This is the Second Sonic the Hedgehog movie. This Combines all three final storys in the Secret Endings of Sonic the Hedgehog: The "New" Movie and also has five Secret Endings.


Sonic: The Speedy Hero|Hero

Tails: The Smart Sidekick|Hero

Knuckles: The Evil Hero Echidna|Hero/Villain

Zenon: The Evil Computer that runs the Robotnik Empire|Villain

Metal Sonic: Main Antagonist|Villain

Metal Knuckles: Second Main Antagonist|Villain

Metal Tails: Main Antagonist Sidekick|Tails

Robotnik: Semi-Goodguy|Anti-Hero


Green Hill Zone

Metropolis Zone

Labrinth Zone

Sandopolis Zone

Casino Night Zone

Sky Sanctuary Zone

Angle Island Zone


The Movie Begins with Zenon talking to three robots giving them orders on there missions. one robot looks like Sonic one like Knuckles and one like Tails. They Fly off in there Sand Pods. It goes to Sonic and Tails. They are running threw Sandopolis Zone. all of a sudden two pods land in front of them. Metal Sonic and Metal Tails Emerge. They Start Talking to Sonic and tails and telling them that they are going to die. Sonic Spin Dashes Metal SOnic who dodges. Tails Takes out his pistole and shots Metal Tails. Soon Metal tails Whipes out his gun and fires at Sonic. Sonic Dodges the Bullets. it Goes to Knuckles he is sitting on top of the Sky Sanctuary. all of a sudden another Pod Crash Lands on the Island. Knuckles Flies to it. Metal Knuckles Appears out of the Pod. Knuckles and Metal Knuckles start to fight. Metal Knuckles Knocks Knuckles out. and then he calls Home Base. Zenon Answers and tells him that the Matteronverter is almost hocked up to the Mobius Control System. MK Takes knuckles Body and Slames it into the Pod. they fly back to Metropolis Zone. They land on the Ship and it goes back to Sonic and Tails.

Sonic and Tails are battleing MT and MS. Sonic Gets Knocked into a Wall by Metal Sonic. To Be Countinued...

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