Sonic the Hedgehog 3: The End of Time is the third Sonic fan movie made by 09jhero afterSonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dawn of the Werehogs. It is loosely based off of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

Major Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Dr Eggman

Mephiles the Dark

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Blaze the Cat

Amy Rose

Rouge the Bat

Knuckles the Echidna


Minor Characters

E-123 Omega

Princess Elise


Hundreds of years in the future, a white hedgehog with telekinetic abilities fights a massive creature made out of lava and flames. He has help from a female cat with fire abilities. During the fight, the white hedgehog reveals himself as Silver and his companion as Blaze and he says that the creature has died and come back countless times, destroying the world and making it its own. Silver destroys the creature, but angrily claims that it will keep coming back. A shadowy figure appears behind the pair and announces himself as Mephiles. Mephiles tells Silver that if he goes back in time he can stop the creature, which he reveals is called Iblis. Mephiles tells Silver that all he has to do is kill a blue hedgehog (Sonic). Mephiles sends the pair back in time before they can decide.

In the present in Soleanna, Princess Elise prepares to light the Eternal Flame, an ancient tradition that takes place on the Festival of the Flame. All of a sudden a massive army of robots arrive and attempt to abduct Elise. Suddenly Sonic comes out of nowhere and destroys several robots. He grabs Elise and escapes, destroying all of the robots in pursuit. Sonic only stops once he arrives in the Old part of Soleanna Village and he lets Elise down. As soon as Sonic turns his back, Eggman arrives with some robots, shocking Sonic, who thought that Eggman was gone for good after their last encounter. Eggman grabs Elise and escapes, taking the Chaos Emerald that was in Elise's possession as well. Sonic vows to find Elise.

Meanwhile Shadow the Hedgehog recieves a distress call from his old friend, Rouge the Bat. He heads to Eggman's new snowy base, where he destroys many robots and finds Rouge being attacked by robots. Shadow rescues her and she informs him that they need to get inside Eggman's inner base in order to retrieve the object Eggman took from her, the Sceptre of Darkness. They sneak into Eggman's base and retrieve it, only to be attacked by Eggman's robotic pet, the Egg Cerberus. They destroy it and they flee.

The next day, Sonic meets up with Tails, who agrees to help him find Elise. Tails informs Sonic that the new Egg Carrier was seen at Wave Ocean, so Sonic and Tails head there, where Sonic chases the Egg Carrier until it flies off to Dusty Desert. Sonic and Tails head there to save Elise.

Meanwhile in the Soleanna forest, Silver awakens and begins to explore. Silver spots Sonic, who is on his way to Dusty Desert. He attempts to destroy Sonic, but is interrupted when Amy arrives and hugs him, thinking that she is hugging Sonic as they are both hedgehogs. Amy realises her mistake and apologises after realising that she caused Silver to lose someone that he is looking for. She says that she is looking for someone too (Sonic) and Amy forcefully accompanies him, trying to make amends, not realising that they are after the same person.

Sonic and Tails eventually arrive in Dusty Desert, where Eggman reveals over a T.V screen that he was never there and that it was a trap. Eggman sets an upgraded Egg Cerberus on them and they manage to destroy it. The pair wander through new Soleanna Village, wondering what to do next when they hear Knuckles fighting some Eggman robots. They help him defeat them and he volunteers to help find Eggman, who has stolen the Master Emerald again.

Meanwhile Shadow and Rouge attempt to escape from Eggman's robots through the ruins of an ancient city. They are surrounded and during the fight, Shadow drops the Sceptre and a figure that looks identical to Shadow comes out. He glares at Shadow hatefully and says his name, which surprises Shadow, who can't remember seeing him before. He announces his name as Mephiles, and angrily banishes Shadow and Rouge to a random point in time.

Sonic and co. split up to search for where Eggman may be and Silver attacks Sonic and almost kills him, only for Amy to get in the way and save Sonic. Silver and Amy have an argument as Sonic escapes and Silver leaves Amy to chase after him. Sonic manages to escape from Silver. At Wave Ocean, Blaze is revealed to have also been sent to the past and she searches for Silver, finding him after Sonic escapes. The two continue their search for him.

