There are multiple story-lines to the game. I'm doing Sonic's right now, so It may take a while to finish it

Chapter 1: Strange Metropolis

Sonic looks around to see what world he's in. All of a sudden, evil-looking creatures rise out of the sky. They are angels, but they are possessed. The tutorial begins. After that, Sonic begins to fight them off. After you make them die, Bayonetta will appear.

Chapter 1 Boss: Bayonetta

Bayonetta appears after Sonic fights the evil angels. She thinks that Sonic is a power-hungry, evil Lumen Sage, so she battles him.


Target: Bayonetta

Species: Witch

Attack power: High

Defense power: Average

Weknesses: Homing Attack, Melee attacks

Rewards: Unlock Bayonetta's story

After Bayonetta is defeated, she'll fight along Sonic.

Chapter 2: The Unlikely Alliance

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