Sonic the Vampire Hedgehog

Chapter 1: Mobius Flight

One night Sonic was flying around Mobius with Tails in the tornado then all of a sudden a giant beam of light shot out of the sky and hit Sonic and then Sonic all of a sudden passed out.

While Tails was distracted by the beam he flew over Mobius over a strange planet covered with blue and green. Tails hit a little turbulance and sonic fell out of the tornado onto the planet face first. Tails did not notice so he flew away to the workshop.

When Tails got to the workshop he said sonic you alright? When sonic did not answer he turned around and noticed Sonic was not there! Then Tails said I have to get to G.U.N right away to request Shadow’s help to get Sonic back.

When Tails got to G.U.N Shadow was training so hard it made Tails sweat Tails said what are you training for shadow? What who said that said that said Shadow? Its me tails said tails what do you want? I need your help getting sonic back where is he I dont know that is why I need your help to find sonic ok said Tails I guess said shadow.

Oh yeah, to answer your question what I was training for is just in case a big disaster happend.

When Sonic woke up he was hovering over the strange planet in some force field bubble then he looked at his body and it was changing he grew fangs he could hear heart beats then he grew wings! Then the force field disappeared and sonic opened his wings and gently glided down to the strange planet.

Chapter 2: Transformation

Then he found a little guy unconscious so he shook him he thought he was dead until he heard his heart beat then the thing woke Sonic said hey what’s your name? I don’t know you don’t know no I guess I lost my memory when I fell. Chip said, “Hey you are are a monster guy. I know because I was hit by some sort of beam that made me this way but this is not how I normally look.”

“It’s not,” said Chip.

“No,” said Sonic.

“What is your name?” asked Chip.

“Sonic,” said Sonic.

“Sonic, nice name,” said Chip.

Chapter 3: Daytime

The sun came up and Sonic turned back to himself. Chip said Sonic your turning hey scary monster bat guy is gone. “Huh, what?” said Sonic. Wait so I turn into that thing at night and myself in the daytime we better go find out who you are said Sonic.

Hey Tails do you know where Sonic might have fell out at said Shadow? Yeah said Tails where? Over that strange blue and green planet said Tails. We are going to need silvers help said Shadow.

Why? said Tails.

Because he has been to that planet before said Shadow. Hey Tails do you think you can build me a time machine to go find silver? Sure thing Shadow but you will have to hurry because you will only have four hours said Tails ok said shadow.

Chapter 4: Time Machine

Once they to got the workshop tails reminded shadow he had only four hours before the portal closed so he had to move fast Shadow said fast is my middle name it is only because you are only a copy of Sonic.

Alright the time machine is ready said Tails see you in two hours said Shadow. Two hours later Shadow came back with Silver passed out over his shoulder Tails said what happend? He put up a real fight said Shadow so you had to nock him out said Tails. He wouldn’t have come if I didn’t said Shadow whatever but he is going to be mad at you when he wakes up for what you did to him.

Chapter 5: Nighttime

While Sonic and Chip were looking for someone that knew Chip the sun was setting and Chip said we’ll never find anyone who knows me don’t say that we’ll find someone who knows you soon said Sonic.

Then the sun set Chip said Sonic the scary monster bat guy is back! Oh, great now the heart beats of the lifeforms on this planet are really annoying me said Sonic.

Oh yeah, all of a sudden I have the thirst for blood said Sonic. Hey I smell Tails, Shadow, Silver said Sonic who are they? Asked Chip they are my friends said Sonic.But we have to hide if they see me they will think I am a freak we will have to go find them when the sun comes up for now lets sleep.

Chapter 6: The Search for Tails and Friends

Sonic, Sonic, wake up we have to go find your friends remember? said Chip yeah yeah come on lets go look for them. While Sonic was looking for Tails, Tails was looking for Sonic in the same direction as Sonic was for him.

Sonic turned a corner looking for Tails, Shadow, Silver. Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Silver wandered all over the city until night Sonic didn’t notice he changed neither did Chip so they were still walking along then all of a sudden Tails, Shadow, Silver just popped in front of them Tails said what happened to you?

Sonic the beam it changed me — I’ll explain later we have to get off this planet continent said Silver that beam that altered you split apart this planet and let out a monster that was trapped in this planet for years hurry we have to go now.

Chapter 7: The battle with Dark Gaia

Now that we are in the middle of the continent that thing can not attack us said Silver oh great it’s getting dark said Sonic. Oh yeah, Silver you want to have second thoughts about that monster not being able to attack us because it’s right there said Sonic.

Sonic looks your going to have use your new powers from your new form to beat this thing but all the powers I know about are the thirst for blood and hearing heart beats said Sonic well listen for a heart if it has one target it and tear through it with your claws and then you will be a savior to this planets people said Silver.

Yeah yeah ok whatever here gos nothing up up and away die you will not hurt this planet’s people so dddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee alright — I saved the planet now lets go said Sonic alright everybody get in the tornado were heading back to mobius.



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