Sonic meets up with the other two and Tails reveals that he found Eggman's base in the snowy White Acropolis. They head there and see Eggman with Elise. Eggman uses the two Emeralds he obtained, along with Elise's one, to charge up his latest weapon, a device that sends people flying through time. Eggman uses it to send Sonic and co to the far future. Here they discover that the future is a barren wasteland full if flames and they meet up with Shadow and Rouge. The group search for Chaos Emeralds so that they can use Chaos Control to get back to the present. They find the Emeralds, along with the reveleation that the destroyed world was caused in the present day. They are about to use Chaos Control when Iblis, in a snake-like form, snatches it. Sonic and Shadow do battle with Iblis and manage to defeat him for long enough to use Chaos Control to return to the present, but Shadow stays behind after spotting Mephiles watching him.

Sonic returns to the present, along with Knuckles and Tails and they head back to the White Acropolis, only to discover that Eggman had fled to a new and improved Death Egg. The trio head to the Death Egg in the Tornado and they battle their way through it, only for Eggman to activate his Emerald Magnet and retrieve Sonic's two Emeralds.

Meanwhile Shadow does battle with Mephiles and almost dies. In the present, Rouge realises that Shadow has no chance of winning and she activates a super robot, E123-Omega, using a Chaos Emerald for its battery. She gives Omega one purpose, protect Shadow the Hedgehog. In the far future, Shadow is about to be killed when Omega arrives, having waited all of that time. Shadow and Omega fight Mephiles and seemingly kill him. Shadow uses Omega's Emerald to head back to the present.

Silver witnesses Shadow's return and believes him to be Sonic. The two do battle and Shadow wins. Silver realises that Shadow is not Sonic and asks where Sonic is. Shadow realises that Silver had also been tricked by Mephiles and the two head into the past, using Omega's Emerald and one that Silver retrieved, to discover the truth. They discover that Iblis was created long ago to be the guardian of Soleanna, but that Mephiles, a dark entity, was born along with him and that Mephiles had combined with Iblis, becoming Solaris and killing the scientists who created them. Shadow realises that they must tamper with history in order for a paradox to be presented so they chase Solaris and Shadow uses the Sceptre of Darkness to seal away Mephiles, finally revealing the truth behind his hatred of Shadow. Shadow leaves the Sceptre behind, so that Rouge can discover it in the present. The pair head back to the present.

Meanwhile Sonic, Tails and Knuckles fight several of Eggman's machines and Eggman arrives in the Egg Dragon and fights Sonic one on one. After a long battle, Sonic defeats Eggman and he escapes with Elise, Tails and Knuckles. They watch as the Egg Carrier falls and explodes, witnessing Eggman's last minute escape in his pod.

Before returning to the future, Silver takes the now empty Sceptre of Darkness with him.Silver and Blaze return to the future and Silver fights Iblis one last time, sealing him in the Sceptre after the fight, but Silver realises that a sacrifice is necessary, so he offers his own life but Blaze forcefully sacrifices hers instead, revealing her love for Silver. Mephiles snatches the Sceptre and Silver's Emerald while he miserably leaves, thinking about Blaze.

Shadow, Rouge and Omega confront Mephiles in Dusty Desert and Mephiles taunts them and shows his retrieval of all of the Chaos Emeralds, icluding destroying Omega to retrieve his Emerald. He uses them to try and destroy Shadow, but he escapse. As Sonic departs for his next adventure, but is shot in the back by Mephiles, and slowly dies.

Mephiles uses the Emeralds and the Sceptre combined to become an extremely powerful Solaris. Solaris sucks all of the remaining heroes and Eggman into a dark void which is all of time at once. Everyone mourns as Sonic slowly dies, claiming that without him, there is no way to destroy Solaris. Amy spots several cracks in time, to different locations each containing a super-charged Chaos Emerald. They split up and retrieve them and use them to stop Sonic from dying by sucking all of the darkness out of his heart. This transforms him into Super Sonic and he transforms Shadow and Silver into Super Shadow and Super Silver too. The trio have a massive battle with Solaris and it is destroyed, destroying Mephiles and Iblis permanently.

Silver returns to a 'better future' where Blaze is still alive due to Iblis never existing, while Sonc, Shadow and the others return to the present, where Eggman summons some robots that everyone fights. The last shot of the film is Sonic chasing Eggman in his Eggpod, laughing.


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