Sonic the Hedgehog: Hedgehog Team, is a fanfiction game where Sonic, Shadow and Silver are all merged together by Doctor Eggman: with two hedgehogs trapped in a medalion, Sonic must find a way to free the other two!


Sonic is minding his own business when he spots a Chaos Emerald. When he races to grab it, the ground below him crumbles and he finds himself in a jail cell with Shadow and Silver. Shadow finds a way out but when they leave the cell, Eggman shows up and zaps them with a laser that created a medalion and zapped Shadow and Silver into it! Sonic finds a way to let Shadow and Silver out, but only one can be out at a time, and when he lets one out, he goes in! All of them must find Eggman and revese the laser! But when they get past the first level, some strange person with a giant metal dragon shows up out of nowhere and challeges them to a fight! When they destroy the dragon, he makes a break for it! It is later found out that he is Alex: The Music Mage. Now they need to find out why he's trying to stop them!


The following are stages the player must win to continue. Each stage has two acts like in the second Sonic game, The fist part of the game is the stage, and the second is the boss you fight after act 2, Alex controls all bosses that don't start with Egg.

  • Green Island: Metal Dragon
  • Metal Dome: Egg Knight
  • Carnival Tent: Egg Serpent
  • Mountin Peak: Egg Mountin Lion
  • Ice Cave: Ice King
  • Egg Base: Egg Master: This is the last boss Egg man control's in the game
  • Music Castle: Bolts, Max, and Flame
  • Time Rip: Alex's The Music Mage
  • Dark Lair: The Dark: Battled in Super Transfomation


A list of characters that appear in the game

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose: Helps you in Green Island Zone
  • Knuckles The Echidna: Helps you in Metal Dome Zone
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Helps you in Carnival Tent Zone
  • Espio the Chameleon: Helps you in Mountain Peak Zone
  • Charmy Bee: Helps you in Ice Cave Zone
  • Vector the Crocodile: Helps you in Egg Base Zone
  • Eggman: Villain until beaten at Egg Base. Tells them that the Music Mage can reverse the effects of the beam. Helps you in Music Castle
  • Alex the Music Mage: A Hero who is mistaken for as a villain in the game but tells them he is a hero who wanted to test thier skills to see if they can beat his enamy, The Dark. Helps you in Dark Lair Zone
  • The Dark: A black monster that wants to destroy the world. He makes the enemy that Eggman and Alex can't control. He is the final boss.
  • Bolts the Echidna: Boss and 2-player mode
  • Max the Parrot: Boss and 2-player mode
  • Flame the Hedgehog: Boss and 2-player mode
  • Princess Marshalia (helps you in Music Catle and 2-player mode)

In the game each carecter that help's you will destroy enamy's that get close to you. Only Alex Can destroy flying enamy's beside the player.

Game play

In the game the player must swap between hedgehog's so they can win the level, Each carecter can do cirten things

  • Sonic can do a triangle jump, and do light dash
  • Shadow can't do light dash, but he can move up and down during triangle jump
  • Silver can't light dash or trangle jump, but he can use telekinesis to pull swites Sonic and Shadow can't reach.

In the game there is a feature that let's all three hedgehog's out long enough for a combo attack, With it all enamy's are destroyed and they are invinible for a short time.

Music Castle

In the Music castle zone, there are 3 act's instead of 2, and there is a boss after each act, you have to battle the following:

  • Bolt's the Echidna
  • Max the Parrot
  • Flame the Hedgehog

Each boss is as easy to beat as the other two(But they are still very hard)After Flame is deafeted, he states that Alex created them and battleing them was a distraction so alex could go through the Time Rip.

Dark Lair Zone

This Zone can only be acsesed by collecting all the Chaos Emeralds in the game, there is one in all level's exept Time Rip, The player then can challeng the Dark and win the game! how to beat this boss:

  • To damage this boss you must use telekinesis on his head to confuse him, turn to shadow and go up word, then turn to sonic and use homing attack on his head! this must be done in half a minute before the cunfousion wear's off! Thyis must be done 5 time's, then the player has to use team attack to finish him off.

2-Player mode

In 2-Player mode, the player's can control any carecter they see in the game including Alex, Bolts, Max, and Flame. After they win the level the player's can do a feture that let's 1 player control sonic ahdow and silver and the oter control a boss carecter expet the Dark!

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