Sonic the Hedgehog Remake is a Remake of the Original Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game. It Features all of the Old Levels and Several New ones. It also includes Text Dialog for a characters talking. it also includes 3 Playable Modes.



Sonic The Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Fang the Wolf


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Crab Meat





Buzy Bee

Burrow Bot



Blaster Bot


Green Hill Zone

Robo Bomb Zone

Underground Passage

Marble Zone

Spring Yard Zone

Labrynth Zone

Marble Garden Zone

Robotatropolis Zone

Star Light Zone

Scrape Brain Zone

Forrest Fortress Zone

Final Zone

Sonic Mode

Sonic Wakes up with Robotnik Destroying Green Hill Zone. He Drops a Bomb far into Green Hill Zone. Sonic Runs off and trys to Find and Stop the Bomb.

Green Hill Zone

This Level has 2 Acts and a Boss. The First Act is a Complete Training Act. After that Act Sonic Runs into another Portal. The Second Act is one big battle where you have to Defeat all 50 of the Bad-Niks. After you beat the Bad-Niks Sonic Runs to the Bomb. Fang Falls Down.

Fang: Well Heh Sonic.

Sonic: Why are you trying to Destroy Green Hill Zone.

Fang: Not me...

Sonic: Then Who is.

Fang: The Boss.

Sonic: Well tell him he Needs to Stop.

Fang: Can't do that Bub.

Sonic: Well then I'll have to force you to.

Fang: Well then Let's have a Dose Du.


Fang the Wolf: This Boss Battle is Easy. Dodge the Attacks that he Sends at you. then Spin Dash him. Repeat that 3 Times and you win.

Fang: Well What'd you know, Your stronger than i thought.

Sonic: Yeah well just Tell Your Boss What i Said.

???: He Can't Do That.

Sonic: What who are you.

Grounder: Names Grounder.

Sonic: Well Why Can't he.

Grounder: Because Effective Emmediatly he's Fired.

Fang: What Why Did the Big Lump Pick me to Fire.

Grounder: Because you lost to Some Hedgehog. Now I've Got A Hole to Dig so I don't Get hit By the Blast.

Sonic: Well if you Turn it off you'll have no need to do that.

Grounder: Well you Turn it off... and why'll your getting yourself Killed I'll be Digging a Hole.

Sonic: Fine I'll Turn it off Myself.

Robo Bomb Zone

This Zone Cosists of one act. this act is hard and long. you have to get through a Labrinth like zone and then Solve the Code to Turn it off. Once you Turn it off Robotnik Comes down.

Sonic: Hey you...

Robotnik: What you Hedgehog...

Sonic: You Need to Stop destroying Green Hill Zone.

Robotnik: And what will happen if i Don't...

Sonic: I'm going to take care of you myself.

Robotnik: Well Then Let's Fight hedgehog.


Ball-N-Chain Machine: This is the Same Boss from Green Hill Zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 16-Bit. Except this time he can detach his ball and throw it at you. after that happens he will pick it back up.

Sonic: Ha Take That.

Robotnik: Well you beat me Here but you won't beat me at the Rest of the World Next Stop Marble Zone.

Sonic: I beat'ca i can beat ya there.

Robotnik: Well let's see about that.

Underground Passageway Zone

This Zone Consists of 7 Acts. They Are all Maze Like. The First three have a go left go left go right Pattern. and then the Last 4 have a Left Right Right Left Left Left Right Left Right Right Ect... Pattern. Once you get to the end of Act 7 you meet up with Grounder.

Sonic: Hey you How do i get to Marble Zone.

Grounder: You get Past me.

Sonic: Well thems some Fighten Words.


Grounder: This Fight all you have to do is dodge his attacks and Spindash him Several Times. then you Win.

Sonic: So Where is It...

Grounder: Right Over there.

Sonic: Well Thanks Very Much.

Marble Zone

This Zone has 2 Acts in it. Each act all you have to do is keep up your momintume and jump jump jump. When you get to the End Robotnik Comes out in his Flametrower Machine.

Robotnik: Well Well Well Looks Like You did beat me here.

Sonic: Told ya So.

Robotnik: Well then Let's Fight.


Flametrower Machine: This is the Same Battle that was in Sonic the Hedgehog 16-Bit.

Sonic: Well you want to fight again...

Robotnik: Mabey Later. See ya.

Sonic: Wow he Droped a Mobius Ring.

Sonic Jumps through the Mobius Ring.

Spring Yard Zone

This Zone has one Act which is just a race between a plane and you.

Sonic: Hey Who's driving that plane.

???: Names Tails.

Sonic: Well Why are you flying away from me.

Tails: Because your a Bad-Nik Arn't you.

Sonic: No.

Tails: O Well Nice to Meet you.

Scratch: Well he may not be a Bad-Nik but i am.

Sonic & Tails: Well then i'm going to take you down.


Scratch: This Boss Fight is Different. You have to jump on tails plane ride up and dodge abunch of attacks. then you have to jump of before you hit the Death Point and Land on Scratch 5 Times.

Scratch: I...Hate...You...

Sonic: Well to Bad.

