This is the romantic relationship(?) between Sonic the Hedgehog and Shima the Hedgehog.


First Meeting

When Shima first came to Earth, she was on an assasination assignment: to kill Abraham Towers, the commander of G.U.N. itself. After infiltrating the base, and failing to kill him, she was chased out of the base, and a manhunt for her began. This led to her, eventually, getting traped on a cliff inside hte Mystic Ruins, and also falling off of it. She crashed through the roof of Tails' workshop, right in the middle of a discussin between Sonic and Tails. She partially explained what happened, leaving out the assasination attempt out. They agreed to keep her safe for the time being until she can meet up with her father and adopted siblings.


"We'll see each other...again.."

Altered Timeline

In the altered timeline, which takes place during the events of Shima's arrival. More of a "what if", what if Sonic and Co. failed to defeat Xilax? Shima does not show up until close to the end, and has no recollection of her and Sonic ever meeting, and the influence of Xilax and her Dark form stop her from showing any romantic feelings for him.


Fanfics For

Mine, obviously

Fanfics Against

Everybody else's


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