Credit goes to SEGA/Sonic Team, Archie Comics and DiC

This is what I would have envisioned the Sonic the Hedgehog 06 game adapation to be. Note that this is a FULL adaptation. It's going to take awhile.

This is right after StH 170, so the Chaos Emeralds are out of this. And I'm just realizing the last story may be very different, although the time erasal still happens. Also, remember that Shadow is still with Eggman at this point.

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Sonic's Story

After a recent battle against ADAM and gaining a Chaos Emerald along with Tails' parents, the Kingdom of Acorn received an invitation from the Untied Federation asking that they would go celebrate at one of their city-states festivals. There was an hidden message stating that Eggman was about to attack their city and that the city's defensive requested the Freedom Fighters help. Accepting, the monarchs left Knothole for Soleanna, taking the Freedom Fighters and leaving the Chaotix for protection.

Chapter 1: Festival of Disaster

"Wow! This place is great!" Tails said, looking at the preparations for the night's Festival of the Sun.

"Yeah, if only there was a little less water, it be perfect," Sonic called back.

"Really boys, this place was nearly destroyed by Robotnick when he took over the world. It was only by the local Mobians and Overlanders working together that they managed to keep this city safe. The reason that they are with the United Federation is for protection," Sally lectured.

"Yeah, yeah. You and your brother went on the history lecture all the way through here. We don't need a recap."

"Did anyone see where Sugar-twain and Amy went?" Bunnie asked.

Sonic wheeled around. "No, but I can easily find them if you want me to search."

"Ha! There's only one bridge between the two parts of the city," Rotor laughed.

"So? I can search one side first and then the other."

"The festival is going to begin in a few hours Sonic. I'm sure they can take care of themselves." Elias said.

"Miss Elise?" One of the Princess' attendants came into the dressing room.

"What is it?" She replied, while looking at some of the dress the servants recommended.

"The delegates from Knothole have arrived and...they brought the Freedom Fighters."

Elise wasn't surprised. Secretly delighted but not surprised. She sent the call of help through the invitation. She didn't really care for the United Federations rules and didn't really like the G.U.N. agents. They ran through the city with no concern for her people and some didn't particularity care for the Mobians that lived there.

"Ah, make sure they are comfortable." Elise replied. "The kingdom has done so much for this world, they need proper care."

"Yes Miss." The attendant left her alone. Thanks heavens for that. The diplomats from other countries suggested she'd wear something long and heavy for the parade but they didn't live in the city and know how the weather was here, warm all year around. Perfect for tourists, if there were any. She smiled and reached for a white dress with yellow bands. Perfect, she thought. All I have to do is wait here until it's too late for me to change into anything else.

Dusk had fallen and the festival was about to begin. The citizens of the city were waving their traditional lanterns. The FF's, with the exception of Sally, found a good spot on the bridge. The monarchs were led to a specified seating area for visiting dignitaries.

"Isn't it odd that Fiona had to miss this?" Tails asked.

"She didn't show up at the airport, even though she was supposed to come." Sonic replied. "I wonder what's she's up too?"

"Um Sonic, do you see that?" Rotor pointed to the horizon. In the distance, an airship seemed to be coming. Peering closer, Sonic recognized Eggman's logo.

"Eggman!" Sonic pulled himself away from the crowd, trying to head where the diplomats were at. However, whenever he tried, people kept crushing him. Realizing he'll never get to the dignitaries, he pulled himself into an alleyway, preparing himself.

Meanwhile, Elise was enjoying the parade. It was easy to smile and wave to people. She smirked at the shocked nobles on her clothing choice, enjoying a bit of revenge. It wasn't until she made her way to the alter did she notice Eggman. Still, she knew it would be impossible for people to get out so she sent a quick alert message to the police and continued with the ceremony.

She approached the priest, who handed her a torch. When gazing into the flames she was startled to see some stort of a vision. Her city envolped in flames. Scared she noticed a fiery monster was the source. He roared...and she snapped out of it.

"Miss Elise?" Her attendant asked.

"It's nothing." She replied. What was that? A premonition of some sort? Continuing with the ceremony, she said. "We give thanks to these blessed flames. May we always have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your entrenal light." She lit the stand behind the alter, to the cheering of the crowd. I hope the police got my message. as she waved. But there was no time to dwell on that as missiles struck the alter! She screamed in shock. Turning her head, she noticed some sort of hovering platform coming down with Eggman on it! She'd never hoped to meet him.

"A pleasure to meet you at last, princess of Soleanna," he said.

The pleasure's NOT returned.

"I am Doctor Eggman. I have come here to obtain the scared flames from you." He gestured towards the platform. "Now princess, this way, please."

"Not on your life Eggman!" The princess shouted out.

There wasn't much time for him to dwell on that as a blue wind began circling the alter. Wait, is that...?

Her suspicion was confirmed as Sonic the Hedgehog appeared on top of the the alter. "My, that's a snazzy preformence there."

She was stunned as she saw a resemblance of the famous hedgehog to someone who saved her as a child. "You? It can't be." She muttered.

"I like your style, Princess Elise, isn't it? I'm Sonic the Hedgehog." To her great astonishment, he picked her up and carried her away.

She heard Eggman call behind her, "Not that hedgehog again! ATTACK!" Missiles were detonating right behind her but Sonic didn't seem to notice. She muttered to herself, "If he's after me, why is he shooting missiles?"

"Haven't you heard? I'm the most popular guy around! Of course he'd love a piece of me!"

Somewhere else, a white hedgehog was watching in anticipation. "I finally found him, the Iblis trigger."

Shadow's Story

Shadow the Hedgehog, though working for Eggman, has recently been deliberatiting why Eggman kept his past secret from him and is beginning to wonder what his purpose is. However, he biding his time to see what the next mission, to retrieve a specter from Soleana, will lead him too.

Silver's Story

His future ruined by the monster Iblis, Silver the Hedgehog with a new friend, Blaze the cat, get mysterious hedgehog.

Last Story

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