Sonic and Tails Fly off.

Labrynth Zone

This Zone Encludes 1 Act. This Act is long and Confusing. a the End of the Act Robotnik Comes out in front of the Computer in a Hyper Boat.

Sonic: Well Well Well What are you doing here.

Robotnik: Trying to Take over the World.

Sonic: Well as long as i'm here thats not going to happen.

Robotnik: Well Let's See About that.


Hyper Boat Machine: This Boss is Easy. Just Wait for him to attack jump and Hit him.

Robotnik: Not Again. I'll See you Later.

Sonic: As long as you keep trying to Destroy the World you will.

Marble Garden Zone

This Zone Consists of 4 Acts. The First 1 is Just Marble Zone Basically. the next 2 are easy they are just battle missions like Green Hill Zone Act 2. the Last act is hard like Underground Passage Zone. After you win Scratch and Grounder Come out.

Scratch: Time for Reveange my Brother.

Grounder: I Agree Brother.

Sonic: Oh Well this could be bad.


Scratch & Grounder: You Have to take out both Scratch and Grounder. o be Prepared. Scratch attacks by dropping bombs from above. and Grounder Attacks By Shooting Rockets From Below. You Have to Jump On Scratch and Spindash grounder.

Scratch: Well i guess he can defeat us.

Gronder: I Can't Believ we lost.

Sonic: I Can. Well Gotta hit the Road.

Robotatropolis Zone:

This Zone consists of 2 Acts the First act is another Battle Act. the Second Act is a Fast Active Level where you have to keep your momentume. Once you reach the Generator at the Center of the City Fang Comes out.

Fang: Well Well Well If it isn't Mister Hedgehog.

Sonic: You again.

Fang: Yeah, Except this time i'm going to mash you with my new piece of machineary.

Sonic: Well let's see about that.


Fang the Wolf Fight 2This Boss is the Second Fight against Fang. Bassically all you have to do is defeat him in three minutes. Same Strategy as before.

Fang: Well Well...AHHHH!!!!!

Sonic: What is it Fang...

Fang: Oh It's Nothing. I'm Getting Out of here before the Core Blows.

Sonic: What...

Fang: See Ya.

Tails: Sonic Hop in.

Sonic: OK.

Star Light Zone

This Zone has 1 Act. All you have to do is run and not worry about Bad-Niks. Once you gat to the End Coconuts comes down in a Giant Helecopter.

Coconuts: Well so your the Hedgehog...

Sonic: Yeah you got a Problem with that...

Coconuts: Yeah. I have to Destroy you.

Sonic: Well then This aut to be Fun.


Coconuts: This battle is easy. just dodge the Rockets and Jump on the Cocpit. after that...

Sonic: Well that was the Easyest one Yet.

Coconuts: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic: See Ya.

Scrape Brain Zone

This Zone Has one Act. in this Act you have to Get Past 100 Enemies Fight Scratch 100 Enemies Fight Grounder 100 Enemies Fight Coconuts.

Forrest Fortress Zone

This Zone Has 2 Acts one is a Race Against Fang and the other you have to beat 100 Bad-Niks. Afterwords...

Sonic: Not you Again...

Fang: Yes and this will be our final battle...

Sonic: Oh so your finally going to give up...

Fang: No i am going to destroy you...

Sonic: Yeah I'll Believe it when i see it...

Fang: Fine then Let's Fight...


This is hard you have to dodge all of his Cork Gun. After that you have Spin Dash Him.

Sonic: What did i tell you...

Fang: Fine you Win. Here Take this...

Sonic: What is this...

Fang: It's the Pass to Robotnik's Fortress...

Sonic: Oh Well thanks.

Fang: Welcome...

Final Zone

This Consists of 1 Act. This Act you Have to Defeat 500 Enemies and then race your way to get to Eggman in 3 Minutes. Sonic Reachs Robotnik...

Sonic: This is where you stop Robotnik...

Robotnik: I Don't Think So Hog...

Sonic: That's Mr. Hog to you...

Robotnik: Shutup... today you will die.

Sonic: Well let's just see about that.

Final Boss 1

This Boss is just a Big Rocket with arms. Dodge the Attacks Spring up to it a Jump on the Cocpit.

Final Boss 2

This Boss is an overgrown Worm. Hit each segment of the Body 7 times and you win.

Final Boss 3

This Boss is the Strongest boss in the Game. It Uses the Machineary from Fang and the Tornado. Destroy the Giant Lazer then the Shield Generator and then hit the Cocpit.

Robotnik: You...You Win.

Sonic: I Know...


Later that Day...

Sonic: Ah it was such a fun Adventure.

Tails: Hey Sonic...

Sonic: What is it Tails...

Tails: Someone is Attacking the Great Museum...

Sonic: Well then let's go buddy...Let's Go at Sonic Speed..............................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tails Mode

Marble Zone

This Zone Like all other Zones in Tails Mode Consists of one Act. This Act is a Sky Chase Like Act. Except you have Cannons to kill the Enemies.


Flying Bad-Nik: This Boss is easy. Just Shoot it until it Falls.

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