward encounter with Amy, who eventually realises his identidy and agrees to help. Amy, Tails and Pickles decide to stay behind and do research on Dark Gaia and try and uncover the location of the remaining Gaia Gates. Sonic and Chip head to Holoska, the snow continent, to revive the fourth Emerald and at night they discover Shadow the Werehog, who is wearing a collar with the Eggman logo on it and he is acting savage. Sonic battles him and destroys the collar, causing Shadow to return to his senses. The pair head to the Gaia Gate and discover that it is being guarded by a large, ferocious creature. Sonic and Shadow do battle with it and they restore the Emerald. Here the mysterious figure watches once again and says soon.

Back in Spagonia, they inform Pickle of the creature and he and Tails deduces that Eggman must have unleashed Dark Gaia, the darkest and most powerful creature in existence. Amy suggests that there may be a Gaia Gate on the outskirts of Empire City and the team head there. Sonic and Shadow travel to the outskirts of Empire City and uncover a Gaia Gate, where they are challenged by Neo Metal Sonic II, who they struggle to defeat, but they are saved by Knuckles, who reveals that he loses control at night.

After restoring the fifth Emerald, the team head to China, at night, where Knuckles loses control and becomes a savage creature who Sonic and Shadow do battle with. They lock up Knuckles and the next morning they continue their search. They find another Gaia Gate and restore the sixth Emerald, but are attacked by a Dark Phoenix sent by Dark Gaia. They defeat it by fighting until the sun goes down and then letting Knuckles attack it. The figure watches again and says nothing.

Meanwhile, Eggman and an army of robots attack Spagonia searching for Sonic, so Amy, Tails and Pickles escape in Tail's plane and they fly to Soleanna, the islands of paradise and Sonic and the others home land. Tails sends Sonic and co a message so that they will meet in Soleanna. Sonic's team arrive in Soleanna, where they discover the last Gaia Gate, but Eggman beats them to it and attemptst to destroy it. Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles fight him, but the temple is destroyed.

The team reach a dead end and become clueless on how they will defeat Dark Gaia, until Shadow suggests that they make a visit to UNIT, who have a base in Soleanna. They make a visit and meet Rouge the Bat, who is with Team Chaotix, who Sonic, Tails and Knuckles left stranded in a swamp in the previous film. Team Chaotix discover that Eggman has built a massive base underneath Soleanna, which is the last place that is still floating and not attached to Earth. A large amount of darkness pours out of the crack and the world is attacked by billions of Gaia creatures. Team Chaotix fly Rouge and Sonic's team to the crack in the Earth and they all fly through it.

Being that close to Dark Gaia, Sonic Shadow and Knuckles transform and destroy Eggmanland, which is based underneath Soleanna. Sonic prepares to battle Dark Gaia when Eggman arrives in the new and improved Egg Dragoon and the pair do battle, but in his werehog form, Sonic loses to Eggman, even with Shadow and Knuckles helping. Sonic spots the remains of the Gaia Gate underneath the platform that they are fighting on and he jump off. He lands on it and restores the final Emerald and uses it to cure himself of the Werehog ailment and Shadow and Knuckles are cured too, so they destroy the Egg Dragoon. Chip is blasted by a beam that comes from the Gaia Gate and he regains his memory, discovering himself to be Light Gaia, the being that is supposed to fight Dark Gaia, but since Eggman forcefully awakened the pair, Dark Gaia lost most of its power, having to regain it over time, while Chip lost his memory and his powers were weakened.

Chip uses all of his energy to combine the Gaia Gates into a large, stone creature controlled by him. Light and Dark Gaia fight, with Dark being about to win as Eggman encourages it. Dark Gaia betrays Eggman and sends him flying out into space. Sonic realises that Dark Gaia is going to win so he uses the power of Light Gaia and the Gaia Gates to become Super Sonic. Light Gaia and Super Sonic combine their power to fight Dark Gaia and after a long battle they win.

Dark Gaia is sucked back into the Earth and they are all transported back onto the surface by Light Gaia before the planet recombines fully. Everyone returns to their normal lives after a large celebration and Sonic runs off for his next adventure, with Chip's ghost being seen following him. The Mysterious Figure is shown watching Sonic claiming soon, very soon and laughing.

In the epilogue, Eggman is shown holding a strange stone and laughing claiming that he has discovered his greatest ever weapon, the key to time travel, while being watched by the mysterious figure


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